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Jazz club
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virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Sinners 0 Users
Welcome at Sinners where you can make friends, meet, greet and have a good time! Make sure you bring sunshine ! Hugz If you are a DJ there is a streaming server available to connect your creative wonders :)
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Welcome region Virtual Worlds Zone
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virtual-worlds.zone:8002:Heiwa 0 Users
Welcome to Heiwa. Heiwa is a Japanese themed tropical island. There is a display with erotic art. You can sail, chill with friends at the beach or other nice spots all over the region. Nude is allowed, not needed. Treat each other with respect !
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NewBeginnings 2 days ago
you would fall in love with this place It show you History and the love to build Great Job well thought out ...
Kashi Takeshi 2 days ago
Thanks, glad you like it !