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Far-travelled on the Hypergrid and convinced of Roth2 v2.

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Dorenas World dweller, Hypergrid traveller, synth geek.
Spreading the word of Ruth2 and Roth2.

Rezday of my first avatar is April 30th. I've recreated the avatar on another grid, the new one became my main, but I still count the same rezday.

I'm in Germany which means I'm 9 hours ahead of grid time. 3 PM PST/SLT/grid time is midnight here.

Speaks English.
Spricht deutsch.

If you should ever encounter a Juno Rowland, that's my little in-world sister.

I'm not only in the Metaverse, but also in the Fediverse.
My main presence: https://hub.netzgemeinde.eu/channel/jupiter_rowland
Juno has her own channel: https://hub.netzgemeinde.eu/channel/juno_rowland
You can follow us with any account on Mastodon, Pleroma, Diaspora*, GNU social, Friendica, Hubzilla, Osada, Zap or Mistpark or subscribe to my RSS feed.

My German blog in the Fediverse about virtual worlds, especially OpenSim: https://publish.ministryofinternet.eu/jupiter-rowland/
You can follow it with any account on Mastodon, Pleroma or maybe other Fediverse services.

OpenSim Version

I don't have a grid of my own.

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Firestorm 6.4.21 for solo escapades.
Firestorm 6.3.9 in case I need a Firestorm with Windlight.
Sometimes Singularity 1.8.9 for parties because Firestorm can't rez and rig larger numbers of avatars quickly enough, if at all.

Nothing older because I've been using BoM ever since Roth2 v2 came out.

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I don't usually support mesh bodies that have got nothing to do with Ruth2 or Roth2. But I've come across an improvement trick for Athena 6 with BoM that nobody seems to know.

The major problem is that the skin on Athena 6's limbs may look weird under certain viewer settings, much like a lighting bug. Some skin areas look brighter or darker than they should.

A minor problem is that alpha masks don't work on Athena 6 although they technically should with BoM.

The reason is because Athena 6 has a chaotic hodge-podge of alpha settings all over it. Parts are set to alpha masking, more parts are set to alpha blending (it's them which may look weird to you or to others), most have alpha off (this is why alpha masks don't work on Athena 6 out of the box).

The solution:

Step 1: Edit your Athena 6 body. All of it, not just any piece. Select it in your inventory while wearing it.

Step 2: Go to the Texture tab.

Step 3: Set the alpha mode to alpha masking.

Now the different shades of skin colour are gone, but your hands and feet may turn partially white. Don't panic, this is supposed to happen and will be fixed in the next steps.

Step 4: Set the mask cutoff to 128. If it is already 128, set it to 127 and back to 128.

The white should disappear, and your body should look normal again. Or better than what you saw previously.

Step 5: Take the body off and put it back on to save the new settings.

Also, you can now wear alpha masks like you can on the system body which might save you from the hassles that come with the alpha cuts on the HUD, and which you can save with outfits. The only limitation is that the alpha masks still don't work on fingernails and toenails.

Should alpha masks stop wearing, just edit the body and set the mask cutoff to 127 and back to 128.

The same method should work on Adonis 4 if you want to use alpha masks with BoM.

Oh, and before anyone tries this on Ruth2 v4 or Roth2 v2: You don't have to, at least not with the "BoM" bodies and Ruth2 v4 "Business". They've got alpha mode controls on the HUD. The "" versions, on the other hand, are de-scripted and have no HUD, so they require this trick, too, if alpha masks don't work.

Seasonal greetings from my sister and me!

If the instructions for the OSW beacons tell you to make the beacon uncopyable, then PLEASE DO SO!
Yes, it's an inconvenient extra step.

Yes, it's more convenient to leave it as-is.

Yes, you may pride yourself in enabling your visitors to copy every last thing from your sim.

Yes, it does work as desired even if it can be copied...

...until someone actually copies the beacon and then puts it on their own sim, not even knowing what it is. And as they don't know what it is, and as the beacon did not come with instructions (they copied the bare beacon and not the box with the beacon and the instructions), they leave it as-is. They do NOT change or remove the beacon key. Why should they? Nothing tells them to do that.

