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Gentle Fire Welcome Center
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Welcome to Gentle Fire Grid , and Its New welcome Center. Join us at our event and new freebie shopping Mall there are some awesome regions to Visit. Here you can be what you want furry , d...

Gay Dance Club auf der LGBT City

this is look like as it is

Testing another view @ Whispering Palms.

A 360 view of my Luxor region on Wolf Territories Grid, taken from the Bifrost bridge. You can visit by going here: grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:Luxor

Misty_Falls: very pretty horizon, you'll have to give me some hints. :) 23 hours ago

View of my home from atop the ridge dividing the 2 regions of Olympia and Xolraruta

Lands End .oar by @DarknessPapp. This 2x2 .oar is delightful. When you arrive, you will hear Saxophone playing by Mr. Sax. This magnificent sea port has great township builds with all the props for roleplaying a Pirate adventure.
The sounds here are nice of seagulls, sax, and water really lends to the theme here, you will love this sim! Free for DreamGrid owners. It is in the Outworldz free .oar dropdown list.
Outworldz-DreamGrid .oars
@FredBeckhusen designs and creates .oars to share with his Outworldz-Dreamgrid members. The OAR is licensed exclusively for use in DreamWorld Grids. CC-BY-NC, Outworldz, LLC.
You too can own your own Dream Grid! https://www.outworldz.com/Outworldz_installer/

Darkness Papp: Be great as long as no unicorns arrive 2 days ago
The Bridge of the USS Enterprise with a whole different view and twist. Role players of all species welcome. We believe you will find it fascinating. We have a full sized starship with various levels, rooms and functioning utilities and accessories. We do not however have voice, but we can create a role play channel on our Discord for those who would like to role play on this starship and star base...the Starbase is Asgard Dawn, situated in the Andromeda Galaxy in a planet that is life sustaining in a solar system very much like that of earth. Join us, it's the logical thing to do.

SchnTgaiSpock: Grid Our Dawn was down for a brief time this morning. It is up and functioning again. Apologies for any inconvenience. 2 days ago

UPDATED: Ozone MiniVerse - Atrius Station Telehub https://opensimworld.com/user/SpaxOrion

Ozone MiniVerse presents: NOTHING! Experience Sensory Deprivation at it's finest! Only OUR events have NOTHING going on! We deliver everything promised in the brochure 100%: https://opensimworld.com/hop/89020

Spax Orion: Do you feel like doing NOTHING? This is the place to DO IT! 4 days ago
Where I stand on the hill at the long bridge is the highest position to look far the whole 5x5 sim. You wonder why I don't fly? I even drive all streets with car. Seldom I tp. lol This sim is made to live realistic second life here as one whole city with suburbs. ;-) Of course, with RLV help for lifestyle.
It's the best try so far from the hill at the long bridge. Middle quality and it shows almost all. Because of the forest at the bridge, you can't see the Promenade and Rock Island. And far away along the mainland you can just imagine that at the end is the watchtower of the prison. The dimensions of a 5 x5 sim are really big. The edges of the sim are in diagonales "Rock Island" to our Home and the "nude Beach" to the big Prison at the end on an own island behind mainland. This prison is so big that all women in OS could be jailed there. lol (Okay, the rl women in OS. Not all the female Avis lol)
The problem with a 360 degree pic for a whole 5x5 sim is that you can't see all at the edges. The far distant view is just 1024 meters. To find the right point in the middle of a sim where it could be all seen what is important to see is difficult. Just one meter you move and e.g. the palms at the beach are gone. But you can't identify anyway on this pic where the beach is. Or to identify the watchtower of the prison, although all is there on the pic. Perhaps such picture can only give an overview how big a 5x5 sim is from the view of a resident living here. We are already 6 people living here. Beside Daddy and me, there are 4 other Residents living in the sin suburb. We all live lifestyle and RP. So this sim is not meant for vanillas.
I try to make other 360 snapshots with higher quality from other points to see Rock Island and the Promenade too. But then I guess something other is missing. This is my first try with 360 snapshot to have Panorama overview.
You can visit us on "decadence.ddns.net:8002/decadence" , which has no beacon here. You land in the Rave Cave of the Rock Island at one edge of the sim. From there you can TP to places where you get a car or bike or can use the Ponygirl Taxi express located on Promenade. Put your graphics on max and try out sunset light or even midnight at some places. There are many surprises of light effects, you will never see at midday and low/middle graphics resolution.

