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Playing as a Norwegian Elf.

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About Myself

Just playing as a Norwegian Elf.
I don`t type much. Im not anti social.. It`s just because I have issues on my hands that make them very painful .;/

My Interests

Building, terraforming, mesh, scripts.. but.. people often think I`m a scriptor... I wish... I just know how to do some tricks and tweaks and also have good friends with skills :)

Favorite Quote

Not caring of quotes lol

Music I Like

Hungary Rapsody number 2

My Regions

alternatemetaverse.com:8002:LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM 0 Users
The Ultimate SIM For all sort of LAMPs STREET LAMPs LIGHTs SOUNDS and RELATED! ALL FREE AND FULL PERM! keywords: light lamp lightning comet streetlamp sci fi hi tech vessels space xmas chritsmas neon sign club party dance ball xploder animesh avatar sound soundbox ambiance urban nature farm
more info
grid.sacrarium.su:8888:3D MUSEUM 0 Users
The Ultimate SIM for 3D icons, signs & neon signs and related. Here comes the SIM I could rez all my stuffs I`ve collected through the grids and built myself on Blender to all OpenSim residents for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :) keywords: 3D icons vectors signs frame pictures decor maze flag neon ...
more info
grid.sacrarium.su:8888:FLORA 0 Users
THE ULTIMATE SIM FOR NATURE STUFFS Find here for FREE and FULLPERM all sort of plants/trees and garden stuffs related I`ve been collecting and also stuffs I've played in Blender to get prims reduced. Enjoy :)
more info
grid.sacrarium.su:8888:GREEDY MUSEUM 0 Users
The SIM for the OpenSIM Greedy Tables Choose among 57 FREE and FULL PERM mesh models of Greedy game tables, or just grab the box with the whole collection. key: greedy game dice dices play table board controller players
more info
alternatemetaverse.com:8002:ALFHEIM 0 Users
Fictitious city located somewhere in North Norway. ** 2x2 VAR SIM SEASONAL * WEATHER AS NORTH NORWAY **Enable EEP sky from your viewer for better experience! Have fun! Timezone is 24 hours, like RL and Norway local time VIKING MUSEUM with cool freebies FREE and FULL PERM PS. From ashes of old ...
more info


SAILOR GREEDY GAME TABLE ** NEW RELEASE **FREE and FULL PERM ** Up to 06 players! Enjoy :)

LIGHT MUSEUM is now known as LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM *** Available for FREE and FULL PERM (store number 07), SOUND BOXES (environment sounds) for ur sim/place:
Choose different environements such as:

NATURE SOUNDS: Boreal Forest, Australian Outback, Pine Forest, Desert,Rain Forest, Swamp, Beach, River, Waterfall, Rain, Thunderstorm, Wind, Tornado, Underwater, Whales & Dolphins ,Volcano Eruption, Earthquake, Wet Water Cave and African Savannah.

URBAN SOUNDS: Bar, Harbor, Amusement Park (Machinery, Merry go round, Haunted Mansion and Zombies), Construction,Subway, Factory, Military Base, City Traffic, Airport, Stadium, Garden Party, French Cafe, Irish Pub, Buddhist Temple, Bazaar (Oriental Market), Mosque, Chinese Market, Cooking, Office, Volleyball, Hospital, Night Club ,City Battle WW2, Swimming Pool, Traffic Jam, Gregorian Chant, Grocery, Police Department, Coffee Shop, Mantra OM and Hockey.

FARM SOUNDS: Farm Ambiance, Ducks, Cattle Yard, Turkeys, Backyard Geese, Horse Stable, Goats, Pigs, Fire (Campire and fireplace) and even an Old West Saloon Ambiance.

BIRDS SOUNDS: Amazon Parrots, Black Capped Chickadees, Budgies, Cockatiels, Crows, Eagles, Nightingales, Northern Cardinals, Owl, Pigeons, Robins and Thrushes.

