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A large tower on the horizon. What is this strange island? Various biomes are found here and far into the sky till you get into space. Use the teleport rings t...
Uqbar 2
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Region dedicated to culture and art

Wolf Territories Welcome
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Come and check out Wolf Territories Grid over 1100 4x4 regions joined together - buy land

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avirtualworls animesh collection
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This a a grid that will evolve in an effort to express an artistic idea. Normally they are full sim builds and with little prim limitations.
Cherry Freebies
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*CM* Freebies Original art content Animesh, Avatars, Accessories, EEP, Sculptures Surreal Cyberpunk
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I am proud to be a member of OS grid its a fun place to play build display art i modelled my sandbox after mage in second life if you see me and will drop me...
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Desert land with Petra and my real life paintings in "Villa Majorelle", arabic village and market, and much more...
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Meeting point for Karaoke fans. Tutorials, tricks, courses and everything you need to improve your performances. Come and show your talent.
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The central spot for the sim environment of interstellART_exhibitions, introduces sometimes collaborative projects of independent artists on the basis of a spe...
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Dear friends of art and culture. as part of our Pangea Art and Culture Festival, on November 11, 2022, we will once again present a very special artist, many of...
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