Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenSimWorld?

OpenSimWorld is a directory of 3D worlds that use the open source OpenSimulator software and are connected to each other via the hypergrid functionality. OpenSimWorld is not a Grid, and we don't host or rent regions, we only provide an easy way to discover amazing virtual worlds and to advertise your own region.

What is OpenSimulator and the HyperGrid?

Opensimulator is, in short, the Free version of Second Life. It is free, open source software that allows you to run your own regions from your PC or from a server. The Hypergrid is the functionality that allows you to visit such regions even if they are not on the same grid. The easiest way to get started with opensim is to download a viewer such as Firestorm for Opensim and sign up to one of the free, open grids such as OSGrid .

How can I teleport to a region

If your opensim viewer is configured correctly, clicking on one of the buttons in the region page should teleport you to the destination region. However, the hypergrid system is still in early development stages so there can be many reasons why your teleport may fail. If you cannot teleport to the region through the buttons, try copying the hypergrid address from the region's page and pasting it in your viewer's map search box (press Ctrl-M to show the map)

Where can I find the OpenSimWorld Beacon/HUD?

You can take a copy of the latest version of the Opensimworld Package from the OpenSimWorld region. The package contains the Beacon that you need to rez in your region, as well as an HUD that you can optionally use to travel. Click here to visit.

How can I list my region in opensimworld

  1. Sign up here on OpenSimWorld, and click Add your region to register your region. After registering your region, you will find a secret "Beacon Key" in the region details box. This is private and different for each region.
  2. Rez the "OpenSimWorld Beacon" object in your region. You can find the beacon in the OpenSimWorld region [Click to visit]
  3. After rezzing the beacon, click on it to enter the secret Beacon Key that you got in step 1. Your beacon is now live and you region will appear in our results shortly.

Where do visitors land?

Visitors will arrive at the position of the beacon, so make sure your beacon is in a welcoming place!

How often does OpenSimWorld update

The statistics are updated at least every 30 minutes.

Can I add many regions?

Yes, you can more regions by repeating the same procedure. You will be given a beacon key for each region that you can use with the beacon.

Can I add many beacons in a region?

No, only one beacon per region is allowed.

I have moved my region, what do I do?

If you move to a different grid, all you need to do is edit the region settings to change the grid address. You do not need to register a new region. Just make sure your beacon is properly initialized with the beacon key.

What information do you collect?

The OpenSimWorld beacon sends a periodic "heartbeat" from your region to our servers in order to verify that the region is alive. We only collect the essential information that is required to verify that your region is online and the number of visitors in your region. We do not collect any information about your visitors other than their total number. Our tools are full perm and open source so that everyone can check the kind of information we collect by looking into the beacon script code in our .IAR file.

What are Gold Coins

Gold coins are used to promote regions and create advertisements.

The region information is incorrect/wrong/false. What do I do?

We try our best to keep our region information up to date. If you spot a region that is not hypergrid-accessible or has wrong information, please use the "report" link to let us know.

Can I select which teleport destinations will be shown at the beacon?

You have the option to select what type of regions will be listed in your beacon by editing the region settings after creating it.

How can i avoid re-entering my beacon key after a region upgrade etc.

In any event that causes the beacon's script to reset (such as restoring a region from an .OAR or server upgrade), you will need to re-enter the beacon's key. You can avoid that by pasting your beacon key in the "beacon_key" notecard that is included in our beacon (Always make sure you are using the latest version). Be careful, however, not to allow others to take copies of your beacon, as they will be able to steal your beacon key.

I am using non-NPC bots in my region

We want to help hypergrid users find regions with REAL people, therefore we don't allow regions that inflate their avatar counts using bots. If you are using non-NPC bots in your region, you need to add their names to exclude_list. Please edit the exclude_list notecard inside your beacon, and add the full names of the bots, one in each line. Always make sure you are using the latest version of the beacon.

My region gets confused with another

This problem can occur if someone takes a copy of your beacon (which contains your region's key) and rezzes it on another region. Our beacon is programmed to reset on rez, however this may not always happen correctly. In this case, both regions will be reporting simulaneously with the same key, which is an error. To fix that, please go to your region's Settins page and change your Beacon Key. You will have to re-enter the new beacon key in your in-world beacon. You can do that by rezzing a new beacon (and deleting the old one) or by resetting scripts in your existing beacon.