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Come into our welcome center and from there you can visit many regions we have! Although some are under construction, please feel free to visit. We have many regions we hope you'll enjoy

Did you know that you can get a full 3x3 var region with 15,000 prims if you join the Tropicana project? Details at:

Your fantasy is online!

7-9 AM DJ Fanta brings Bubbling Blues @ GasWorks AVIWorlds

DJ Fanta packs excitement into her Blues. High Energy Blues with a foundation based in funk, hearty bass, and enticing lyrics that put a smile on your lips and a sparkle in your eyes. Join us at GasWorks 7-9 AM @ AviWorlds and enjoy this vivacious and highly entertaining DJ as she lays the blues out in her own memorable style. Here is your ride:

relaxing inside the snow cabin

DJ Dick Pinelli IMPROMPTU set! GasWorks! Now til ???

DJ Dick Pinelli with a completely IMPROMPTU set of blues and fun at GasWorks! Join us for what will surely be fun as Golphers on a merry go round! Blues, Rock, whatever comes out, we know it will be good! Join us at GasWorks!
DJ Purrrfectt Catt! Rock, Blues and more at 5PM

Rock Night with DJ Purrr! Amazing Blues, Rock and surprises tonight when DJ Purrr takes the stage! A little bit of fun for anyone's taste, as Purrr loves playing just what her audience wants to hear! Never taken in a DJ Purrr set? Tonight's your night! Just take the Hop and find yourself down at the Juke Joint. Find yourself at GasWorks for an entire evening of fun and dancing! DJ Purrr 5PM tonight! At GasWorks!
This is region is now open for visitors.
All items are take copy but only AviTron residents can get them. Export is blocked.
Open up your AviTron account and enjoy all of it in your 5000 prims free 1/4 sim parcel two sides facing ocean.
It’s not only about dancing all the time. It’s about content also.
Halloween Hunt! Sleepy Hollow! Find the Skulls
Where: The Sprawl

Visit Sleepy Hollow for your frightful fun! Explore the Halloween sim, avoiding all types of Ghosts and Ghouls and search for well over 20 hidden Skulls scattered on the region. Collect the Skulls and you will collect Prizes from Rusty's Rags, Brick in the Wall, Patchwork Garden and others! Once you find the Skulls, either copy or buy and the prizes are yours! Watch out for the Wolfman!

Got Gloebits turned off and Warp3D turned on and created an Instagram(OsGridFC). That's all, nothing new to share. Thanks for all the positive support ^_^

New !!!

Vela Genderland

Explore the Giant caves of Wolf Territories


Explore the Giant caves of Wolf Territories


I think I heard something...

Anyone who is interested in learning how a jungle player plays house music, I suggest listening to my Tribal House mix. )))

A question has to be posed to the community, in regards to illegal activity, preventions and counter measures.

I am the builder of Amoa Nude Beach. Along with my partner Robin, we created a nude beach region that we donated in appreciation to the amazing generosity of the owners of Barefoot-Dreamers grid. A win-win for both, in which my partner and I who have loved nude beaches since our days on secondlife, could enjoy once again. We have permanently left secondlife and no longer have to endure the abuses committed and performed by visitors or owners of those beach sims, some in a pro-active manner. All because we didn't agree with their opinions. But that is another subject altogether and not part of this discussion. We didn't build this beach for massive traffic influx nor profit. We take NO donations, traffic means nothing to us. But exists, for those that wish to enjoy it. Amoa is a place where everyone can enjoy that wishes, without question.

All that is required is 3 BASIC rules to be observed and adhered to. Human, Nude and Adult.

Measures were taken so that this is clearly prevalent BEFORE even arriving. It is shown AS an adult region. The name itself states NUDE. Our very very limited advertising (Since we do not seek waves of avatars and want to keep it comfortable and not overwhelming) states HUMAN. Simple and easy right?

However, recently it has attracted a daily stream of nothing but naked toddlers, naked pre teens, dragons, Japanamation cartoon children, demons, lumberjacks who stand on the landing fully dressed spraying and praying all females on radar and lastly, women dressed in ball room gowns.

I am not one to eject or ban and usually give plenty of warning, in hopes that all will enjoy our creation in whatever way they wish. Our aspirations have been to provide a little of everything for everyone. However, I have held back from providing some amazing custom creations, because of this recent wave of illogical behavior.

