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AviTron grid. From the creator of AviWorlds grid. A new place, new name, new ideas! Come visit! A whole new world is now being built with all new ideas and fresh themes! Our welcome area also is a ...
Hi Folks
Nice that you are all still here. Friends, envious, haters and hackers I love you all. You think Rakis is dead? Noooooo! 8 unix grid now run fine. ♥ You want my OAR's e.g. Free House Sim 1 + 2 and more? Then go to my website and get it. Hacker, trying to hack the website. The surprise will be great. :-D
have fun.
DMCA blah blah: Everything has to be passed on to CMT. Just as we got it from the creator. Later access changes go by our ass. For lawyers: IGE IPI CH
Charge for your own work, but take everything from others for free !? Steal all CMT right and left and pass on NO mod, NO copy, NO trance. Those are the ones that should be banned from OS!

Best Regards
Rakis Heron


Liebe Freunde and Starkies,

was wir heute ankündigen werden, fällt uns nicht leicht. Niki und ich, Mathilda, haben beschlossen, den Betrieb von Stark Islands nach dem 30. Juni 2021 einzustellen.
Wir haben uns viele Gedanken darüber gemacht, unter welchen Voraussetzungen wir Stark hätten weiterlaufen lassen könnten. Aber letztendlich hätte es zu viele Änderungen geben müssen und Stark wäre nicht mehr das gleiche gewesen. Außerdem haben wir uns außerhalb von OpenSim eine neue Aufgabe gestellt. Einerseits bedauern wir, Stark zu schließen, nach all der harten Arbeit, die wir in dieses Paradies investiert haben. Aber wir sind auch sehr stolz darauf, dass wir es bis nach ganz weit oben auf der Liste der beliebtesten Regionen von OSW geschafft zu haben. Das wäre ohne euch, unsere wunderbare Gemeinschaft, nicht möglich gewesen.
Deshalb möchten Niki und ich uns an dieser Stelle bedanken. Danke an alle Starkies für eure Unterstützung und Treue. Danke an unsere DJ’s! Jeder einzelne von Euch hat mit seinen mittlerweile legendären Sets zum Erfolg von Stark beigetragen. Danke an das Zeta Worlds Team, ohne dessen Unterstützung der stabile Betrieb einer solch leistungshungrigen Region wie Stark nicht möglich gewesen wäre. Danke auch an alle Besucher, die jederzeit herzlich willkommen waren und viele nette Kommentare und Likes hinterlassen haben. Wir wünschen euch allen von ganzem Herzen alles, alles Gute!
Für OpenSim wünsche ich mir, dass die Leute, die Grids, viel stärker zusammenarbeiten und nicht gegeneinander. Ihr seid ein Grid! Das Hypergrid! Nur gemeinsam hat OpenSim eine Chance.
Wir werden euch im Auge behalten und vielleicht, irgendwann, sehen wir uns wieder.

In diesem Sinne, lebt wohl!
Niki & Mathilda Stark
Comment to the review of MarkZyn at Stark:
Beeing unfriendly to our visitors is not the nature of either me or Niki. You can ask whoever you want, so I guess you never got in contact with us. Child avatars aren't allowed at Stark, but we can't be there the whole time to see who is on. So if you have a problem with something or someone it would be nice if you would have get in contact with me BEFORE you write such an unfair and defamatory review. But I guess that was all you wanted. Your account is brand new and empty, seems to be created just for that reason.
Pay attention because there will be a quiz. There are five tree houses in Tree House Park. Five! Come visit Tree House Park where we have, count them, five tree houses. Spoiler Alert: The park has a Tree House Car Bar and a Bird House Tree House. How cool is that? OK, here's the quiz. How many tree houses are here in Tree House Park?
The first time ever in open sim, a magazine dedicated to Hentai in all its glory. This magazine will have you all racing to the store to get many copies. Hehehehehehehe!
It is rude and it is fun so please dont take offence. It is A rated but not malicious or ill meaning.

