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An entire museum made of images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The central point revolves around the second floor, where the exhibition called “Pain and other crazy ideas” is located. Here...
Hey Everyone!
Come join me 1pm today! I will be LIVE at Event Plaza
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴1:00pm slt (4:00pm EST) ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫EVENT PLAZA✫
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ CASUAL∵∴ ❈
MAP: Plaza

DJ Graywolf

2pm today

Friends Casino

Latin & Rock

Let's Party!!!!!!

Join us at 5 pm grid time for an hour of great fun with a live performance from Steven Strikker.
The Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together.
Drop this link into your map; Lagoon
DJ Alex comes on fire, guys at 3 pm grid time! with the hottest tunes for everyone to set the mood. Yes! because it's always time to party. What's the reason for it? Well... we are PARTY PEOPLE!
Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together. Drop this link into your map; Lagoon
[About Chelsea’s Point]
Chelsea’s Point is the [work-in-progress] result of the Darkheart’s Playground vision on a VIP residential home region, and Brandy Darkheart’s aim to offer a high-end designed home option.
It is also the labour of creativity and love (and frustration!) of Anael Starchild, who crystallises this vision in a residential region with furnished homes with fully landscaped surrounds.
[What is different about Chelsea’s Point?]
Darkheart’s Playground already offer free land to all grid member, and parcels with higher prim allowance to VIP members who support the grid through its Patreon tiers.
Many of us do however come from virtual worlds where there are designer homes and parcels for those who want the perks of a fully furnished home integrated into a landscape, without having to go through ordeal of landscaping of furnishing it themselves!
People who have been there also know that designer sims or home in other virtual words have a waiting list, and a custom ones goes for around 800$!
Chelsea’s Point offer a holistic cohesive designed blended across each parcel. Each home is fully integrated into the landscape – parcelling only happened AFTER the design was ready.
[Why ‘work-in-progress’?]
The full scope of Chelsea’s Point is a 4x4, that is…16 ‘sims’. While it might not be sound like much in OpenSimulator, the level of detail has been matched to other virtual worlds where the focus is at a ‘sim’ level.
First Phase is now ready, and we wanted to make it available as we continue landscaping the rest of the region.
[How can I rent a home?]
Any DH VIP member can rent a home at Chelsea’s Point – check out our tiers at Patreon! Once subscribed, please contact @Anael Starchild in-world.
For the initial first 2 weeks VIPs who do not own a residential region (i.e. tiers of 5$ or 10$) will take priority – this is to ensure that we priorities members who might subscribe for access to them.
[What are the ‘specs’ of the homes?]
Each home is decorated differently, while keeping the overall design of the region and it surroundings. As such the parcels might vary.
[What are the particular conditions?]
Homes are rented AS IS: i.e. With everything that is included. New furniture can be added indoors, or outdoors if it doesn’t conflict with the overall design of the region. Pre-existing furniture might be replaced via contact with Anael Starchild (this is to ensure that the home can be ‘brought back’ to its original design if rental expires, and new renters can enjoy it ‘as it was’)
Rental doesn’t need to be renewed – it lasts for as long as the VIP subscription does.
Skyboxes are allowed, at a reasonable height (above 2,500 meters).
All renters, and other VIP member, can enjoy the ‘Chelsea’s Point Commons’open area.
[Next design steps]
>>>Design outline: The ‘southern’ part of Chelsea’s Point (left and right of current development) will be Phase II – and it will follow the same ‘style’ of landscaping as the current developed area. More modern to the right, more suburban to the left. Phase III will continue up to the north with a lakeside area. Further phases will continue up to the mountain range that will have a small village at its bottom.
>>>>Early ‘bookings’: If you are a VIP member, and have a vision about your ideal home style, that you think would fit within Chelsea’s Point overall design, we can take ‘advance concepts/bookings’ to design it for you and include you in the process. Please contact Anael Starchild in world for that.

Aurora Starchild: Some more snaps: 38 minutes ago

The Vampires Magic Ring has been updated due to an error in the code. :) The newest version is at wizardy. Enjoy!

Feeling empty today. Monkey sits still and quietly and looks worried. Not a normal morning in Caribou.

My partnership ended last night. I want to tell openly about it as it brings some changes to Caribougrid. And I hope that it can help others who have gone through the same.

I am so happy that Andron remains in Caribou. He will be less here because of other obligations and responsibilities. And yes, we will stay close friends. Andron will continue to help me with the difficult tech issues. We share our home here and I see that there are always fresh flowers and something to eat in the kitchen.

