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free scenic large parcels for residents

Great party with Viktor!

So managed to open two stores today (more on the way!) the heads I create are BoM enabled and all you need to do is wear them, check out our NPC models, and decide which head is best for you

We also have a photo studio which you can use freely or IM me directly and I can take a more professional looking artistic image

"AUDREY" A new styling proposal available
Betty's own creation poses are available at

Your teleporter cannot connect to most of the regions listed on it. It has been like this for a while. It cannot make connection to most of the regions.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I know this isn't celebrated by everyone. So have an awesome day/night as well. ^^ hugs n high 5's :)

DJ VIKTOR @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 11 hours ago [26 Nov 2020 13:00 SLT]

Ohh la laaaa Its Thursday again and that means VIKKKTOORRRRRR our magnifique fantastique Frrrrrrrancais fun machine avec his hot grooves and sexyyy voice…. RRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Come on down to Stark, Party Area East, at 1 pm grid to shakez votre pixels et wrigglez votre derrieres for two great heures of Yakka Yakka YAAAAAYYY!!!!!

Nameless visitors?
What does it mean when your visitor board records lots of visits but no names?

Thank you contestants for entering! We have closed the contest for entrants, the Gingerbread houses will be placed by Dec 5th, that is when we ask you to please come vote for your favorite. To the many people who have come by to visit thank you!
DJ Ele! Bringing Wednesday alive! 5PM

GasWorks is the place to be for Wednesday fun and DJ Ele! Ele will take the stage tonight and open up her amazing library of contemporary Blues just for our listening and dancing pleasure! This will be Ele's first set at our new home in AviWorlds and I'm certain she's gonna make the very most out of it! A full night of fun and Blues is ahead tonight! Starting off with DJ Ele at GasWorks! Blues Done Right!

Really looking forward to Saturday now. Haven't done roaring 20s for awhile, what fun! lol hugsssss

Freitag (27.11.2020) ist Partytime :-)
"Musik - Das bin ich"
DJane Mimi (Germanworldgrid) und DJ Richi (Nextlife World) präsentieren ihre Playliste

DJ Talista @ Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 2 days ago [25 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

DJ Talista returns to Stark in his first official date after last weeks impromptu party which was a great success. The man is so laid back he is horizintal, and his house mix has us purring with pleasure as we jig around the dance floor. Join us for a great party. Hope to see you later!

DJ Henk becomes a regular DJ at Stark Islands
Where: Stark
When: 3 days ago [24 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

DJ Henk opened his Stark account last week to great applause, a truly amazing set, great great music. Now he returns in his new regular Tuesday slot playing from 12 grid time til 4pm, a long set which will be based on the best of rock. Come and support him, you will not be disappointed.

Hush Winter-Christmas is ONLINE now
sorry for the inconvenience
The whole grid was down for maintenance

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating :)

Lucky Chiung starts at 12 noon Grid Time

Countdown to the Gatsby Club presents.......... PROHIBITION CANT STOP US! Nov 28 noon grid time almost done with the club hugss :)

Ripping off my SL MP stuff
I'm not sure what's going on here, but this ( ) script is a near perfect pilfering of a script I sell on SL's Marketplace. If you're the one who put that up, what gives you the right to pilfer my work like that? If you're not the one, would you please take that down, and direct people to my Marketplace page instead? If you need to, you can contact me at:

Stark Islands is proud to present a mixed evening of music:

DJ Henk the Dutch master kicks things off at noon grid time with his rock mix that will blow your minds.

Then an hour later Ernie Moncrieff becomes Tim Curry again to reproduce the success he had at The Art Factory a few weeks ago by carousing us with songs from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cant wait to see if he dresses appropriately!!!

Join the fun at Stark!

6 KINDS OF ONE PRIM MODELS OF STREETLAMPS ** All for FREE and FULLPERM at STORE 02 (STREETLAMPS SECTOR) ** Use only one single script (*)!!

(*) if its at same SIM and when streetlamps are linked / script goes to the last streetlamp selected (root prim) // Enjoy :)
We have planted more plants to give the region a jungle feel. Please stop by anytime.
This is a tour of the region on the Great Toruk
RP is encouraged here.
Monday is DJ Viktor time!!
Where: Stark
When: 3 days ago [23 Nov 2020 13:00 SLT]

Hey hey hey, it is Monday again as the cold nights draw in, we will be kept warm by the great music mix of Viktor the Gaul, the Frenchman of gravel voiced greatness. We will be moving our pixels round the dancefloor with great energy and enthusiasm as Viktor mixes and jokes his way through two more splendid hours.

OUT NOW! The new Stark! magazine with the famous Nice Minik as photographer and model! I can promise, you'll see new sides of OSGrid's most popular photographer. Definately worth a closer look!

Get your copy of the magazine and vendors at the Stark landing point.
DJ SkyFlier NorthStar at the Chimerus SkyClub
Where: Chimerus Welcome
When: 3 days ago [23 Nov 2020 12:30 SLT]

DJ SkyFlier NorthStar will spin your favorite tunes from all times for our international community. Scandinavian Club music from older and newer singers still not well known in North America. Bring your friends and make new ones !