You can get old or new style vendors containing the whole range of Stark! magazines from the welcome area at Stark Islands.


this supposed girl came in here ,with baby avatar,
he asked me to take off my pants ,
I banned it, because it made me, disgusting!!!

Free for download House Sim 1+2
Free OAR's for all 60'000 prim 3GB
Have a lot of fun...
Rakis Heron :'-D

Please try the TP via map with the link:
I had to install the grid from ZERO, and the old Landmarks don't work anymore.
Nobody is banned here.

Well, I released a novelty item today. Every once in a while (well, maybe more often than that) I get obsessed with something goofy. I always thought stick men were cute, don't know why, I just do. So, I made animesh and avatar stick people. There are regular ruth size and also tiny versions. I put them on the second floor of the shop building right in front of the elevator. They are dancing in the landing zone purely for my entertainment :).
So many moralists ... OK too many. I don't understand it, please help me. You don't do everything yourself. You copy right and left. From people who give you everything free, copy mod transe. You do the same things on your land/sim. You block it for others. No mod no trans ...... DID YOU ASK YOURSELF AT WHICH RIGHT? ACROSS FROM YOUR PEOPLE? Do you understand the message Yes? Welcome to Opensim! :-)
Go to Google, learn what is Opensim Free spirit!

So viele Moralisten... OK zu viele. Ich verstehe es nicht, hilf mir bitte. Du machst nicht alles selner. Du kopierst rechts und links. Bei Menschen die Dir alles frei geben, copy mod transe. Die selben Sachen stellst Du an sin Land. Du sperrst es für andere. No mod no trans...... HAST DU DICH IRGEND WANN GEFRAGT: MIT WELCHEM RECHT? GEGENÜBER DEINEN MITMENSCHEN? Verstehst Du die Botschaft? Ja? Willkommen in Opensim! :-)
Gehe zu Google, lerne was Opensim Freigeist ist!

Today Florencia Dress comes in 34 Flavors FREE and FULLPERMS to You, Your Grid and all Opensim Freebie Shops!!! Shame on All of You! Share! and Enjoy ;p

It's really not that hard to be ranked #4 on OpenSim when you plant 8 avatars in your region and just keep them there. I really think that is being very deceitful and skewing the OpenSim numbers to raise yourself in the rank. Regions that have been found to have avatars that are just put there 24/7 should have the region deleted and it should not be allowed. Not only is this grid owner stealing people's regions but now they are lying about who is actually occupying their region to raise themselves in the ranks. Awful!
Little hacker bastard. Look how big the story is. You can hack as much as you want. It doesn't change the story. You are only momentary and nothing you do as a hacker makes you bigger. You are nothing, you have nothing, you will not have been in the end. How pathetic and pitiful. You think what you do is important and right. But you are alone, frustrated, and your hacking successes are those pathetic self-affirmations that don't really satisfy you. You want a world where you are respected. But you are not able to find your way in this world. Not able to approach people and see and accept the positive. To be or not to be, that is the question. In the end it was light or nothing. It's up to you. The negative cannot win. The + always flows to the - and no hacker turns it around. Hackers are mostly children of drug parents or rich people who are socially unfit. So sad, OK smart kids wake up sometime and make something of their life. Failures give up and their characters become impoverished. They fight hard for recognition in an environment where everyone is abusing everyone else to achieve the same illusion. In principle intelligent .... but what use is it if you are socially unfit? There are people who have created positive things, whose name will survive. Your miserable life and the attempts to enrich yourself ...... Your demise will not be noticed.

If you can't reach the Sim or crash after teleport, please tell me here or inworld! Greetings!

#spring #summer #arkhamgrid
Kingman Furniture Design

Did you know?

The Fokker Dr.1 had a rotary engine, that means the whole engine rotated with the propeller, it was cutting edge tech for WWI! However those engines couldn't actually throttle, you could make it slightly faster and slower by modifying the mix of fuel/air and that was that.

