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EQG Steampunk Festival
equinoxgrid.net:8002:EQG Steampunk Festival 0 Users
Steampunk Festival. Get Steampunked Today.
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EQG Mall
equinoxgrid.net:8002:EQG Mall 0 Users
Equinox Grid. Massive Shopping Region includes Linda Kellie OARs such as Clutterfly and Freebie Mall. Shopping Center is designed for vendors.
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EQG Welcome Hub
equinoxgrid.net:8002:EQG Welcome Hub 0 Users
Equinox Grid. Main Landing Point, Welcome Center and main hangout for Equinox Grid. The entire grid is Adult rated, therefore children and child avatars are not permitted anywhere within Equinox Grid. Please excuse the mess, this grid is still under construction.
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DJ Golbez
2pm to 4pm GT/SLT/PDT
Rock, Metal, Baby Metal, etc.
Club Equinox

Come on down and shake your pixels.

equinoxgrid.net:8002:club equinox

Today at Club Equinox, DJ Hannah spins recorded covers and originals by Minniva, featuring Latex Boy-Girl as the lead singer. Begins at 3pm SLT/PDT/GT.
equinoxgrid.net:8002:club equinox

Tuesday, October 13th, at 3pm SLT/PDT/GT, Minniva covers and originals will be played at Club Equinox. Minniva, a group of four ladies, includes our latex Boy-Girl as the lead singer.

The Beast Inside – Latex’s Halloween Store on Equinox Grid, for some, if not all, of your Halloween decorating needs. Located at the Clutterfly Section of EQG Mall.

Coming to Equinox Grid: Risque Studios by Alyssa Tease.

May seem corny but I love you all. I love the HG and all those populating the HG. Long live the HG!

Equinox Grid. Visit Club Equinox, EQG Mall, EQG Steampunk Festival, EQG Memorial Island, and more.

EQG Memorial Island now accepting any Remembrances. Not grid specific or limited.

We must say goodbye to She-Male, passed 3 Sep 2020.

New BoM Shop built at EQG Mall, East of the Landing Zone at Shopping Center. Additionally, at the Mesh Avatar Mall a display of all the updated heads.

Happy Birthday Cataplexia !!!

Happy Birthday Cataplexia !!!

No Hate. Stop Hate.
Do not spread or promote hate. Do not use YOUR club to spread or promote hate. Doing so is very unappealing. There are only a few hundred WORLD-WIDE that visit the Hypergrid, many of which are alts or bots. Perhaps energies would be better spent trying to promote opensim and the Hypergrid, before it dies completely, instead of spending energy on spreading or promoting hate. If you really must profess to the HG about your hate, hold a rally or post a blog.

Get Steampunked Today at the Steampunk Festival on Equinox Grid.
General Admission now open.

Get Steampunked Today at the Grand Opening of Steampunk Festival on Equinox Grid.

Get Steampunked this Saturday during the Steampunk Festival Grand Opening. Begins April 11th at 9am GT.

Welcome to the Steampunk Festival on Equinox Grid.
Grand Opening is Saturday April 11th at 9am.

EquinoxGrid - Crash the Sim Party
Where: EQG Welcome Hub
When: 11 months ago [23 Nov 2019 15:00 SLT]

Not our Open House, yet. I would like to try to test the capabilities of this server and HG Standalone, before I grid it. Starting at 3pm grid time with DJ Becca DJ'ing grid wide. Explore the soon to be new grid. WARNING - I wanna stress test this server, it may get bad, like flashbacks to OSFest! Bring It !!

A constant within seasons of change.