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Club, Shop´s , Freebies, Avatare, Clothes, Fkk-Strand/ Nude-Beach, Furniture, Animesh, Games, Arts, Houses for Rent, Alle Avatare sind willkommen, all Avatars are welcome,

We are ready for Christmas!!! Be sure to visit our Christmas Town and our Starter Christmas Region!!

Immersion Island is presenting a whimsical Metaverse virtual "Tribute" production celebrating the best holiday season of any year with a tribute to the time-honored "macy's " Thanksgiving day Parade.
You are ALL invited! Thursday, November 24 10:30 am Pacific time.
Anvil Island

Kylie Brimmer: i try to get there but i get pop up message saying "Teleport failed - The parcel is restricted, and you not on the access list" 3 days ago

NightFall a 3x3 Role Play Region

2007 was a year of wanting to make positive changes - I started an environmental awareness blog “Climate of Our Future.”

Having researched the Pacific gyre and seeing all the plastics accumulating on our ocean floor was devastating to me; to learn at that time it was twice the size of Texas.

In my research, I discovered a Marine Biologist who has an incredible love for our oceans. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Ph.D. “J”. J was a frequent contributor to Climate of Our Future and allowed the use of any resources he had. He still does, thank you J. His philosophy The Blue Mind Rx: Our Waters Can Be Lifelong Medicine for All People. This is an important message that I wanted to share virtually.

I have added the @JoeBuilder "Barrier Reef" to my virtual installation of Blue Mind, thank you Joe. J's water philosophy is here. I keep J close in positive thoughts, two years ago his home was destroyed by fire. You can read about it here:

Thank you J for your contribution to our planet.


Winter 2022 Kingman City/Arkham Grid

Enjoying the land and water views in Rock and Roll Heaven

A view round the region showing some of the cultural mixing that happens here.

All of here at The Shirls SE3D Worlds are ready for Thanksgiving! Be sure to visit... "Over the River and through the woods" which is located at our Holiday Region. LM at the Welcome Center along with a free copy of the Thanksgiving Scene!
DreamGrid's exclusive OAR-Barrier Reef by @Joe Builder one of his Lost World sims is released for DreamGrid owners-check your Free OARs list. Beautifully landscaped reef, rays of light emitting through the sea, such a beautiful effect created by Joe. Abundant sea plants decorate the seafloor too. Vibrant textures, this is really lovely. Thank you Joe, thank you Fred!

#oar #oars #dreamgrid #joebuilder #fredbeckhusen #outworldz #BarrierReef

This is licensed as Exclusive for use with DreamGrid Software-Copyright: CC BY-NC-SA

Hugabug: Amazing pics this is a must see great detail in this build ! 27 days ago

A Picture From Bagshot Row, in The Shire.

Joe Builder: Looks all good, I would change the texture on that road/path tho 27 days ago

Clan meets Virtual Vignettes at the Haunted Doll House!
Immersion Island FUN!

Immersion Island: Immersion FUN!

''The Vampires Cave''
One of the 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt occurs.
Come, look for bones and get the royal reward !

'The Spider and Devil Cave'
One of The 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt occurs.
Hold on you courage and join the hunt
For a nice immersive experience

New!!! Shopping Level just for Male
Teleport at the Landing Point (Men Fashion)

'' The workspace of a modern witch ''
One of the 11 caves of the Halloween Hunt at Novale
October 22nd to 31st.

At the ''Zombie Fitness Club''
One of the 11 caves where the Halloween Hunt takes place

New in Night City the OpenAir Club STUDIO 54

Corallysiel2: Cette femme est très talentueuse, elle fait de belles choses elle est gentille et aide tout le monde je viens toujours la voir merci Valéria 1 month ago

Don't look UP (!)

A shot of the ground floor lounge of The El Mocambo, Canadas historic Tavern where the Rolling Stones recorded their Live Album in 1977.

The Hobbiton Collection will be the first destination the Hypergrid Safari visits this Wednesday at 12 PM SL Time. This includes Hobbiton, Beorns-House, Bree and Buckland, Edoras-Rohan, Myrkwood, and Rivendell to mark the October 19th anniversary of the publication of the final part of the trilogy, The Return of the King, 20 October 1955.

Marianna : I love seeing Outworldz and Hobbiton promoted!! For those of you who have not yet seen Hobbiton please take the time to explore and follow the Thirza and the HGSafari! 1 month ago

New Ark at sunrise. Nice quiet place to visit and explore.

Cemetery view at all Lunaria Emporium store regions. You can also find all my cemetery items on the Kitely Market here:

Just opened, Le Café du Marais in the Lost In Time Jungle, a friendly place to come and discuss together, exchange about art and find collaborations to work together, or just to meet simply, bar, dance, fireplace and cool and pleasant place.
If you are artists you can exhibit several photos or a photo with the link of your place.
Thank you if you take time to visit :)

360 taken in the Haunted Valley

New Kingston with some spooky visitors.

