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Playing as a Norwegian Elf.

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About Myself

Just playing as a Norwegian Elf.
I don`t type much. Im not anti social.. It`s just because I have issues on my hands that make them very painful .;/

My Interests

Building, terraforming, mesh, scripts.. but.. people often think I`m a scriptor... I wish... I just know how to do some tricks and tweaks and also have good friends with skills :)

Favorite Quote

Not caring of quotes lol

Music I Like

Hungary Rapsody number 2

My Regions

38 8 grid.wolfterritories.org:8002:EUROPA 0 Users
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter. Alien space colony with some dwellings and public transportation on sky and on ground. Day cycle lingers 84 hours like RL moon // Enable EEP sky for better experience. And if you adventure on ground area, be aware of the Magabaga creatures.
more info
92 29 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:LIGHT and SOUND MUSEUM 0 Users
The Ultimate SIM For all sort of LAMPs STREET LAMPs LIGHTs SOUNDS and RELATED! ALL FREE AND FULL PERM! keywords: light lamp lightning comet streetlamp sci fi hi tech vessels space xmas chritsmas neon sign club party dance ball xploder animesh avatar sound soundbox ambiance urban nature farm
more info
60 9 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:3D MUSEUM 0 Users
The Ultimate SIM for 3D icons, signs & neon signs and related. Here comes the SIM I could rez all my stuffs I`ve collected through the grids and built myself on Blender to all OpenSim residents for FREE and FULL PERM! Enjoy :) keywords: 3D icons vectors signs frame pictures decor maze flag neon ...
more info
186 48 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:FLORA 0 Users
THE ULTIMATE SIM FOR NATURE STUFFS Find here for FREE and FULLPERM all sort of plants/trees and garden stuffs related I`ve been collecting and also stuffs I've played in Blender to get prims reduced. Enjoy :)
more info
66 32 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:GREEDY MUSEUM 0 Users
The SIM for the OpenSIM Greedy Tables Choose among 63 FREE and FULL PERM mesh models of Greedy game tables, or just grab the box with the whole collection. key: greedy game dice dices play table board controller players
more info


*EUROPA RANCH* Now opened for public. When at EUROPA (main region), look for a big glassy teleporter board and pick up as destination EUROPA RANCH :)
CHEZ UFO branch opened now at that sim with greedy table for all visitors. Alien-horses rezzers available as well.
Enjoy :)

Ginger Snaps (Snips): It's like an exotic resort ranch! 2 days ago
*EUROPA MINES* Now open for public (at least the ones with no faint hearts). Explore among the Magabagalium crystals and beware of creepy creatures that sneak around.....
at EUROPA SIM, look for the big glassy teleport board and pick up as destination EUROPA MINES.
Enjoy ::)

Aurora Starchild: Gooorgeous! 9 days ago
*EUROPA COLONY SIM* SIMs where all dwellings will be from now on. To tap into this place, go to EUROPA and at welcome are you will see a big glassy teleport board. Enjoy.
PS. there are other destinations as EUROPA FARM and EUROPA MINES, feel free to explore but at these places, still a lot to be done.

Xenon Darrow: I love my and Ginger's little house and our HUGE garden! :) 11 days ago
ARACNO AIRWAYS office at SPACEPORT (*) in EUROPA. Humans NOT ALLOWED... If you enter, well... take a look for yourself and never complain about the sentence "The curiosity killed the cat" lolol

(*) At welcome area or at MAGABAGA Mall, there is a big tp board to that destination.

Jimmy Olsen: My apologies. Aracno Airways was not offering properly its "service". had to redo script little bit, guess people they came today havent seen all of it. its working now. 22 days ago
*** UPDATED RELEASE MAY 29th 2024 ***
OPENSIM FIREWORKS V9 (VERSION 9) - All in mesh fireworks (*) with lower complexity- V9 now is even better than previous version - it summons flashing lights on different colors and has more sounds, all to make the effect even more real! Available for FREE and FULLPERM at PARTY BOX.
Here is an example how it looks like now: https://gyazo.com/8aa8c5a4202fb6f40330ca75ec487a74
Enjoy :)

(*) An old particles firework available as well inside the box!

