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AMV Freebies Mall
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AMV Freebies Mall is "NOT JUST A FREE MALL"! We carry Mesh Avie's, Furniture, Shoes, DJ equipment, Party balloons, Homes, Buildings, Hair, Art, Men's wear, Ladies wear, carpets and rugs, Jewelry, Pla...

I have opened an account with OpenSim and added my region Avalon. I have 3 clubs on Avalon. Is it possible to have a beacon for each club, or do I have to stick with the one I have for Avalon?

A resident on my grid put out satyr farm items that from Mintor grid and it shows in console that said "15:02:25 - [ASSET DB]: MySQL failure creating asset 00071d21-b1bc-46a7-b333-77db
64203c0e with name "SatyrFarm Well". Error: Packets larger than max_allowed_pack
et are not allowed." Am running Maria database.

I see alot who have an slide show with there pictures on the site. How do I get such an thing ?

This region dont exist anymore, but breath in Freedom is back with new name Little Breath... If you had region there, please contact Mayor


Actually Party Mix
Pic by Lady Wicked

SPOILER ALERT!!! SOON THE NG - NEW GENERATION GREEDY GAME TABLES.. Not available yet at my sim but u all can test it at:

1) ALFHEIM: (at Alfheim Kaffé cabin);
2) AMV WELCOME AREA: Welcome (2nd floor);
3) LBSA PLAZA: Plaza
-Always wanted a greedy table u could skip lazy players who are watching FB instead of playing greedy? Now u can :) AND GET POINTS FOR THAT! LOL
- Top 5 high scored players board now available!
-Full control of table, mode CLASSIC (like v6 versions) or KEEP or STEAL mode! Making the game funnier!
- Nice for club areas! Chat message now is read only by players and sounds and particles can be removed as well!
- Set access to board to ALL/OWNER or to ur GROUP;
-Devil dice (as Joker dice seen in SL tables);
AND MUCH MORE! For info on how to use it, click at NG logo at any NG table available and have fun :)

LIGHT MUSEUM opening! All FREE and FULL PERM for LAMPs, STREET LAMPS and LIGHT related..
In STORE 01 u will find: Lamps decor stuffs. Enjoy :)

Jeff's Beach Party - A Motown Thursday Night
Where: Endless Summer
When: 3 days ago [9 Jul 2020 18:00 SLT]

DJ Jeff Edwards has brought over all his old Motown Records and put the speakers in the windows! Come enjoy some of the most iconic American Music ever performed on the Beach at Endless Summer! 6-8pm Grid time!

Our Virtual-HG Magazine headquarters is now open and welcoming you to come share your region news with us so that your region can be featured in our next edition. We are now open, please swing by when you are free.


Gotham is open


Ballantyne Modeling Agency is in the working process and will be opening soon.

Do you have what it takes to be a true runway Model, or have a key eye for clothes and skills with picking the best outfit, than Ballantyne Modeling Agency might be the place for you. For more information, contact Debra Avon @ Wesley Harbor-alternatemetaverse

Welcome! fashionable and stylish men's clothing.


If you don't have your own sim, but are looking for a nice place that can be your home. There are many sim on the grid with this board. You can choose this point as your home. Have fun.


"RODICA" A new styling proposal available


Dj Megan Cline is one the best Rock DJ in Open sim Join here today at The Pit , DJ Megan has DJ in second life own her own club for many Years There . she now On Virtual Reload to give you that same delectation for ROCK music , COME join in and let the good time rock you . When Saturday 12:00 Noon to 2:pm Grid time
at the Manuka Islandhop://

Where: Avalon
When: 7 days ago [5 Jul 2020 17:00 SLT]

DJ IAN KITSILANO will be ROCKING THE RUINS every Sunday evening from 5-7PM. Ian is a well known DJ who has been involved in many aspects of the performing arts. He's a great guy with an awesome stage presence, and also loves playing CLASSIC ROCK for your enjoyment, so come on over to THE RUINS on Sundays and have a great time dancing the night away at this unique outdoor venue.


"MARIANNA" A new styling proposal available ...thank you Typhaine Artez for helping me create this picture ..Typhaine's styling ( the one on the right ) you can find at METPO region ♥♥♥

autrefois, OpenSim était un lieu de folies de libertés, de créations.
Maintenent cela devient un lieu pour dancings, est ce sa vocation ? je me pose la question et si cela vaut encore la peine de rester .


Are you having a nice weekend?

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  • Yes, Amazing!
  • Yes, Very Very Amazing!
  • No, but I will do my best
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OpenSim is an oasis for people who are following physical distancing around the world. Thank you all for keeping yourselves safe, keeping your regions online and keeping your visitors entertained!

Live performer : Rogue Galaxy
Where: Event Plaza
When: 8 days ago [4 Jul 2020 12:00 SLT]

Live singer Rogue Galaxy supplying you with a variety of beautiful songs @ the Event Plaza


Its building slowly .. the vibe is moving .. get yourself down here


Greedy Oasis ... all about having a drink ... LOL

Virtual-HG Office Warming
Where: Virtual-HG
When: 3 days ago [9 Jul 2020 17:00 SLT]

Virtual-HG Magazine is having an Office Warming party and you are all invited
Virtual-HG Magazine, Virtual-HG (66, 91, 36) - Adult @


Chimerus grid have got a new recreation area open for all

Where: Club Escotia
When: 10 days ago [2 Jul 2020 14:00 SLT]

Whatcha doin? We're setting up for today's show! Clan Escotia LIVE at home at Club Escotia! Come on by any time... show starts at 2pm today!

Marianna Monentes together with her team of authors, they are gifting us this first issue of Virtual-HG magazine. I am honored i had an exclusive interview with Marianna on this first issue. I wish you to continue publishing, not quarterly, but weekly :)
Vendors of the magazine you can find in my region and of course in Marianna's region " Jewelry"

New swimming area with lounge spots with beach feel and open water view..


Country and Western at our Caribou Saloon with Freda Frostbite - our Popular Friday Dance Party leads us to the weekend. Come join us for friendly moments of love and comfort, with the welcoming Caribou party crowd. Top music in this non-commercial world in Kitely, here for fun friendship and a bit of excitement. Everyone is equally welcome, male female transgender tgirl shemale neko furry fairy - here you are what you want to be, always. Please leave your guns and horses outside the saloon....


And today we shoot Landscape Environments in many flavors to all grids to beautify more Opensim!!! Share and Enjoy :)

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OpenSimWorld 2 hours ago
You can only have 1 beacon per opensim region.
OpenSimWorld 2 hours ago
You 'd need to change the my.cnf, or appropriate mysql configuration file in your mariadb: [mysqld] max_allowed_packet=32M
OpenSimWorld 2 hours ago
If you post pictures in your region's Activity, they will appear in the slideshow
Sandy 3 hours ago
nice to see you back
Defiled Fraggle 12 hours ago
post pictures to your region using the site , not to be confused with post to profile
DjViktorDjChaleur 16 hours ago
Grand merci a vous tous. c'etait Génial. Une Belle réussite. Fier d'etre avec vous. La France vous aime. Big thanks to all of you. it was great. A great success. Proud to be with you. France loves you...