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East Coast 80s
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East Coast Estates we have free shops for everyone to shop and also homes for rent and free ones as well..we also have an 80s Club called East Coast 80s for all...
Event Plaza
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Community event region and home for the OSGrid Friday Parties: music from all over the globe 12 hour, non stop, wherever you are, every Friday!

Welcome Fun
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Parc d'attractions, come to try the giant rides, come for the fun and enjoy speed and XXL rolls in the air ;-)

9 Users 33 16 59th
"Astralia", si evolve, benvenuto nel nostro mondo virtuale, se hai voglia di divertirti, entra e condividi un po' della tua felicità con tutti noi. Amicizi...
Lbsa Plaza
8 Users 132 40 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
8 Users 94 25 2nd
LOVE, PRIDE and RESPECT under the rainbow! The Stark region welcomes any open-minded adult person of the LGBTQ+ spectrum and straight ally. We have beaches, ...
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5 Users 10 2 23rd
Parmi les plus célèbres figurent en bonne place le palais des Doges, une merveille d'architecture gothique, ainsi que le Campanile, une ancienne tour de garde. ...
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peaceful place for building and freebie
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