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Infinity has a little bit of everything for everyone. We pride ourselves in being able to cater for most peoples tastes of music; we do this by having eclectic DJ;s and Live acts. INFINITY and s...
Halloween Hunt! Sleepy Hollow! Find the Skulls
Where: The Sprawl

Visit Sleepy Hollow for your frightful fun! Explore the Halloween sim, avoiding all types of Ghosts and Ghouls and search for well over 20 hidden Skulls scattered on the region. Collect the Skulls and you will collect Prizes from Rusty's Rags, Brick in the Wall, Patchwork Garden and others! Once you find the Skulls, either copy or buy and the prizes are yours! Watch out for the Wolfman!

Did you know that you can get a full 3x3 var region with 15,000 prims if you join the Tropicana project? Details at:

A question has to be posed to the community, in regards to illegal activity, preventions and counter measures.

I am the builder of Amoa Nude Beach. Along with my partner Robin, we created a nude beach region that we donated in appreciation to the amazing generosity of the owners of Barefoot-Dreamers grid. A win-win for both, in which my partner and I who have loved nude beaches since our days on secondlife, could enjoy once again. We have permanently left secondlife and no longer have to endure the abuses committed and performed by visitors or owners of those beach sims, some in a pro-active manner. All because we didn't agree with their opinions. But that is another subject altogether and not part of this discussion. We didn't build this beach for massive traffic influx nor profit. We take NO donations, traffic means nothing to us. But exists, for those that wish to enjoy it. Amoa is a place where everyone can enjoy that wishes, without question.

All that is required is 3 BASIC rules to be observed and adhered to. Human, Nude and Adult.

Measures were taken so that this is clearly prevalent BEFORE even arriving. It is shown AS an adult region. The name itself states NUDE. Our very very limited advertising (Since we do not seek waves of avatars and want to keep it comfortable and not overwhelming) states HUMAN. Simple and easy right?

However, recently it has attracted a daily stream of nothing but naked toddlers, naked pre teens, dragons, Japanamation cartoon children, demons, lumberjacks who stand on the landing fully dressed spraying and praying all females on radar and lastly, women dressed in ball room gowns.

I am not one to eject or ban and usually give plenty of warning, in hopes that all will enjoy our creation in whatever way they wish. Our aspirations have been to provide a little of everything for everyone. However, I have held back from providing some amazing custom creations, because of this recent wave of illogical behavior.

The guys dressed as lumberjacks will never stop. Same old excuse, it's to hard to take clothes off, lag, blah blah. Even when I hypergrid, I can still change to a saved outfit within 1 minute, thus proving this is merely an excuse for them to spray and pray every chick with "How are you?", "hru", "U'r Hot, want Fk?" or some other classic pickup lines like "yo" and "Hi Fk?". Because every chick just melts when a guy says those things to them. Which makes me wonder why each of these girls IM me and ask me to save them with a TP.

Which brings me to the question of this article. Is it complete lack of common sense or just a flagrant arrogant disregard of rules or merely laziness (because reading is so hard and takes too much time to read 3 words) for this increased wave of violating visitors?

I have asked some violators, what did we not do to make it clear enough? I was told that I should extend the title of the region name to include all 3 rules, plus add it to the description (even though it already is stated in description). Flagrant arrogant disregard.

Now I know for a fact there already exists pedophilia regions like Golden Sun that is comprised of mostly senior citizens using toddler avatars trying to convince each other that their mic is broken but they are really 12. Why do they feel the need to visit THIS region that clearly states that pedophilia is NOT tolerated? Which indicates a leaning towards flagrant disregard.

Some known pedophiles have already been banned such as a 70 year old man in Alberta Canada that we know his avatars.

But it all brings me back to the original question. Is it Lack of common sense, Complete flagrant arrogant disregard of rules, or just flat out laziness?

I would love to hear the feedback so I can impersonate Spock and say "Fascinating!. I am sure, enquiring minds would like to know.

Explore the Giant caves of Wolf Territories


The time between the 7Ith and 8th centuries AD is decisive for the Balkan Peninsula and the future of Europe. The Byzantine emperor Justinian II is forcefully removed from his throne. Khan Asparuh, the founder of Danubian Bulgaria, dies in a battle against the Khazars and is succeeded by his son Tervel.

The Arab hordes are determined to enter and conquer Europe, and spread the teachings of the Islamic religion. In that moment of historical significance, a political pact between the Byzantium Empire and Bulgaria will be the cornerstone which decides the fate of the Continent and the Balkans.

With bravery and tactics will seal his name in the history of the Balkan Peninsula and Europe as the Khan who annihilated the Arab horde during the siege of Constantinople 716-718. For his deeds, the Bulgarian khan was also canonized as a saint from both the eastern Orthodox and also from the western Catholic churches, thus named St. Trivelius (or Tribellius) Theoktist the savior of Europe. The might of the Bulgarian Khan was remembered and glorified by European chroniclers up to the XVth century.

