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Tombooga region - Boogaloo Island Three dance locations are used at different times for different events. Party ship at ground level, Sun and Moon Dance club in the Scifi city located in the sky (Us...
Casual and Utterly Confident.
Believe in yourself and trust that no matter what happens, you’ll be able to handle it and learn from the outcome. Here's an outfit for those who are casual and confident. Maybe it doesn't fit now. No matter. You will grow into it.

oh HELLO: Outfits With Attitude

A strange portal has appeared at Wolf Territories Weclome...but where does it go?

KrisTina: To the flea zapper? hmm 3 hours ago

this is look like as it is

Sorry for down for long time however data is loss due misplace database file so i had to start as fresh

Testing another view @ Whispering Palms.

Out of the pages of the ages, Eden 3, a paradise, a virtual garden of trees and beautiful, mysterious builds that hold ancient secrets, partially surrounded by waterfalls that flow into an eternal ocean. Come and lose yourself in your imagination, in a place made for role playing. Relax and enjoy it and try a portal to other lands forgotten by time and distance. You can walk to the sites on the Island or teleport there, though walking is much preferable so you can enjoy the beauty of the creation.
Idyll Island is next to and is part of the Island Eden 3. It is the perfect spot for a small wedding, reception, or even just a special part, bridal shower, baby shower or even an engagement party you can find it at grid.genesis-roleplay.org:8002:Eden 3 and while you're on Eden 3 explore the mazes and win prizes, play a game of greedy if you like and just relax and enjoy the beauty of an ancient world reborn from time.

NEWS AT MY MAINSTORE :: if you like my Clothes so just give me a Like for my Region .. hugs Bella

KrisTina: o0 my! 6 hours ago

Dare to listen to Shangrilla-Dolls Inworld and Off-world broadcast radio !

This looks to be a spectacular event!! https://continuum.outworldz.net/JOpensim/index.php/forum/r...

Thank you Cat for supporting the arts!

A 360 view of my Luxor region on Wolf Territories Grid, taken from the Bifrost bridge. You can visit by going here: grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:Luxor

Misty_Falls: very pretty horizon, you'll have to give me some hints. :) 11 hours ago

Dance Event Tonight at Whispering Palms.
Dj KrisTina - Classic Rock Night
6pm Grid Time to Close

Danke für die tolle Party wir freuen uns auf nächsten Donnerstag



Richies Music Call startet in 5 Minuten!

germanworldgrid.de: Wunderschöne Party mit Richi! 15 hours ago

Auf gehts in die 2 te Runde der GRIDS HOPPER NIGHTS .......

ab 21.00 Uhr gehts weiter mit unserem DJ Tommy

Soul-Grid : The next round with Dj Tommy...........yaaaaaaay 15 hours ago

View of my home from atop the ridge dividing the 2 regions of Olympia and Xolraruta

If your region uses the SmartStart feature of Dreamgrid, there is now a new setting in your region's settings page. If you enable it, your region will show as "online" even when your region is frozen. For Kitely regions this setting is automatically enabled. (If you don't use SmartStart or DreamGrid, you can safely ignore this message :)

Marianna : Thank you Satyr!! 17 hours ago

Ich freue mich heute Abend euch begrüssen zu dürfen!
um 20 Uhr gehts los

Hi everyone!
I will be singing at Speakeasy Swinghard today!!
Alternate Metaverse -11:00am
Casual, Fun, Friendly Gathering!
Would love to sing your favorites from 600+ variety song list.
Hugs and hopefully see you soon!!
Map us at: alternatemetaverse.com:8002:AMV Events

John McLaughlyn und Jack DeJohnette zum 80. Geburtstag

und im Gedenken an den Musiker, Frankfurter und feinen Menschen Emil Mangelsdorff (11. 4. 1925 - 21. 1. 2022)

NEWS AT MY MAINSTORE :: if you like my Clothes so just give me a Like for my Region .. hugs Bella

One of Thirza Embers' blogs about my favorite virtual artist:


Cherry Manga: Ohhh thank you dear Luna! yesterday

Lost in a forest at Wolf Territories Grid.

Gin Leeder: Beautiful! great job! it is beautiful Wolf Territories Grid!!! yesterday
Nach dem überwältigenden Erfolg geht´s diese Woche weiter mit den Grids Hopper Nights.
Donnerstag bis Sonntag machen wieder Grids Musik für Grids.
Morgen am Donnerstag starten wir im Soul Grid auf Super Nova Beach Resort.

