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Nude Beach
0 Users 5 5 A
Nudity set in a tranquil, elegant, inclusive sim with more than a touch of eroticism. Clothing & rudeness are not allowed, but friendliness is enthusiastically encouraged. Nude beach, sailing, and rel...

Yato's Shrine in Caprica City

Please note that while the Reflections Group no longer meets on Woodhaven Retreat IT DOES meet on Moonshine Region. Just type it in on your world map. Hope to see ya there.

DJ Kith's "Dirty Blues" tonite at Lady Blue!! NO CHILD AVIES
Where: Wyldwood Events 3 Region Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 tonite...RIGHT NOW! [28 Jan 2022 18:00 SLT]
Yes! It's DJ Kith on the Lady Blue stage tonite! This is our "Dress up to get DOWN" party where the music is totally amazing and the lyrics?? Well...some describe them as "off color"....some describe them and downright DIRTY and we describe them as wild and hysterically funny!! Does "Press my button" or "Let me play with your Poodle" ring a bell?? Maybe..."Viagra in the water"?? NO??? Our DJs rotate here at Lady Blue to bring you the wild and wacky music and laughter that Rockin' the Blues Clubs are famous for, so get on down to the most fun speakeasy you have ever been to and party to lyrics like these, right in between the Blue's Tribe's lively chat and contagious laughter! The event is very popular so do come early and plan to stay late!! Formal attire is suggested but not required, Having fun is mandatory!!
wyldwoodbayou.com:8002:Wyldwood Events 3
(Above address tonite only!)
AURA NRG CLUB 28-01-2022 Tech-House Live Mix - Session by Dj Anthony Veeper from SecondLife - Time 2 PM - 4 PM https://hearthis.at/anthony-veeper-nova/aura-nrg-club-28-0...

thank you everyone who came out tonight to make the opening a success.. I hope to see you next week same time.. 3pm grid on Friday.. TGIF
♥♥ Essensual♥♥

Kimi Outfit

Heute ab 20:00 Uhr ist Sauna-Party angesagt. KEIN FKK, obwohl es heiss wird 🙂 Schmeisst Euch ein Badetuch um oder den Bademantel, Bikini oder Badehose oder kommt einfach so, wie ihr seit. Für einen heissen Aufguss mit guter Musik sorgen DJane Loru und DJ Kai.
Large Mall with a lot shops. Fashion for woman and male, furniture, houses, and lots more. Also adding new uploaded fashion and other products from time to time. new textured fashion. come over and have a look you will find something you like for sure. see you there.

Enjoy the cool waters with a sporty new suit from R & M Creations. Perfect for surfing or just relaxing. R & M offers classic clothing, tattoos and much more!

R & M Creations in the European Village Mall at Hidden Dreams

Photo by Millyann Morgana

New Portal Open to the Nar Shaddaa Sim , come visit Galaxy Warz Welcome then check out the many other portals to Star Trek and Star Wars Regions

New Beach club at Advantis open for all to use. Use any of the in world tps to the Beach Club to find it from the main shopping mall arrival point.

Carnival floats coming

We take this time to wish our amazing grid owner here at grid our dawn a wonderful, happy band blessed birthday with many many happy returns. We all love ya!!

dancing with stars

You can also get you a valentine set In GERMANWORLDGRIDMALL. Happy shopping

Caprica djay in IBIZA!
Map teleport link: g.caprica.xyz:9000:ibiza
Drum & Bass dj-set
Jan 27 @ 1: 00 pm - 3: 00 pm PDT (SLT)
Stream provided by: TDR.
Organizer: Caprica Underground Mafia

100% Clothes Free - have fun

At 2:30PM-PST Sunday 30th of January 2022 ; our POPCORN Film-Club is happening - "THEY LIVE" from JOHN CARPENTER "very actual of the Propaganda" (rated above 16 years old)... A CYCLE proposed by Aaack - We await for you on that day ; bring your friends !

Damit das dann auch geklärt wäre ^^

BELZE: das war mir klar Sylvia lach 2 days ago
Celebrating Jails Everywhere?
I joke around a lot, but, as unbelievable as it may seem, this not a joke. According a business blog, the "National Play Monopoly Day" is a time for families to gather together to play the game that celebrates "Park Place, Boardwalk, and the jails located anywhere in the world". WTF? Celebrating jails?

This new outfit at oh HELLO only celebrates fun, fashion, and, ironically, anti-capitalism. (It's free). Smash the State and Storm the Bastille in style with this Monopoly themed skirt, graffiti top and "wild heart" platform boots.