All of a sudden, the entry for your own precious sim here on OSW will switch between your actual sim and that other sim run by the person who took your beacon with your beacon key and dropped it on their own sim. And half the time, the people who want to visit your sim will instead land on that other sim.

Now you may wonder if there are OpenSim users who don't know that the website OpenSimWorld exists. Yes, there are such people. It's mostly newbies, but there seem to be enough people who start building sims of their own while still counting as newbies. And I dare say there are enough seasoned OpenSim users who still don't know that OpenSimWorld exists.

And those who don't know that OpenSimWorld exists don't know either what this beacon is and what it's good for. Actually, just a few weeks ago, I had to explain to someone who has been in OpenSim for much much longer than myself what the beacon is and what it does.

I myself didn't know right away what the OSW beacon is and does when I started last year. For me, the OSW beacon was nothing more than a nifty Hypergrid teleporter that some sim owners were kind enough to install on their sims. In fact, apart from catching the occasional landmark, the OSW beacon was the only way for me to travel the Hypergrid.

I did NOT know about the website behind the beacon. Nor did I know that the primary task for the beacon is to connect in-world locations to the website.

Had I started to build my own sim about a month into my OpenSim usership, and had I found an OSW beacon that I could (and still shouldn't be able to) copy, I would have taken it and put it on my own sim as it was, someone else's beacon key in it and all. I wouldn't even have known that beacon keys exist.

To cut a long story short: If you let people copy your beacon, people WILL copy your beacon. With no instructions. They WILL NOT know what it really is. They WILL NOT know there's also a box with it inside plus instructions, much less where to get it. And they WILL misuse the beacon. And the entry for your sim here on OpenSimWorld WILL malfunction.

And if you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO make the beacon available to everyone, then at least put the original box next to it. Not somewhere else on the sim, but right next to the actual beacon so that every last dummy will find it. And if you think the box looks terrible where the beacon is, then put the beacon itself somewhere where the box would look better.

Found this button in Singularity.

Now I'm wondering if it'll have a positive effect on my avatar.

If you're after Selea Core stuff, and you think your collection is complete: It most likely isn't.

I've just been to Free Life Nostalgia Neighborhood (https://opensimworld.com/hop/83497), and I've checked out Core's Department Store, a Selea Core tribute shop. You can find it at 359/812/29, right next to the main street that leads from the landing into the town.

My collection had already been large, but even I have picked up 54 boxes that I hadn't had yet.
In case you're wondering, OSgrid has been down for 8 hours now. There's no information currently about what's going on or when it'll be back up, at least not to my knowledge.


The other day, at Zuzions...

Does anyone know what happened to the con.tin.u.um grid?

It has been down for a week now. Okay, you may say, grids shut down, this just happens. But they usually announce their shutdown. Grids that shut down without an announcement are usually shoddy grids run by amateur hacks on old Windows laptops. con.tin.u.um was a fantastic grid run by people who knew what they were doing, not to mention with help by none less than Fred Beckhusen. Besides, they had just published a new issue of the Virtual-HG magazine, they had just upgraded Bastion (https://opensimworld.com/hop/82479), and they still had plans for the future.

Not only that, but I haven't seen a single sign of life from anyone behind it, much less an explanation as to why con.tin.u.um is down and whether it'll return. Marianna (https://opensimworld.com/user/Marianna) used to be here daily, but her last post was eight days ago.

Their website (https://www.virtual-hg.com/) is still up, but the last post is from August 28th.
Yours truly pretending it's ten years ago, and I'm a brand-new avatar that needs to be decked out.

Yes, I have a Roth cosplay outfit. Down to being barefoot.

Since I'm wearing a BoM-enabled Roth2 v2 body, I could also have put on the standard Ruth/Roth clothes, but I'm not too fond of trousers stuck up my buttcrack.

And they say you can't hear pictures.

And in latest news, Ruth2 v4 is out including a build for older OpenSim versions.

Get it at RuthAndRoth!

Also, expect it to hit Arkham soon.

Isn't that what we want to be?

So if there are any men's fashion tailors left out there, I have a request. Or a challenge. Or call it whatever you want.