The guys dressed as lumberjacks will never stop. Same old excuse, it's to hard to take clothes off, lag, blah blah. Even when I hypergrid, I can still change to a saved outfit within 1 minute, thus proving this is merely an excuse for them to spray and pray every chick with "How are you?", "hru", "U'r Hot, want Fk?" or some other classic pickup lines like "yo" and "Hi Fk?". Because every chick just melts when a guy says those things to them. Which makes me wonder why each of these girls IM me and ask me to save them with a TP.

Which brings me to the question of this article. Is it complete lack of common sense or just a flagrant arrogant disregard of rules or merely laziness (because reading is so hard and takes too much time to read 3 words) for this increased wave of violating visitors?

I have asked some violators, what did we not do to make it clear enough? I was told that I should extend the title of the region name to include all 3 rules, plus add it to the description (even though it already is stated in description). Flagrant arrogant disregard.

Now I know for a fact there already exists pedophilia regions like Golden Sun that is comprised of mostly senior citizens using toddler avatars trying to convince each other that their mic is broken but they are really 12. Why do they feel the need to visit THIS region that clearly states that pedophilia is NOT tolerated? Which indicates a leaning towards flagrant disregard.

Some known pedophiles have already been banned such as a 70 year old man in Alberta Canada that we know his avatars.

But it all brings me back to the original question. Is it Lack of common sense, Complete flagrant arrogant disregard of rules, or just flat out laziness?

I would love to hear the feedback so I can impersonate Spock and say "Fascinating!. I am sure, enquiring minds would like to know.

Welcome to Wolf Territories. Arrive at the Dock and explore 110 square miles, 128 4x4 regions of rivers, towns, mountains, working railroads.

Jetski racing in AviTron

Free talented bony duo interpreting their best dramatic
and obsessive duet for Conga and Trombone
You'll find them at the Alchemy Island, near the hot air pumpkin ride

I created this castle from scratch (bare prims), and it is for you to do with as you wish, with one exception, do not sell it. Give it away, mod it, roll it into a ball and bounce it off the wall. Whatever you like. You can download it through ftp (use filezilla) at user id: ftpguest pw:opensesame it's the only file in the chrooted folder.
DJ Rosie is at Hot Daddy's with tunes from 1992! Party starts at 6:00!
Where: Hot Daddy's Dance Dock on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 tonite, Monday [18 Oct 2021 18:00 SLT]
Where were you in '92? DJ Rosie knows, and she's got the tunes to prove it! In the USA, in 1992, the average Cost of new house was $122,500.00, the cost of a gallon of Gas was $1.05, Microsoft Works was released by Microsoft, the Space Shuttle Endeavour took her successful maiden voyage, A Few Good Men and Basic Instinct were just 2 of the movies released and Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Metallica, Peter Gabriel and Madonna were popular in the music industry. Come to Hot Daddy's and relive these memories and more through music! The Blues Tribe will be there to greet you! See you there! Daddys
Thank You for making EQG Halloween Party a success! I have posted the pictures I took from the event on the website, can be found here:

Look for us in November.

Also, be sure to check out Wyldwood Bayou Grid and their Anniversary Halloween weekend. No better Tribe on the HG.

A bright autumn day at Neiferleaf Castle

Madchester night at the Haçienda
Where: The Art Factory
When: 22 Oct 2021 15:00 SLT

Take a trip back in time to a recreation of Manchester's legendry Haçienda night club. DJ Ernest will be playing tracks from those that performed there including - The Smiths, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Primal Scream, Madonna, Supergrass. Grandmaster Flash, The Prodigy and much more!

Touche LIVE House dj-set. The Boat Party, Oct10
Listen & free download

#housemusic #dj_set #House #capricahypergrid #VR

- Who: DJ Dai
- Place: SOTO CLUB
- Map: hop://

Hello, just want to wish all a very happy day and hope to build our little community soon

DAN SINGS: Exposure to all kinds of music, from gospel to bluegrass, rock and pop as a child has made Dan the diverse singer that he is today.. He rocks with the best, shares his soul with country and has been known to have a sexy raspy song here and there
Halloween Hunt! Sleepy Hollow! Find the Skulls
Where: The Sprawl

Visit Sleepy Hollow for your frightful fun! Explore the Halloween sim, avoiding all types of Ghosts and Ghouls and search for well over 20 hidden Skulls scattered on the region. Collect the Skulls and you will collect Prizes from Rusty's Rags, Brick in the Wall, Patchwork Garden and others! Once you find the Skulls, either copy or buy and the prizes are yours! Watch out for the Wolfman!