Waiting for Halloween ...

Morning at XRadio Metaversal Studio Plaza [pic:20221009]

XRadio: Reception Area [pic:20221009]

Listen to tunes like Weed Samosas And Sriracha, Laughing Buddha and many others - on today's playlist at Sunvibes : Delhi 2 Dublin and Afro Celt. While there, check out the little Freebie shop for Africa inspired tops, Fractal images and other Africa inspired items. Happy weekend :)
ANJ/Vintage Boutique at VILLA D'ISTRIA Shangrilla-Dolls World Opening on the 9th of December 2022
Welcome back ! : Our event re-opening on friday the 9th of December 2022 is getting perpared as your XMAS GIFT. It is a tremendous job to offer to our community a TRENDY "Vintage Couture shop" named "ANJ/Vintage" for Shangrilla-Dolls World. What it will feature then ? - It represents OSGRID clothes as a tasteful wardrobe of the corresponding REALITY BRANDINGS that "you girls" ever dreamed of to acquire and collect - from 1985 up to 2008 -. These are best years for fortunate buyers to dress and gift with - Thierry Mugler ; Dior ; Chanel ; Paco Rabanne ; Loris Azzaro ; DG and much more - there is a bit of ready to wear with Diesel ; Bebe ; Ralph Lauren and some more represented... For the beach Eres...
The SIM shall reopen with a direct TP to the Italian Villa Terrace where the shop is incorporated. Don't forget you must wait and stand a bit to rez all the shop and share the goods that we deliver to you. Patience will reward.
For this an Event meeting will happen that will be prepared as a brunch gardens.
- It is a fantastic opportunity to represent MEDIA CROSS-MARKETING options for sponsors and brands : to show that everything is ready to merge inside the Metaverse. Many potential actors can be represented - let's TRY-OUT with some fashion first...
Have a great time in the Opensim !
+ Note : When the shop is entirely settled as it does represent our best years fashion it will be like a Fashion Museum Concept Boutique and not like a Fashion week. So you can come and find the wardrobe for every local event you'd need...! : It will fill out all your desires permanently :x° meow!

This is a 360 image taken inside Hangar No7
Do not look up.
The last person that did, has not been seen since.

This 360 degree picture of the voodoo welcome region.
Drag your cursor over the image to see what is behind you.
It looks better full screen.

Jerralyn Franzic: Why do I feel like playing Counterstrike, all of a sudden? LoL 2 months ago
Nyx Breen has installed two exhibits at Mind Odyssey. In and Out of View and Polaroids. My first impression of Nyx's art is always wow, I am often left speechless as my brain renders the colors and movement of these exhibits. I have to be careful of flashing lights but with Nyx art, the movement is subtle and flowing, a gentle movement to me that is soothing. Please consider visiting and feel the experience of Nyx art, take some time when you do to really appreciate it.

Thank you Nyx! Odyssey

oficina para adquisicion de sims

Today on the Africa stream : African blues by Boubacar Traore and Vieux Farka Toure. Visit the Blues hut, turn on stream and enjoy the African atmosphere and the sounds of the blues from Mali.

Kashi Takeshi: Awesome place ! nice work Asha xox 2 months ago

Halloween 2

Beorn's House

Author: Darkness Papp/David Denny
Copyright CC BY-NC 4.0
Exclusive: yes---> This build is exclusive for Outworldz DreamGrid owners

Part of the Hobbiton Collection by Darkness Papp

Beorn lived in a wooden house on his pasturelands between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, to the east of the Anduin. His household included an animal retinue (horses, dogs, sheep, and cows, among others, according to Gandalf, Beorn did not eat his cattle, nor hunt wild animals. He also grew large areas of clover for his bees.
Character Created By: J. R. R. Tolkien

When you rez this build, make sure your music is off, you will want to hear the sounds here. I hear, a billy goat, a wolf, and birds. A serene countryside estate with lush landscaping.
This lovely country cottage has beehives, horses grazing, and bales of hay to feed them. Entering the cottage, from the garden area, you will see Great Danes to guard you, and a cow eating hay. You will find this .oar file in the Outworldz DreamGrid free .oars

Fred Beckhusen designs and creates .oars to share with his Outworldz-Dreamgrid members. The OAR is licensed exclusively for use in DreamWorld Grids. CC-BY-NC, Outworldz, LLC.

A 360 snapshot of Skull Town

Part 1 of our Welcome Region

American Graffiti world
Sockhop Party at the school gym
Musicians and dancers are all Animesh.
You can also dance with NPCs. Click the Mirror ball.

View of New Kingston. From the ashes it returns.