MEDIEVAL and FANTASY SOUNDS: Medieval Tavern, Space Station, STARWARS (Cantina, Duel of Fates, Imperial March), Yggdrasil Viking, Cosmic Melody, Enchanted Forest, Dinosaurs Jungle and Spiders Cave.

P.S. When boxes are rezed for the 1st time it might happen the sounds break a little bit. Normal at Opensim when more than 1 wav file is played. But after loop is completed ,sounds will go smooth :)

Have replaced my old train and rezed this electric tramway with NPC driver and electric poles. Its scripted to seat (14 passengers max)

They are not DJs.. but they make the music "to play" everyday at Opensim. *** 3D logo OPENSIM WANTS U for ur place - FREE and FULL PERM with URL giver script that links u to how to donate to opensim developers. If u dont donate, consider rezing this at ur area to help the boys :) Enjoy :)

Late winter but at least, it arrived well..

Happy New Year 2021!! Will let the fireworks from now on and for 1 day. Come to see it and grab a copy of these mesh fireworks at GADGET STORE (commercial area, close to TP point).. FREE and FULL PERM.. enjoy :)

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year 2021:The year I hope we all can breathe without wearing this damn mask lolol

PS.Some glitched found and fixed. Also added a rotation script to the launcher base so effect is even more real. And a toggle ON/OFF/TIMEZONED (*) functions so fireworks will be on only when it s needed.. Enjoy :)
(*) fireworks turns on at nights - estate timezone

MAGIC MESH TREE with animated colors texture.. Only one single prim! Available for FREE and FUll at STORE 04 (X-mas store - look for a vendor with this same texture). Enjoy :)

MOUNTAINS (and also offsim mountains), ROCKs, CRYSTALs, CAVEs, MINEs and RELATED MEGAPACK ** Available at BOX 01 at MOUNTAIN AREA for FREE and FULL PERM!
Ps. Thx for all who advised the mountain box had a lot of asset issues. All fixed now and added tons of new stuffs. Just be patience when grabbing the box.. it has really a lot of stuffs inside and may take a while. Enjoy :)
*** WATER & RAIN & WAVE RELATED (PACK) *** NEW RELEASE *** All of these sorted stuffs available at TROPICAL AREA, BOX 01 for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :)
PS. For thoses whom are looking for the rain/snow HUD system, it is still at WEATHER AREA. thx
6 KINDS OF ONE PRIM MODELS OF STREETLAMPS ** All for FREE and FULLPERM at STORE 02 (STREETLAMPS SECTOR) ** Use only one single script (*)!!

(*) if its at same SIM and when streetlamps are linked / script goes to the last streetlamp selected (root prim) // Enjoy :)

X-mas decor at downtown area.

NPC KILLER HUD ** Just add to ur avatar and remove selected targets or All NPC at once.. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at GADGET MANIA STORE.. Enjoy :)


ARE U TIRED OF DRAMA HERE? ENOUGH FROM RL?U should grab then a copy of my new release, the 3D DRAMA DOG for ur area.. Available for FREE and FULL PERM. Get it NOW.. dont make me.... mad... (drama) lolol

SCRIPTED TRAFFIC SIGNs SYSTEM // A Nice stuff for ur urban city or area // Availalble for FREE and FULL PERM at GADGET MANIA STORE(close to tp point, at commercial area, last store). Enjoy :)

SIM STATS PACK // Availalble for FREE and FULL PERM at GADGET MANIA STORE(close to tp point, at commercial area, last store). Enjoy :)

PIANO TYPER - Have fun with ur friends when typing!! Piano displays only when typing and plays a funny music! // Availalble for FREE and FULL PERM at GADGET MANIA STORE(close to tp point, at commercial area, last store). Enjoy :)
SIM RESET and AVATAR DETECTOR MODEM *** It detects when SIM is crashed or offline and back online // Also detects any avatar arriving at ur sim even if u are offline or hypergridding! Availalble for FREE and FULL PERM at GADGET MANIA STORE(close to tp point, at commercial area, last store). Enjoy :)
*** NEW RELEASE ** A good collection of snow, cloud, mist ,fog in mesh or sculpted for covering houses or streets to the close winter. Available at WEATHER AREA for FREE and FULL PERM.
PS. I updated also the FALLEN LEAVES and PETALs box at BOX 08 , GARDEN AREA.
Enjoy :)