Ms MunK Mixes
Where: Paradise Lagoon
When: 4 days ago [22 Nov 2020 15:00 SLT]

Miss Munk will be spinning her wheels of steel at The Piazza!
Bring your headphones and get on down here and listen to nonstop beat matching and full spectrum sound!

Profession: Dj Perfomer since 2008.

Every Monday@@Stark Island Club-01.03pm (Germany) Opensim


Train ready for departure

DJ TERRA welcomes you every Sunday now!
Where: Stark
When: 5 days ago [22 Nov 2020 12:00 SLT]

DJ Terra, you all know him and love him. Now playing at Stark Islands every Sunday with his famous live mixes. Get on that plane or boat now and make your way to Stark Islands. Be in on the act to get those bodies wigglin anf jigglin.

"Your Sunday!" Blues Request Night with DJ Kith at Rockin' the Blues! 6:00PM
Where: Rockin' the Blues, Wyldwood Bayou Region, Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: Sunday night at 6:00! [22 Nov 2020 18:00 SLT]
"You call it! YOU tell DJ Kith what you want to hear! Sunday nights are now Blues Request nights and this is YOUR SUNDAY! You already bring the you get to bring the music!! Bring your blues requests and dedications and DJ Kith will play them for you! Have an old favorite? A fresh new blues tune you heard on the radio? YES!! BRING IT! See if you can challenge this awesome DJ tonite! Let's see what ya got! We will have the fun..the friendships that we are famous for and you bring the music tonite! Cat got your tongue? No worries! Kith has plenty of his own tunes ready to go! Come on down to the Bayou and let's party! Bayou
Come on out and join us for the Grand Opening of Bob's Biker Bar! LIVE Music by Sakiko at 2:00pm followed by Paul Knowles at 3:00pm! Bring your friends and come hang out and have a great time with us today! This Bar was created in honor of my friend Bob Solo. Hope to see you there!

Besnit is now registered on the opensimworld

Today's line-up at Zuzions Plaza:
Where: Zuzions
When: 5 days ago [22 Nov 2020 11:00 SLT]

Today's line-up at Zuzions Plaza:
10:30 DJ Stevie Zee

12:00 The Clan and Band
1:30 DJ Liam
Join us hop://

You may remember that silly article in HB written by Sam Adama, supported and advertized by Maria Corolova, calling Sacrarium a pedophile grid ... I had a personal discussion with Caprica Cylon (sam adama's wife) about that article and here is the truth
DJ Maia spins the Blues! Wooohooo! Yes she does! Tonite at 6:00 at Rockin' the B...
Where: Rockin' the Blues, Wyldwood Bayou Region, Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: Saturdays at 6:00! [21 Nov 2020 18:00 SLT]
Time to party!!! That's right folks, DJ Maia is in the house tonight for her new 6:00 blues set at Rockin' the Blues! Maia will be spinnin' every Saturday night at 6:00 just for you! She has a great line up of blues to spin but that doesn't mean she can't squeeze in a request or two. Bring your friends and join the Blues Tribe for an unforgettable night of Blues and fun! Grab the taxi ride below and come join us. We would love to see you!! Bayou

Its Happy Hour! Come on over and party with my sis and I! WOOT!

DJ Dick Pinelli! Hard Hitting Blues at GasWorks! 7PM
Where: GasWorks
When: 6 days ago [20 Nov 2020 19:00 SLT]

DJ Dick Pinelli is back! We all know what that means! Fantastic Rockin' Blues all with a roadhouse juke feel. Dick has years of experience on radio and in SL, as well as the OS in DJ'ing just how you like it. He can pull a song up in a moments notice to go along with any conversation or request. It's always the real deal when DJ Pinelli is on stage, and we're proud to have him tonight! at GasWorks! Join us for Blues Done Right!

Where: Exotic Souls
When: 6 days ago [21 Nov 2020 11:00 SLT]

Frauenpower im Iceladygrid!!!!

Frauenpower ist angesagt am Samstag den 21.11.2020
um 20 geht es los !!!
3 Djanes legen auf und versüßen Euch den Abend mit
gemischten Tunes !!!
Also schwingt eure Hintern ab ins
Taxi: Souls

Partytime mitDj Achim & Dj Richi auf der Stella Polaris
und eine Geburtstags-Party von Belzebub
ab 20 Uhr gibt es Rock & Pop auf die Ohren

Beacon renames region on its own

The beacon located in the Foundation Grid welcome area has not been functioning properly for a very long time. Actually well over a year.
The beacon will show name of region and then it changes to "hope island". Where the name "hope island" came from i have no idea.
The beacon also starts and stops working for no apparent reason and has been script restarted many times as well as new beacon placed.

Thank you for your attention,

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niki stuart 2 hours ago
great party indeed!!!!!
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thanks because im tired of trying on endless heads thank you for making the NpCs makes it much better shopping :)
Power OfGreen 5 hours ago
Thank you again and again! wonderful really helps me the outfits find good things to wear :)
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Thank you for your Power&Heat Forever ♥
Johnny Rebel 14 hours ago
This is hand painted by a really gifted artist. I snagged it many years ago. lol :D Be thankful for freedom is what it says to me. :)
Günter Schorn 16 hours ago
'not on the access list'??? but advertising in opensimgridlist! no visitors wanted?