But our partnership? It did not get a real chance, for many reasons. And the future? We see what it brings.

There are some changes in Caribou. Three 2x2 large regions are now away or empty. Monkey and me are starting to repair them and we hope to have Caribou back in shape soon.

Friends are welcome to help of course.

Caribou will remain open for all 18+ Avatars from all regions and grids. There will be no changes.

I hope that you will all continue to respect this so that we can serve as a meeting point for everyone, outside any grid conflicts.

My younger sister Christina Lion is 19+ and will help me in Caribou. Yanny who is a wee bit older likes to be a fairy so better that Christina takes the responsibility.

'Little Lion' Christina cried, but was happy that Andron and her cousins will stay, even if they can come more seldom.

So, at the end it did not turn out to be as bad a day as I had expected. But yes, an empty and lonely feeling came over me, which Monkey understood.

I still suffer from the exclusion that I wrote about earlier, and am always here to lend a listening ear if someone wants to talk about these things.

Looking at Monkey, I smile. I love you and need you.


AVs from all Grids Welcome

Shemale Ladyboy TG 18+ M F Women Men Neko Furry Others

Best Shops - new mesh bodies, outfits, animations - Petite Reborn Legacy Athena. GRIMM

18+. Short or tall. Ask Jeanne. No groups.

Be safe as 18+.

Free Private Homes, Islands, Hideaways for Caribou Grid Avatars. Others Ask Jeanne. Full Owner Rights.


Lilly Pond: Dear Jeanne I just can give you a hug! “Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.” 1 hour ago
I see that the small group of haters who are ruining the OpenSIM and OSW community have already gone into total madness and disregard for any rights, laws or at least basic respect for the rest of the world. These people now allow themselves to spread outright slander for which huge corporations have filed lawsuits against them and/or their contributors. They allow themselves, without any evidence or justification, to charge anyone who is not their slave with serious criminal offenses and pass final sentences.
I won't list them by name only because the OSW rules don't allow it. But we all know them.
I will continue my principle of not using any bans. But common sense forces me to take some measures to limit the access of haters, religious fanatics, extremists, extortionists and the mentally ill. Starting today, access to all my regions will be under the "Group Access Only" policy. If you want access - ask and after thinking about it, I might answer you...
The article “The Reality of Second Life’s Ageplay Problem”, is being discussed in the Box. I thought it was worth posting about this on the Front page.

Where to find the article: as of this moment, the article is on the social media site Medium. The site says that the content is “under review as a potential violation of our rules”. You can try a link provided in the box first by Arielle and reposted by Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix: Fred cautions, “if you don't want to see Ageplay of young boys, allegedly by several Lindens, don't click this link.”

If the article is removed from Medium, the author may decide to publish it elsewhere. If not, I know someone with a PDF of the article and is looking for a place to anonymously re-post it. However, doing so will need careful consideration, as it may result in some serious legal issues. If anyone wants to DM me with suggestions about where to publish the article, if that is needed, and I’ll pass the suggestion along.

As noted in the box by Arille, the r/secondlife page is allowing a heavily moderated discussion of the article. The Reddit mods say “The original article will not be posted here, it will be removed if posted, as will requests for the URL”. Even so, you might want to follow that discussion.

Jamie Wright provides a link to a New World Notes article which states, “I can now confirm through at least two highly credible sources that the company is indeed investigating these claims.” and “That's really all that can be reported at the moment”. In an update, they provide the link to the discussion on Reddit.

This post will be updated when more information is available. There might be more comments appearing in the box, but this post will provide a place for a more in-depth discussion.

NOTE: As of 11:30 pm OS time, the link to the Medium article still works. Also, it seems some of the more graphic pictures Fred warned about have been removed.

CherylBlossom: What has this to do with open sim? 4 hours ago

Wolf Abbey and Conference Centre

I thank Hyancith Bitchen Boards for providing me with a great surfboard and wave set...thank you...I also want to thank Chad Deischer at Nautilus for his great resources...thank you both...

thedeeferry: ♪.ıılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılıı.♫ "… Well, I've been thinking 'Bout all the places we've surfed and danced And all the faces we've missed So, let's get back together and do it again" -- Beach ... 6 hours ago
Good Morning Everyone
Greedy Gussies Saturday Morning
Greedy/Coffee Social - Voice Chat enabled!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴7:00am OST/10:AM EST ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫Parsons Creek Lodge✫
» Ride: Creek Lodge

