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THE ULTIMATE SIM FOR NATURE STUFFS Find here for FREE and FULLPERM all sort of plants/trees and garden stuffs related I`ve been collecting and also stuffs I've played in Blender to get prims reduced....
Thank you all for being with us today, you are wonderful people and the best company! Thank you very much for the music and mood Touche (Sam Adama) and Chanel Hurricane! I hope we will hold many more parties with quality music and pleasant company.
For those who did not get to our parties - If you like club electronic music, do not miss The Boat parties.

Es posible respirar paz y belleza en OS ,ven a HABIBI PARADISE,descúbrelo tú mismo!

Did you know?

Halls are tricky, those little spaces (or big ones) that connects a multitude of living spaces houses, which only function is to redirect transit. Do you fill it with frames and little tables?

Will you -ever- sit on those little armchairs?

Well I'm of the opinion that you can fill those spaces easily... with light! Lightning is paramount and so let me show you my art deco hall light.

It's fully automatic and it comes with two different textures, a brand new looking one, for a pristine presentation and a worn out one for a moody ambient. You rez it and forget, it casts a projector light so the ceiling won't be illuminated and since it's one single mesh object you can resize it at your convenience, it's all about options.

Happy Saturday! (Caturday! (do you remember that?)).

TIME: 5PM DreamersWelcome
Yesterday somebody said to me "remember, it's only 21 weeks until Christmas". I thought, wow, you must really love the holidays. In any event, since a lot of people may really like Christmas, here is an appropriately themed item from the shop :). It's a snow globe with a tiny toy train travelling around a Christmas tree. You can turn the train on and off with a click. It resizes just fine too so it works even when it's huge ;). The train is also available separately.
Did you know?

I've a set of grand art deco lamps. Personally I believe that the style dress any house with an elegance that only the empire style can match (google it and fall in love with the empire style hehe).

My set comes in two versions, fully automatic to rez and forget and manual with options of different intensities and colours. It has two models, a wall mounted one inspired in art deco theatres and the ceiling mounted lamp inspired in grand train terminals.

Happy Friday (yay Friday!).

"Ancient Rome" and 60+ landscapes, buildings and props ....Free license, are available at Fashionistas island landing point ..ALL IN A BOX !

DJ Jade's Tribute

"Acropolis Ancient Theater" and 60+ landscapes, buildings and props ....Free license, are available at Fashionistas island landing point ..ALL IN A BOX !

New Bento Dance Animations Pack
Store AO/Animations/Bento
Arkham City

new head available now

There's several types of wild grass at the shop, some you would even call "fantasy" (Ikr, pink grass in a virtual world, not really a stretch :D). I seem to keep adding to them, ground cover always comes in handy.

"BODY CARE" is a new styling proposal available

Hanging out on the Sea Empress docked near the Lunaria Gates

party is still going ,,what you waiting for come on down

you are missing it ,,,,,,,,,,,

Dear friends,
we are happy to invite you to our Harvest Festival at Cozy Comforts Club!
We introduce our new DJ Henk from Netherlands!
The Party starts at Noon grid time on Friday, 30 July 2021

Bring your friends!
hop:// Comforts World/224/225/25

We are looking forward to party with you!

Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Bakes On Mesh


Well, I made the male goldfinch and afterwards I felt like I really should have done the female as well. So, I did. My apologies to anyone that took the box yesterday, I added the females to the same box. I just felt like he looked lonely.

Vamos a comprar en Habibi store!

A new release today. A very tiny's a little goldfinch. I never made a bird before but I thought the bird bath perhaps needs one and maybe I'll be doing some other bird related things. This guy is in 2 versions, flat feet for the ground and feet to perch on branches and things. He also comes with and without random finch sounds. He's at the main shop by the bird bath of course :)
Did you know?

There's something fascinating and romantic about old horror movies. The acting is so histrionic and exaggerated, the emotions are raw and hyper expressive, the sets are mysterious and based in sketchy science and the monsters are normally hilarious by today standards, what's not to love?

