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not just a shopping mall, take your free shop for your new stuff. Dive into the exotic world of the Caribbean! Here you can rent your own small shop for free (938 to 1875 prims) to offer your goods. O...

Serenity Island's Thursday Dance Party
4 to 6 Dj Golbez
6 to 8 Dj ChiChi
8 to 10 Dj Alex
See you soon. :)

Last 30 minutes... Great tunes from Emmy Lou!

·!¦[·♫♪· New ·♬♩·]¦!·
×÷·.·´¯`·)» GBDark crow suit (Gianni) Black «(·´¯`·.·÷×
Men Full Dress
at Vendor 04
♛·.·´¯`·.·♛ ßëst ωišhês ♛·.·´¯`·.·♛

still have an hour or more to go, and I saved room for you.. come on down

📝 Sapaticos presents DJs Suzi & Emmy Lou

Suzi and Emmy Lou present an eclectic mix of tunes for your enjoyment and entertainment. 12:00 Grid time TODAY!! (In less than an hour)

Hello everyone

NEW IN STORE @ The Pink Cherry Emporium - C950 Turbo v6.0 (SE) with Color Hud & Working Lights!! Enjoy!!! Bay/600/98/29

Richi's Music Call, in der Music Call Bay ab 20 Uhr.
Am 30.03.2022 ist das musikalische Thema " musikalisches Feuerwerk aus alten Zeiten" am Mikrofon ist heute Richi Rizzoli :)
Ich freue mich Euch begrüßen zu dürfen, und tauche mit Euch zusammen wieder ab, um eine schöne Zeit zu haben und die Sorgen des Alltags in den Hintergrund zu stellen.
·!¦[·♫♪· New ·♬♩·]¦!·
×÷·.·´¯`·)» Men Dwayne Denim Shirt - BLACK «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 47
×÷·.·´¯`·)» -Kyra -Jumpsuit «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 48
×÷·.·´¯`·)» Shaky TOP «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 48
♛·.·´¯`·.·♛ ßëst ωišhês ♛·.·´¯`·.·♛
*Dinkies Only Region*
If you are a Dinkie that is looking to make friends and to hangout with other Dinkies then "FUNSIZE DINKIES WORLD RESORT"
is the place for you...

Us Dinkies loves getting together to hangout...

Every Tuesday the Dinkies enjoy Games morning rotated fortnightly from Dinkie Greedy to Dinkie Fishing, every Wednesdays the Dinkies goes on a Dinkies Road Trip around the AMV Grid or further away through Opensim and Dinkie Friday Mornings is where all the Dinkies on Opensim get together to have Open Chat at the Joint.

Join us on the (ONE AND ONLY) Funsize Dinkies World Resort for some fun and laughs at: Dinkies

So some of you probably noticed the grid was offline after I made the post it was online. apparently unaware to us it had gone offline after awhile but now its all back on-line and should be fine.

For all residents and visitors, if there is any issues with the grid please dont hesitate to contact me or anyone on our staff board. you can also contact me here if the grid is unreachable.

Good morning to everyone :)

AFRIKABELEZA: llevo mas de un mes queriendo llegar al grid y cuando lelgo me tira,me dice que estoy baneada y he puesto mails,nota a los dueños ya no se que mas hacer,me gustaria que fuesen amables y me dieran una ... 11 hours ago

Lorena: ... and where to find it? 17 hours ago

Welcome to Novale's maple groove and Sugar Shack
Discover the sweetest ever tradition from Eastern Canada

harthelie: super je vais me faire une joie de visiter 14 hours ago
This memorial is for little "Gracie". If you want to shed a few tears while you're building something, just do a memorial for a baby. This precious little buddy was just a year old plus a few days, when she crossed over and her Grandmother asked me to do a memorial for her. This was not an avatar, this was a real life granddaughter and I can't begin to imagine the depth of the loss felt by the family. I hope this helps bring them some comfort and peace. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Virtual beach grid is back online

correction: Club

shopaholic regions ar ein Maintance but we do not lost our Wednesday Party

..:: Party @ Sunlight-radio Club ::..

