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VinSkaa 2 months ago
It happened to me with Sea wate pump, but I found one that is working. I'll send you copy inworld.
Keltshaunsey 3 months ago
Hi i have been trying to register with the vivo website but the first time i tried with my main email i never ever received the activation email. second time i tried used my gaming email this time i g...
Charlene McNally 5 months ago
It'll be your end and yes you can make things to sell to the truck, but you will have to edit the truck script so that it will accept the new items. I use to make new things for the farm for things li...
Buzzy Cnayl 6 months ago
The NPC farmer only tops up water. You can set them to make slop and store that, then set the feeders to take from there.
Angeldark 8 months ago
Buzzy Cnayl 8 months ago
If you have the latest animals, you can click on them for menu then select Info, and it will show you what it eats from. The other way is that it is set in the AN_CONFIG notecard.