Oh HELLO: Outfits With Options

rayne: love your outfits and your sense of humor :) 2 days ago

Beaucoup de nouveautés installées !

Things i have been working on for VALENTINES DAY, i have brought in for you as well :) A couple dance ball and more items here i have done as well in earth

Venez découvrir en exclusivité chez Urban Store une sky Box St Valentin rien que pour vous, pour vous y rendre c'est très simple, rendez-vous à la boutique femme vous aurez le stand bisous, juste à côté le téléport pour vous y rendre... Venez nombreux !

Come discover exclusively at Urban Store a Valentine’s Day sky box just for you, to get there it’s very simple, go to the women’s shop you will have the kissing booth, right next to the teleport to go there... Come many, many!
#valentin #stvalentin #valentinesday

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ POSEIDON - CLUBWORLD ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁



Live in the Mix
Saturday 29. January 2022
◕ 01:00 pm grid time
▶ warmup mix starts arround 12:00 pm grid time


Venue ▶▷▶ The SEWER at Apocalyptica
▶▷▶: Welcome aboard! The C&C team extends a warm welcome to all our guests.
Enjoy your time with us, good vibes, good feels.

▶ come as you are, optional wear your coolest fetish outfit

░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ ADULTS ONLY ! ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░

A little farther along

Still in the early stages of construction, but coming along :-)

En Virtual Dream Grid
hop://virtualdream-grid.com:8002/VALERIA FREE AVATAR STORE 2/58/3/22

Watch for notices if you are in the group

Well, in the event you need more animesh shaking and moving; today I'm releasing the Bubble Sprite.

They don't have wings, but they've got bubbles. Like the fairies, they have 5 outfit/color choices and various animations in different orders with a Sprite hover added for more variety.
I put them out next to the fairies and so far there's been no arguments, I'm still hoping they won't eventually turn on each other :D.

Scripts are thanks to Aaack at Arcadia Shop :)

Have a fabulous day!

Pink Myst: I love them they are wonderful I am tickled Pink lol thank you so much 2 days ago

Like to give Thanks to dj Howie for his awesome
Tribute to Roy Orbison
where Happy day club
and to Member of Gentle fire Grid and Opensim Member is been a Pleasure

g.caprica.xyz:9000:The Boat

Mit dem Para Glider über die Inseln schweben. Finde ihn und nimm dir einen mit ;)

Hover over the islands with the Para Glider. Find him and take one with you ;)

A little preview for all Dinkie-lovers.
This weekend a new shop will be opened at VWZ-grid.
Theme will be Harlequins and there will be a little store inside the Castle, with all sorts of Harlequin Dinkies and their new outfits.

We offer BOM and Open Sim Dinkie Clothings.
The BOM boxes will also include some new dinkie avatars inside, which are a special gift to Open Sim by White Angel Deed.

AnaKathy: i love it so much ♥ 3 days ago
CopyKatgrid got her own Dinkiestore now as well. It's available in a new Steamy building at my SteamToys region there. It will hold the Steampunk styled Dinkiefashions as I offer as well at VWZgrid/Dinkietown. At Dinkietown is more diversity to choose from. But if you like your Steampunk Dinkie dressed only, you have now 2 grids to go ;-) Adachi has a portal to the store.

AnaKathy: Dear Avia, such a nice choice. You make us all Dinkie lovers very happy ♥ 3 days ago
Phantom Rose Grid turns 3 years old! Presents new Musical Vignette at the Welcome Region Opera House. New Blog Post:
Dj Kevin & dj Kim on The Boat!
Jan 26 @ 12: 00 pm - 2 pm PDT (SLT)
12pm: dj Kevin: Funk / EDM
1pm: dj Kim: Reggaeton
Sponsor: Caprica Underground Mafia

PETIT AVATAR- Skin and shape sam,s creation; 1 full avatar 4 clothing's for valentines you will find them at EARTH She is a ATHENA 6 PETITE

es gibt auch Zwerge auf der Fairysim

Some cool dreamgrid features...

Did you know if you run dreamgrid, and you are forced to block someone. You can click on settings, then click on ban list. There you can enter in their user name, a grid name, an ip address, or even the mac address. From that point on that person can't come onto your grid using those credentials.
While it's a bit extreme to have to block someone, sometimes we all have to do it, regrettably. The way I do it quickly is by using a free tool called "everything" available for free from voidtools.com Once you download and install 'everything' you can just type in 'robust.log' and instantly up pops the robust log in the list. Next just right click and open in notepad, then search for the persons name that was bad on your grid. Notice you see a lot of information about that person including their mac address. Copy the mac address, and paste it into dreamgrid:settings:banlist. done & done.
What is everything? It's just a super super fast windows file locator.