My replica tries to emulate that by allowing you to throttle it from 70% to 100% only, so to land you need to actually cut the engine and if you want to stop once on land you need to turn your engine off, otherwise you will end smacking your tushy against something and no one wants that, right? =D

Happy Sunday!
Due to the frequent attempts to use the Bordello as a gathering place for minors with pedophiles, access is now only with special permission. Permission is given only by Pagane Succubus.
Store will continue to be open for all, but now is only store.

P.S. Lets explain - you may use any avatar in my grid! Restrictions is for your REAL world age!!!
To Opensimworld, can you please look at the last three messages I received? I have three threats from your members. As soon as they threaten they delete account. I am just now home from being evacuated for two weeks, not even online so accusing me of being a hacker is laughable. Very funny that those doing the hacking are the ones accusing. Warning we have a few nuts loose at opensimworld.
After hearing of the sad news that Gertie Bumbtious left us on June 5th, we, Niki Stark (ex-wife of Gertie) and I decided to make a tribute edition of Stark! with some nice photos of Gertie. We will miss Gertie very much with her happy, positive manner and her legendary music sets!

You can get copies of the magazine and the vendors at the Stark landing point as always.

Rest in peace, Gertie!
Niki & Mattie

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 01 u will find: Lamps decor stuffs. Enjoy :)

Did you know?

When you enter the shop, at your right there's a door that will take you to a changing room, this is a small, comfy area, away from other's eyes where you can try attachements and clothes on your avatar, or just sit and hangout with your friends.

Also it's the only place on the sim where you can rez stuff, albeit it has an auto-return of two minutes, but I think that's enough to unbox stuff.

Happy changing! =)
They are not DJs.. but they make the music "to play" everyday at Opensim. *** 3D logo OPENSIM WANTS U for ur place - FREE and FULL PERM with URL giver script that links u to how to donate to opensim developers. If u dont donate, consider rezing this at ur area to help the boys :) Enjoy :)

For Aley Rai's fans and collectionners
We've meshed the air pump, now available with animations and sounds
Everyone can copy _ It is at Cap'N Kelso Underwater Tour Kiosk

BABIES! If you want to start a family here in Open Grid we NOW have the means. These are babies that cry, laugh, they are posable, play and more.
Experience pregnancy thru delivery and your baby growing!!
Pick a nursery that’s already set up or have Jewel create one just for You!
The clinic, babies and furniture are all available in store on Discovery Grid, or you can also find the babies and furniture available on the Kitely Market Place under Crown Jewel's gifts or search baby
There are NO CHILD AVATARS involved in the system, so there are no TOS problems with grids not allowing child avis.
For more information contact Jewel Hunter on Discovery Grid Warehouse District
hop:// Warehouse District/257/188/22
Last days i was upset from pedophile attacks again my avatar:(
Perverted brains who fight against beauty ask from me to use ugly fat avatar.
Only reason for this may be sick pedophile brain who dream kids until see on beauty and petite woman!
It is time to kick out hatred and vulgarity from OpenSim!
From my store may get protest titlier in support of beauty...
Don't usually do drama politics lol but i recieved more than the usual Hate Mail since posting here. 1. This is no Second Life 2. 70% of the items i see for sale in Second Life are free downloadable objects and clothes modified and then resold for quite alot of money (i do game graphics in RL) 3. OS Grid came to us as a free open source and is especially valuable to those who are handicapped and on low incomes who can never never never afford SL to create their dreams 4. No other grid would be around if not for the FREE tech service from OS grid staff and developers 5. If you tweeked your copy of OS Grid sofware for YOUR GRID and it runs better GREAT that is what we want! YOUR HAPPINESS 6. When attending someones event try to have manners if possible, I know these are hard times and everyone is on edge but lets all just step back for a moment and take a breath. Im happy to help anyone or discuss or listen Hugsss and have a great day HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Opening at Christmas

I want to clarify something there is someone going around spreading rumors about Club Equinox closing down~! Let me set the record straight! Club Equinox was started 3 years ago on the Kinky Grid by me and my Sister Chynna those that been to the old Equinox know her! There were not that many clubs around then and alot of them that were are gone today. We work hard to make Equinox a drama free no issues place to come party and anyone who ever came knows that we are a fun place to party! Xaria is and has always been a great partner in the club, We have seen a decline in people coming but we will be here for a very long time in the future we have many plans and improvements ! WE HAVE NO PLANS TO CLOSE~!~~~ so with that i want to stop the rumor mill that people have started about Xaria and Me many times before if anyone wants to find out whats going on your all more than happy to ask me or Xaria we be more than happy to tell you!

