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welcome to inspiration enjoy horse back riding , Beach , Art and Much more, free rental home , fishing Jet ski few great place for people to Visit . stop by at one of our event enjoy the dj and...

You can find this mermaid full avatar boxed in the freebie pirate fort on the Island of Sirens.

Happy Birthday Soul Bewohner, hallo Soul Freunde !

Heute Abend um 20:00 Uhr begrüßen wir im Tosca die einzigartige, unvergleichliche Janice Mills zu ihrem ersten Live Konzert in Opensim.

Anschließend feiern wir mit Djane Nasti und den heißesten Rhythmen der letzten Jahrzehnte.

Today at 11 PST we bring the amazing Janice Mills over to have her first concert in Opensim. Exclusiv in soul, living with friends.

Janice Mills is a well known singer in RL and Sl

After this Concert Djane Nasti is playing the hottest rhythms of the last decades.

We´re looking forward to welcome you.

Soul, living with friends
The Art Factory is about art and artists. At The Art Factory, we display art; we appreciate art; we learn about art; and, we promote art. We have over a dozen galleries dedicated to in-world artists, where they show their innovative creations. As such, we are continuing our feature - Meet the Artist. This week, we interviewed Antonia Ling, owner of Antonia Ling Gallery, Inspired By Gallery, Metropolis Poster Shop, and a 2001 themed gallery.

Antonia, tell us about yourself and your art.
“It's not easy to talk about myself. What have I to say about my person? Not much... really. I like photography and I like to photograph. I love to photograph old churches when I'm in Denmark. Or ships in the harbor... often details. Not the big ones, I prefer little old boats of the local fishermen. I like to photograph old cars and colorful flowers. I love art from the 1920s to today, I love a lot of the german BAUHAUS and their Master like Kandinsky, Alberts or Lazlo Moholy-Nagy.”

What are you doing currently?
“I try to photograph a bit. At the moment I deal with cyanotype. It fascinates me...”

What is your inspiration for art in world?
“I do what I do because I like to do it. When one in a million likes it... I'm happy.”

Thank you so much for your interview, Ms. Ling. We love your ongoing contributions to The Factory.

To grid operators
Vivox no longer gives voice licenses, would someone share their license with me? That would be very nice

The things we hide + Endometriosis

Hi Folks
Nice that you are all still here. Friends, envious, haters and hackers I love you all. You think Rakis is dead? Noooooo! 8 unix grid now run fine. ♥ You want my OAR's e.g. Free House Sim 1 + 2 and more? Then go to my website and get it. Hacker, trying to hack the website. The surprise will be great. :-D
have fun.
DMCA blah blah: Everything has to be passed on to CMT. Just as we got it from the creator. Later access changes go by our ass. For lawyers: IGE IPI CH
Charge for your own work, but take everything from others for free !? Steal all CMT right and left and pass on NO mod, NO copy, NO trance. Those are the ones that should be banned from OS!

Best Regards
Rakis Heron
I'm Just Going to leave this here with the comment that "You and your sort are NOT welcome on XUsYou" ...

IP Address
Country United States of America
Country code US
Region Kansas
City Leavenworth
Postal code 66043
Longitude -94.922462463379
Latitude 39.311111450195
Organization Road Runner

Join my open sim discord group.

Half time with wosy Live !

June issue is coming along nicely!!
we will feature
Laura Ess of Seconds
Journey of Tiers
Fitheach Eun Opensim Roleplay
From the desk of...Echo Rainforest
Grid Showcase Ellen Tiratzo's The Big Easy in Osgrid

We will be publishing June 1st!

**Image is Ellen's Big Easy in Osgrid, a magnificent place!
Wie kann man den Muttertag schöner ausklingen lassen, als bei einer Dream Night in "Soul, living with friends " ?

Heute ab 20:00 Uhr (11 PST ) legt DJane Nasti auf und kredenzt die schönsten Balladen und Schmuse Songs.
Schmeißt euch in Frack und Abendkleid und ab geht´s ins Soul Grid.

In need of some lovesongs and balades to finish the mothers day in a romantic way ?
Come over to " Soul living with friends "
Djane Nasti is on air and presents the best romantic music of the last decades.

We look forward to seeing you

Free for download House Sim 1+2
Free OAR's for all 60'000 prim 3GB
Have a lot of fun...
Rakis Heron :'-D

My RL client received her earrings today. This is the first exclusive RL order. It is such a rewarding experience to first create jewelry but to see it realized in RL has brought tears, it is an overwhelming awesome experience! Thank you to my kind and generous client! It is very much appreciated!

