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Fae Farms
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Most of the Satyr farm objects here are now turned off, but still plenty of copyable stuff can be found.
Lots of pretty scenery, great photography, a little romance, and the quad cars are fun for 4Wdriving.

Fae Farms is back again, thanks for the kind help offers :)

Due to technical issues, Fae Farms has fallen off the Opensimworld map for a time.

Fae Farms is back online for now, after being offline for almost a year. Come visit while you can.

I love my region in the darkest of nights

Midnight at Cottage Kitchen

Roadworks are finished for now, all paths lead somewhere ...

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Alexina Beautiful terraforming and landscaping design. Very natural looking. An inspiration to me as a terraformer. I road the rezzable horse. The creator sets story scenes that invoke one's imagination. As one person said, the details are exceptional. It is the selection and placement of details that sepa...
Adore I have seen many farms in the last few weeks and Most are awesome , But this one is 5 stars and more its Beautiful & enchanting and the owner is warm and sharing her ideal this farm is a Keeper a Must to see by all.
Passion Jumanji I really enjoyed myself . . . I would like to know if we are to bring our own hud to help work the farm or is there one available on your sim? Or do we just have to be in the Satyr farm group? . . . You have a little bit of everything there beyond Satyr and I liked that ;) Thank You So Very Kindly...

Region Comments

Alfred 2 years ago
lovely region wel done love the details
Glimmer 2 years ago
Gorgeous build! Really well laid out and easy to navigate as well, thanks for sharing!
Bongmaster 2 years ago
really nice sim :)
Kylie Brimmer 2 years ago
So Pretty and nice job done with creating pretty region.
shawnkmaloney OSWRS 2 years ago
with or without the region name.... No regions found with that name. Can't even get to the grid default region.
WhiskeyRunner 3 years ago
it said no region found :(
KIM HYON JUN 3 years ago
Bonito lugar, ótimas paisagens! Super recomendo para quem curte natureza e um local sossegado!