Lbsa Plaza
7 Users 109 37 1st Social lounge - Check the New Users Panel in the SouthWest corner to get started, if you have any questions just shout them out. Freebie starter ava...
The Shire
6 Users 1 0 6th
The Shire is a welcoming, friendly, non commercial SIM. Hangout on one of our beaches or at the bar, set your home location, rent a home free of charge. C...

0 Users 40 likes 7 comments A

Ozone is a living, breathing work of art. Our copy dome contains some of the best builder tools available. The clone room contains tutorials on making NPCs. Ozone Moon has an amazing Roller Coaster simulation. EXPLICIT CONTENT AHEAD - ADULTS ONLY.

Kohaku OpenWorld
5 Users 10 0 4th
Kohaku is a Hobbie server and playground we work Try and Learn on. mega region full of original contend racetracks and urban inspired. to mutch to write dow...
Italian Jazz Club
3 Users 3 1 38th
Italian jazz club.Grid Hosting.Rental region just 9$ mounth with 18000 prims Virtualife World grid site
2 Users 25 4 64th
Benvenuti su [[aMMuina]] Sim italiana su Craft.Var 5x5,mare navigabile,terreni free per i residenti,area wedding, radio ufficiale BPM MUSIC,freebies, store e ...
DayWalker Design 2
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A brief description about DayWalker The DayWalker Designs it is a group and brand in virtual worlds, was founded by Armix Portal in 2007 in SecondLife website...
2 Users 0 0 57th
Head office of the "I Ragazzi Del Sole" group. Land for people who want peace, good music and who want to have fun. There are so many romantic places to hang ...
1 Users 37 10 23rd
Ruritania is a beautiful place. So Beautiful. It's bigly. So big in fact it could be the biglyest wonderful region in all of the Hyper grid. Everyone says so. T...
Panthera Welcome Island
1 Users 11 0 447th
Pink Panthera Grid Welcome...Find all useful information, the freebies shop, TP board for shopping Mall, etc. and fun exploring at Snoodle World, Snoodle Mega R...
1 Users 10 5 85th
Welcome Area, Startregion HG Address:*Metropolis*
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