*** DINER GREEDY GAME TABLE NG *** NEW RELEASE ** Up to 05 players! Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enojy :)

*** JACUZZI GREEDY GAME TABLE NG *** NEW RELEASE *** For up 08 players! Available for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :)
ps. At tp point, i rezed also the fixed version of the HOT TUB one. (fixed a small glitch on how scores were displayed for some players).
Heather Shrub SCULPTED PACK new release: Available for FREE and FULL PERM at GARDEN AREA , BOX 01. This is a special shrub found at cold areas. The flourish time happens on late July until November and they are very resilient to freezing weather conditions // Shrub available (and its seasonal textures) at Wild weed n shrub box.. Enjoy :)
*** LARCH TREE V- Larix sibirica V3 (version 3). Thx my friend Alfred (from sim WELCOME (https://opensimworld.com/hop/85057/) she gave a better model for these trees as seen at RL, so I could work on blender - once more released at FLORA, BOX 04, FOREST AREA (ground area). All FREE and FULL PERM. Seasonal textures included and leaves has a soft animation. Enjoy :)

Alfheim Kaffé and fishing area with our newest commercial buildings. Don`t mind the dust, still working on it :)

*** GREEK OLIVE ANIMATED TREES PACK *** FREE and FULL PERM different models. Seasonal textures (spring with flowers, summer with green and black olives and winter) included. Animated leaves (script included when needed). Available at FOREST AREA (ground) at BOX 05. Enjoy :)

*** WEEPING WILLOW TREES PACK ** Available for FREE and FULL PERM at FOREST AREA, BOX 05 (seasonal textures included) - animated leaves as well - up to 06 trees into ONE single prim!! Enjoy :))

Some few funny stuffs for greedy game maniacs.. All FREE and FULL PERM.. Enjoy :)

JAPANESE MAPLE TREES PACK with animated leaves ** FREE and FULL PERM ** Available at BOX 02 at FOREST AREA (ground). Many options of trees sizes and seasonal textures (spring, summer, 8 kinds of autumn and 2 for winter). Also included leaf particles rezer for this time of year. Enjoy :)
Once again, things been changed at Alfheim Klubb. we have now a scripted Hockey arena (with puck rezer and clothing n equipments rezer available for free and full perm). HGriders, be more than welcome to play with us or with ur friends here :) ps. dont notice the mess, it still needs some tweaks :)

WATERMELON CROP (mesh): 16 clusters into ONE single prim: FREE and FULLPERM. Available at FARM AREA. Enjoy :)

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My Reviews


Funny place to visit. and I got completely lost in the maze lolol

Adventure Isles

I`ve few times to others amusement parks SIM at SL or at Opensim.. All of them boring, it takes only 5 minutes and U have seen it all but this sim is awesome. I had the privilege to see my friend mc cracken building it and we stood hours playing there :)

Zombie Jungle

The best zombie system seen so far. I`m not much a fan of zombies game myself but I found it actually funny lol

The Colony

Landscape and scenery is so real that sometimes I forget I`m at a virtual world. Impressive :)

Queit Lagoon

Interesting sim to see. Unique buildings! and well terraformed.

MG men

Well built and decorated SIM, and a lot of varieties for men clothing.. Impressive :)

Fashionistas island

Nice well built SIM :)

Azeroth Community

Well built/terraformed sim.. quite realistic indeed :)


Never ever been at that sim but giving 0 stars due how they treated my great and very clever friend OttovonOtter.


Aussi, aussi, aussi... Oi oi oi.. mate :)

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