CyberGlo CyberStar: A quaint town embedded in the pines of anywhere, usa. You will see some things here that you won't see anywhere else in the grids, for example the lovely lighthouse in the harbor. An interesting pla... 8 days ago

Venis Woche Teilen Startet! In der Partyruine

Wir freuen uns

Me at my home region... yes it's random, like me ... lolz...
Sporting new sneakers from *La Cittadella Di Rachel* on craftworld thanx so much Rachel !!

PhotoTools-Owler skies, Maldives Water, from the roof of the Castle over Main Stage. YEAH BABY!

ClanEscotia: that's my girl !! 10 days ago

Figured out the max setting thingie :)

ClanEscotia: Welcome to my World, wont you come on in........... 10 days ago

Ihr seid die Geilsten!

test :)

Kashi Takeshi: Lovely place :) 10 days ago

Eine Runde Karussell im Kaufhaus.

Dorena Verne: Schöne Aufnahme, Xenos. :-) 10 days ago
I built this museum some time back, but was having difficulty thinking of what to put into it. Today's news gave me that nudge I needed to come up with something. I built a Memorial Stand that has a place for pictures and name plaques. They can be used for many different kinds of memorials however I chose the Star Fleet theme and added those cast members that folks are most familiar with - today I added Uhura and truly only Nichelle Nichols could bring that character to life as beautifully as she did. I will be adding more to the museum over time so stop in and visit. All are welcome.
Yay!! I finally finished the forest area for my friend, the witch. All she and her friends have to do is move in. Remember, that huge crashed space wheel, well the darn salvage team forgot to take it away.... hahaha.

The Hypergates are in. The skull gate worked great! If you would like a free skull gate I have one placed in front of the Monentes Jewelry store.

Playing with EEP again

Luna Lunaria: I love playing with eeps 14 days ago

La Nube
#newregion #arkhamgrid #2022

Another beautiful view of Rivendell by Darkness Papp

#oar #oars #darknesspapp #ferdfrederix #fredbeckhusen


Rivendell-Home of the Elves 
Outworldz 200th Free OAR is a very special one: the third in a series of six OARs to be released to you under the exclusive use license for the Hobbiton Collection by Darkness Papp.For exclusive use only in DreamGrids CC-BY-NC
Thank you @FredBeckhusen and @DarknessPapp!
#oar #oars #FerdFrederix #DarknessPapp #FredBeckhusen #OutworldzDreamgrid

Dancing with friends at the pier
Enjoying late summer sunset at ocean

In the courtyard in the cool of the evening is where the King walks and relaxes and talks with God and enjoys his family and time with his friends, and there he also sings and writes his songs (Psalms) of praise to the one true living God. We invite you to join us in the peaceful city, find a home there, role play and relax in a time before all of the insanity in the world, and a simple life. Or just visit and enjoy the courtyard and explore the region. All are welcome. Shalom.


