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Sky Harbor was developed to not only exhibit aircraft and other aviation related items that have been collected from around the hypersphere, but also to be a place to educate and allow the visitor to immerse themselves and interact with our exhibits and activities.

We trust that your visit will be fun and informative.

Donations of aircraft are always welcome by sending full perm copies to Troy Seaknight on Neverworld Grid.

Also, thank you to Govega Sachertorte for allowing me this opportunity to add to the many options Neverworld Grid has to offer. Harbor

As curator I hope to share my lifelong love of aviation. As a retired military and civilian pilot I hope to provide accuracy in our displays, and I hope to share my experience as the museum grows and matures. Don't ever hesitate to ask about flying, my favorite subject!

Note: If any item belongs to you and had been inappropriately copied against your wishes by someone in the hypersphere, please inform me and I will remove it immediately.

Sky Harbor Museum of Flight is happy to announce the opening of our latest exhibit, The USS Hornet CV-8 and the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 1942. With the exhibit we share the role of aircraft carriers in WWII. We hope that this exhibit invokes thought as to this period of history and how it expanded Naval operations beyond its traditional strategies.
Sky Harbor Museum of Flight is again open and welcoming to all visitors.
There is a new and improved welcoming area, just walk through the signs to go to different areas. An elevated walkway surrounds the main aircraft parking ramp. Now with over 100 different aircraft from all over the world to walk around and additional updated displays and information. We hope you enjoy.
Sky Harbor Museum of Flight has recently doubled our land size.
There is much shuffling and reconstruction taking place to bring you a better experience when you visit.
With added aircraft, exhibits and our new Skywalk viewing platform, and with the direct access to the rest of the NeverworldGrid mainland, we are excited about the changes.
Please be patient as we slowly redo all the teleport signs.
When construction activities are complete, it will be announced here.
See you soon.

Ellen: Wow!! Congratulations!!!!!!! I can't wait to come visit! 7 days ago
To visit the various exhibits at the Sky Harbor Museum of Flight there are numerous teleport signs. Please note that all you need to do is WALK INTO the sign to teleport. This is also stated in the hover text above each sign. You do not need to sit, touch, or do anything other than walk. I hope this clears up this minor issue expressed by some visitors. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have visited our museum.

TroySeaknight: Thanks again Ellen. ;) 9 months ago

Inside one of the many dioramas you can walk through at Sky Harbor Aviation Museum.

Ellen: Wow! Amazing job, Troy!!! I can't wait to see it! 9 months ago

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JFlame This place is HUGE!!! Being a fan of neither the miliatry nor of flying oddly I found this place compelling and fascinating. It is detailed, attractive and very much a learning experience. The owner is willing to answer questions about the vast number of planes that he has on display. I had a grea...
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