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Stark Island is an adult LGBTQ+ island for living (free homes available), meeting friends and having (adult) fun!

Home of Stark! Magazine.

If you are interested in helping to spread the Stark! Magazine, please contact Niki or Mathilda Stark.

Copies of the magazines or the vendors you can get on the landing point.


1. Nude preferred, swimwear optional!
2. Don't be rude.
2. Please respect our citizens privacy! Don't enter any rented houses.
3. No underage looking avatars and ageplay allowed! The decision, what is an underage looking avatar, is by the region owners.
4. Please do not enter this world, if you don't wanna see naked people and explicit content!

PLEASE NOTE: Our rank is based on true people being online, not boosted by alts of one person or several in some cases, who are absent the whole time they are online. If you visit Stark you will meet real people or no-one at all, because that is the way it should be. Real people make OpenSim.

SOME WORDS ABOUT PROTECTED PARCELS: Our residents own their parcels and have the right to protect their homes. That creates ban lines. Having this decision is a part of freedom for our residents.

The best way to not crash onto the ban lines is by walking or using our teleporters. There is one larger, protected parcel and this is the one of me and my family. Everything else is completely free and open. Having privacy if you need it is part of the concept of Stark, whilst allowing residents the freedom to do as they wish.

Stark Island is non-commercial.

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niki stuart excellent in every respect
Terra 5 Stars - Very well build Island with Harmony and Soul, Relaxed feeling --- Perfect !!!
Typhaine Artez Excellent region. It is diversified, and seems a good place for people liking tropical residential living. Maybe more towels than lounger could be nice :)

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Region Comments

GayMansDream 13 days ago
I visited but couldn't access :-(
Mathilda Stark 12 days ago
Hello GayMan, you could visit Stark of course. You just could not visit our private parcel, where we are when we need some privacy. Except this parcel everything else is open for public. I would have told you, but you decided to logoff as I have greeted you. You are always welcome to explore.
niki stuart 1 month ago
fantastic sim for all manner of activities or just chilling, so much here to see and do!!!
Amelie Dragonis 1 month ago
is ar very nice Sim from Mathilda Stark omg lovet the Sim:-)
TheArtFactory 4 months ago
Really love this Region! Lots of places to explore and discover including a beach, entertainment areas and an art gallery island. There are even houses available for residents. Mathilda is a great builder with some wonderful ideas, be sure to pick-up a copy of the Stark Magazine from the Vending machines!
Mathilda Stark 4 months ago
Thank you very much for the wonderful comment, Ernest! See you inworld!
Caladium 8 months ago
very well done....I enjoyed the tour with Mathilda very much :)
cherie stone 8 months ago
This region has so much to see and explore. i had a great time discovering this gem hosted by 2 great ladies:)
WhiskeyRunner 8 months ago
might be a nice place but why need all that information you can always ban a person but you don't have to have all that information how do I know what you can do to my computer that has happen before but not with you so I guess I won't be going to your place thank you
Mathilda Stark 8 months ago
I am really sorry, I don't know what you meant about what kind of information I might need. If you meant the registering process before you can make a hyperjump to Kitely, that is not my decision, but the decision of the company who runs the grid.