At 1pm grid time i will start my set in Sunlight-radio Club today.
2 hours with awesome DJ Emmy Lou.
You all know what that means.
Just follow the bass.
There ya go: Club
shopaholic regions ar ein Maintance but we do not lost our Wednesday Party

..:: Party @ Sunlight-radio Club ::..

At 1pm grid time i will start my set in Sunlight-radio Club today.
2 hours with awesome DJ Emmy Lou.
You all know what that means.
Just follow the bass.
There ya go: Club
Gracie's Haven - A Fae Community.. under construction and coming soon.. it's so pretty! If you are a faerie, pixie, or any other kind of fantasy person.. you may want to check this out.. opening soon!

Virtual beach is offline, we are trying to resolve the issue. Hopefully in a few hours.

Visit the Kippies Jazz Club on the Africa sim to learn about the story of Kippie Moeketsi - father of South African jazz - and his club "Kippies" in Johannesburg that became the place to go for those interested in SA jazz.

Click the images on the wall to learn about some of the artists - and turn on stream to listen to the ever growing collection of jazz vibes from the Southern tip of Africa.

Sample the jazz here :

when you visit my land you can walk through my crappy art tunnel an post your own art on the wall simply by dragging a picture on

If you have any questions, please IM in world:

Budicca Tookberry
Earwen Noldorin
Rudibert Brandwood
Finarfin Noldorin
Essensual McMahon

Middle Earth and Middle Earth II are Medieval Role Playing Regions for Hobbits and Elves. Connected my a short boat ride. Hobbiton and Rivendell are RP regions on Trianon World. They are built to resemble the Hobbit and Elven locations in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Our RP and characters are loosely based on those books in the Second Age. A knowledge of Tolkien books is a plus, but not necessary.
DJ Kith's "EDM Party" Tonight at Hot Daddy's!! 6:00PM Grid Time!
Region: Hot Daddys on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
It's a rave! DJ Kith has the synthesizers and drum machines all fired up and he's spinning EDM (Electro Dance Music) at Hot Daddy's!! He's got techno, trance, dance-pop and house music just to name a few! So, put on your neon colors, grab a few glow sticks and meet The Tribe at Hot Daddy's for some wyld dancing and fun! Let's Party!! Bayou Hot Daddys

Jordan Melody: was fun thank you! 3 days ago

Mittwoch gehts weiter ab 20 Uhr mit Djane Sylvia

Sylvia-Koeln: Noch 8 Stunden ........... 2 days ago
Win money
Fishing competition for all
region : It All Free
This round total : 3050 PB$
Gold : 1220 PB$
Silver : 915 PB$
Bronze : 610 PB$
Biggest catch : 305 PB$
Good luck
Rob, Mayor, Honey

Ⓩ░░░ ( ¯:¯)░乙ƠƦЄЄ░JUPƖƬЄƦ
Ⓞ░░(¯`·.\ /.·´¯)░Gentle Fire
Ⓡ░ (¯ `·. ❀.·´¯)░2:00 - 3:00pm
Ⓔ░░(_.·´/ \`·._)░ Casual
Ⓔ░░░ (_.:._)░Pop,love,disco,fado,rock,country,etc
New location:

Presently under construction. Art Gallery and shopping area featuring original artwork and content. If you are a creator and wish to rent a storefront please check with Raudufr Bearsmasher.

Under Construction: Sanctuary's Photo Studio where nudity is allowed has a multitude of scenes available. NO SEXUAL activity or LUDE CONDUCT will be permitted.



Different versions songs today
Best live tracks our Henk will play
And a quiz to test your brain
Everything to entertain

IM Bobbi or Debz Fox for uber
Join our VL social network
Once Again Fetish Factor is the home to the Great Easter Bunny Dance. and when I say Bunnys I mean playboy bunnys. Come Join Essensual and the Girls April9th at 5pm. PS come see Essensual Before hand to pick up your bunny outfit. One Per Person Only.
Putri Solo is a truly incredible live singer with a wide variety of music and
a voice that ranges from soft, sultry & sexy to rock ! Don't miss this event- , Tuesday March 28th @ 12PM Grid time!
Dresscode is Casual to Gypsy
hop:// of Melody/100/97/24

This Saturday! Littlefield Grid's 10th Anniversary Celebration!