┌───── •✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧• ─────┐
The Doors Special Tribute Ꭰꭺɴꮯꭼ Ꮲꭺꭱꭲꭹ @The Dome 1pm SLT
└───── •✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧• ─────┘
➤ Ꮃꮋꭺꭲ: The Doors Special Tribute Ꭰꭺɴꮯꭼ Ꮲꭺꭱꭲꭹ!
➤ Ꮃꮋꮻ: ᎠᎫ Chanel Hurricane, DJ Andron Rae ꭺɴꭰ ᎽᏫᏌ!
➤ Ꮃꮋꭼɴ: Ꭲꮻꭰꭺꭹ, Saturday March 02 2024
➤ Ꭲꮖꮇꭼ: Ꮐꭱꮖꭰ Ꭲꮖꮇꭼ 1:00 ᏢᎷ ᏚᏞᎢ (Ꮲꭺꮯifꮖꮯ)
➤ Ꮃꮋꭼꭱꭼ: Ꭲꮋꭼ Ꭰꮻꮇꭼ, Ꮪꮋꭺꭱꮖɴꮐ ꮖꮪ Ꮯꭺꭱꮖɴꮐ Ꮐꭱꮖꭰ!
ꮋꮻꮲ://ꮪꮋꭺꭱꮖɴꮐꮖꮪꮯꭺꭱꮖɴꮐ.fꭺꮇꮖꮮꭹ:8002:Ꭲꮋꭼ Ꭰꮻꮇꭼ
Jeanne and Monkey want to remind everyone of the Caribou Terms of Service which you find at You will also find Jeanne's information about some relevant issues. The website will be refreshed during the next few days.

Caribou remains open for 18+ Avatars from all grids as long as we can see that all visitors respect these few rules. It is in everybody's interest that there is a grid on the web where the internal conflicts do not reach.

We are a safe region for all 18+ Avatars when they are in Caribou and adapt to the rules. We cannot be reponsible for any old history.

Caribou is now a bit hurt, some regions have been taken out, but we try our best to get them repaired. Still there is lots to see in what is maybe the largest free adult playground in the grid worlds.

You are all sincerely welcome to the region that we ourselves love so much.


AVs from all Grids Welcome

Shemale Ladyboy TG 18+ M F Women Men Neko Furry Others

Best Shops - new mesh bodies, outfits, animations - Petite Reborn Legacy Athena. GRIMM

18+. Short or tall. Ask Jeanne. No groups.

Be safe as 18+.

Free Private Homes, Islands, Hideaways for Caribou Grid Avatars. Others Ask Jeanne. Full Owner Rights.

thedeeferry: Me wants the monkey ♡ ´・ᴗ・ `♡ 6 hours ago

----- NEW -----

HEXEN-Ambiente W I T C H Y Vibes on Greenworld Seasons and Greenworld Startpunkt (neighbour Sim) - several places, treehouse, magic cave, market und the new shop "Bell, Book & Candle" with broom parking. All freebies.
┌───── •✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧• ─────┐
The Doors Special Tribute Ꭰꭺɴꮯꭼ Ꮲꭺꭱꭲꭹ @The Dome 1pm SLT
└───── •✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧••✧✧• ─────┘
➤ Ꮃꮋꭺꭲ: The Doors Special Tribute Ꭰꭺɴꮯꭼ Ꮲꭺꭱꭲꭹ!
➤ Ꮃꮋꮻ: ᎠᎫ Chanel Hurricane, DJ Andron Rae ꭺɴꭰ ᎽᏫᏌ!
➤ Ꮃꮋꭼɴ: Ꭲꮻꭰꭺꭹ, Saturday March 02 2024
➤ Ꭲꮖꮇꭼ: Ꮐꭱꮖꭰ Ꭲꮖꮇꭼ 1:00 ᏢᎷ ᏚᏞᎢ (Ꮲꭺꮯifꮖꮯ)
➤ Ꮃꮋꭼꭱꭼ: Ꭲꮋꭼ Ꭰꮻꮇꭼ, Ꮪꮋꭺꭱꮖɴꮐ ꮖꮪ Ꮯꭺꭱꮖɴꮐ Ꮐꭱꮖꭰ!
ꮋꮻꮲ://ꮪꮋꭺꭱꮖɴꮐꮖꮪꮯꭺꭱꮖɴꮐ.fꭺꮇꮖꮮꭹ:8002:Ꭲꮋꭼ Ꭰꮻꮇꭼ
The "I have an idea" post was created to stimulate discussion about ideas. I give myself a fail for that idea. Thanks to the few that commented and those who liked it. I have deleted said post.

