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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
AviTron is now affiliated with the grid Sacrarium.
AviTron has built an unique teleport hub that takes you straight to Sacrarium grid where you will find great content, high end items!
But only AviTron grid residents can enjoy this. Items do not go out of AviTron. Export is blocked.

OSG is down, if you want regular updates go to the General forum:

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ 80`s CLUB CLASSIC PARTY ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁
Saturday 16.October 2021
starts with Warmup arround 12:30 pm OS time
Partystart at 01:00pm OS time
▶▷▶WHO: ☊ DJ CRAZY ☊
▶▷▶HOST: ✯ Carmen Jewel ✯
☯☊☯WHAT: ♬Back in time to 80´s CLUB ♬

♥ ✯• P ⒶRtY TImÊ ⓄN •✯♥
Dance Classics - Electronic Funk - and more ...........................
☛ come as you are - Adults Only !
ⓛⓞⓥⓔ ⓂⓊⓈⒾⒸ ♥ c ya soon !
DJ Kith spins your Friday Night Blues at Rockin' the Blues at 7:30
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid!
When: 7:30 tonite! DJ Macy on stage now! [15 Oct 2021 19:30 SLT]
DJ Kith is well known for his upbeat, modern, high energy blues! He spins tunes you instantly fall in love with and that reach into your heart and soul and bring out the best in everyone!! When Kith spins..the house rocks and shakes...the excitement is crazy and the Tribe is full of laughter and happiness! Sound like something you'd like?? YES!! I know you will!! Come join us and get your happy on with friends old and new, fabulously cool blues and the most fun you'll have all week!! Bring your Blues Requests too!! See you there!!! Bayou

Hot Damn! DJ Dick Pinelli rocks some Roadhouse Blues tonight at 7PM

The door swings open and DJ Dick Pinelli walks in! Everyone knows what's in store next as one of the finest DJ's in the Open Sims is about to lay down the blues in the juke Joint! DJ Dick has years of experience both as a virtual world DJ and as a professional radio DJ, and brings all that experience to every set he plays! All Gas, No Brakes -- Pure Blues Boogie from start to finish is what's on tap.. Join us! Tonight! At GasWorks
The story of an AI and her creator. Now happening in a virtual world name AviTron. Real avatars participate in the story. They are real characters from a real virtual world.
Link is here , start from episode 1. Season 1 is done. up to episode 12.

Schedule Change! DJ BlueLou - NOW until 7PM

Schedule shuffle tonight! DJ BlueLou to fill in until 7PM when the amazing Dick Pinelli comes on! Come get Blues'd up on a Friday night! GasWorks!

6-7 with DJ BlueLou, and he is giving us a set of rockin' Roadhouse Blues. Come party tonight with your friends, or meet some new ones - with BlueLou and GasWorks - Tonight!
DJ Macy spins your Blues at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00PM (SLT)
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 tonite[15 Oct 2021 18:00 SLT]
DJ Macy kicks off our weekend of blues at 6 pm at Rockin' the Blues, and I tell you what! Macy may be soft spoken...but man oh man can she rock the blues! Scratch that blues itch NOW!! DJ Macy got the cure you need!!! Super Blues!!! Come on down to the Bayou tonight for fun, friendship and great blues with DJ Macy, her smexy sidekick Pixey and the Blues Tribe! Bayou

♬ Club Huang 2 ♬

My first edition of Steampunk Hand Tools now available at EQG Steampunk Festival.
Includes Rotary Gun (think cordless screw or drill), Auto-adjustable Wrench ('crescent wrench'), and a Ratchet Driver (socket ratchet drive, but this one 'drives' itself). Also includes the (ugly) toolbox. None of the tools "function", but the hand tools look great.

