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FestAvi La Finale La Finale 0 Users
Fest'Avi La Finale show of avatars given full perms under creative commons rights. [Fest'Avi 2018] La Finale
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Museum 0 Users
Free to copy imported models of famous artworks!
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Cherry Freebies Freebies 0 Users
Free creations from Cherry Manga *Artworks from 2008 to 2017 *Complete avatars, accessories, clothing, tattoos, bento viewer 5.0 *Building tools and furniture Play with it, don't sell it!
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Cerise 0 Users
Original content freebies by Cherry Manga, and assets from TF3DM, Turbosquid, Archive3D. Many wonders by hypergrid creators such as Taarna Welles, Aaack Aardvark, Max Hill, Aine Caoimhe, Shelby Moonlight and many others. Be patient, region is huge and takes time to load, be indulgent, it's still in ...
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CyberPunk 0 Users
Cityscape assemblage inspired by masterpieces such as Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Akira... Work in progress.
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Lacrimae 0 Users
Cubes and lights, lights and cubes!
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Ciliegia 0 Users
Sakura blossoms on a photogenic region. Many thanks to Craft. Items are free to copy.
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Surreal 0 Users
Only Love Matters
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FestAvi 2016 2016 0 Users
"Creativity is contagious, pass it on" Albert Einstein "La créativité est contagieuse, faites la tourner" Albert Einstein Fest'Avi it is like saying that the great metaverse is different under OpenSimulator:the common goods and the sharing are the essential components of this spacetime. Fest'Av...
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freebies 4 Saisons 4 Saisons 0 Users
Full perms freebies, furniture, landscaping and more. Right clic and take.. « Les nuages nagent comme des enveloppes géantes, Comme des lettres, que s’enverraient les saisons. » de Ismaïl Kadaré
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Alice 0 Users
Down the rabbit hole.....
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Terra-Mater 0 Users
Immersive surreal world, with past and present works from Cherry Manga.
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WTF is happening with reviews those days?
Aloha, it seems opensimworld is being trolled, here are the reviews I can see on several of my regions and I guess others have too.
That's not a big thing but it pollutes the right infos...

Fest'Avi La Finale
Opens to public 4 Jul 2018 12:00 pm SLT
[Fest'Avi 2018] La Finale Mark this in you diary [04/07/2018 @ 12pm PDT/8pm GMT/21h00UTC] the final Fest'Avi

Fest'Avi La Finale
Where: FestAvi La Finale
When: 3 years ago [4 Jul 2018 12:00 SLT]

[Fest'Avi 2018] La Finale

Mark this in you diary [04/07/2018 @ 12pm PDT/8pm GMT/21h00UTC] the final Fest'Avi
With assets from Yann Minh, Tina Bay, Anley Piers, SPAMM POWER among others

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Starting a collection of low poly mesh with normal maps.