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Casino Al Capone
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Good fortunes and real fun can be found at Virtual Games

Alright Re-Updated to HyperGrid Non-OSGrid so anyone from any Grid can TP from any where!

Das nächste Event nähert sich schleichend ... für Getränke wird gesorgt :-)

Gruß Wiener

Sylvia-Koeln: Rice Tyler ist der Hammer 3 hours ago
You can find my work here:

Wolf Territories Grid: Emporium - Main Store

Many of my items are also available on the Kitely Market here:



IS NOW AVAILABLE! Working too! FREE REGION! 45K Prim Fast Server/Region Grid; with HyperGrid Capability!

Good NEWS! I am able to HOST/ and Give/ and Setup on HyperGRID/ and ON OSGrid and MORE! WOOT! Thanks to Fred from the creator of!

New on Monday

New !!!! Glafi Outfit inc.Black Jacket
also available in Legacy and Reborn
Happy Shopping :))

Heute Abend ab 20 Uhr im Fux

win 3000 PB$
easy and fun
sit on a boat or a stool and
watch your screen for few minutes
good luck

Seems, like I had to get a new upgrade ( upgraded to Fiber Optic Internet ) with 5 Gig Per Second Transfer Rate ( Free SELF Upgrade Equipement ) on it way By Tuesday. This WILL ALSO resolve ( Using LAN ) too; and USING a Server Based High Performance Networking Computer too ) Like Linden Labs and Activision ( Call of Duty ) uses too. Stay tune!

At long last, Avalon Reborn is back up!

DJ Kith's Sunday Night Blues Bash at Rockin' The Blues!! 6:00PM (SLT)!!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
DJ Kith is covering for DJ Rosa tonight! DJ Kith is well known for his upbeat, modern, high energy blues! When Kith spins...the house rocks and shakes...the excitement is crazy and the Tribe is full of laughter and happiness! Come join us and get your happy on with friends old and new, fabulously cool blues and the most fun you'll have all week!! See you there!!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

Cannabis Information Center-Leafly Information presented here. A relaxing venue to read about all the properties of Cannabis and the benefits of CBD-CBC Tincture-CBDA-CBDV-CBGA-CBG-CBN-Delta 8,9, and 10.

would you like to live in tuscany?

AbbiAshland: That looks so pretty. yesterday
▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ NEW RELEASE - PARTY ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

C&C Worldwide Mall

Sunday / Sonntag 28.May 2023
starts ◕10:00 OS time / 19:00 Uhr europ.


TAXI : Worldwide Mall

░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CC-CLUBREGION ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░

Crazyposeidon: and our Release Day´s new items at the Mall Plaza´s Pool yesterday

Pending - Re-creating HyperGrid Non-OSGrid

Tomorrow, Sunday May 28th, 3pm to 5pm, is our annual Memorial party.

We salute ALL who have paid the ultimate price for one or more other people. This includes military service members, first responders, and anyone else.

Come enjoy excellent tunes provided by DJ Golbez. Club Equinox

Xaria Aubrey: In two hours... come join us ;) yesterday
Playing her Guitar or Piano.. Grace Loudon has an impressive vocal range that allows her to perform a mix of originals and covers from Fleetwood Mac to Adele. Her Talent comes shining through!


WHEN: 1:00PM
Clairede Dirval was a full time road musician in RL for over 25 years. She cuts her
teeth on country & blues. She has played for bikers, cowboys, sailors & three piece suits. Semi retired from the road, she found the virtual worlds, the road is now a short walk to her computer. Come Join us!

WHEN: 12:00p
This set is texture changing-touch each part to change the texture. The flower pendant is on the back chain I created for Veritas McMasters. Thinking of you Veritas please find the set in the store foyer.

