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The Boondock Saints! :) Jim Moriarty BBC Sherlock The Master Dr Who

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The Shire
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There and Back Again: The Shire. Darkness Papp's beautiful Tolkien themed sim, with some fun additions of baby dragons and such. Come relax and enjoy the pristine surroundings of the Shire and its areas, watch out for the great Firedrake of the North, Smaug ... he's just a young fella, imagine t...
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1888 London. Gaslight is a pleasant little take on Victoriana and Steampunk, but there's always something lurking in the shadows and fog ...and we hear tell the Ripper frequents these back alleys. So have a care, and beware, but enjoy our little slice of Olde London! BYOR: Bring Your Own Roleplay!
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Home of the TTC : Time Travel Capsule. Ready for you at the arrival at the Shining Planet of the Seven Systems. Come see our take on Gally, complete with a Timeship above, and a rather terrifying vortex.
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Dinosaur Island
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The strange and wonderful land of the Dinosaurs, Jurassic Ark at Dinosaur Island. Many oddities here, many liberties taken and you can get a horse, or fly, around the land of high strangeness :)
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Little London
1 0 London 0 Users
BBC Sherlock's London, with Baker Street and 221 B. Not all accurate but crafted with loving care. Speedy's is a work in progress here, but Sherlock's flat is comfy and .. cluttered. A sweet little park across the way, and some nice London feel surroundings. Enjoy :) Feel free to BYOR : Bring your...
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The Market
3 0 Market 0 Users
Re opened! The Galleria at the Market. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. Clothes, steampunk, pets, odds n ends. Not the biggest shopping area in OS but you just might find something fun here. Being revamped but now open again!
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City Of Boston
4 0 Of Boston 0 Users
A work in progress. The City Of Boston -- 10 x 10 giant City and outskirts. Huge area for horse riding, downtown with WORKING dining, beautiful parks, a painstakingly crafted large maze (containing a city Aquarium), The Boston Wetlands, Romeo Beach, The Saints Preserve, Warehouse District/The Dock...
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City Of New London
4 0 Of New London 0 Users
Welcome to Foggy London! Our take on the beautiful City of London, with the Thames and many other features. Please stop by!
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The E Grid is moving to a better Server.

Downtime starts tonight, and will last about 3-4 days we expect.

Thank you for your patience :)

Most of our Grid shows offline most of the time, as far as the beacons go.

And most of the time, it's all up.

But we will be shutting down for a few days for maintenance work from 13th to 17th this week.

We've been having an issue for some time now, that all our Grid is up, but the beacons say offline for most or all of the sims.

We don't use the Dreamgrid 'pause', and every time I check, the sim is up and well. I do resets of the sims when I notice, which does get the beacon to work again - but be aware that most of the time, a particular sim is likely really available and running :)

Just paste in the SURL and give it a try!

Odds N Ends is open again.

A little bit of everything, oddities, decor, furniture, wedding ..based on the old clutterfly shopping area but with so much more added. Come check out the whole Galleria :)

We've been offline several days doing maintenance and adding some things. We plan to be back up by the end of the week at the latest.

Thanks for your patience!

The Etheria Grid will be offline for maintenance till Sunday evening.

See you when we return! :)

Flandus Restaurant and the Boston Bay at midnight... 'Flandus' is an inside Boondock Saints joke .. or should we say Flanery and Reedus ...

Boston has 10x10 vast areas to explore ...

We're starting our second phase of additions to the Etheria Grid - estimated completion date the 10th of November.

It's easier to do installs and additions with the Grid completely off line from public access, there's many reboots and what not.

We'll be back on the 10th or sooner :)

E Grid getting some upgrades over the weekend.

We will be back up ASAP :)

The Etheria Grid is back up after a few days of maintenance!

We hope to see you soon, thanks for reading :)

Preemptive shutting down the E Grid with strong storms here.

Back online asap!

CyberGlo CyberStar: Yes that happens sometimes, the atmospheric conditions on this planet in the real universe are rather unstable. Some say it is an influence of solar winds and the movement of the tides pulled on by t... 6 months ago

Baker Street is almost finished ....

Working Speedy's Cafe .. for those lazy London afternoons ...

Just another day in London (fog has cleared, wow ..) .... Come bring your London based rp or just enjoy the sights ...

Happy how the scarf dress came out last fling of summer

The soon to be available TTC ( Time Travel Capsule) ..Console and Attached room

People have worked so hard across the grids to create gorgeous, realistic food and drink items. We owe them a lot. We've gone one more step on our dining establishments and found the best working scripts, added them to many items! Always with a nod of gratitude that the scripts and the items exist in the first place ...

please come check out our many dining choices here in Southie (South Boston). Here's just a sample: The 'Goodie Tables' at the Palladium! We have a tp board just for 'Where to Dine'.

