I Love You
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Please Note : If you get an "Unable to Verify" error dont blame us - its not our fault - just TP to Love You Welcome - then follow the T...
Bondage Ranch
2 Users 9 0 18th
Relive the old days of Bondage Ranch at Littlefield Grid's replica of the original SL Bondage Ranch.

Paradise Winter
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Paradise Winter is christmas winter sim with a club of great christmas music and trance.

2 Users 5 3 181st
200 Free houses and buildings free for all. NEVER BUY IN OPEN SIM. If you would like free land with my grid just message prince_ofamor in osgrid....
Crutcher City
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Crutcher City is the leader in shopping and nightclub parties. Come on out and see what we have to offer!
Mare Welcome
1 Users 64 11 31st
BDSM oriented Grid with a Dungeon and BDSM Skybox. At Welcome you can find Shops with stuff you will like. So just take a look around ;)
Nova Space Grid Welcome
1 Users 14 1 36th
A New Grid Be Welcome To Visit And Enjoy Your Staying ;)
The City
1 Users 9 0 45th
Welcome to Metropolis, The City. Part of the Tropicana group of friends, the city has its hidden secrets. Featuring a Red Light District, Slum area, main city c...
Greenfield 2
1 Users 16 0 46th
Greenfield in Kitely is a 16-region adults-only destination for dancing, exploring, and meeting new people. Featuring a nude beach, hedge maze, museum of art, ...
I LOve YOu
1 Users 41 24 70th
The I LOve You family welcomes YOu All - 240 sims full of Love, Peace Tranquility and Sharing - one of the largest and most Loved places in OpenSimulator. Other...
City of LGBT
1 Users 13 0 249th
Die SIM für die gepflegte Erotik. LGBT, BDSM, PetPlay - Hier ist das möglich, wo die meisten Grid Betreiber aussteigen. Alles im deutschen rechtlich Rahmen!
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