Preparations done:moms and cub, and their den under the tree. Soon I'll have her and 4 or 5 kids animated

In Louisiana folklore, Honey Island Swamp is slated to have a cryptid monster that has been seen in the swamp since 1963. A legend tells of a train wreck in the area in the early 20th century. According to the legend, a traveling circus was on the train, and from it a group of chimpanzees escaped and interbred with the local alligator population. Honey Island earned its name because of the honeybees once seen on a nearby isle. A trip to New Orleans is not complete without a swamp tour! Watch out for gators, snakes, and nutria, and be sure to look for turtles, frogs, and pelicans! Bring your sunscreen and bug spray!

The show is JUST starting!
Terry Wildman LIVE at Sound City!!
hg: East

Attention Musicians, Vocalists, Comedians & Poets! Come join us at Open Mic/Karaoke on Saturday Mornings! 3 songs or 15 minute sets then pass the mic! A fun morning of LIVE performers! Stream provided if you dont have one or you can perform over local voice chat!
════════━┈ Cates's Acoustic Cafe ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ LIVE OPEN MIC/KARAOKE ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ LIVE Musicians, Vocalists, Poets, or Comedians!
★ ════ ☆ 9:00am - 11:30am
★ ════ ☆ Every Saturday
★ ════ ☆ Karmic Drift Region - AviWorlds
★ ════ ☆ Map: Drift
Virtual-HG Magazine May issue just published!! In this magazine please find,

David Denny's Shirelands
GCG Tig Eberdene's Aurora-Georgetown we feature the memorials
Opensim Roleplay with Fitheach Eun
From the desk of...
Journey of Tiers: 9 Fixin' The Query

Springtime magic is upon us, let's celebrate the beauty of spring. We will feature a section of beautiful flora and fauna we have found in the metaverse.

Available now at grid
Important announcement!
We share all our articles for the personal use of each person who visits us.
We do not allow our work to be exposed in other places and if we detect maximum abuse we will take action.
We cannot understand that avatars created on the same day come to our store and take all but all of our items in one go.
the logical and normal thing is to come and take what is needed and come back again to see news or something that I forgot to take.
The Ni-Max team

#opemsim#sacrarium #nimax
New In Store! MAX

Region teleport system

Spring finally "sprung" at North Norway places lol

GreekLife Grid Hosting, Trust.... Stability... Reasonable Prices... stable rez faster no laggy with last greeklife opensim our code Zeus GL 0.9.2...........
Twelve years of experience in opensim…….
Warning for re-share re-sell grid's and store's remove items from your store's linkt to Amber Tanaka or if this wont stop i wil stop releasing new item's to the public. (it is un posble to make sure the users have the right version of the item and unposble to give support if needed like this and u are actively stealing traffic)

Bonjour, hello, guten tag
nouveaux touristes post covid
new tourists after covid

Free Homes! Many styles to choose from =)

Have you ever wanted to start your own little cafe', bar, or shop? Well, what are you waiting for? Do it now! Free rent on one of the coolest streets in New Orleans!!!

The Art Factory is about art and artists. At The Art Factory, we display art; we appreciate art; we learn about art; and, we promote art. We have over a dozen galleries dedicated to in-world artists, where they show their innovative creations. As such, we are beginning a feature called Meet the Artist.

This week we want to introduce to you, the very talented Nice Minik.

Ms. Minik, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your art?
My interest for VL-Photography started back in InworldZ with some photos of dancing Avis.
In 2017 the "Nice Minik" on OSG was created to try out "hypergriding" and to build a photo-studio with backdrops and "flat" lighting for Avi photo sessions.A visit of Ellen and Ernest in my first little gallery changed my virtual life.
Since that day I explored the photo-features of Firestrom and tried a lot of light-effects to make my inworld-photos more interesting. It comes in handy to be a prim builder (for certain backgrounds) and I also learned to create poses in the meantime.

And what are you doing artistically now?
Nowadays I can display model-sessions and themed series at "the Art Factory". And I was able to create some issues of the Stark Magazine.

So, what's the motivation behind your work?
Some of my work just tries to show beauty. Some may be a bit provocative. But I always try to find the mood, lighting and angle to take photos, that "tell a story". And sometimes I can even achieve that goal.
One thing stayed consistently through my development as an inworld-photographer: what you see is what I saw. That means, that I never do after-works on my photos.

What do you enjoy most about creating art in virtual worlds?
Besides that, I very much like to show virtual life in a way, that makes viewers enjoy what I enjoyed or maybe get an impulse to think about certain aspects.

Thank you for the interview, Ms. Minik!

Please stop by The Art Factory Reloaded and check out Nice Minik's art! It won't disappoint!

Thought I'd add some light:)

NOTE: As of 4/12/21 Gloebit has been down for 7 days, which means your gloebit balance will show as $0 and transactions at the store will fail. I'll post an update if Gloebit ever comes back online.