Have a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious weekend! ♥
A new attraction on Stark Straits, a gallery of AI art that does not take itself too seriously, being created from fantasy and desires by a complete novice!!! You will love it or hate it, it is the marmite gallery!!!!!! It it is called Niki's Checkerboard Museum of AI Art.

Sodasullivan: Woosh! a very fun and wild experience. I recommend a visit 7 hours ago
Veröffentlichung im Auftrag für Smaili Me, als Mitglied unserer Peaceisland Gruppe

Einige Mitglieder des Soul Grid sind wohl Gehirnlos und agieren beleidigend, sie können nicht eine Meinung gegenüber einer Auseinandersetzung oder einem Streit unterscheiden. Liebe Nasti eine Streitverursachung ist dies was du letztes Jahr gemacht hast, du weißt wo (Phil Collins Live) hier hast du eine hinterlästige Aufhetzung gegenüber Personen betrieben, was ich nun im Nachhinein erfahren habe, nachdem der Tommy und Crazy nicht mehr zur Party von Sylvia ins GWG gehen wollten.
Letztes Jahr wiederum, bei einer Party von Genie (Offworld) hast du Nasti und Karin als Sylvia zur Party kam und noch nicht einmal gerezzt war, Sylvia entwürdigt und angegriffen, das sie sofort weg ging und dies öffentlich, hier hat sich keiner eingemischt obwohl das unter aller Würde war, wenn ihr euch nicht mehr daran erinnert kann ich mit Offenlegung nachhelfen.

Und was ich am vergangenen Freitag am 23.Februar 2024 bei der Party vom Genie (Offworld) wo ich sachlich der AnaKathy.Rosenburg meine Meinung geäussert hatte
und hierzu über das Verhalten von sich einmischenden anwesenden Soul Mitgliedern und speziell über Karin feststellen musste in ihrer IM Nachricht dazu an mich, das diese Person weder eine Erziehung noch ein Ausbildung genossen haben kann, sie schreibt mir unter anderem im Wortlaut: du dreckige du kannst doch nicht unsere Souler die Ana angreifen
Jetzt verstehe ich auch liebe Nasti warum du nie alleine zu einer Party gehst und deine gehirnlosen Bodyguards dabei sein müssen.

Ich würde mich riesig über eine Äusserung von euch freuen, aber ich würde vorschlagen uns an neutralem Platz am besten nicht in Schriftform sondern zum Reden zu treffen mit Chill entspannender Musik im Hintergrund damit euere Gehirnzellen vielleicht beruhigt werden und wenn euer Still wieder auf assoziale Sprüche überschlägt und die Leute die euch noch nicht kennen kann man dies ja mit härterem Musiktönen übertönen und danach PARTYTIME !
Dieser neutrale Ort kann in Sandbox oder auch bei Micky im GWG sein, nicht zu vergessen, wozu er vorher befragt werden muss.

Noch etwas zu Ana Kathy, liebe Ana du weißt ab und an nicht was du redest und von dir gibst, ich will dir nicht zu nahe treten aber der Anschein erweckt es wie wenn du Persönlichkeitsstörungen hättest, ich kann dir einen Ratschlag geben, lass dir helfen.

Noch eine Bemerkung von mir Tommy und Crazy mischen sich in meine Belange nicht ein, sie verhalten sich nicht wie Souler. Ich bezahle auch kein Schutzgeld für mein virtuelles Dasein und Zuhause.

Ich schenke euch ein schönes Lächeln, was ich vorläufig in mein Profil real als Bild eingestellt habe, es ist zwar nicht mein wunderschönes Lächeln aber für die Souler reicht dies aus.

Smaili Me :)))))

P.S. ich bedanke mich recht herzlich bei dir Crazy das ich dies hier auf diesem Forum einstellen durfte.

Published on behalf of Smaili Me, as a member of our Peaceisland group

Some members of the Soul Grid appear to be brainless and abusive, unable to distinguish an opinion from an argument or argument.
Dear Nasti, what caused an argument is what you did last year, you know where (Phil Collins Live) here you were insidiously inciting people, which I now found out afterwards after Tommy and Crazy stopped going to Sylvia's party wanted to go to the GWG.

Last year again, at a Genie (Offworld) party, when Sylvia came to the party and wasn't even rezzed, you degraded and attacked Sylvia, so she immediately left and did so publicly. Nobody interfered here, even though that was the case was beneath all dignity, if you don't remember it, I can help by disclosing it.