Inspired in those old movies I made a mad scientist lab coat. It comes in two versions, clean and bloody and it includes a bunch of accessories, including a crazy hair (the only hair I've ever done). It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's a fun costume for halloween parties or pictures that will remain as a fond memory. =)

Happy Tuesday!

Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Bakes On Mesh

Love Palace. Red Light District, Caprica City

Swingers, Lesbians, Cuckold, Couples, Groups, free sex, etc..


hello bonjour gutten tag ciap
mon nouveau projet , my last project

Did you know?

One of the toys I've saw in SL years and years ago was a tiny cat with a particle head, because it's a particle it's normal is perpendicular to your camera, regardless it's position or in other word: it looks at you always.

I loved that little thing and it was something I needed to recreate for us in open grid.

Here's my black cat, he looks at you intently.... always =D

But also he meows when you click on it!

Happy Monday!
Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just want the lemons. They are incredibly useful in the kitchen, they work for cleaning, cooking and drink making. Yes, they taste sour that's what makes them so fabulous! Have them on hand all the time...virtually.
TOUCHE on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: 25 Jul 2021 14:00 SLT

LIVE stream: (Available LIVE from 02pm SLT)
New release today. I was intending to make these flowers for a while and finally did them. Day Lilies and "Tiger" Lilies. In my garden, the flowers I call Tiger Lilies are really just larger Day Lilies. The real Tiger Lilies are different, I know, but I named them as I knew them :).

I wanted to do my part to counteract the horror that was posted here on Opensimworld earlier.

Did you know?

When I joined OSG, I was utterly fascinated by NPCs, it was such an alien concept for someone fresh from SL.

But of course when I rezzed NPC #30 I realise I needed something to wipe them out easily and I didn't have any utility for that, so I made a quick script.
Later I decided others may want it too so I made a mesh for it... a bomb.

This unassuming object is an NPC remover, you can have it handy somewhere and it'll wipe all the NPCs from a sim with one click. Feeling evil yet?

Happy Sunday!

Kingman Furniture Design

Did you know?

I don't explore around much as I'm normally too busy making stuff in blender, however being a lover of beaches I searched for a long time for a swimsuit for guys without any luck, regular male avatars receives little love so I've decided to change that.

My Bermudas comes in three different colours, it's fitted mesh so it should adapt to most shapes and may be it fit well also on mesh avies but take that with a grain of salt.

As most of my objects I'm including the textures in the box so you can customize your bermudas to make it unique for you.

Happy Wednesday!


◂◄◀ Ok Folks! You're Invited! Come join us! :) ▶►▸
•━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰
» Шhere: ✫ Cate's Cafe✫
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴ 9:am - 11:am∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ catch your ride here ▶►▸ Cafe
Did you know?

In Spanish the name of these Nautical lights is "turtles" (tortugas), due it's shape and guard, even the cheapest models comes with an O ring that prevent water to get into the actual bulb part, it's the perfect light for outdoors.

The version I offer, made of the finest stainless steel and glass is completely automatic, so you can rez and forget them knowing that it'll illuminate around at night, it's light is warm and omnidirectional making it ideal for outdoor fixtures.

Happy Friday! (yay Friday!)

#spring #summer #arkhamgrid
Kingman Furniture Design

Summer is still here but, eventually, it will be FALL! Pretty trees will be upon us, for a few weeks anyway. The Maples have some fall colour and a few particle falling leaves, ground leaves as well.

You just can't beat great music, great fun, great friends and lots of laughs to wind down the week on a Thursday night!

If you would like to add a little movement to your sim that won't cause you lag, try out the animesh butterflies at Encantada. Quite a few species available :)

Enjoy a relaxing tour of the ocean on the Planet Ozone Deep Sea Adventure! Another fine example of what you can do with the Opensimworld Roller Coaster Kit!

Welcome to Boskirk (Ruby)!

Interesting, maybe some of you would like to read about

It was bound to happen sooner or later but I ended up making a weed.
Fluffy dandelions are out by the landing zone. They have several versions and particle fluff (wind enabled of course haha). The pieces are included separate so you can have with or without the floaty fluff and leaves etc.

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