Wir freuen uns auf Euch !

TailorNova: Yeahhhhhhhh noch EINMAL schlafen :-) 2 days ago
Lands End .oar by @DarknessPapp. This 2x2 .oar is delightful. When you arrive, you will hear Saxophone playing by Mr. Sax. This magnificent sea port has great township builds with all the props for roleplaying a Pirate adventure.
The sounds here are nice of seagulls, sax, and water really lends to the theme here, you will love this sim! Free for DreamGrid owners. It is in the Outworldz free .oar dropdown list.
Outworldz-DreamGrid .oars
@FredBeckhusen designs and creates .oars to share with his Outworldz-Dreamgrid members. The OAR is licensed exclusively for use in DreamWorld Grids. CC-BY-NC, Outworldz, LLC.
You too can own your own Dream Grid! https://www.outworldz.com/Outworldz_installer/

Darkness Papp: Be great as long as no unicorns arrive 2 days ago

Morgen auf der Music Call Oase in Germanworldgrid

After a long break, I am looking forward to meet you in my galaxy far away.....
May the force be with you :)

Rudi Bakerly: welcome back :-) 2 days ago

In ca 1 1/2 h gehts los Dark Music mit Djane Veni

The Bridge of the USS Enterprise with a whole different view and twist. Role players of all species welcome. We believe you will find it fascinating. We have a full sized starship with various levels, rooms and functioning utilities and accessories. We do not however have voice, but we can create a role play channel on our Discord for those who would like to role play on this starship and star base...the Starbase is Asgard Dawn, situated in the Andromeda Galaxy in a planet that is life sustaining in a solar system very much like that of earth. Join us, it's the logical thing to do.

SchnTgaiSpock: Grid Our Dawn was down for a brief time this morning. It is up and functioning again. Apologies for any inconvenience. 2 days ago

Experience the immersive art here, artists include:
Nyx Breen
Cherry Manga
Amaranthim Talon
Shirl Tainted Angel
and mine.
continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Mind Odyssey

NEWS AT MY MAINSTORE :: if you like my Clothes so just give me a Like for my Region .. hugs Bella

NEWS AT MY MAINSTORE :: if you like my Clothes so just give me a Like for my Region .. hugs Bella

View from above..

Ellen: Very pretty! 2 days ago

At the Dwell its Free want your Picture done , Take a look at these Professional, for Visitor and Member as well. send a message to Emily

Onion sets for your gardens! I love onions! They're at the welcome center for Grid Our Dawn **grid.our-dawn.com:8002:Welcome" in the garden area and they're mesh and they're free ad full perm. I hope you will like them!

Full Avatar Ultimate BoM #arkhamgrid #Kingmancity

Neues in meinem Kostüm-Shop

LaToya= spezialisiert auf Dessous, Beach-Fashion, MA und Kostüme


New in my costume shop

LaToya= specialised in lingerie, beach fashion, MA and costumes

Ellen: Very cool stuff, Sylvia! Thank you for providing so many nice items for us all! 2 days ago

still time to hear Zoree

I am pretty sure the simulator will ignore 'Agent Limits' in Opensim but it was fun playing with the settings. I guess I will do NOTHING for now until I think of what to do next. ROFLMAO!

Brettson: This setting means nothing to me! SMH 3 days ago

All New Topless/Bottomless Club Tonight!!! Its Bigger and Better!!!

germanworldgrid.de: Willkommen Zurück!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 days ago

