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Does anyone know what happened to the con.tin.u.um grid?

It has been down for a week now. Okay, you may say, grids shut down, this just happens. But they usually announce their shutdown. Grids that shut down without an announcement are usually shoddy grids run by amateur hacks on old Windows laptops. con.tin.u.um was a fantastic grid run by people who knew what they were doing, not to mention with help by none less than Fred Beckhusen. Besides, they had just published a new issue of the Virtual-HG magazine, they had just upgraded Bastion (https://opensimworld.com/hop/82479), and they still had plans for the future.

Not only that, but I haven't seen a single sign of life from anyone behind it, much less an explanation as to why con.tin.u.um is down and whether it'll return. Marianna (https://opensimworld.com/user/Marianna) used to be here daily, but her last post was eight days ago.

Their website (https://www.virtual-hg.com/) is still up, but the last post is from August 28th.

And they say you can't hear pictures.

And in latest news, Ruth2 v4 is out including a build for older OpenSim versions.

Get it at RuthAndRoth!

Also, expect it to hit Arkham soon.

Isn't that what we want to be?

So if there are any men's fashion tailors left out there, I have a request. Or a challenge. Or call it whatever you want.

And that's clothes rigged and fitted for Roth2 v2.
In case you haven't noticed yet because this has barely been advertised: Roth2v2 has been available for almost two months now.

The only place to get it is currently RuthAndRoth which doesn't have an OpenSimWorld beacon:

Those of you who run freebie shopping sims and already have Roth 2.0 RC#1 (now renamed Roth2v1) may want to place Roth2v2 next to it so that people can find it.

Those of you who love low-poly male bodies can get it from RuthAndRoth until it appears elsewhere. Just beware: Since the content creators seem to be largely unaware of Roth2v2, there are absolutely no clothes rigged for it. So you'll have to experiment for now although some Adonis-rigged clothes work pretty well, just don't count on it.

And those of you who make male fashion may look into rigging it for Roth2v2.

Last but not least: Looks like Ruth2v4 is finally under way, too.

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Wyldwood Bayou

What Jillian said. Also, when you aren't clubbing, take some time and check out the rest of the sim, Pontchartrain Beach, the town in the south and everything. Unless voodoo gives you the creeps. Or abandoned nuthouses.

EQG Mall

Another "Linda Kellie greatest hits album", this time including her three major shopping sims, Shopping Mall, Designs and Clutterfly, in one place. If you need anything made by her, you'll probably find it here. And if you don't, you'll probably fill your virtual pockets anyway. Or you end up in a hammock next to the Shopping Mall, listening to classic rock. Only one region was not designed by Lin...


So they've taken this place down and replaced it with nothing but water? Finally. This is a substantial improvement for the region, OSGrid and the Hypergrid as a whole. That said, they'd better cordon off the water because, you know, you never know.


This place is Neovo's knack for tremendous tinkering put to very good use. If you want to try new outfits without anyone seeing you, and you haven't got a home (or your home is too small and cramped), this is your place to go. You can even rez and unpack boxed new acquisitions. No running around sandboxes in your undies (or stark naked) anymore!


Three reasons why the radios from OSWRS are so great: One, they're full-perm. Two, the station lists are updated every once in a while. Three, the station lists are notecards that you can easily edit yourself, making it possible to add your own stations or rewrite the station list for your liking. When you go there, you'll also find things you may need for a radio station on your sim, a few mus...

Germania Tropical

Okay, let's start with the negative: This sim will murder your machine's performance, especially when you're upstairs, for there are more items to find on the top floor from where you can see almost everything on the ground. But the reason for this is also what makes this sim so great and special: It's absolutely packed with lots and lots and lots of things you may need for your home, furniture...

Rayvn's Roost

This sim is so vast that you'll definitely need the teleporters at the landing pad. But it offers something of everything, be it clothes, be it a branch of Gallery Furniture (they've got the good stuff), be it entire buildings and much more.

Free Life Central City

And here's the modern answer to the Nostalgia Neighborhood. The buildings offered are mostly commercial, but all those that can be stepped inside are properly scripted. As for the offered freebies, they're somewhat more on the modern side, but there's a lot to be found that's available nowhere else, and there are even shops of a kind that you'll find nowhere else. If this is still a work in pro...

Free Life Nostalgia Neighborhood

Three things make this place awesome. One, a big choice of residential buildings, all scripted (if you see a mailbox, it's a separate item and up for grabs). Two, the downtown shops filled to the brim with all kinds of vintage 1950s-1980s stuff you never knew you needed. Last but not least, the largest number of vintage automobiles in the whole hypergrid, mostly US cars, but also some German and B...


Seriously, if you're looking for men's mesh clothes, be it elegant, formal or eccentric, this is your place to go. The AlCapone shop offers you lots of pieces for your new outfits including classics like the Ed shirts, the Gavin jackets, the Monk shoes and everything Dandy-related. And make sure to check out the old Klamotto stuff and the body parts in the big store to the east. And, of course, th...

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