"Ancient Rome" and 60+ landscapes, buildings and props ....Free license, are available at Fashionistas island landing point ..ALL IN A BOX !

Well, Neverworld is having issues. Right now, my oar is out on Twisted grid. It is as it originally was for now. Which grid I stay with will be decided by if Neverworld gets back to normal. This is home for now. Please come visit.
Did you know?

The kerosene lamp, also known as "Hurricane Lamp", is a clever device that protects the light from any kind of element as rain or gusts of wind that could blow off the flame, the trick is where the holes for ventilation and exhaust are setup, relying on convection to create an air stream to keep the fire alive.

Mine comes in two versions: with the handle down or the handle up (for if you want to hang it on the wall or put it on a table) and it also comes in several colours.

They are completely automatic, so they will turn on by themselves at night. Don't you love virtual worlds? =D

Happy Tuesday!
Did you know?

I've made the Kawaii Skulls jewelry set out of frustration. I've seen a lot of spectacular sets that are incredibly heavy, having tons of unnecessary geometry that only shines if you hyper zoom into the avatar.

My approach was making the details bigger, using the same method as theatre, where the props are enormous to be clearly visible from the back rows. I tried to make the scale of the links of the chains big enough to be visible from a normal distance but simple enough to not overwhelm viewers with geometry.

The result is a nice set of cute skulls that includes earrings, a necklace and a belly button piercing.

Happy Friday! (yay Friday!)

I wanted to do my part to counteract the horror that was posted here on Opensimworld earlier.

Did you know?

The espresso machine is a replica of a Brevetti Gaggia coffee maker, circa 1950. It's a commercial machine suitable for bars and restaurants but thanks to the magic of open grid you can use it anywhere!

Since I love to suffer, apparently, I made every coffee type I saw in Wikipedia under "coffee", so the machine gives 8 different varieties, each with it's own cup, animations and bento hand poses. The coffee level goes down as you sip your cup until it's empty and then the coffee detaches automatically. No perma attachement.

Happy Wednesday!
Region is closed because of malice and envy.
Go to modern pseudo puritan lands...

Too many peoples come to speak about moral, rules e.t.c.
Same peoples who continue to not control their subscribers and allow to kids to enter in adult regions and act as adults hiden under 2,50m high mutant avatars. Why? Because this kids pay money for this? Or because some other reason? And same peoples speak me about moral in strictly adult server?

And never forget Bordelo is closed private server for its owner and family and not have any external customers. All problems here is because of visitors from your grids!

Again - stop to calc pixels on screen and to control avatar!
Please all server owners who not control age of subscribers to not mark "18+ flag". Never alow fake +18 flag! This is real problem in OpenSim!

I will use avatar what i like, because my real age is adult!
Guess what today is? Today we publish April Virtual-HG magazine and you are all invited to read great informative and inspiring articles:

April issue is full of great news!
Our exclusive interview is Rudi and Nasti Bakerly featuring their Book of Dreams
Grid Showcase featuring Vibel
From the desk of...loving the arts with Art Factory
Journey of Tiers: 8 Interview Clue
Opensim Roleplay-So, You Want to Roleplay? by Fitheach Eun