** New **
Musik Time

Happy Memorial Day - Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers

Sunday Blues Brunch with DJ Kith on the Bayou Belle!! Sunday Mornings at 9:00AM (SLT)!!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 9:00AM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Get up, grab your breakfast and come on down to The Bayou Belle to chill with DJ Kith & The Tribe for coffee and relaxing blues!! DJ Kith may be a lousy cook but he's a fabulous blues DJ! He's got the blues that will both ease your troubles from the previous week, put a smile on your face and give you the motivation to head into the next! No better way to start your day than with a heaping helping of DJ Kith and some chill blues! See you there!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Good Morning People!!
It's Open Mic Day at EVENT PLAZA! Come join us
for some fun & music! You never know who's
going to show up!

•━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰
» Шhat: • LIVE Open Mic •
» Шho: Hosted by Rogue Galaxy
» Шhere: ✫ OSG EVENT PLAZA ✫
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴ 8:00am∵∴ ❈
•━•━━━━━━✯━━━━━━━━✯━━━━• ✰
MAP: Plaza
HOP: hop://
Ferd Frederix-BS News-Sunday Funnies hot off the press!! There is an inworld edition of the magazine you can pick up at the VHG HQ on the third floor.
A newly discovered supernova can be watched as it develops in real-time, online and for free.

This particular galaxy and supernova can be difficult to view in the night sky without the right conditions or telescope, however. Luckily, the Virtual Telescope Project will livestream the cosmic explosion on its website and YouTube channel as it develops via its power robotic telescopes based in Rome, Italy. The online event will kick off at 6:30 p.m. EDT (2230 GMT) on Friday, May 26 2023. Note that this event is weather dependent and could be delayed or cancelled due to poor conditions.

SheaButter: Now this is just virtual...right? Cause in real Betelgeuse, is unknown when this is to happen. It blew once in 2019 and settled in 2020, back to it's regular brightness. Next one is up to approx. 100... yesterday


Stormy Weather is Sadly down due to a MAJOR lag spike of my network. Sorry it will have to be waited. Try back later :(

You love games ?
You love money ?
I hope you also love fishes.... and fishing....
Casino Al Capone fishes have now a lot of value....
4000 PB$
not sure you'll can eat them for dinner but you'll can play with them...
Casino games...
good luck

Free temp home for Resident of Gentle Fire Grid .
Parks ⛲,Pool, Play your own Music stream, horse back riding and Biking. Please read rules and talk with management if you need Assistants

Stormy Weather is NOW officially OSGrid Compatiable and you can NOW Claim and Get FREE Region! ( Ignore how much it cost ) it Free either way!

it's that time again come on over and join us Monday May 29th @ 5 pm grid time Karaoke

Updated the Region URL/ and Info (When you arrive; You don't need any Money / Or in-world currency; just buy it no matter what it says on the SIM ) it will still work :)

Sky Harbor Museum of Flight is happy to announce the opening of our latest exhibit, The USS Hornet CV-8 and the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo 1942. With the exhibit we share the role of aircraft carriers in WWII. We hope that this exhibit invokes thought as to this period of history and how it expanded Naval operations beyond its traditional strategies.
Live from Rockin' The Blues! It's Saturday Night with DJ Kith! 7:30PM Grid Time!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 7:30PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Blues man DJ Kith continues our Saturday Night Blues Party!! DJ Kith is gonna ROCK OUR HOUSE with the most exciting blues anywhere!! Kith's sets are guaranteed to be fresh and full of surprises, so if you like your blues with an edge... Grab a friend and hop the first gator down to Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid! This party will be full of fun, friendship and awesome blues tunes! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
New Building tips: Learn about the Blender Asset Browser here: I found a new toy! Learn about the Blender Asset Browser here:

RemmyRavenhurst: What is the licensing for using Blender assets? 2 days ago


DJ Riker Starts the Saturday Night Blues Party at Rockin' The Blues!! 6:00PM (SLT)! (Pre-Set at 5:30PM)!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
That bad boy of the blues, DJ Riker, is locked and loaded and ready to bring you incredible blues tunes...always something new and exciting! DJ Riker spins the most awesome Blues, Blues Rock, and Electric Blues ever! Plus his signature "Original and the Cover"--one our favorites! Get ready to rock the blues with this Blues DJ and his rockin' host Jillian!! You're gonna love it! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

Sunday News

Nice Viking Building for You

SoA Event "NEW"
Coming soon "SB - Blues Club" in the swamp of Misourri.
Dj wanted for Blues, Blues Rock and Southern Rock.