Bon Appetit! :)

PS Most items are 'touch' to get the item, and then 'add'!

The Etheria Grid is still offline for a day or two, routine maintenance. Will be back up soon as possible :)

Thank you to all our visitors!

The last of summer's been a long one. Come enjoy some ice cream at the Boston Creamery. Touch the big Cone out in front for an eatable Big Cone! Add, always, not wear ( you never know what it might take off lol)

Recent addition: The Super Split!
Sunset over Southie .. the gigantic Bay Bridge spans the harbour and gives an incredible view of sunset. It's found at the far end of the downtown area, near the docks. Will soon be added to the teleport boards too. Come enjoy the great dining choices in South Boston, working restaurants! Say hello to our giant live crabs Trick and Treat, out at the beach! Lots of places to swim and enjoy the water. Coming soon, public residential Boston for rent! Right now all the residences are private and for staff, but we are working on a gorgeous place for you all to rent from soon - free of course!
The Palladium for those elegant lunches and dinners .. in the Downtown dining area across from the year round Boston ice rink!

working tables and chairs, bisque, ice cream, pizza, hamburger, lasagna ... and dancing after ...

Oh and be sure to check out the twinkling thousand stars ceiling upstairs ...
Working McDonalds in City Of Boston ... some colorful customers :)

When in the restaurant area of downtown, be sure and check out the swanky Palladium ( the big black building near the ice rink), Starlucks (yes, silly play on names), the Pancake Factory and the Cakery! Dining out is more fun when things work .....

The Etheria Grid is back open, after some additions and maintenance!

Check out the working restaurants in Boston, we will be adding more soon!

The E grid is off and on during the Monsoon season ( we are in the Desert Southwest) -

we're having a humdinger of a storm right now so we close it down out of an abundance of caution.

Be back up soon :)

The E Grid is down for maintenance, a day or two :)

The incredible Boston Maze. See if you can find all the hidden secret places here, including the Maze Aquarium and many secluded places for friends and lovers alike. Next door to the Boston Park, and next door to that, the rows of Seaside flats available for free rent. You'll need the Residents group for rentals, but easy to get by messaging MK Scott or Jim Moriarty inworld!
Free The Saints! Our Boston Docks. Come see our work in progress, ride a horse out in the outskirts, enjoy the many sights here in this beautiful area of New England. Big Sister City to Little Boston, sharing some of the same!

Boston and New London will be down till Sunday Night, starting around noon Pacific USA today.

Just doing some scheduled maintenance!

Come walk the fabulous Boston Maze, created by our own Sherlock Holmes ...


Is there a way to breed animals with markings of my choosing?

In other words, alter the main coat texture and then have that pass down to the children?

Thanks in advance!

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Wonderful shopping my friends and I shopped till we dropped (well almost!). So good to find this, will come back again and again, thank you!

CCI Norge

Absolutely beautiful land. Cannot believe no one has reviewed yet, but yes, spent some time there and basked in the magic of the Lights and the gorgeously laid out town and areas. Incredible, a MUST see!

The Furniture Vault

Everything is no transfer, half is no copy. Amazing when they are from all over the grids and meant to be shared freely, most of these I see other places all the time, and yes, transfer and copy! Wasn't this whole place shut down in some rage!quit thing a few months ago?? Shame's a huge collection.

Abyss Observatory

Astonished this place isn't better known. The giant Museum of Art alone is worth the trip. The love and dedication here is breathtaking!! You owe yourself a trip here, plan a couple hours at least!


Absolutely incredible. I am not expecting on OS but I have friends who will be. This place is a paradise for expectant families or those with kids who want a way to have them on OS ... looking great, love it, thank you for this!! Already one of my favourites!! :)

RRD Fashion Exclusives

Excellent. Thank you for offering ladies some truly beautiful outfits!!


Wonderful place, Tesla was worth a hundred thousand Edisons. Come here and learn WHY!

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Trouble Ahead? Such an ironic name. KrisTina is a notorious troll. He created an alt to come to a grid he is banned from to threaten that I risked bodily harm. Why? For quoting the SL policy on child AVs.

He is banned on many regions. The Etheria Grid post exposes him, once again, for the sick person he is. This is a service to the OS community. The visitors can read about the creativity of the builders here, but then, without warning, encounter people like this creature. Don't be an enabler and try to keep this horrid behavior hidden.
Thank you so much for this Nico. The support really means a lot. I try to stay out of hot water as much as possible but this was just too far and too bad to keep hidden.