Thank you to all the contributors. If you would like to submit news to be featured please drop off your notecard and images at our Mailbox. Or email @
please pick up your copy at this location
Ausgrid is down at the moment cause I'm having issues with pc that crash with blue screen saying memory management. I guess it Windows that is corrupted so i might have to reinstall windows. It a pain in the ass. Grid and Regions are safe in other hard drive.
It was working fine and that before bad storms and i saw it coming so i quickly shut down grid & regions then shut down pc and that when next day it gone crazy with blue screen saying memory management, etc you know silly thing. I think i guess it can be corrupted Windows cause i run DVD Linux on it and ran for hours so it have no issues. People that have regions in Ausgrid are missing Ausgrid and so am I missing it.
LIGHT MUSEUM is now known as LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM *** Available for FREE and FULL PERM (store number 07), SOUND BOXES (environment sounds) for ur sim/place:
Choose different environements such as:

NATURE SOUNDS: Boreal Forest, Australian Outback, Pine Forest, Desert,Rain Forest, Swamp, Beach, River, Waterfall, Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Tornado, Underwater, Whales & Dolphins ,Volcano Eruption, Earthquake, Wet Water Cave and African Savannah.

URBAN SOUNDS: Bar, Harbor, Amusement Park (Machinery, Merry go round, Haunted Mansion and Zombies), Construction,Subway, Factory, Military Base, City Traffic, Airport, Stadium, Garden Party, French Cafe, Irish Pub, Buddhist Temple, Bazaar (Oriental Market), Mosque, Chinese Market, Cooking, Office, Volleyball, Hospital, Night Club ,City Battle WW2, Swimming Pool, Traffic Jam, Gregorian Chant, Grocery, Police Department, Coffee Shop, Mantra OM and Hockey.

FARM SOUNDS: Farm Ambiance, Ducks, Cattle Yard, Turkeys, Backyard Geese, Horse Stable, Goats, Pigs, Fire (Campire and fireplace) and even an Old West Saloon Ambiance.

BIRDS SOUNDS: Amazon Parrots, Black Capped Chickadees, Budgies, Cockatiels, Crows, Eagles, Nightingales, Northern Cardinals, Owl, Pigeons, Robins and Thrushes.

MEDIEVAL and FANTASY SOUNDS: Medieval Tavern, Space Station, STARWARS (Cantina, Duel of Fates, Imperial March), Yggdrasil Viking, Cosmic Melody, Enchanted Forest, Dinosaurs Jungle and Spiders Cave.

P.S. When boxes are rezed for the 1st time it might happen the sounds break a little bit. Normal at Opensim when more than 1 wav file is played. But after loop is completed ,sounds will go smooth :)

The new Stark! magazine is out now!

Nice Minik from Stark Islands ZetaWorlds did another great edition as photographer with the beautiful Vanessa Mondar, her model and muse.

You can get your copy of the magazine and vendors at the Stark landing point.

Wir eröffnen das Jahr 2021
mit einen Knaller
*** AC/DC - Tribute - Band Konzert ***
am 02.01.2021
ab 19Uhr ist Einlass
das Konzert findet ab 20 Uhr statt

╔═══════ ೋღ :: ღೋ ═══════╗
Social Holiday
╚═══════ ೋღ :: ღೋ ═══════╝
Welcome to Social Holiday Christmas Region

Explore the region and find :

► Resident Decorate Area's with various free items

► New Never Seen before Animated Furniture (ADULT/PG)

► Christmas / Holiday Decor

► Ice Skating Rink (With Skating and AO)

► Christmas Costumes

► Christmas Village - Explore and Get many items

► Lodge with Gatcha Machine Of Uncommon and Rare Items (Collect them all)

All items Copy/ or Buy 0

This Region Will be Available 12/24 - 1/2021 Enjoy!
Moria brennt !
Etwas über ein Jahr ist es nun her, dass wir bei uns in Dorenas World ein Event zum Thema Flüchtlinge in Mittelmeer veranstaltet haben. Titel: Seenotrettung ist kein Verbrechen
In der Zwischenzeit ist viel geschehen, aber es hat sich wenig verändert - und wenn dann kaum zum Besseren. Wir hören von Booten in Seenot die von der Marine nicht nur nicht gerettet, sondern auf's offene Meer hinausgedrängt werden - ein Verbrechen, dass jeder Menschlichkeit Hohn spricht. Und die, die es bis auf die griechische Insel Lesbos geschafft haben, hat man mit unzureichender Versorgung zu Tausenden in ein völlig überfülltes Lager buchstäblich eingepfercht. Es war keine Überraschung, was wir jetzt an schrecklichen Bildern zu sehen bekommen:
Moria brennt !
Es war eine Katastrophe mit Ansage - und das Elend ist noch nicht am Ende. Schon ist man dabei das Problem zu "lösen", indem man die Menschen in ein neues Lager einzusperren versucht.