And that's clothes rigged and fitted for Roth2 v2.
In case you haven't noticed yet because this has barely been advertised: Roth2v2 has been available for almost two months now.

The only place to get it is currently RuthAndRoth which doesn't have an OpenSimWorld beacon:

Those of you who run freebie shopping sims and already have Roth 2.0 RC#1 (now renamed Roth2v1) may want to place Roth2v2 next to it so that people can find it.

Those of you who love low-poly male bodies can get it from RuthAndRoth until it appears elsewhere. Just beware: Since the content creators seem to be largely unaware of Roth2v2, there are absolutely no clothes rigged for it. So you'll have to experiment for now although some Adonis-rigged clothes work pretty well, just don't count on it.

And those of you who make male fashion may look into rigging it for Roth2v2.

Last but not least: Looks like Ruth2v4 is finally under way, too.

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My Reviews

Lana's Place

Even though this place is spruced up with content by other creators: If this isn't the ultimate Arcadia Asylum showcase, I don't know what'd be. It's one of the places that you will need quite some time for, also because it's built on several levels. Schedule at least one hour for the pirate level alone.


Very beautiful, very detailed and especially very immersive and interactive. This is not just more or less random objects piled onto a sim so that you have something nice to look at while trying to copy freebies or copybotting the entire sim. No, this place is alive, also thanks to well-placed NPCs. Things that would be mere decoration elsewhere such as furniture (I hate finding chairs or bench...

Paramour Shopping

A place of legend made by a lady of legend, so much has to be said. Reserve some time to relax at the Roman bath house. The only caveat is that Aine hasn't put up her most popular creation on this sim for everyone to pick up, the Clubmaster Dance Machine. Everything else is there, but the Clubmaster isn't. I guess you'll have to go look for it elsewhere (HG Safari, https://opensimworld.com/hop/...


You may wonder how a grid as small as Dorena's World can afford to have two Christmas markets. Well, this one is a classic in its own right and in the truest sense of the word, built and equipped by grid residents. You can see and find things here that you won't see or find anywhere else such as exclusive clothes by Klarabella Karamell. Speaking of whom, it is also here where her scripted sleds or...

Amoa Nude Beach

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the next generation of nude sims and the most consequent one to date. This isn't "clothing optional, but nudity encouraged". This isn't the kind of place that puts up signs which demand people go in the buff, but which are usually ignored by people who then walk around a "nude-only" area fully clothed with no consequences whatsoever. No, Amoa doesn't even let you in i...

El Lago

Surprisingly, this sim is alive and well. The Offline status doesn't come from Kitely shutting it down when it isn't in use (which they do) but from an uninitialised OSW beacon. That said, the whole sim outside the landing area is not only nude-only (i.e. no clothes allowed whatsoever), but only accessible to group members. As inconvenient as this is, I can understand it. El Lago must have been on...

La Tortuga

This is not "everything you need". That's an understatement. This is "everything you never knew you wanted to have and then some". It's worth the wait in transfer while the sim starts up. Protip: If you want to hypergrid to this place in the nude right away (it's allowed, yes), but you don't want to hang around at Kitely's General-rated transfer station naked, go to the clothing-optional beach at ...

Aenon Isles 24

Caution: Not everything is free here. The ANIART shop offers animated pictures for money (and one of the reasons why this place has an Adult rating). The massive Freebies Warehouse has a variety of things including the full set of FleepGrid textures plus the organiser and a lot of Fest'Avi and Cherry Manga avatars. There's not just any old self-made photo studio but professional NatWyck gear (whic...


A rather spectacular and multi-faceted sim, especially given its age. Amongst other things, there's a freebie store with many things you probably won't find anywhere else anymore, a modelling agency with a photo studio and dressing rooms and not one, but two catwalks. About half of the coastline is a nude (swimwear optional, more clothes prohibited) beach which lacks any furniture, though, so some...


The two best reasons to visit this place are the exclusive Synclair Designs dresses rigged for Ruth 2.0 (although you'll still need alpha layers if you want to wear them with Ruth2 v4) and probably the biggest selection of Selea Core boxes out there (including a custom one that ought to contain them all). It's a bit rough around the edges here and there, and the walking animations seem not to work...

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