Professional grid. AviTron has a lot to give
Join us now and be part of a growing community!

just want to say thank you to my friends and fellow owners over at Barefoot Dreamers . We have a awesome place over here. We work so hard and it shows. Everyday we grow. New land owners every day. Huga, Gabe, Marshal, Yall Rock.. Love you guys. and again Thank you.
Caressed Solitaire is created exclusively for the Monentes GCG store. Please look on the table in the foyer at our GCG store. Free / Full Perms
Showing off the avatar vendor, freebie area(UC), OSW beacon, and a cost rundown meter of how much this instance has cost to run(for those curious). That bridge on the right goes all the way over to White Wolf ^_^ I'm also working on removing the gloebit plugin for reasons and have put a PayPal donator in its place. The cabin will serve as not only my home but as clubhouse/hangout spot for the OsGrid Furry Continent. I also took the land ad down due to lack of interest, but will bring a stipulated 1x1 online for those in the community/know me that are interested in land.

Stay frosty, Logan

Athena Store in the new Charmed Mall on Patchwork Garden. I've also added several new items. Work in progress. Thank you for your patience!

1st snowfall of the year. As I play RL North Norway weather, here the winter comes first...

Thanks to everyone who was with us today. Sam played awesome tunes! I wish you all a good week and take care of yourself. Special thanks to Crazy for the photos and NPCs (omg it was unexpected and fun)
Halloween Hunt! Sleepy Hollow! Find the Skulls
Where: The Sprawl

Visit Sleepy Hollow for your frightful fun! Explore the Halloween sim, avoiding all types of Ghosts and Ghouls and search for well over 20 hidden Skulls scattered on the region. Collect the Skulls and you will collect Prizes from Rusty's Rags, Brick in the Wall, Patchwork Garden and others! Once you find the Skulls, either copy or buy and the prizes are yours! Watch out for the Wolfman!
DJ Rachel and has she got the Blues for you!! at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00!
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6;00 tonite! [17 Oct 2021 18:00 SLT]
It's Sunday!! Time for all good boys and girls (and bad ones too!) to come to ROCKIN' THE BLUES!!!! Yesah!!! DJ Rachel Rose has those SIZZLIN' HOT tunes hand picked to energize your evening slump!! You know this smexy DJ really rocks this 'ol Juke Joint!! Come on down to the Bayou and party with your friends and meet some new ones!! We're waitin' on ya!!! Bayou

right now

so... I built this castle from nothing but prims. It is for you to enjoy and have fun with. You can give it away or modify it, just don't sell it. Castle LoveGlo must be seen inside to be appreciated. I uploaded it to Fred, and it should appear in the oars on soon as fred gets a chance to hook it up. hugs. If you wanna see it inworld stop by
Club Equinox's Halloween Party
Today. Officially starts at 3pm, however DJ Golbez will be starting at 2pm if you are interested in coming early.
DJ Rachel is expected to pick up the stream at 4pm.

If you land at Club Equinox, you will be immediately teleported to EQG Special Events region, to the venue for thie Halloween Party.

If you wish to bypass the teleport trap, you can come to EQG Special Events directly: Special Events

Endlich die Homepage ist fast fertig und wieder online

Halloween-Shops !!!

Once you get past the zombies, you will deal with skeletons. If you dare to careful.......the zombies have gotten many visitors. Hidden Dreams Zombie Hunt and Haunted Castles

TOUCHE on the Boat!
Where: The Boat
When: Oct 17 2021 14:00 SLT

LIVE House dj-set by Touche
GL event page:
The Boat TP page:
Stream provided by: TDR.

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great job!! was a frightfully good time hunting with friends found well over 20 skulls to crack open lol
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Tropicana is a great team of creative people, friendly and enthusiastic, I love to be part of this community and you would as well
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I think is time to LOCK this theme because LGBTQ society again try to move focus from nudity to transgender.... i find some difference.
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Can you help us? Here at Tropicana we are a growing community. We need more builders, Greeters, managers, club DJ's, hosts etc.
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What if you parceled the region so the landing is public but to actually get to the beach you need a group invite? More hands on management for you I realize but then you can filter out people who are...
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In my opinion it's pretty clear: Your house, your rules. Given your sim's feature your rules are more than reasonable. But even if it weren't, it's still your right to allow or deny access to people ...
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Cancelled due to performer no show.
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Always the same. One thing are those that go, "I wanna visit the sim, but I don't wanna be naked, but I wanna visit the sim, but I don't wanna be naked!" They're rather harmless, but still a nuisance...