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Land for Farmers
Are there any servers that offer land for free for farmers? I don't work so I can't pay for land.

SF cat sinking to the ground
I put SF cats out and on floor inside the house upstairs and now they sinking straight down the basement ground floor and how i stopped that from sinking?

First time SF Water tower said bad password
First time SF Water tower now said bad password ==>> [06:40] SF Water Tower: Bad password
So how i fix this and i had tried reset it but still saying that and did picked up and put back but still say that. How to solve this?

Farmland in Nextlife-World
Farmland eine Sim mit vielen Tieren und vielen andere sch├Âne Sachen schaut vorbei und lass euch ├╝berraschen

Farmsystem on Kitely market
First i want to say i love the farm system! Its so fun

Thing is i am on a grid now that isnt connected to hypergrid but we can shop thru kitely market.
Would it be possible that you put it up there so myself, and i am sure others, would be able to get the package that way?

I m searching the Flower Feeld it was not in my folder

Satyr Farm Truck
I assume the list of items to be purchased is on the server. Is there a way to get a copy of that list? Also how can you add an item for a new product?

Woke this morning to find the Quintonia servers in a mess - not sure if I've been hacked/attacked but trying to pick up the pieces... :(

HI i have a farm and everytime it get weird errors that many items when i click it don't work but saying this " SF Feeder whispers: We are not in the same group"
What grid version better to run farm properly to run the script to work all the time?
Looking for beta testers - now using coins for trading and also a backpack for carrying things around.
You can test without affecting your main farm. More info at and Beta items in the Mintor shop (

If you have never used the SatyrFarm system before or not sure where to start, why not come along to this free workshop

Quintonia will be at the Opensim Fest this year showing off all the SatyrFarm Quintonia edition items. Do come say hello plus if you are interested in helping out at the exhibition please do contact me, Cnayl Rainbow.
Also if you speak German or Portuguese I'm looking for someone to check over some information about the exhibition. The people that have done other languages say it really is just a few minutes needed... Thanks!
A resident on my grid put out satyr farm items that from Mintor grid and it shows in console that said "15:02:25 - [ASSET DB]: MySQL failure creating asset 00071d21-b1bc-46a7-b333-77db
64203c0e with name "SatyrFarm Well". Error: Packets larger than max_allowed_pack
et are not allowed." Am running Maria database.
The Q2 edition of the SatyrFarm is now available from the Farm Shop in Mintor.

There are many changes between this and the Q1 edition so we strongly recommend that you replace existing items with these new ones.

The first part of the documentation is also now available at

Release candidate 3 now available - still officially a 'test' version but I'm hoping all the previously reported bugs were the only remaining bugs so it will be perfect!

If you have some spare time on your hands and you fancy trying out part (or all!) of the Release candidate for the Q2 edition of the Quintonia version of SatyrFarm, you can pick up one or more boxes (there are 12 platforms plus the HUD!) at the Farm shop,

Fee free to take as many parts as you fancy testing!

The intention is that this is now the 'ready to go' system, but it is hoped people that wish to will check for any issues (items not set as full perms; missing items in crops etc)

There won't be any feature changes between this version and the release version, however there may be code changes and modifications to fix any issues found.

Is there a way to breed animals with markings of my choosing?

In other words, alter the main coat texture and then have that pass down to the children?

Thanks in advance!

Got a question. I have an NPC watering my plots and animal feeders, but when they drop water into the items, the amount on the counter does not increase. Does anyone else have the same issue or am i doing something wrong ?

I am looking for a Farmhouse and barn can anyone help me?

Good day all you lovely farmers out there. Can anyone tell me what i have to do with the honeycomb, i have no storage for it, and i do not see it required in any of the menus. ?

I'm exited to announce the first beta release of Satyr Farm Q2 edition. This is mostly to allow people to try out the new HUD (option to make it more like 'the sims for opensim'!) Pick up the pack at the Mintor farm shop I'm going to be adding more information on the Quintonia website soon but have a play anyway and see what you think!
This could be your farm! I have two parcels (about 1/4 of a 512x512 region) available for free for anyone that wants to set up a Satyr Farm system. Charter at
I start in the farm system, I understand for the aniamux, the plants, but the NPC I can't configure them. They do not move, do not do what they should do.
Maybe there is something to change in the note card?
Can you help me? thank you
Ps: what do dogs eat? :)
Sorry, if I don't understand English well, I'm French
Thank you

Hi everyone, what should the t-rex eat? I gave him food for the tiger, the mix of vegetables, fish, pig food, rabbit food. He doesn't eat anything, can you help me? Thank you.

