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Coopersville is an historical community in Kitely that's created with love and for your enjoyment with the purpose of building community and provide a place for...
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The name of the region is KITSILANO ! Kitsilano is a cross between Northern England and the West Coast of Canada. The name KITSILANO is derived from the First N...

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Full region 20.000 prims all rights, private, commercial, clubs, all you want Join us now : http://al-capone.homes/world

Arabellos Veil
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Beyond the Veil - historical and sacred sites found in Ireland and Great Britain (Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales, & England; including a Brigid's Well, Athgreany...
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Opensim installation of the famed International Spaceflight Museum that began in SL in 2006. All the worlds rockets, spaceships, and the Mars Base astronaut tra...
Tropicana Bird's Nest 2
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⚔ Vikings ⚔  https://www.flickr.com/photos/190178658@N07/albums When you land at Bird's Nest 2 you will find a city under construction. However, there is an a...
Tropicana Bird's Nest
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Tropicana Bird's Nest is a beautiful region with an American Graffiti retro nostalgia all of its own. Carefully crafted and a delight to explore, Tropicana Bird...
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¸.•*¨ღ¨*•.¸Medieval in Pangea! ¸.•*¨ღ¨*•.¸ This region has many small places that invite you to explore, find secret places, relax and take photos... `*.¸....
Metro Memoriam
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Memoriam region for the Metropolis Metaversum Grid, which has closed in 2022 after 14 years of existence. In this region, The Main Welcome tower, as well as so...
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A mythical desert land, loosely set in the Arabic world circa 1900. Named Orphalese for Khalil Gibran's city in The Prophet. This is completely made-up. Geogra...
Kingdom of Aragon
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Design by Verna Avril Take Teleport Pads to areas of interest .. enjoy! Rez post by water /horses , jet skis, boats will not cross regions. Role Play grou...
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