And what I said last Friday on February 23, 2024 at the Genie (Offworld) party, where I objectively expressed my opinion to AnaKathy.Rosenburg and about the behavior of soul members present who were interfering and especially about Karin, she had to realize in her IM message to me that this person could not have had any upbringing or training. Among other things, she wrote to me verbatim: you dirty, you can´t attack our Soulers, here the Ana.

Now I understand, dear Nasti, why you never go to a party alone and your mindless bodyguards have to be there.

I would be very happy to hear from you, but I would suggest meeting in a neutral place, ideally not in writing form but in talking, with chill, relaxing music in the background so that your brain cells might be calmed down and if your silence turns back to anti-social sayings and the people who don't know you yet, you can drown this out with harder music and then PARTYTIME!

This neutral location can be in Sandbox or with Mickey in the GWG, not forgetting what he needs to be asked about beforehand.

One more thing about Ana Kathy, dear Ana, you sometimes don't know what you're saying and what you're saying, I don't want to offend you, but it seems like you have personality disorders, I can give you some advice, let me help you .

Another comment from me Tommy and Crazy don't interfere in my concerns, they don't behave like Soulers.
I also don't pay protection money for my virtual existence and home.

I'll give you a beautiful smile, which I've temporarily put up as a picture in my profile. It's not my most beautiful smile, but it's enough for the Soulers.

Smaili Me :)))))

P.S. I would like to thank you very much, Crazy, for allowing me to post this here on this forum.

Smaili Me: Marty das was du als Mist definierst wollte ich privat abklären aber war nicht machbar um die Sache abschliessen zu können. Ein Disput war nie mein Ziel. 10 hours ago

Luxor at Wolf Territories Grid

Aurora Starchild: Oh wow :O ...also...Aliiiiens... :P That looks like the Stargate version of Luxor with the mothership just landing 10 hours ago

Dorena im Wunderland.^^

falene hawks: Bonjour ho mais la zolie voiture 13 hours ago

It's Friday night and we're declaring it the weekend!! DJ Mike has turned on his stream at The Ravo - Just behind the landing at Nysa! Bring your friends, pets, family, random peeps off the street and LETS PARTY!!!

Mike & Zoey ♥
Bereitet euch vor, Leute!

Der berüchtigte Blue Monday ist zurück im Club XY und er verspricht, euch aus eurer Winterdepression zu reißen

und euch in eine sommerliche Stimmung zu versetzen – ganz gleich, ob das Wetter draußen mitspielt oder nicht!

Am 4. März 2024 ab 21:00 Uhr öffnen sich die Türen des Club XY, und ihr seid eingeladen, eine Nacht voller rhythmischer Vibes zu erleben.

Xenos wird die Plattenteller von 21:00 Uhr bis 23:00 Uhr übernehmen und euch mit den Reggae-Klassikern der 60er bis 80er Jahre zum Tanzen bringen.

Erinnerungen an Sonnenuntergänge am Strand und lässige Vibes sind garantiert!

Aber haltet eure Tanzschuhe fest, denn ab der zweiten Stunde bis zum bitteren Ende wird der Sound noch härter und wilder!

Reggae trifft auf Metal und andere böse Genres, die eure Seele zum Beben bringen werden.

Lasst euch überraschen und bringt eure wildesten Moves mit!

Als Vorgeschmack ab 20:00 Uhr gibt euch „The Process“, eine amerikanische Reggae-Band aus Detroit, Michigan, USA, einen Vorgeschmack auf das, was euch erwartet.

Und vergesst nicht, dass der Sommer bereits Einzug hält – also packt eure Badeklamotten aus oder entscheidet euch für weniger, denn im Club XY gibt es keine Grenzen!

Folgt den Teleportern, um sicherzustellen, dass ihr den Weg findet.

Und für diejenigen, die nur zuhören möchten:

Schaltet ein auf oder nutzt die TuneIn-App auf eurem Handy, um Xenolandia zu hören!

Die Party findet statt im Club XY, Taxi:

Lasst uns gemeinsam den Blue Monday in den heißesten Montag des Jahres verwandeln! Seid dabei oder verpasst die Party eures Lebens!

Weitere Informationen findet ihr auf unserer Website:

Bis bald, ihr Tanzwütigen!