Wir denken es ist höchste Zeit für ein neues Event und haben die Woche vom 21.-27.9. dafür ausgewählt, denn es ist keine Zeit zu verlieren.

Wer mit Aktivitäten oder Ideen Idea zu diesem Event beitragen möchte, wird gebeten sich kurzfristig mit mir oder Anachron in Verbindung zu setzen.
Event planning

It's been a little over a year since we hosted an event on the topic of refugees in the Mediterranean at Dorenas World. Title: Rescue at sea is not a crime
Much has happened in the meantime, but little has changed - and if so, hardly for the better. We hear of boats in distress that are not only not rescued by the navy, but are pushed out to sea - a crime that scorns all humanity. And those who made it to the Greek island of Lesbos were literally cooped up by the thousands into a completely overcrowded camp with insufficient supplies. It was no surprise what horrible pictures we now see:
Moria is on fire!
It was a catastrophe with an announcement - and the misery is not over yet. You are already in the process of "solving" the problem by trying to lock people up in a new camp.

We think it is high time for a new event and we have the week of September 21-27. selected for this because there is no time to waste.

Anyone who would like to contribute to this event with activities or ideas is asked to contact me or Anachron at short notice.

Windsurfing for all

Been Collecting stuff from my Fave opensim Artist since i Joined. Now, I have a museum dedicated just for her things. Who else Loves Cherry Manga's stuff?

Alternate Metaverse Grid
is offering ONE FREE MONTH to those who are migrating from DIGIWORLDZ & purchasing land!
We want to start off your new life here right!
Have your region(s) set up and we will start payments One Month After!

Region Purchases Include:
-One Month without tier
-Full control of your region- stream, parceling etc
-Regional God power rights to owner
-Restarts From Website- Owners and estate managers
-OARs you own you may copy from website
-Options to connect to Open Water & Air
-Region Privacy Option - Unconnected
-All regions may be upgraded
-Pre-built "Demo" Regions Available in many sizes


Alternate Metaverse, also known as AMV Grid publicly opened its doors on December 5th 2019, after taking 5 months of creating and developing a grid that is Secure, Technically sound with 6 large servers and another server for special projects, and filled with fun and interesting content from the start. We offer low land costs, single regions to expanded VAR packages, Optional "ready to move in" pre-built regions, Free use Cabanas (At Cayo Beach) Open Waters & Skies upon request, Mesh Starter Avatars, Arts and Education, Free Shopping areas and incredible beautiful regions to explore!
Residents get regional "god mode" powers on their land and can copy their OAR files & Restart their regions via the website!


Digiworldz recently banned this grid for giving God powers to our land owners, then cut us off- also cutting their residents access to Alternte Metaverse. We have a large number of visitors from that grid and want them to enjoy our grid, so we are simply making it an easier transition if they wish to come here!

Our goal was to create a paradise with Arts, Education, Free Shopping, Multiple Clubs, Beaches, Parks & open Skies and waters! The Paradise is HERE on Alternate Metaverse at low cost- All we need now is YOU!

Create your account on our website - Confirm the email sent to you and join us in creating a new life and a new start for you!

Just an update that there are some new items in the animals section of the welcome centre - come free shopping!

I will be away from Opensim, and so my region in Sacrarium Grid. This will be a long absence (maybe several months) due to RL changes (nothing bad don't worry).

Zetra will stay opened, managed by WhiteAngel Deed (Sacrarium owner). If there is a problem on the region, please contact him.

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