How can I see my region stats from the web? If you run dreamgrid just type in your web address and a colon and sStats like this. http://cyberdatastorm.com:8008/sStats/
This will pull up your regions fps and other stats all on a nice web page. To see a list of visitors to your dreamgrid, including who it was, how long they stayed, what viewer they used, etc, just click on sessions in the top left.
DreamGrid does a lot of the management for you, so we no longer need in world visitor lists, and other such devices that can go crazy and lose all your visitor data, or in some instances take down a region.

Ellen: You always have such great information! Thank you! 3 days ago
Coopersville now has islands available to rent! Each of the islands are 256 x 256 meters. They only cost $5 USD per month. Please visit our rental office to view or rent.

Paste the following into your viewer chat window and click:

More information:

Half time for Greybeard Live
Dj Kris at 6 till close.

chilling and dreaming in the evening after work is done

Sylvia-Koeln: Was für ein schönes Foto 4 days ago

The Box
Thirza Ember 2 hours ago
Took a ride in my friend's new Tesla, I asked him, what's that unusual 'new car' smell? He said, it was Elon Musk.
CyberGlo CyberStar 10 hours ago
When I die, I want to go peacefully in my sleep... Like my Grandpa... Not screaming and yelling like the other 3 passengers in the car.
Pagane 13 hours ago
Yes answer first fish. Before i work in Israeli university: https://news.sky.com/video/fish-taught-to-drive-its-tank-by-scientists-at-israeli-university-12510309
Aaack 13 hours ago
Two fish are sitting in a tank. One looks over at the other and says: “Hey, do you know how to drive this thing?”
Kubwa 18 hours ago
sharanncousine 19 hours ago
Aaack 19 hours ago
@Thirza I think you're right and Misty came with a flawless logic LOL
Misty_Falls 20 hours ago
very obvious, one you eat, the other you slurp... rofl
Thirza Ember yesterday
@Aaack why do I think that pizza is a girl and coke is a boy.
AshaShanti yesterday
@Aaack :D
Pagane yesterday
Unfortunately, people do not think or watch what they write, and when they read they do not try to understand the text, they are simply against
Aaack 2 days ago
I called my wife and told her that I’ll pick up pizza and coke on the way back from work. But it seems she was not happy. She still regrets letting me name the kids.
Thirza Ember 2 days ago
Yes as the old saying goes, 'When typing be wise, don't look at the i's.'
ThunderGod 2 days ago
One of the primary things you learn in typing classes/keyboarding classes in school is to NOT look at the eyes while typing.
Aaack 2 days ago
Yes Pagane, everyone can type without looking, unless you type with your eyeballs xD
Pagane 2 days ago
Can't read without glases but can write?
sharanncousine 3 days ago
Aaack 3 days ago
I can't read that comment, I don't have my glasses on xDD
Thirza Ember 3 days ago
Aaack, you're making a spectacle of yourself with that joke.
Aaack 3 days ago
The other day I told a girl, “You look great without glasses.” Girl: “I don’t wear glasses.” Me, while polishing my lenses: “No, but I do.”
Apollo_Star 3 days ago
Happy tunes :)
Aaack 4 days ago
LOL @Apollo_Star, nice song!
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Lannorra Sion 9 hours ago
Had fun time!
MidnightRain Glas 13 hours ago
wow what a fantastic show.... but you know what? they are all better than the last....
Copper 20 hours ago
Maybe grid owner disabled HG access? Or set it to only grid members in an ini file? If so, then inworld settings are overwritten. It can also be that region settings are set to "non access", but in la...
Llola Lane yesterday
I am not sure how to fix "ONLY LOCAL ALLOWED"... I have the region set to ANYONE CAN VISIT.
BELZE 2 days ago
das war mir klar Sylvia lach
Sylvia-Koeln 2 days ago
Ich kann das nicht lesen.............. ich werde alt :-) ^^
Hugabug 2 days ago
rayne 2 days ago
love your outfits and your sense of humor :)
Pink Myst 2 days ago
I love them they are wonderful I am tickled Pink lol thank you so much
Nico Kailani 3 days ago
The celebrating jails comment is part of a whole bunch of stuff on that web site that seems to be from a foreign language badly translated into English. For example, "– Share the information’s regar...
SamAdama 3 days ago