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Project Name Category Created by Last Updated
Fairy Stars div colours Particles Rakis 6d View
Rain with on off switch Other Rakis 7d View
Red pulsar flashing light Other Rakis 7d View
Simplest AO HUD opensimworld 1 years View
Startrek particle teleport Particles latexboygirl 1 years View
Door Script YADS Utilities unregi 2 years View
BulletSim Helicopter with pitch & roll Other opensimworld 2 years View
Show profile image on an object Utilities Gubbly 2 years View
Loud Clock Equipment opensimworld 2 years View
Fountain with synchronized jets Particles opensimworld 2 years View
Tram/train with keyframe smooth motion Vehicles opensimworld 2 years View
Bulletsim single-script car Vehicles opensimworld 2 years View
ActiveNPCs: An interactive-NPC controller NPC opensimworld 1 years View