The region is public, so feel free to come explore and use the venues (most have dance balls). Everyone is always welcome.

Wir feiern Geburtstag !

Vom 15.05.-16.05.2021 feiern wir
1 Jahr "Soul, living with friends" und freuen uns wenn Du dabei bist.

Hier ist das Programm :
Samstag den 15.05.2021 um 20:00 Uhr begrüßen wir im Tosca
die einzigartige, unvergleichliche Janice Mills
zu einem Live Konzert.

Anschließend Djane Nasti mit den heißesten Rhythmen der letzten Jahrzehnte.

Am 16.05.2021 um 19:00 Uhr bringt auf Soul Camballa das
Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Soul eine Neu Inszenierung
des Ballets " Schwanensee " . Regie führt Karinja Beckerofska.

Anschließend Geburtstags Ausklang mit Djane Nimile .

Soul...hier lebt man nicht nur mit Freunden, wir feiern auch zusammen .
Pink Floyd - In the Flesh! Or is it In the Mesh? Ernest and I spent all day bringing album cover art to life today. A different spin on art, but the installations are pretty amazing to see! Come by Battersea and see for yourself!
Warning for re-share re-sell grid's and store's remove items from your store's linkt to Amber Tanaka or if this wont stop i wil stop releasing new item's to the public. (it is un posble to make sure the users have the right version of the item and unposble to give support if needed like this and u are actively stealing traffic)

wave's to everyone :)

Another shot of the movie set for the Silent Running system. The scale aircraft carrier Valley Forge is where the movie was actually filmed. The elevator takes you to the space Ship Valley Forge a few days before the movie was filmed.
Ok so that's it? Gloebit just dies quietly without commentary or outrage - a financial exchange that merchants, performers, and multiple grids depended on? Doesn't even merit an apology from Colosi. Not to mention the money owed to customers for their balances. If this had been a bank, the feds would have taken it over on day 4, but since it's Opensim, we just let any shady company or grid owner steal our money and walk all over us without a whimper.

2 Jahre GWG in ca 1h gehts los der Club füllt sich!
Djane Kirsten
Dj Richi
DJ Mickie
DJ Terrier

und es gibt auch noch dazu ein Gewinnspiel vorbeikommen lohnt sich!

It is JazzFest time down in New Orleans!
Come visit Preservation Hall – where the beer is cold and the jazz is hot!

New Orleans' unusual history, its unique outlook on life, its rich ethnic and cultural makeup, and the resulting cultural interaction set the stage for development and evolution of many distinctive traditions. The city is famous for its festivals, foods, and, especially, its music. Each ethnic group in New Orleans contributed to the very active musical environment in the city, resulting in New Orleans Jazz!

Preservation Hall was originally conceived in the early 1960s as a low-profile performance venue for neglected, aging black musicians who had come of age during the emergence of early jazz in the 1920s and 1930s. Created to preserve Jazz music heritage, Preservation Hall promotes Jazz music and musicians.

In the Big Easy region, WWOZ radio plays continuously. WWOZ is a non-profit community-supported radio station in New Orleans. It is owned by the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation. The station specializes in music from or relating to the cultural heritage of New Orleans and the surrounding region of Louisiana. The playlist includes Jazz, Blues and other world music.

Grab your tissue for a second line, your beer cooler and your picnic blanket and come enjoy New Orleans Jazz with us!

this is my create space for bringing in new things for you all for free Here's me and my bff lol look for the freebies boxes near the tp its all new ive uploaded :)

DJ Dick Pinelli! Hard Hitting Blues at GasWorks! 7PM

When the party is really starting to fire up, we don't want to turn it over to a DJ who will cool it down.. So we wont!! GasWorks is proud to bring in DJ Dick Pinelli to take the party deep into the night. DJ Pinelli is a real pro and can play a blues song to fit any situation or conversation in the crowd.. Always upbeat, with all the current and older hits. Dick will even play your blues requests! Join us for a Hot night tonight at GasWorks! DJ Dick Pinelli at 7PM

morgen Partytime at Germanworldgrid!

Dj BlueLou! Thursday Blues bomb! 7PM

Duck and Cover! Dj BlueLou is at GasWorks and planning mischief! He's gonna unload a Blues Bomb of the rowdiest Blues he can put together! This is one to stay awake for, you won't be put to sleep for certain! Grab a friend or two and Join us at GasWorks! Or just make some new friends here! GasWorks! DJ BlueLou! Thursday night!

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Thank you! You can find this mermaid full avatar boxed in the freebie pirate fort on the Sirens island.
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Land for free! 4000 square meters / 1000 prims Log in : Write to Lazarus Nox about your country! Whole Sim: Hs Sim 7000 Prims 3 euros / month Sim 15000 prims 5 euros / mo...
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