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*CM* Freebies - under construction- Art, Animesh free to copy... (EEP and Advanced Lightning Model )
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Sakura blossoms on a photogenic region. Many thanks to Craft. Items are free to copy.
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Down the rabbit hole.....
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After a bit more than a year back in the evil grid, looking for emulation....
I'm back in the bright side.
Time is time, and even here in OS, things changed.
I still have hope in some border line community, willing to share knowledge, hacking a sick system.
(photo, WIP for Asmita's "my protective shelter")




The things we hide + Endometriosis

messing , rolling and scratching

Importing some works...

WTF is happening with reviews those days?

Aloha, it seems opensimworld is being trolled, here are the reviews I can see on several of my regions and I guess others have too.
That's not a big thing but it pollutes the right infos...

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Weeeeeeeee welcome back!

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