Ana's Gothic Love
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i love gothic and castles have alot of castles and a gothic club i love the look without the bite hehe
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Marigold Bay
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In Marigold Bay, where dreams set sail, An island haven, a wondrous tale. Created by Justin, with love and care, A yacht club retreat, beyond compare. Sailing through waters, so crystal clear, Chasing sunsets, with hearts sincere. At sunrise, the world comes alive, In cabins for rent, where...

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OpenSource community
Nautilus Anchorage Landing
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A New City in the Nautilus community with Brownstone Apartments, Penthouse, Airport, Ferry, Subway, Marina and new construction. If you want to live large in th...
AviWorlds Welcome
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The Landing Zone for AviWorlds Grid
Jungle Friends 47
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DayWalker Design 2
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A brief description about DayWalker The DayWalker Designs it is a group and brand in virtual worlds, was founded by Armix Portal in 2007 in SecondLife website...
koarath Place
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VB Creations
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VB Creations, a Huge (2048x2048) region where you can explore, relax on the beach, or just go boating all day long. While there, you can also do some region ho...
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