LIVE performance by Rogue Galaxy and LIVE DJ Dance Party with DJ Walter Balazic!

The party starts at 5pm Pacific (Grid Time).

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×÷·.·´¯`·)» George Sneaker Black «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 09
×÷·.·´¯`·)» Nero_-_Gym_Tank_-_Gianni_-_Black «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 47
×÷·.·´¯`·)» Basic Chino - Gianni - Black «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 47
×÷·.·´¯`·)» - Paty - Dress «(·´¯`·.·÷×
at Vendor 48
♛·.·´¯`·.·♛ ßëst ωišhês ♛·.·´¯`·.·♛
Weefolkenshire brings you it's first annual egg hunt. The pirates are back with a vengeance and have the wrath of the dragons against them. You can't steal a dragon egg and get away with it. Bring your friends and hunt the eggs. Win coins for a grand prize along with finding treasures along the way. Message ShalHeira Nailo in game for more information.

Atop the mount they pull asunder
Below them fall of pillage and plunder.
Traverse the grounds so bright and green
The howl of pain of a pirates scream.

For once the boots touched salted shore
A hastened heart all beaten and torn.
From the forest behind them broke out in a run
The beating of wings is no longer fun.

A treasure was taken and dropped along the way
Lost to the mind of some unforgotten day.
Health and prosperity go to all who will come
Return what is lost to the guardian of some.

ça bouge chez Falene

hicks adder: je reconnais bien notre Falene ! 3 days ago
I just opened my new store: Lunaria Emporium - Podex, where everything is sold for WT$. HG Address is Emporium - Podex. This is the sister store to my main Gloebit store which is also located on Wolf Territories Grid.

Here you'll find unique products created solely by Luna that can be purchased with the local currency, or through links to the Kitely Market. A Podex terminal is available in the lobby to exchange and purchase currency.

The central store is large, with multiple rooms that include themes such as Christmas, Gothic, Vampire, Arcane Magic, Castles, Steampunk Airships, Medieval, Japanese/Asian, Greek and Roman, Statuary, Decor, freebies, large architecture in multiple styles, and large Venues.

Surrounding the central rotunda are large viewing parcels at ground level where you can walk through all of the structures available for purchase and experience some stunning builds. They can be accessed by teleport boards, bridges, flying, or taking a boat ride.

There is a freebies section inside the central store with several items free to anyone. Also available for free are the Ruth 2.0 and Roth 2.0 mesh avatars with all available huds.

Important Note: Use Shared Environment and higher graphics to see the region properly. As you explore the various parcels, the sky settings will change to fit the theme.

Lone Wolf: Don't forget to share on 4 days ago
A friend visited the Haven of Memories and in our discussion she said she missed her fur baby. I immediately thought it would be a good thing to offer a place for folks to remember their fur babies that have crossed the rainbow bridge. So Haven of Memories now has a "Pet Memorial Section" to pay tribute to our beloved furry, feathered and even scaled babies. If you would like your pet memorialized, feel free to contact me and we'll talk about what you would like to see. Blessings and much love, Lavia