The Box
CherylFurse 2 hours ago
haha ¡ʎɐD s,looℲ lᴉɹd∀ ʎddɐH
Han_Held 2 hours ago
Old news... https://www.juicybomb.com/2022/04/meta-acquires-second-lif...
Ellen 4 hours ago
Am I winning this game? My score is always zero...
BartholomewSelleger 5 hours ago
Just kidding by the way!!! before someone goes ballistic.
BartholomewSelleger 5 hours ago
@KrisTina - A great big giant lollipop from Linden labs! Why? Because it sucks.
KrisTina 10 hours ago
OS is a game? Whats the end Boss? lol
OpenSimUser 11 hours ago
Hate to tell you this but i was NOT being sarcastic, so please, feel free to bend over, and remove you head from your Ars before its to late.
OpenSimUser 14 hours ago
Didnt know this was a game
CherylFurse 23 hours ago
Someone told me that OSW has soo many cookies. Especially from google and all big tech companys. I looked now and wow. Yes. My Browser is full with cookies from this website. I should use Tor for this website. Some is using Tor? How does it work?
CyberGlo CyberStar 23 hours ago
dreamgrid has smartstart.
Copper 23 hours ago
@OpenSimWorld: Thats called "on demand regions" in Kitely: https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2021/01/kitely-now-offer...
Lone Wolf yesterday
@OpenSimWorld Kitely do it - you tp there and are put in a holding cell while they boot the region.
OpenSimWorld yesterday
Thanks, is that a feature of opensimulator or some other program?
Mistressdalgato yesterday
smart start is where a region only starts when you teleprot to it, that way its not constantly on and not draining a lot.
OpenSimWorld yesterday
What is smart start?
Mistressdalgato yesterday
so when regions are in smart start mode the beacon key needs to be given to the grid owner, then they input the becon in there console and that makes the region show online on osw. my grid has smart start.
Spax Orion yesterday
I never cared much for regions on demand. some dedicated servers have cost effective options so you can have a region running 24/7
AshaShanti yesterday
yes I think so too
Marianna yesterday
Nope, it seems to be down @AshaShanti
AshaShanti 2 days ago
Interesting that it shows up on the map when I try : www.outworldz.com:9000 - but when I press tp - it gives "teleport failed, error contacting grid" - I tried 3 different avis on different grids just to test.
AshaShanti 2 days ago
Hi all, thanks for all the tips - I am trying to tp over and get this error :"Teleport failed. Error contacting grid"
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KrisTina 3 hours ago
To the flea zapper? hmm
Jimmy Olsen 7 hours ago
FLORA SIM AUG 11th 2022 UPDATE * At many friends request, I have just added a lot of more options/shapes for this kind of tree - all with smooth leaves animation. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at ...
Misty_Falls 11 hours ago
very pretty horizon, you'll have to give me some hints. :)
germanworldgrid.de 15 hours ago
Wunderschöne Party mit Richi!
ZigZag 15 hours ago
Heute fühlen sich die alten bei Richi richtig jung geile Musik
Soul-Grid 15 hours ago
The next round with Dj Tommy...........yaaaaaaay
Marianna 17 hours ago
Thank you Satyr!! DreamGrid owners also make sure your OSW api key is in your DreamGrid sim settings--->Publicity make sure the key sticks. Then save. With this you do not even need the beacon on y...
Ellen 23 hours ago
You always bring us beautiful items! Thank you Jimmy!
Cherry Manga yesterday
Ohhh thank you dear Luna!


El Patio de los Amigos
hermoso lugar y gracias a emilio que me hospeda
DjArianna Nightfire 16 hours ago
Carpe Diem
Your title 'Carpe Diem' mean seize the day, in your case sadly it should mean I seized the items from others
StevieZee 18 hours ago
City of LGBT
Can you please tell me what the point of this region is ? You cannot go anywhere. You just get thrown back to where you landed. Not able to join any group. Nag box keeps saying no access to the p...
Michelle Hartley 23 hours ago
Islands dreams
This is the place for all your beach needs and more run by the beautiful most helpful Kitty
Imurehuckleberry 24 hours ago
Islands dreams
Love the place and best of all the owner "Mis Behave" who greeted me, offered help and made sure I got everything I wanted Ten Stars for service Super good content too Want mermaids this is the pl...
oni kiri yesterday
Oni was very friendly and welcoming when I went and she has even set up a hud to make it easier to find your way around the rest of the grid. The sims are beautifully laid out and of course everything...
Han_Held yesterday
Mariner's Bay
Nice land, even nicer if you like surrounding seas (which I do). Thanks very much.
Sweetgal 2 days ago
La Toya
This region is absolutely lovely. It is an italian villa, with a classical look and feel of authentic italian through out it's design. There are many shops, beautiful landscaping, and even the stair...
CyberGlo CyberStar 3 days ago
Barefoot Dreamers Mall
Freebies. :) easy to access things and great owners so helpful and nice. 5 Star for friendly helpfulness. ty for sharing!
Symphony 3 days ago