OpenSimWorld: This is not a 360 image. You can make 360 snapshots from Firestorm. Menu Avatar -> 360 Snapshot 20 days ago
Valhal, the huge castle in Asgard that was Odin's favorite castle. This castle housed those who died valiantly in battle defending and protecting their tribes and it would be these very warriors who would fight along side Odin and the gods in Ragnarok. Here you see the whole region of Valhalla, but the 360 doesn't really do it justice. To get a real feeling of the majestic lands of Norse Mythology, visit us at grid.our-dawn.com:8002:Valhalla we're pretty sure you'll like it.
Starbase - Asgard Dawn's Starfleet Headquarters has so much to offer for those truly into Star Trek and role play. We have worked tirelessly to make very nearly everything functional though, no, you can't fly the enterprise around as it's much too big, but we do have shuttles that can be flown, transporters, turbo lifts and even a working screen in the bridge. We will continue to make it better! We also have a functioning monorail to take you to the different buildings and offices. Our medical academy and sick bay both have working "surgical" hoods. Come visit and take a look around. Missing a visit would be quite illogical. grid.our-dawn.com:8002: Starbase
The City of Jerusalem, otherwise known as The City of David in the heart of The Promise Land welcomes you to visit and enjoy stepping back in time into a beautiful historical place of peace. Should you decide to there are homes for those who might enjoy living in a much more simple time in history. Either way, do come and visit we welcome you. grid.genesis-roleplay.org:8002:The Promise Land
We've upgraded to our own Object Storage...experience the speed!. All our services are now in-house 5 bare metal servers running 11 VM's provide 820 1024x1024 regions you can explore, all joined together!

I've posted more info on my youtube channel about the tech. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzyzYXxLm7lPPCFUnIlcxwg

CherylFurse: SOOO BIIIIG. WOW And the best is that I didn't need to put off and on my 5 hud and AOs and scripts. It worked fantastic as if I was on my home grid. Didn't recognize that I was hypergridding. That's g... 27 days ago

Interior of the ''World's End Lighthouse
Where the Lighthouse Gard lives in Summer

Visited @FerdFrederix @FredBeckhusen's Silent Refueling tonight-took a 360 -Excellent build Fred! outworldz.com:9000:Silent Refueling

Gin Leeder: WOW! 1 month ago

Elven Castle Royal Dining

Elven Castle Great Hall

Forces in Motion by Nyx Breen-A 360 view-Please visit to immerse yourself in the art-continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Mind Odyssey

A visit at the photographer's shack
Every building tells you, or lets you imagine a story

Mind Odyssey we invite you to view the art of @CherryManga @ShirlTaintedAngel, @NyxBreen, and @AmaranthimTalon
This is Cherry Manga's exhibit 360
continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Mind Odyssey

Mind Odyssey we invite you to view the art of @ShirlTaintedAngel, @NyxBreen, @CherryManga, @AmaranthimTalon
This is Shirl's Break the Matrix exhibit
continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Mind Odyssey

Novale's Kayak Club Shack

hicks adder: cool 360 snap ! 1 month ago

The Paula Rego retrospective is now open, enjoy the show and learn more about the Portuguese artist at the Art Factory

Kashi Takeshi: I did take a sneek peek last week.. nice work ! We need more art in the Metaverse. 2 months ago

One of our towns and the Nemo Club

Forum (360 Snapshot Test)