SoA-Event "NEU"
Demnächst Eröffnung "SB - Blues Club " im Sumpf von Misourri.
Dj für Blues, Blues Rock und Southern Rock gesucht.
Join us at 5 pm grid time for an hour of great fun with a live performance from Steven Strikker.
The Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together.
Drop this link into your map; Lagoon
DJ Alex comes on fire, guys at 3 pm grid time! with the hottest tunes for everyone to set the mood. Yes! because it's always time to party. What's the reason for it? Well... we are PARTY PEOPLE!
Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together. Drop this link into your map; Lagoon

Had to fix my Grid issue ( attempting to try to get it on OSGrid /or HyperGrid capability ) today hopefully!


WHEN: 12:00pm
MAP: Pack

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ YACHT-POOL - PARTY ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂

Yacht Poolparty / Yacht Schwimmbadparty

Saturday / Samstag 27.May 2023
starts ◕12:00 OS time / 21:00 Uhr europ.

▶▷▶ at the Flores Sea Yacht
Auf der Flores Sea Yacht

enjoy / good mood / relaxed atmosphere
geniessen / gute Laue / lockere Atmosphäre

Dresscode: come as you are / naked allowed
Kleiderordnung: kommt wie ihr wollt / nackt ist auch erlaubt


░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CC-CLUBREGION ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░

Carmen Jewel: Party count down ... don't miss it.! TAXI : 2 days ago

Ihr Lieben,

wie versprochen das "nachgeholte" Event.

Gruß Wiener

Wiener Schnitzel: Gute 45 Minuten dann kanns losgehen ... :-) 2 days ago

Grid is now back up & seems to be running smoothly, thank you all for your patience I do know how frustrating this is enjoy your weekend & have a safe
Memorial Holiday for those who celebrate