Join us at the Piazza at 3 pm grid time, for a couple of hours of fun and music while Rockin' Robert spins the tunes for us via his radio station Wax Radio.
The Piazza, where good friends and great music always come together. Lagoon

Spontan Party



When we last left my meandering rant, i mentioned that my landlord and (Undecel Masala at Masala Estates!) regarding two regions that had popped up right next to mine. I was "Avedon Park" and they were Avedon Forest and another name. When I explained that I had no relation at all to the owners of those regions, my landlord and HERO was kind enough to lift my region up and move it elsewhere. Apparently, they were just trying to copy as much of my whole damn region as they could. And soon enough, a region pops up using the same naming concept as me. (Avedon Park, How about Avedon's Peak? Mark's Park? or Avedon Place? Oh well. As so many like to argue, this is how we roll in OS and it "happens all the time". The saddest part is that these are people I associate with and consider friends!

Jump ahead only a month or so later that I started releasing the history or "lore" I have created and posting it here for people to enjoy. It is an overall narrative that applies not only to the region in OS but is also being used as part of a graphic novel, artwork, and music. It was less than a week that a similar "history' with just a minor change or two popped up at the previously mentioned region.
Anyone who says copying is the best form of flattery should be stripped naked, tied to the back of a truck, and drug down a main street.) Again, you can make endless arguments about how "everyone does it" "that is how OS works" and "no laws are being broken" (though I am learning fast that is questionable!). The point is that it shows a complete lack of INTEGRITY. It is such a shitty thing to do, especially in OS, where you are not likely to make any sort of financial gain from it, you are just doing it for "likes" and laziness.

But enough whinging. What can you really do about any of this? Well, after some research, I probably more than you think, especially if you live in the US.

First, say something! Even if you end up being wrong, it is important to publicly express your feelings on the issue and explain your work.

Second, Copywrites and protection through the DMCA are fairly easy and cheap (ie Free) to acquire. You can file for protection yourself for free, OR you can find someone who is already protected and simply absorb your content into their protection. And in the US you often don't have to file ANYTHING to be protected if your idea has been completed and made public, you can seek DMCA protections.

Now, and here we go back to just needing some integrity.

Idea vs. Expression:
Ideas themselves cannot be copyrighted. This means that the core concept or plot of your project cannot be exclusively protected by copyright.
However, the expression of that idea—how you write it down, how you present it, and certain details or traits—can be protected. (This is the future path I am walking but you should choose what works for you)

Also, OSGrid and other grids need to do more to police themselves. Know the difference between BOB Q Guy buying an item in SL or Kitely, copying it and bringing into Open Sim, and handing it out, as compared to someone just taking a person's work without payment or permission, and then claiming it as their own idea or concept. And don't assist them by allowing them to use your website and tools to promote a hijacked concept.

And finally, when it happens just speak out. you will take hell for it and you might even be WRONG, but speak up and let people know this hurts you.

and wow, did I just ramble on or what?? Sorry about that, but I do think there is a possible "integrity deficit" in our house and it would be up to us each to change that. I now climb off my teeny tiny soapbox and just wish you ALL a happy weekend. Feel free to come by Avedon Park and visit. We welcome everyone.

Verna Avril: I total agree with all your statements ..... they can hunt and shop and go to all trouble to get things and peoples regions should be safe from copy especially either copy all the best stu... yesterday

Was reading the back and forth of the infamous "arcane texture on my dance floor" with some interest. I have no connection to anyone involved, including Marianna, but this quote from her post hit home with me:

" they're not just copying pixels—they're co-opting the creative vision and storytelling of the original artist. They're diluting the integrity of the work and robbing it of its unique identity."
That is a huge problem for any creator, from Taylor Swift (who has to re-record her entire library after getting it stolen out from under her), all the way down to the poor guy who created that arcane texture god knows how many years ago years that probably 100 people have used without permission. From all indications, it is truly a bad problem in Open Sim. I wager this is why many artists who support themselves by their work or who want their ideas protected are hesitant to invest time or money into the "wild west' of OSGrid or open sim in general. To reiterate, I am not talking about copying an object or texture or pulling something from Second Life and redoing it. There are legitimate reasons for this. We are talking about the stealing of narrative and overall concepts that an individual created. Basically stealing someone's dream that they have risked sharing with the world.

Here is a small example:

It was only months ago I arrived in OS and decided to open up a small space on the OSGrid, Avedon Park. It was only days after that I was contacted by my landlord (Shout out to Undecel Masala at Masala Estates! THE BEST VIRTUAL LAND PROVIDER IN THE WORLD) regarding two regions that had popped up right next to be continued.

Marianna: I have always been a Swiftie, thank you. yesterday
....just another boring mall store.


Come out and grab a board and enjoy the fun at Friends Mall. The skatepark has been custom made for you with half pipes, ramps and bowls. Never skated before........perfect...virtual worlds let us experience some new things.