Vela Genderland

Anyone who is interested in learning how a jungle player plays house music, I suggest listening to my Tribal House mix. )))

I created this castle from scratch (bare prims), and it is for you to do with as you wish, with one exception, do not sell it. Give it away, mod it, roll it into a ball and bounce it off the wall. Whatever you like. You can download it through ftp (use filezilla) at user id: ftpguest pw:opensesame it's the only file in the chrooted folder.
Now Available in all Freebie Shops Free and Full perms to all Grids, Enjoy :-)
Release Locations: SACRARIUM Harbor Conglomerate

No new product, just me being happy in this amazing Opensim :-)

la cité Nèmo

Perdu ? Lost ?
Verloren ? Perdido ?
Perduto ?

LA solution, the solution,
Lösing, la soluzione

Happy weekend folks! And if you visit the region, dont forget to look inside buildings. Perhaps it could be from interest....

Thank You for making EQG Halloween Party a success! I have posted the pictures I took from the event on the website, can be found here:

Look for us in November.

Also, be sure to check out Wyldwood Bayou Grid and their Anniversary Halloween weekend. No better Tribe on the HG.
Madchester night at the Haçienda
Where: The Art Factory
When: 22 Oct 2021 15:00 SLT

Take a trip back in time to a recreation of Manchester's legendry Haçienda night club. DJ Ernest will be playing tracks from those that performed there including - The Smiths, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Madonna, Supergrass. Grandmaster Flash, The Prodigy and much more!

Halloween-Shops !!!

just want to say thank you to my friends and fellow owners over at Barefoot Dreamers . We have a awesome place over here. We work so hard and it shows. Everyday we grow. New land owners every day. Huga, Gabe, Marshal, Yall Rock.. Love you guys. and again Thank you.
Club Equinox's Halloween Party
Today. Officially starts at 3pm, however DJ Golbez will be starting at 2pm if you are interested in coming early.
DJ Rachel is expected to pick up the stream at 4pm.

If you land at Club Equinox, you will be immediately teleported to EQG Special Events region, to the venue for thie Halloween Party.

If you wish to bypass the teleport trap, you can come to EQG Special Events directly: Special Events

right now

TOUCHE on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: Oct 17 2021 14:00 SLT

LIVE House dj-set by Touche
GL event page:
The Boat TP page:
Stream provided by: TDR.

Lone Wolf's Cafe, Wolf Territories.

This will be the final change.

Many thanks to everyone who visited the Boat! You are a wonderful company. It was fun MOOOOOOO ;)
Special thanks to DjCrazy for the spontaneous mix and photography and Carmen for helping guests.

My first edition of Steampunk Hand Tools now available at EQG Steampunk Festival.
Includes Rotary Gun (think cordless screw or drill), Auto-adjustable Wrench ('crescent wrench'), and a Ratchet Driver (socket ratchet drive, but this one 'drives' itself). Also includes the (ugly) toolbox. None of the tools "function", but the hand tools look great.

Inspired by a set I saw online, but I made these myself. More to come. Steampunk Festival
CAPRICA on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: Oct 14 2021 14:00 SLT
Liquid Drum&Bass, Jungle, Intelligent Drum&Bass dj-set by @Caprica djay

Stream provided by: TDR.

Halloween Sky!!!!
Teleport at Mall Landing Point


Server version: Caprica (opensimulator compatible)
HG: Yes. With no restrictions
Robust, Link Regions: Yes
Capacity of regions: 15000 prims each
Regions: 5 in start instance. Extensible. With the ability to add new unlimited regions at an additional cost.
Self-hosted regions link: Yes
SizeX,Y,Z of regions = 256 each in start instance or 1xVAR + 1×256
Terraforming: Yes
Land resell : Yes
Godmode: Full
Economy: On request
VoIP: Yes
Groups: Yes
NPC: Yes
Environmental Enhancements: Yes
Web Interface: Yes
Avatars registration: Yes
Domain name: S1 second level domain. The ability to add a client’s domain: yes, on request. Domain registration for a client: upon request at an additional cost.

Backup: every 3 day, automatic + emergency backups on request
Automatic scheduled restart: daily
Ensuring uninterrupted operation of the server, automatic recovery after an emergency stop.
Automatic notification of backups and reboots of the region to the email address: On request.
Technical support: Full in S1 Client Dashboard.
Linux-based servers only
New Release: Arcadia's Zombie.

Because I -had- to make something for this coming Halloween, I decided to make a zombie.

It comes in three flavours:

1. Avatar: You can wear this one, it includes a moan box to randomly moan and groan and an AO (by lickx) with custom animations: a walk, two stands, a sit and a sit on ground.