I would like to know if there is new Satyrfarm animals that has been made since we been doing this?
can someone make a Satyrfarm koala and the food it eats. Satyrfarm monkey would be nice since there is a banana tree we can use to feed the monkey with.

Hi everyone, I'm new and I need to understand how the farm works. Thanks!!!

Help! I have a pig and therese no pig feeder in that box. Theres a cat feeder but no cat in the rezzer. My pig is starving and its not going to eat dog food.

Is anyones female chicken giving error script bugs. Mine started when I mated it, I got event timer errors, something like that. It had 100% eggs, i took the eggs but still had error scripts. It still shows 100% eggs

Just saying hello to you all as I have just joined. Also, I am new to Satry Farming and I wondered if the Beta HUD works because i could not eat an apple

Electrify your farm! I've just released the new Wind Power extension:
* Generate power with wind turbines to create a region wide power grid.
* Electric pump system with new water towers - one pump feeds all water towers.
* Power your kitchen oven with electricity.
* Electric Swan vehicle.
* Supports Multilingual & updater-box systems.
And more...!
All at

Good morning farmers.
Can anyone tell if it already has an update or version 2020?

An updated Quintonia version HUD is now available, with my first go at having a 'provisions' store feature It allows you to store food, drink,booze and medicine, so potentially opens up some new avenues as sickness/medicine is something that hasn't had much made for it yet...
Full details at

You can get the new HUD by going to and then wear the existing one and you should get sent a new one (make sure to have the Quintonia group active first) You can also pick up in 'Pack 2' in the Welcome centre and Art gallery Cafe.

The way this first system works has pros & cons so very much interested in all feedback!

is anybody having problems selling to the truck?

A General Overview of SatyrFarm
As I receive oh so many questions, I am publishing the following:

The Official Documentation for SatyrFarm, written by Developers and Community Members is found here

Although we try to update the FAQs and Information as often as updates are made, This is often the most current information here

SatyrFarm is published under the license: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
Read more about it here:
The New Source for all Things Satyr Farm
Hey Everyone, Cody Here, Project Manager and one of the Developers of Satyr Farm! In order to help expand SatyrFarm, We now have a Whole Region Dedicated to SatyrFarm in 3rd Rock Grid. You can find that here ->>>

While the OpenSimWorld Region Will Still Have the SatyrFarm Package, This allows the other developers to put together releases, and helps everyone have better access to the SatyrFarm Components made by others, such as Plants and Animals not in the SF Core package. Hope to see you there!
There is a new group here on Facebook for Satyr Farms here in Open Sim!
There is a new group here on Facebook for Satyr Farms here in Open Sim . . . please come and join if you would like to know more about the Satyr Farming System or if you know a lot and would like to share your ideas and creations just for the Satyr Farming System! ;) We await your input and experiences!

after upgrade to the newest OpenSim Yeti Dev
every time my animals mate now egg layers i get a error division by 0 can some point me in the right direction thanks very much inadvance

Good afternoon! I wanted to know why my farm animals, they only last 3 days and disappear.It was a couple of horses that are 100 days old, the mare got pregnant, but the foal didn't show up, I gave up and I have common animals.
THE VERSE ttp://
Good afternoon! I wanted to know why my farm animals, they only last 3 days and disappear. So if a couple of horses are 100 days old, the mare got pregnant, but the foal didn't show up, I gave up and I have common animals.

New Comments

RiverChun 5 days ago
Hello again Cnayl will you make your web server software available as part of the system
Cnayl Rainbow 6 days ago
At the moment the coins are just used to buy and sell the items you produce using the Quintonia edition of the SatyrFarm system. I am thinking of extending it to allow other sorts of transactions to b...
RiverChun 7 days ago
i am interested to know how the coins work we are trying to do a coins system for our roleplay, would your help us with this i have searched everywhere on earth but found nothing i came here and found...
Cnayl Rainbow 8 days ago
Take a look at Also I have some some free land at and also at
RiverChun 8 days ago
hi are you still looking for tester for coins
Cnayl Rainbow 25 days ago
If you have the Quintonia ones, click on them, select the Options menu and from there select 'Walk on...' and set it to Flat