Lynne Lundquist: Thank you Lavia....forever grateful 3 days ago

The Box
Suzi_Avonside 3 hours ago
Still dancing to the music at Sapaticos, last 30 minutes!
CuteulalaArtis 5 hours ago
Mistress is my GURL! lol
Mistressdalgato 15 hours ago
ive seen cuteulala band and its awesome
CuteulalaArtis yesterday
Winxtropia will be holding in world concerts. Home of the only in world 3D animated musical bands playing real music in world that are not streamed. All sounds are in world.
Mistyputzo 2 days ago
wtf all the carrots and turnips when we need a voice programme
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
I could carrot less, but a solution may turnip.
MrSnoodle 2 days ago
@OpenSimUser, if you could care less then that would imply that you do indeed care to some degree. Now on the other hand if you couldn't care less then you really don't care at all.
OpenSimUser 2 days ago
I have no use for voice, so i could care less if it ever gets developed
Suzi_Avonside 2 days ago
Projects like this really need our support if we're to really have a viable voice solution for OS But it seems no one wants to cough up cash. It looks like a lot of money, but on an OS per head user cost, it would be peanuts.
Pagane 2 days ago
only debts and foreign children are easy to make...
MrSnoodle 2 days ago
@Spax ah I see. I though there was some easy to set up solution that didn't require people to have another program installed for it to work.
Spax Orion 3 days ago
Any VOIP application like Mumble would work... it would run externally from your viewer as cyber stated.
MrSnoodle 3 days ago
@CybeGlo Would that be Free Switch or something else like Discord?
CyberGlo CyberStar 3 days ago
the only thing i've been able to do is to help people set up a voice server. but you have to run a separate linux/windows app that you can hide while you use the game, but it does work and you can talk.
Cherri_Darkheart 3 days ago
Does anyone have advice or a way to assist in getting voice working on my regions since Vivox is no longer issuing new codes since 2021? I'd be willing to pay someone for assistance in helping me get a working voice system on my regions?
CyberGlo CyberStar 4 days ago
glenn... you don't know your ergs from your dynes... >:(
GlennXpletive 4 days ago
I know what a DIDDLE is. ;P tee hee
CyberGlo CyberStar 4 days ago
Why don't scientists trust atoms? "because they make up everything..."
SheaButter 4 days ago
GarryBeaumont 4 days ago
Verna Avril 4 days ago
Last day of the year is 123123
OpenSimUser 4 days ago
Dribles is what a baby does with excess drool out of its mouth :P

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New Comments

CindaWindlow 3 hours ago
Just the kind of quiet little place that I love exploring when I have a few hours. Fun and lots of things to fall in love with. Now I need to find the counterpart irl. Thank you.
AFRIKABELEZA 11 hours ago
llevo mas de un mes queriendo llegar al grid y cuando lelgo me tira,me dice que estoy baneada y he puesto mails,nota a los dueños ya no se que mas hacer,me gustaria que fuesen amables y me dieran una ...
Xalb4X1 13 hours ago
porque te saca de osgrid cuando entras?
harthelie 14 hours ago
super je vais me faire une joie de visiter
Lorena 17 hours ago
... and where to find it?
SheaButter yesterday
Thank you for sharing!
Sinje 2 days ago
Omg ...wie süss ist bitte das Della Dress, passt sehr gut zu nem Vikinger Mädchen DANKE^^
Sylvia-Koeln 2 days ago
Noch 8 Stunden ...........
Ellen 2 days ago
Wonderful animesh and people!


Arkham City
maravilloso, Félix mafia es un tipo muy simpático y agradable ,todo está muy bien hecho y muy bien organizado, mola este lugar ♥ wonderful, Félix mafia is a very nice and nice guy, everything is ...
AFRIKABELEZA 5 hours ago
Pretty damn amazing. If you're landscaping, just want some ideas for atmosphere or need inspiration it's the place to go. If you're just wandering and miserable go anyway, it'll cheer you up! Super...
CrunchyToast 7 hours ago
Arkham City
Felix, why was I banned?? I don't use copybot or steal stuff. I just got things from Arkham for my own use. Arkham is a wonderful place and your work is so valuable. If it weren't, I wouldn't care...
RobinSandalwood 9 hours ago
Dyvalls Shopping Fun
es el sitio mas bonito que que he visitado ,la dueña ( laura) es una persona maravillosa y adorable.
AFRIKABELEZA 11 hours ago
esta rehion te tira cuando entras
Xalb4X1 13 hours ago
Arkham City
New to the hypergrid thing and got a bit lost but someone directed me to Arkham. A seriously excellent place. Great range of up to date stuff that you really need to get you started and I'm sure I'l...
CrunchyToast 14 hours ago
No regions found with that name :-(
Lorena 17 hours ago
Moonrose Easter
Beautiful Easter sim. Thank you.
Debra Ann Congi yesterday

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