2. NPC: The notecard with a moaning zombie, it also includes a basic walker but if you want to make it do advanced stuff, I recommend you to use Satyr's ActiveNPCs NPC Controller (

3. Animesh: Just rez these animated beauties to decorate your sim.

They are all different implementations of my mesh, animations and sounds, I just did the scripting work for you for the different uses. =)

Inside the folder you will find 4 boxes, one for the Avatar, one for the NPC, one for the Animesh and one containing all the textures, animations and sounds for your customization purposes.

Happy Wednesday!

Wir arbeiten laufend an neuen Läden !!!!

New Shop added today. The Character Shop featuring both Animesh and Static non animated NPC Bots for your region builds.

Contabo server was hacked and they (Contabo) cancelled my access to server, they want me to pay them to discuss it and reopen, will not do that.

Upate. This address should work for everyone:

Goodmorning, it seems not everyone is able to visit my region Avia at Virtual Worlds Zone Grid. Would you pls let me know? It should be opened to everyone. Alternative is to hop to and there choose region Avia. Hope it will be solved soon.

right now on The Boat

New !!!
you will find them on floor 2

We are all made of stars.

A recent visitor to Hidden Dreams Haunted Castles....seems the zombies were a little too much. If you come, be ready to fight!

On behalf of our resident Alice Wunder, I would like to present one of her regions here.

"Wunderland" is a trip into the countryside.
The walk in summer by the river.
Lost in thought to listen to the splashing.
The opportunity to let your eyes wander.
To pause for a moment, to linger and to enjoy the moment.

Beautiful things against hatred and malice. We participate in this !
How about some target practice ??? I have made a target you can shot with a arrows, guns, or magic wands and the target will show the area hit. When you are ready click the red box on the side and the target gets reset to new! Have shooting matches! Practice your aim! Yes you can god mode it, make it your own, squish it into a ball and bounce it off the wall, whatever you want to do with it... :)
100 % Linux based grid. Come check it out! Smooth and lag free powerful servers NVME 4 Gen HG -
Site -
Looking for a powerful region? Well what about
Free land now 5000 prims!
Our Welcome region is up and running, the other two shops are not as they are closed to grid members only. However, our grid is back in operation with a few minor issues, such as only certain mesh avatars work, classic and the bento ruth and roth work and a couple of the Deccadence versions work beyond that mesh avatars just do not rez period, what does rezzes with no texture and the huds do not work. But we're not too worried about avatars, we're more interested in building and creating a beautiful grid with gorgeous regions to visit and enjoy and to learn about all kinds of things. We've adapted a new theme of widespread diversity while maintaining rules of decency and respect. If you think you might be interested in a sci-fi-fantasy region centered around worlds where 'noone has gone before' then come create that world and let's explore it together. We do not give away regions to anybody who has not been with us for 5 mos or longer. Respect is given, trust is earned.
IRC Channel changes:

Yeah I know, almost no one uses IRC but for those who uses it:

Arcadia Shop has changed IRC server, you can use IRC to chat with others, ask questions and support.

The new channel is in Libera.Chat (, use with SSL connection) and then /join #ArcadiaShop in your favourite IRC program or a web app like

Happy Friday!

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New Comments

Mystic Moonlight 12 minutes ago
great job!! was a frightfully good time hunting with friends found well over 20 skulls to crack open lol
Bebe 34 minutes ago
Tropicana is a great team of creative people, friendly and enthusiastic, I love to be part of this community and you would as well
Pagane 46 minutes ago
I think is time to LOCK this theme because LGBTQ society again try to move focus from nudity to transgender.... i find some difference.
Bluebird99 1 hour ago
Can you help us? Here at Tropicana we are a growing community. We need more builders, Greeters, managers, club DJ's, hosts etc.
Pagane 2 hours ago
In fact, I don't see why you're worried. If you went to a nudist beach in real life, you saw that there are constantly dressed perverts who watch and take pictures ... It's the same here.
Jamie Wright 3 hours ago
What if you parceled the region so the landing is public but to actually get to the beach you need a group invite? More hands on management for you I realize but then you can filter out people who are...
Aaack 7 hours ago
In my opinion it's pretty clear: Your house, your rules. Given your sim's feature your rules are more than reasonable. But even if it weren't, it's still your right to allow or deny access to people ...
Emmalena Damour 16 hours ago
Cancelled due to performer no show.
Jupiter Rowland 20 hours ago
Always the same. One thing are those that go, "I wanna visit the sim, but I don't wanna be naked, but I wanna visit the sim, but I don't wanna be naked!" They're rather harmless, but still a nuisance...
Pagane 20 hours ago
For OpenSim #1 parameter is your Internet latency time. All other is good, but ...Latency time is 90% of speed here
Princess Gotti 21 hours ago
cant wait to check them out