Autumn has struck at Neiferleaf

KhennaReenberg: Being new to the grid, I recently had the pleasure of visiting - what a breath-taking place...I will visit again to experience Autumn. ♥ Thank you so much for sharing your labor of love and vision. 2 months ago

Lucia Island

Night in region. (Day cycle on real time)

Thirza Ember: kudos, it's really very flat 3 months ago
Blue Moon was established on February 1, 2012, in Virtual Highway grid. When VH closed we purchased our .oar file and named it Iknimaya which is a treacherous but fundamental rite of passage in which a young Na'vi hunter must select, capture, and successfully bond with one of the ikran.

You will find Iknimaya at grid

Avatar's Water World will soon be released come feel the spirit of the Na'vi.

Thank you to all the creators who made this possible, especially to Kayaker Magic for all the cool Pandoran animals like the Yerik and Ikran.

Johnny Rebel: Sweet! :D 3 months ago

Live Music Event Starting Now!
Greybeard Live Starting Now.
Take Portal @ landing
Come Join us at the beautiful Whispering Oaks.

The Box
GarryBeaumont 6 hours ago
@Alessandro Thats impressive.
Alessandro 13 hours ago
Pinewood Run Trailer - Watch Here:
Laralove1962Resident 15 hours ago
Laralove1962Resident 15 hours ago
Jupiter Rowland 19 hours ago
For snowy trees, check out Encantada.
CyberGlo CyberStar 24 hours ago
Full of happiness, I joyfully crossed the stream.
Druskus 2 days ago
@EllenTiratzo yw
Ellen 2 days ago
Druskus, Thank You!!!
Druskus 2 days ago
@EllenTiratzoin the OSW ads I also found this see if it helps you!
Druskus 2 days ago
@EllenTiratzo if you want I have Christmas trees on Impero Island on Zone Nations. You can see here
Ellen 2 days ago
Hello all! I am looking for snowy paths and trees. Any suggestions please? Thanks in advance!
KrisTina 3 days ago
Yep :)
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
I posted a question in the General Forum, but Iooking at the picture I used, I think I maybe confused about which holiday it is.
SheaButter 4 days ago
Thanks Kris, am Canadian tho, we had ours already :)
KrisTina 4 days ago
Happy Thanksgiving! Shea
SheaButter 4 days ago
Wishing all my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving!
CyberGlo CyberStar 4 days ago
i only own myself; but all of me is mine, sometimes it's hard, when a stranger offers me a dime. - cheap trix
GarryBeaumont 5 days ago
@HanHeld Untick it, but why would you want to do that, just make a copy of the original asset file to put in a sweet tin and bury in the garden, leave the original where it is, that way it only adds the new stuff in minutes and does not take hours to rebuild the hole thing. Sorted.*
HanHeld 5 days ago
@GarryBeaumont yep that's like me being too lazy to figure out how to exclude the asset folder contents when I back up my simulators :D
GarryBeaumont 5 days ago
I've been saving an inventory for three hours, I should have emptied the trash first.
CyberGlo CyberStar 7 days ago
/me fills up the star sprayer dance fogger machine with frosted flakes and turns it on high. hehehehe :)
wicked 7 days ago
Mmmm cornflakes, yum. Frosted cornflakes? ( holds out a bowl with milk and a spoon )
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What an amazing world, you must try the games Ricardo did, its simply the best ♥
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DJ Rosa is on at 6:00 Tonite! Come hear her awesome blues and see what we are about!!
Passion Jumanji 5 hours ago
I've known Cat & Cliff for about 5 years now . . . found them way back when I first came to Open Sim . . . Gotten to know them over the years and now that they own & run this grid I cannot be more hap...
Xaria Aubrey 6 hours ago Club Equinox
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thank you very much for the horses the realy cute!
Pagane 9 hours ago
HOORAY! Only after 3 hours the good people whose SIMs are shown here have already reported me and removed the competition :)
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I looked at it , wow that is already a remarkable !!! go and watch people !!!
Mykal 12 hours ago
My apologies. The problem is now fixed.
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WoW, what an intro (!) Seriously awesome machinima


Lawrence Bay
An event should have landing point at an event..using such re-route and not finding that place sucks.. no stars for such grrr
Copper 6 hours ago
great job thank you i give 5 stars
Elo VitaKali 6 hours ago
Just finished shopping at Tosca winter shops. Outstanding variety. Organized. Unique items. Well done, Friend! ( ᗒωᗕ )
thedeeferry 9 hours ago
Moonrose Club
Mega Partys in einer coolen Location!
Adult_life 10 hours ago
Christmas Island
Beautiful Christmas Sim. Feels like Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!
Debra Ann Congi 14 hours ago
that's what i call a christmas market. I'm just amazed that everything still runs with about 40 Animemesh figures great done
Suzan Von Otter 16 hours ago
The Furniture Vault
Nice to see that Furniture Vault is on again, but unfortunately some things are not to buy or copy, maybe because of the scripts that are not released
Lacero Ghoststar 22 hours ago
Heavy Beats and great people. Love the various DJs at Adachi.
Twelandria 22 hours ago
I Love You
Free land, friendly people and no need for clothes. what's not to like ?
Suzy St yesterday

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