The Box
Symphony 9 hours ago
"...development for virtual environments and the Metaverse at large."
Symphony 9 hours ago
referring to opensim as game is good for referencing a definition as part of the metaverse, VW, VR, game, VWorld dev tool? Its a long list, game makes sense to a majority I speak with including academic circles. What do you call this virtual reality tool?
Han_Held 9 hours ago
aww the post I was responding too vanished
CherylFurse 13 hours ago
haha ¡ʎɐD s,looℲ lᴉɹd∀ ʎddɐH
Han_Held 14 hours ago
Old news... https://www.juicybomb.com/2022/04/meta-acquires-second-lif...
Ellen 16 hours ago
Am I winning this game? My score is always zero...
BartholomewSelleger 17 hours ago
Just kidding by the way!!! before someone goes ballistic.
BartholomewSelleger 17 hours ago
@KrisTina - A great big giant lollipop from Linden labs! Why? Because it sucks.
KrisTina 22 hours ago
OS is a game? Whats the end Boss? lol
OpenSimUser 22 hours ago
Hate to tell you this but i was NOT being sarcastic, so please, feel free to bend over, and remove you head from your Ars before its to late.
OpenSimUser yesterday
Didnt know this was a game
CherylFurse yesterday
Someone told me that OSW has soo many cookies. Especially from google and all big tech companys. I looked now and wow. Yes. My Browser is full with cookies from this website. I should use Tor for this website. Some is using Tor? How does it work?
CyberGlo CyberStar yesterday
dreamgrid has smartstart.
Copper yesterday
@OpenSimWorld: Thats called "on demand regions" in Kitely: https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2021/01/kitely-now-offer...
Lone Wolf 2 days ago
@OpenSimWorld Kitely do it - you tp there and are put in a holding cell while they boot the region.
OpenSimWorld 2 days ago
Thanks, is that a feature of opensimulator or some other program?
Mistressdalgato 2 days ago
smart start is where a region only starts when you teleprot to it, that way its not constantly on and not draining a lot.
OpenSimWorld 2 days ago
What is smart start?
Mistressdalgato 2 days ago
so when regions are in smart start mode the beacon key needs to be given to the grid owner, then they input the becon in there console and that makes the region show online on osw. my grid has smart start.
Spax Orion 2 days ago
I never cared much for regions on demand. some dedicated servers have cost effective options so you can have a region running 24/7
AshaShanti 2 days ago
yes I think so too
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TailorNova 2 hours ago
DER einzig wahre Weltraumbahnhof in OS
Symphony 9 hours ago
KrisTina 14 hours ago
To the flea zapper? hmm
Jimmy Olsen 19 hours ago
FLORA SIM AUG 11th 2022 UPDATE * At many friends request, I have just added a lot of more options/shapes for this kind of tree - all with smooth leaves animation. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at ...
Misty_Falls 23 hours ago
very pretty horizon, you'll have to give me some hints. :)
germanworldgrid.de yesterday
Wunderschöne Party mit Richi!
ZigZag yesterday
Heute fühlen sich die alten bei Richi richtig jung geile Musik
Soul-Grid yesterday
The next round with Dj Tommy...........yaaaaaaay
Marianna yesterday
Thank you Satyr!! DreamGrid owners also make sure your OSW api key is in your DreamGrid sim settings--->Publicity make sure the key sticks. Then save. With this you do not even need the beacon on y...


Wunderschön gestaltete Sim mit niedlichen Shops. Wer trägt mir jetzt die Taschen voller chicer Kleidung nach Hause?^^
Sylvia-Koeln 4 hours ago
Fantastic art here. Thanks for all your hard work and freebies.
Debra Ann Congi 6 hours ago
City of LGBT
@Michelle Hartley your review shows me that you dont understand the region. It is easy to make a review without any understandy of the region.
Adult_life 11 hours ago
El Patio de los Amigos
hermoso lugar y gracias a emilio que me hospeda
DjArianna Nightfire yesterday
Carpe Diem
Your title 'Carpe Diem' mean seize the day, in your case sadly it should mean I seized the items from others
StevieZee yesterday
City of LGBT
Can you please tell me what the point of this region is ? You cannot go anywhere. You just get thrown back to where you landed. Not able to join any group. Nag box keeps saying no access to the p...
Michelle Hartley yesterday
Islands dreams
This is the place for all your beach needs and more run by the beautiful most helpful Kitty
Imurehuckleberry yesterday
Islands dreams
Love the place and best of all the owner "Mis Behave" who greeted me, offered help and made sure I got everything I wanted Ten Stars for service Super good content too Want mermaids this is the pl...
oni kiri 2 days ago
Oni was very friendly and welcoming when I went and she has even set up a hud to make it easier to find your way around the rest of the grid. The sims are beautifully laid out and of course everything...
Han_Held 2 days ago