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Find here for FREE and FULLPERM all sort of plants/trees and garden stuffs related I`ve been collecting and also stuffs I've played in Blender to get prims reduced. Enjoy :)

FLAMBOYANT TREE PACK (13 models - 02 to 06 prims- with animated leaves and falling petals. Available for FREE and FULLPERM at FOREST AREA, BOX 03. Enjoy :)

ALEPPO PINES PACK ** Available for FREE and FULLPERM at DESERT AREA, BOX 02. Only 2 prims and light leaves animation. Enjoy
"Pinus halepensis, commonly known as the Aleppo pine, is a pine native to the Mediterranean region. Its range extends from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Spain north to southern France, Malta, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania, and east to Greece. There is an outlying population in Syria, Lebanon, southern Turkey, Palestine, Jordan, and Israel."
MOUNTAINS (and also offsim mountains), ROCKs, CRYSTALs, CAVEs, MINEs and RELATED MEGAPACK ** Available at BOX 01 at MOUNTAIN AREA for FREE and FULL PERM!
Ps. Thx for all who advised the mountain box had a lot of asset issues. All fixed now and added tons of new stuffs. Just be patience when grabbing the box.. it has really a lot of stuffs inside and may take a while. Enjoy :)
*** WATER & RAIN & WAVE RELATED (PACK) *** NEW RELEASE *** All of these sorted stuffs available at TROPICAL AREA, BOX 01 for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :)
PS. For thoses whom are looking for the rain/snow HUD system, it is still at WEATHER AREA. thx
*** NEW RELEASE ** A good collection of snow, cloud, mist ,fog in mesh or sculpted for covering houses or streets to the close winter. Available at WEATHER AREA for FREE and FULL PERM.
PS. I updated also the FALLEN LEAVES and PETALs box at BOX 08 , GARDEN AREA.
Enjoy :)
Heather Shrub SCULPTED PACK new release: Available for FREE and FULL PERM at GARDEN AREA , BOX 01. This is a special shrub found at cold areas. The flourish time happens on late July until November and they are very resilient to freezing weather conditions // Shrub available (and its seasonal textures) at Wild weed n shrub box.. Enjoy :)
*** LARCH TREE V- Larix sibirica V3 (version 3). Thx my friend Alfred (from sim WELCOME (https://opensimworld.com/hop/85057/) she gave a better model for these trees as seen at RL, so I could work on blender - once more released at FLORA, BOX 04, FOREST AREA (ground area). All FREE and FULL PERM. Seasonal textures included and leaves has a soft animation. Enjoy :)
*** GREEK OLIVE ANIMATED TREES PACK *** FREE and FULL PERM different models. Seasonal textures (spring with flowers, summer with green and black olives and winter) included. Animated leaves (script included when needed). Available at FOREST AREA (ground) at BOX 05. Enjoy :)

*** WEEPING WILLOW TREES PACK ** Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FOREST AREA, BOX 05 (seasonal textures included) - animated leaves as well - up to 06 trees into ONE single prim!! Enjoy :))

JAPANESE MAPLE TREES PACK with animated leaves ** FREE and FULL PERM ** Available at BOX 02 at FOREST AREA (ground). Many options of trees sizes and seasonal textures (spring, summer, 8 kinds of autumn and 2 for winter). Also included leaf particles rezer for this time of year. Enjoy :)

WATERMELON CROP (mesh): 16 clusters into ONE single prim: FREE and FULLPERM. Available at FARM AREA. Enjoy :)

FREE and FULLPERM modular swamp jetty for ur place! A lot of options and combinations - go to SWAMP AREA, BOX 02 and grab a copy.. Enjoy :)

SIX KINDS of sculpted wild grasses and weeds for ur place! ALL FREE and FULLPERM at GARDEN AREA BOX 01 with seasonal textures (and this time I put the standart size and also the reduced 128x128 pixels one that helps reduce graphic lag when many are rezed).

****** CALL THE COPS!!!!!!!!!! lol *****Up to 48 mesh pot trees for 1 single prim!!! All FREE and FULL PERM. Available at FARM AREA (outside barn).Enjoy :)

Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA.. Enjoy :)

CHERRY TREES PACK * FREE and FULL PERM available at FOREST AREA (ground) at BOX02. Animated particles are in mesh and separated prim so u can remove it when playing seasonal (textures inside). Enjoy :)

Garden streelamps - 1 prim mesh models available for FREE and FULL PERM at GARDEN AREA, BOX 06. Use a single script to control them all! Super easy!

SOLAR PANELs SET PACK (Wide range of "01-prim-models" to fit many places or roof styles of houses. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA. Enjoy :)

*** NEW RELEASE *** 06th NOVEMBER 2019 *** Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA.. Enjoy :)

*** NEW RELEASE *** 05th NOVEMBER 2019*** Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA.. Enjoy :)

*** NEW RELEASE *** 05th NOVEMBER 2019*** Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA.. Enjoy :)

*** NEW RELEASE *** 05th NOVEMBER 2019*** Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FARM AREA.. Enjoy :)

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Frank Hurt If it's landscaping you need, FLORA has to be your first stop. Organized by biome and genus, everything from tropical to desert to alpine, and even some non-flora items like rocks and mountains as well. Jimmy's constantly researching and adding obscure species, so be sure to bookmark this store and ...
Uriah_Devereux Overwhelming! A must!
Cherry Manga Great resources, thank you

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Baldur_Balou 3 months ago
Many thanks for all the nice work you do for the hypergid comunity . Wonderfull collection
Jimmy Olsen 3 months ago
thx, Baldur
JohnWinston Vandyke 4 months ago
awesome place. You really find everything you need here.
Jimmy Olsen 3 months ago
glad u liked it John :)
AresHalostar 4 months ago
Unable to visit the grid, as the teleport fails with the error "unable to verify identity". Please fix this
Jimmy Olsen 3 months ago
Hi Ares. Try now. Sim moved on to AMV grid
Jimmy Olsen 6 months ago
*** FLORA UPDATE ***Available for FREE and FULL PERM *** FOREST AREA BOX 02: Added Larix decidua SCULPTED and mesh versions now // BOX 04: Larix sibirica updated to V5.1! (look even better as RL) // and BOX 06: White Fir SCULPTED and mesh version available.
Jimmy Olsen 6 months ago
*** SACRARIUM MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE * SIMS FLORA, GREEDY MUSEUM and 3D MUSEM will remain offline for about 6 HOURS.. thx >:)
Tamira 8 months ago
I'd love to visit, since I heard good things about the SIM, but apparently I can't because it is unable to verify identity.
Alduras Firehawk 8 months ago
A really good offer. Unfortunately, I am not able to take most of the things for my sim with me, because the "purchase option" always only shows an empty field and it is not possible to take anything elsewhere either. This applies to the areas for me: Weather, Tropics, Farm, Desert, Tropics. In the garden and forest, however, it works (almost) without problems!
Jimmy Olsen 8 months ago
Hi Alduras. All vendors there have 2 otions of "buying" it. Either u click buy 0$ (and i know it doesnt work for all Hgriders) or u just copy it. Let me know if u could get stuffs there then.
sweet illusion 8 months ago
hey jimmy..i'm trying to get varified..i had other avi's sweet illusion but someone hacked it and terrorized people evidently..so how long does it take to verify..
Jimmy Olsen 8 months ago
Which grid are u now?