Skate and Shop (you can carry more when you are on wheels).

p.s skateboards ARE allowed in stores at Friends Mall

Heute Latin Dance Night mit Djane Arpo Avalon im German World Grid! Seit mit dabei und bringt gute Laune mit. Wir beginnen wie immer um 20 Uhr ♥

Today I would like to talk to you about Hypergrid Games in AvatarLife.

Many times there has been talk of grids that have been improperly and unjustifiably advertised on Opensimworld in a misleading way, I don't understand how AvatarLife is still present here.

First of all, they don't have an open grid to Hypergrid; AvatarLife users, just like what happened in the past with Avitron, do not accept HG connections, neither outgoing nor incoming, yet they are FULL of things coming from Opensimulator (probably their team can go out for shopping...), from bodies to clothes to much more.

Furthermore, the region that is being advertised here is totally inappropriate, not only because it is unreachable for users, but also because it shows as reachable and instead requires registration (this can be read in the comments of the region).

To activate an account to purchase virtual currency, you also have to provide them with a document (something that not even Second Life requires unless in particular cases where it is really necessary).

No respect for privacy on the website, disregarding international laws.

There are plenty of Opensimulator grids that offer casinos where you can play safely and legally; one of these is for example Wolf Territories Grid, but there are others as well, while AvatarLife seems to have very little in terms of legitimacy, there are no official licenses for the use of currency in line with European laws, and some time ago there was a rather suspicious document regarding the validity of their RNG (Random Number Generator), which usually applies to European Video Lotteries and has little to do with Opensimulator scripts or LSL in general.

It would be interesting to understand, since there is no declared company behind this grid, with what legal premise (with servers based in England and therefore under English jurisdiction) they can be sure to be compliant.

But what surprises me the most is that the internal team is the same as AviTron's, and the modus operandi is the same; they take ideas from other platforms (and propose them in a borderline absurd way) both technically and architecturally.

So, I don't understand how their region is still allowed to be listed for advertising if they have little to do with HG.

Do you think they can be trusted? Not for me.

I have advised many to block incoming and outgoing connections from this grid, just as it happened with Avitron; users won't suffer from it since they can't travel in HG, only their staff members who go around taking things from Opensim and then passing through other grids will be affected, so blocking them to some extent seems reasonable, and if I were you, I would do it.

I would like some explanations on this matter, perhaps, so if I am mistaken, they can demonstrate their truths here.

Panthera Mayor: AvatarLife Grid is a closed grid and cannot hg there or out of there. yesterday
Proud of our overhaul of the gaming region at Hypergrid Games ! Take a look at the 360 image on our profile :) Welcome for all games lovers; just make yourself an account in 5 minutes at:

OpenLife: It is not accessible via Hypergrid. You are not familiar with the rules of this platform; your region should be reported to the site administrators. yesterday
Just to be clear, I have always pursued my own ideas in my work and have never been interested in replicating what others have done. Because of that my work is easily identifiable wherever it is on the hypergrid. So when I heard that I had stolen someone else's idea for a dance floor I laughed. Pictured above is an event at my Aeroclub on July 13th, 2018 on Bill Blight's old grid (OpensimLife), now gone since he retired. I was using arcane textures on dance floors even back then. When I built the Lotus Club early last year on Luxor I created a similar dance floor because that's what I liked. And no, it would never bother me that someone else got a similar idea on their own. I remember when Essensual bought my Grand Ballroom then invited me over to see it. She had completely remodeled it into a gorgeous Art Deco style. I could still see my objects and textures but I loved how she creatively rearranged everything and added in some of her own textures. That's the way it should be in Opensim.

Nico Kalani: I'm going to sue the Munchkins for putting an occult symbol on their floor. :) 2 days ago
I have new requests for new charm bracelets. Themes are fun, especially for events. If you would like a special bracelet designed for your grid just IM with the details Thank you for all the IM and support! It is always such an inspiration reading your notes, thank you I love you too 𖨆♡𖨆

Marianna: A recent IM asked "What is a good resource for mesh clothing. I will post here so that you can refer back to this post for the links-----> To the dudes out there saying we need more clothes for the g... 2 days ago