The Box
MorningGlory 18 hours ago
CyberGlo CyberStar yesterday
blender class with Mike Lorrey on kitely / space force region
Verna Avril 2 days ago
party in LBSA Aussie has the Stream
Verna Avril 2 days ago
Aussie takes the stream in LBSA
Jimmy Olsen 2 days ago
*** ALFHEIM SIM PROFILE OFFLINE *** SIM is a 10x10 VAR region now so need do a lot of terraforming and then scripting back the train, cars, boats etc... Beacon is deactivated but SIM will remain always opened. If coming, don`t mind the dust :)
CyberGlo CyberStar 2 days ago
South Carolina BBQ dipping sauce: 2 cups apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp brown sugar, 1 tsp onion powder, 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 tbsp redpepper flakes. Bring to boil, let cool and enjoy! A delicious southern staple in the carolina mountains!
CyberGlo CyberStar 2 days ago
basting with south carolina bbq sauce, a delicious homemade sauce you can make right in your own home! I am also making baked beans, potato salad, Texas toast, Splenda sweet iced tea, pecan pie, and pickle spears!!! Gotta get up early in the morning and get the fire in the offset smoker going !!!
CyberGlo CyberStar 2 days ago
So good to see everyone having a great time! In the United States a holiday is coming monday, called Memorial day. So I have been chopping wood for the smoker, and bought a boston butt, some chicken legs, and boneless ribs to put on the smoker. I'll be smoking with kiln dried hickory wood and
KrisTina 2 days ago
stand on one toe, hold you mouth right, also the handshake.
KrisTina 2 days ago
Have to know the R. Lion handshake.
LaviaLavine 2 days ago
@EnnyGmatic - try looking for iPleasure
EnnyGmatic 2 days ago
and I can't find the name "R.Lion is any search too"
EnnyGmatic 2 days ago
the frind who werlcomed me on OS told me a lot about R.Lion, and we tried to find, but were very sorry not to find him or his place :-(( maybe talling a bas engkish doesnt help too :-(
LaviaLavine 2 days ago
I've spoken with R.Lion and all I had to do was send him my profile key and he put me on the allowed list to shop there. He has his reasons for such tight security and I don't think he's wrong.
KatKakoola 3 days ago
I just created a group "In search of lost friends" after losing contact with friends from Adachi - everyone is free to use it, it's for everyone who has lost contact with friends from anywhere. Just a wall to post in the hope someone will read it.
CyberGlo CyberStar 3 days ago
R. Lion's place is closed to the hypergrid now.
Luna Lunaria 3 days ago
@Jerralyn Franzic Thank you for visiting Luxor. Glad that it's running fast for you. Also thanks to Lone Wolf for the great server it lives on :-)
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
I would mention that with Richards permission, I do include no transfer fatpacks of a style of R. Lion hair in my oh HELLO outfits. Which means nothing until I find a new home for the shop.
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
Richard long ago stopped using an OSW beacon. It appears he has now gone ever deeper underground.
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
I know where R. Lion is. But I'm not telling. I beleive he wants people to figure that out on their own.
RafaGuzn 3 days ago
I can't find it here, anyone knows?
RafaGuzn 3 days ago
Where is R. Lion now?
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Sylvia-Koeln 3 hours ago
Rice Tyler ist der Hammer
Wiener Schnitzel 3 hours ago
Update: Da wir erst auf Terminzusage warten mussten erwartet euch die erste Stunde (20:00 Uhr - 21:00 Uhr) Rice Tyler - Live
KatKakoola 15 hours ago
I know I must speak for many when I say how grateful I am for all the effort you and the others are putting in to this Nico. Some may critisise Oni/Adachi based on a superficial view or some personal ...
CyberGlo CyberStar yesterday
Space Force is an awesome sim on kitely grid. Mike Lorrey is the owner and teaches classes here, it was a blender class today! (Mike knows blender very well). Space Force region is full of geodesic...
AbbiAshland yesterday
That looks so pretty.
Crazyposeidon yesterday
and our Release Day´s new items at the Mall Plaza´s Pool
Xaria Aubrey yesterday
In two hours... come join us ;)
PrillLeon yesterday
Uno spaccato della nostra bella Italia , passate a vederla , a conoscere tutta la grid NewLifeItaly , vi aspettiamo .
Carmen Jewel yesterday
TAXI : Worldwide Mall


Maze of the Mind Dream
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with us its Art waiting to explore. For Those not been there take Time I'm sure you find somethng there for you! thanks again
Adore 21 hours ago
Space Force is an awesome sim on kitely grid. Mike Lorrey is the owner and teaches classes here, it was a blender class today! (Mike knows blender very well). Space Force region is full of geodesic...
CyberGlo CyberStar yesterday
Essential for the objects but also for the nice people in this grid, generously sharing superb resources, I loved the Vault place, among other things, thanks to Oni :)
Hella yesterday
Heavy Water
Nice futuristic region - I've never seen so many mesh figures for takeaway at once ... Thank you very much! ***** Schöne futuristische Region - Ich habe noch nie so viele Mesh Figuren zum Mitnehmen ...
Bink Draconia yesterday
Free Land New Life
Enamorada del lugar, de su gente, de todo el equipo. Felicidades por tan buen trabajo!
SWEETGIRL yesterday
Free Land New Life
Bellissima land e bellissime case !
Angeldark yesterday
Beautiful place! all neat and well organised! love it, 5 stars
Mariacazzetta 2 days ago
Wunderschöne Sachen. Alles, was man für den Anfang braucht. Und alles liebevoll gehandwerkt und präsentiert! Wonderfull things, all you need for your garden, for your house. All made with love. Spe...
Klarabella Karamell 2 days ago
Little Big City Mall & Residents
no se si la url está equivocada, pero yo llego y solo veo una mansión, no veo nada mas?
CAMINO ROSSE 2 days ago

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