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Magical Fairies Pass 4 Fairies Pass 4 - 1 Users
WONDERLAND HEAVEN FARMS This is the place where I have my home farm and I am also making a Sanctuary for extinct & homeless animals that can no longer survive in the wild. So, I have taken them in to live in my Sanctuary where they are free to roam and thrive & produce more of their own kind. Ev...
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Candoranien RP RP - 0 Users
Candoranien eine deutsche Mittelalter - Rollenspiel Welt im CandorsRPWorld Grid auf 3 Sims je 4x4. Weit zurück in die Vergangenheit Anno I 500, sind wir angesiedelt. Unser Land und unsere Geschichte versuchen wir historisch und glaubwürdig dem Mittelalter nach zu gestalten. no kids (ban direc...
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Mintor - 0 Users
Visit the Farm shop with loads of new items for your VivoSim system then take a stroll to the Petting zoo and on through the nature reserve, art gallery and farm. Then head back for some delicious food in the cafe which you can use the VivoSim to eat it! Visit the ever growing Shop where all all...
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AMV Community Farm Community Farm - 0 Users
Welcome to AMV Community Farm .. a large residential and farming region created especially for the AMV Community.. Everyone is welcome! The concept is based on Satyr Farming and its various extensions, and many of the items have been made by Paige Thane and April McKenna and are only found on AMV....
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Hidden Cove Ranch Cove Ranch - 0 Users
Farming, horseback Riding, Living the country style. enjoying my farm, family and friends Great place to visit ... make some changes.
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Fae Farms Farms - 0 Users
Most of the Satyr farm objects here are now turned off, but still plenty of copyable stuff can be found. Lots of pretty scenery, great photography, a little romance, and the quad cars are fun for 4Wdriving.
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The Maj3sty Syrian Aram Empire Maj3sty Syrian Aram Empire - 0 Users
The Maj3sty Syrian Aram Empire
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Orsea - 0 Users
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Lugo - 0 Users
Lugo is an 'old world' residential and farming region with the Lugo castle estate containing a VivoSim shopping market.
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Wildwood Farm Farm - 0 Users
My Satyrfarm region Freebies, fishing, farmstyle fun :)
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Haven Farm Farm - 0 Users
Satyr Farm with cows chickens etc and many free farms etc. Included is a club house. Drop and visit us.
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River Run Run - 0 Users
My home and satyr farm using Quintonia additions. Still working on the region, but visitors are welcome any time.
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isle of Pan Delights of Pan Delights - 0 Users
Gee's hangout place to meet friends build and enjoy Peace
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Clydesdale Ranch Ranch - 0 Users
Clydesdale Farm Ranch all kinds of crops and farm animals, feel free to visit.
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~Stillness of Calm~ 2 of Calm~ 2 - 0 Users
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Rabenfluegel - 0 Users
A place for Dwarves, s and a small farm embedded in the landscape
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Sciavos Prosperity Farm Prosperity Farm - 0 Users
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Prim Grass World Grass World - 0 Users
we love grass
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Vibrant - 0 Users
Vibrant is my home region where I enjoy playing at my little Satyr Farm. Are you curious and would you like to try it out? Find out yourself. the farm has public access and you can play along as you like. I modified several objects to a more realistic look & feel (they are Full Perm if you'd ...
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Magnolia - 0 Users
Build in progress, four seasons: freebies, fishing, farming, ice skating and much more to come.
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Kling Farm Farm - 0 Users
Hobby Farm- We also have a group joiner so people with this type of farm can talk with each other about things that can be improved or added to make are farms better. SATYR FARM. Also see their G+
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Sciavos Prosperity Farm Prosperity Farm - 0 Users
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Ada Red Red - 0 Users
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Magnolia Cove Cove - 0 Users
I run my Satyr Farm on my own grid, Pacifica with Dreamgrid. Not online 24/7.
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Blue Otis Otis - 0 Users
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IG Satyr Farm Satyr Farm - 0 Users
4x4 VAR region hosting the Infiniti Grid: Evolution Satyr Farm. Join the group to work the farm. You can also use either an Infiniti Account or a HG account to access a parcel for your own farming needs. (landscaping work in progress).
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Almost Farm Farm - 0 Users
Starting the Satyr Farm and having much fun with it lol
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Alarian - 0 Users
Rp sim that uses Konk Combat and Satyrfarms roleplay systems to add to the reality. over 15 sims worth of play area. Some nudity is allowed for character reality. No child avatars Allowed.
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Sahara Forest And Farms Forest And Farms - 0 Users
Beautiful Farm and forest. SatyrFarm Farming System. Be kind to others and enjoy your visit.
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Rose Wood Farm Wood Farm - 0 Users
Welcome! Happy to be a farmer
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Spitfire Kingdom Kingdom - 0 Users
Have Q2 fork of Satyrfarm and also have some stuff im making.
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Eternal Love Love - 0 Users
Soon to be the 12 Districts Of Panem of differnt cultures , with farming and more ( still Under Construction )
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New Tampa Tampa - 0 Users
a place to meet with friends. have fun, chat, dance. etc. also fun breeding and farming.
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Inya Farm Farm - 0 Users
A work in progress! My farm will have everything from plants, grains, animals, and even a beautiful trail to ride your horse through. I hope you come visit and watch the progress
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DreamsDaimondsSparklesLightWonderland - 0 Users
DreamsDaimondsSparklesLightWonderLand is een land waar alleen sparkleslight om je heen ziet elk van deze sparkleslight's zijn licthtjes die je eigen voetstappen in het leven representeerd die je dromen die je hebt om je doelen in het leven te bereiken. Durf jij dit land binnen te komen om je verwach...
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Moon Dance Dance - 0 Users
Home of .:Moon Dance Designs:., Mirror/Mirror, Promises, A Little Dare, and MDD Classic Style for Men. The region also offers places to relax and chill, and Crescent Moon Farms, our Satyr Farm. The shopping plaza also offers shop rentals as well. Adjacent to Crescent Cove, home of Southern Breeze cl...
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Trumufleyg - 0 Users
As the gods are being restored in Asgard, they restored Midgard for the people of that world to start over, these people are called "Earthlings" by some, but they call themselves Vikings.
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Alsium - 0 Users
Alsium, and the roleplay which occurs here, is "loosely" based on the historical ancient Roman city of Alsium but it is merely an interpretation of what may have occured there.
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Gekas Home Home - 0 Users
The OFFICIAL SATYR FARM MEGA REGION! For all things Satyr Farm, Come Here!
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La cite des Sacres_Reims cite des Sacres_Reims - 0 Users
C'est une région de style orientale, avec la savane, la jungle, avec des animaux, et la ville. Ville avec une petite ferme Satyfarm avec des animaux de ferme. En visitant, vous trouverez un petit marcher, des objets copiables. Et un endroit caché dans le désert, une caverne d'alibaba :) Je vous la...
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Star Island Island - 0 Users
My home and jumping off point to the rest of the metaverse. Running a small Q2 Satyr pot and squirrel farm.
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m grid 1 grid 1 - 0 Users
I am proud to be a member of OS grid its a fun place to play build display art i modelled my sandbox after mage in second life if you see me and will drop me your pictures and i will display them maybe
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Farm - 0 Users
My Satyr Farm region, feel free to visit and hang out with my cows and Farmer Schtroumpf.
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Rivers Estate Estate - 0 Users
a new farm come visit
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My Paradise Paradise - 0 Users
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