Here my last creation : .: The SPEEDRIX :.
A Flying Hoverbike

Mistressdalgato: so cool! 2 days ago

The Box
CyberGlo CyberStar 1 hour ago
I am awake. :)
Arielle 5 hours ago
Most important part is that many bad decisions were made by the Lab on a technical level and Opensim followed in lockstep
Pagane 9 hours ago
some peopple is too excited to read most important part of SL post: "both the accusations themselves and whether they have defamatory intent..." I'm not sure how many ageplay or pedophiles exists in SL or OS, but BOTH is full with defamation and hatred!
Mistressdalgato 16 hours ago
I think some people live under a rock. underage looking avatars is not ageplay! I am so tired of sl and virtual worlds thinking it is, i really hope they put in end to that stuff. part of thep roblem is places that allow child avatars.
Nico Kalani 17 hours ago
My thx to all you who commented here about the Medium article. Check out the post about the issue on the front page.
JayR Cela 18 hours ago
I was wondering if there are any "Jonny Quest" the Hanna-Barbera animated cartoon series themed Sims, Groups or Grids are out there somewhere ? / LOL :_)
Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix 18 hours ago
And in case anyone cares, there's only one thing in search and I am not banning anything anywhere.
Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix 19 hours ago
FYI, if you don't want to see Ageplay of young boys, allegedly by several Lindens, don't click this link. I think I'll be using some of the product names and come up with a ban system for these in the Global Opensim Search.
Fred Beckhusen/Ferd Frederix 19 hours ago
reposted link
Jamie Wright 20 hours ago
Well yeah when you have shit going on for'll catch up eventually.
Arielle 20 hours ago
But for some it certainly helped click things into place and understand the why.
Arielle 20 hours ago
Mismanagement is hard to validate if it is coming from the top down.
Jamie Wright 20 hours ago
Sounds like a mess. Glad we're over here.
Arielle 20 hours ago
There is more to it then the play but also allegations why there is so much alleged mismanagement
KrisTina 20 hours ago
They will never figure that out and will lie to cover it. :)
Arielle 20 hours ago
Their Forum and Reddit heavily moderated in case it blows up.
Jamie Wright 21 hours ago
For some reason I can't read the medium article but yikes because I get the gist from the title.
Jamie Wright 21 hours ago
@Arielle Is it this?
Arielle 21 hours ago
Jamie Wright 21 hours ago
What happened in SL?
Arielle 21 hours ago
Glad my predominant focus is Opensim and not SL right now with what is going on there.
Jamie Wright 21 hours ago
@Pagane are you saying you help people who love to ban...ban everyone? Wouldn't it be more effective to just leave? You wouldn't see any
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Aurora Starchild 38 minutes ago
Some more snaps:
Lilly Pond 1 hour ago
Dear Jeanne I just can give you a hug! “Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.”
CherylBlossom 4 hours ago
What has this to do with open sim?
TylerSimkins 4 hours ago
Linden Labs knows... Never bite the hand that feed you. Loki has been producing content in SL and marketplace since 2010 , Aspen resorts has been there since 2007. revenue traded in millions of USD in...
Star Ravenhurst 5 hours ago
This stuff has been going on for years. Back in the day when I was in SL and had never heard of OS, I had a large, successful rental property with 80 apartments, 12 sky boxes, cottages, and a castle i...
Cintoli 5 hours ago
I have been repeatedly banned from SL for "ageplay" I never committed and whenever I tried to appeal I was treated like a criminal. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around.
Star Ravenhurst 6 hours ago
I am here for you if you need anything at all. (((HUGS)))
thedeeferry 6 hours ago
Hope and wish the best for you, Jeanne ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
Sodasullivan 7 hours ago
This article, if true, is VERY disturbing and every claim seems well researched and documented. Also, if it proves to be accurate, LL has no one to blame but themselves. Personally, i have no probl...


Extreme Surfing
It is a different beach from the common one.. excellent
Karlos33pr 12 hours ago
Loved Shopping here!!! Very organized!! Thank you!!
IndigoQueen King 16 hours ago
Haven of Memories
So very beautiful!! All the work that went into all this .. and it's just so touching and so lovely. Honestly one of the most serene and gorgeous lands I have ever visited!
Milly Money 22 hours ago
Hypergrid Games
not working on hypergrid.
FreshVirtualWorld 24 hours ago
Shaggy Hollow
Always a pleasure to visit Shaggy Hollow. Time and again, I find things I missed before and must have now. Thanks for sharing your art, Debra.
thedeeferry yesterday
Kaydi Rose Designs
surprising findings :) Thank you
Bebe 2 days ago
A beautiful landscape!
Thirza Ember 2 days ago
Shaggy Hollow
Awesome place. I found so much I was looking for.
Tigerkitti Eberdene 3 days ago
Wild River Ranch
i love this region its like being out in the country
Sherryb45 3 days ago

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