Inspired by a set I saw online, but I made these myself. More to come. Steampunk Festival

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

now a little bit of ChinaTown on BastelWastel. have a lot of fun building it makes your world a little more interesting
etzt neu auf BastelWastel ein kleines bisschen ChinaTown . habt viel spass beim bauen macht eure Welt ein bisschen intressanter
Monentes Jewelry is Exclusive Jewelry created solely by Marianna Monentes, some have wondered why it is not sold in SL why is it here in OS? Monentes Jewelry started out in SL and had a store for two years, friends asked me to create jewelry at GCG for a Christmas Party then asked me to open a store there. In Opensim I never charged much for the jewelry, the love of creating and gifting to friends gave me more pleasure. I continue to create exclusive jewelry for OS, I continue to give to friends. I find more pleasure here than in SL, thank you for your inspiration.
Goodmorning everyone, The Golden Age region instabilityproblems seem to be solved. If you still having problems to enter, pls contact the gridowner Kashi Takeshi. He will restart the region which will fix the problem. Thanks for your patience, Avia
Sorry for delay. The Ausgrid is down cause of motherboard faulty and i have new motherboard but have to wait for cpu and ram sticks. The reason of motherboard faulty i get is restarting pc, memory dump, software behaviours. Hope it will be back soon when i get new parts. Sorry for inconvenience.

Under construction... New Charmed Mall is coming to the Garden.

It's YJ the DJ! Tonight with Blues you can use! 7PM

Ready for some of the real thing? YJ the DJ is at GasWorks tonight at 7PM to take you into the night with a great selection of Blues and tunes to move your feet and getcha dancing! YJ thrives playing some of the best Blues out there, so grab a friend or two and come take in his show! Grab the hop and come on down to the Juke Joint! Come on down to GasWorks for YJ the DJ! Always Blues Done Right!

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

Many thanks to everyone who visited the Boat! You are a wonderful company. It was fun MOOOOOOO ;)
Special thanks to DjCrazy for the spontaneous mix and photography and Carmen for helping guests.

DJ Lady B TONIGHT! at GasWorks 5PM

Yes sir! It's DJ LadyB night! Great Blues and R&B, no excuses and delivered in a way that is sure to strike a chord with everyone! Always willing to play what you want to hear, so bring your requests, and bring your friends! Find out what this terrific DJ has to offer! Easy to take in the show, just take the hop and find yourself with all the fine folks at GasWorks! Always Blues Done Right! Starts up at 5PM
5 special gifts "THE BRANDO" for our supporters had been elaborated by Arcadia now found on the beach to pick-up ; it is the "Special Gramophone" with an old Tahitian song edited "Tahiti Nui MAREVA MA"... grab it this week as fast as you can ! With many thanks from "The Brando" for your fidelity...!
CAPRICA on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: Oct 14 2021 14:00 SLT
Liquid Drum&Bass, Jungle, Intelligent Drum&Bass dj-set by @Caprica djay

Stream provided by: TDR.
...dust kickin', boot stompin', gun slingin', chew spittin' (yes we have spitoons) dirt roads, weeds, saloon, mercantile with free gifts , barn, with barn dancin' I think you get the idea. This is a rip roarin' kinda town, not for the squeamish of heart! Ghost Town

Following essential maintenance, Uzuri is back!

Party at Club Soto Tropicana

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Pagane 6 minutes ago
Great! Now only must create own ClosedSimWorld server and leave us:)
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First i thought : Well, two closed grids having an alliance. How boring. Why they advertise it here ? Then i realized the message. The guy that fucked up his grid members in the past, is fucking up no...
Beauty Zone 60 minutes ago
Welcome you !!! is only Ferraries could closely associate with number one grid :)
Cyberglo 4 hours ago
Please remember that not all people are the same. Some suffer mental disorders, some addiction disorders, and so on. I know that one person causing much drama here is a bad alcoholic. This person c...
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So, correct me if I misunderstand this thread. If as an opensim user I am not schooled in creating mesh items, I am a loser? Perhaps, I just enjoy shopping and rezzing and looking at stuff, does thi...
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i heard that the sacrarium grid doesn't have anything new anymore, that once you pay the $25.00 it's the same old thing as yesterday. I heard they are just scamming people out of money then laughing a...
Carmen Jewel 11 hours ago
Looking good Logan :)
Panthera Mayor 13 hours ago
Those items are old that time when scararium grid was opened to hypergrid and then now after scararium grid closed to hypergrid then why go punish people and grid owners for old items.
Kylie Brimmer 13 hours ago
little breath grid url had changed now that one gone but now changed to GBG World that is Also is gone and some grids probably are gone on that listed grids on...
Cyberglo 15 hours ago
Many times a traveler comes to a fork in the road, and it's up to him which he will take.
OpenSimUser 18 hours ago
Evidently im not blind: This region is not on Hypergrid or the Hypergrid address is wrong.