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Avid Roleplayer of many years. No fluff, prefer strong themes, no real limits. BBC Sherlock, Dr Who, Gotham, Final Fantasy, Metal Gear ...

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Jim Moriarty, The Master ....

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Gallifrey 0 Users
Our take on the Shining World of the Seven Systems. A Work In Progress, please 'Pardon our dust' :) Custom build of the Capitol of Gallifrey, and a few other places ..
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New London London 0 Users
Wholock: Where Sherlock and Who Meet ... Pardon our dust, improvements and additions going in!
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Little London London 0 Users
Come at once if convenient ... A non assuming take on BBC Sherlock's London, with some liberties taken. Yes, Roleplay will happen. Pardon our dust, improvements and additions going in!
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Sin City City 0 Users
Urban themed Modern City, hangouts and plenty of places for rp. Hard driving House/Techno at the Sinnerman Dance Club. Lovely NPC dancers perform for your pleasure. Come have a drink or three at the Bar! We advise AO's turned off, for the best experience with our scripted seats and dances! Pardon...
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The Capitol Of Gallifrey .... In Progress

Overhead view of the main Courtyard

Looking down from the Eye .... what a view

New London ... Begins.

Hard work on our new Scotland Yard sign pays off. Lots done, more coming!

Sin City Lives

Our lovely NPC Dancer Blondie always makes it sweet

A nice night at the Bar ...

Is there a way to breed animals with markings of my choosing?

In other words, alter the main coat texture and then have that pass down to the children?

Thanks in advance!

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Beverly Hills Rodeo

Absolutely stunning! I will be coming here often, very highly recommend this beautiful place!

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