Safinemahoe2: These fireworks are fantastic! They look amazing but do not cause lag. I put about 20 of these on a one sim island as a test. OMG that was pretty.....but no lag! These are the best fire... 24 days ago
*OPENSIM FIREWORKS V7 (VERSION 7) UPDATED RELEASE (less complexity than the previous version and effects now look more real - All you see on that picture is mesh! With sounds and animation! Available for FULLPERM and FREE at PARTY SECTOR inside a box for fireworks. Enjoy :)

P.s Version with particles available as well, if needed.

Ankhsenaton: Thank you, I will to to see that :-) (I hope you took lots of photos for the Daily Planet ;-) 27 days ago
With seasonal textures included and smooth animation on leaves! All available for FREE and FULLPERM at FOREST AREA (ground area), BOX 02. Enjoy :)

(*) Old versions still inside the box.

Xenon Darrow: There he goes...making more beauty for OpenSim. 28 days ago
At EUROPA, we welcome all humanoids,bots, NPCs, arthopods, xenomorphs, and arachnids with open arms, antennae, and pincers! Are you feeling unwanted? Lonely? Isolated? Do you keep getting banned for copying other people's copybotted stuff and sharing it with your friends?
Fret no longer! Come to EUROPA! We are filled with bots to keep you company! And in the amazing EUROPA MALL (*), all things are free and full perm! Share with your friends, your family, your dog, your cat, your chicken, and your facehugger! Share with one of the MAGABAGA spiders!

We look forward to your visit! Come to EUROPA!
(*) At welcome area, call an interphasic bubble taxi to the mall!

*MCL*: Like I said from the start, if it does not have full permission, then it should! So if you find things around our stores and it says they are not, just let us know. Believe me, I will make it! Even ou... 1 month ago
Welcome to MAGABAGA INTERNATIONAL SPACEPORT- All species are welcome, even humans... SIMs at WTG are connected so fly your ship and use our facilities.. Enjoy the performance of our alien artists... And avoid being nearby Aracno Airlines store... they are not much keen of people...

thedeeferry: Wish I could be there. IP banned. Thanks AMV. 1 month ago

*** LIGHT BEAM COLLECTION *** From traditional to odd shapes & colors. Available at BOX 09 (LIGHTBEAM box). All for FREE and FULLPERM. Enjoy :)

Sodasullivan: Let there be light! 2 months ago

NATURAL PATH MESH - SEASONAL - Change all paths in your SIM with few clicks! Seasonal textures and scripts included. Available for FREE and FULLPERM at MOUNTAIN AREA, BOX 02. Enjoy :)

thedeeferry: I have a love-hate relationship, too. Love Flora. AMV hates me. Oh well. 2 months ago

Zort (galactic explorer, age 4,217) says: "Even on distant planets, adventures get better with a little blue boost."

==> Try Viagra! and Fly to EUROPA!!

Luna Lunaria: I loved Europa. Wonderful work :-) 2 months ago

Sci-fi // Space // Roleplay // Alien Outfits for MEN and WOMEN and ...aliens, of course. Many choices available for FREE and FULLPERM
At TP area, choose as destination MALL. Enjoy :)

Xenon Darrow: High fashion for the discerning humanoid...and everyone else. :) 3 months ago
EUROPA, the SIM where rumors swirl as Bill Gates mysteriously insists on selling Windows OS with a syringe, sparking wild conspiracies about hidden microchips and secret vaccine updates in every byte!

***JUNIPER COMMON MESH SHRUB PACK NEW RELEASE*** Seasonal textures included // V1 e V2 (2 versions) // Smooth animation on leaves! Available for FREE and FULL PERM at BOX 01, GARDEN AREA. Enjoy :)

LE TERRACE- THE only Alien places where one can play greedy, sip an alien coffee and have a view from Jupiter.

360 degrees PIC of MAGABAGA MEGA MALL in Europa. All SCI-Fi stuffs and related can be found here for FREE and FULL PERM. Enjoy :)

Mystic Moonlight: great build jimmy and ty for sharing~S~ 5 months ago
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter where aliens, attempting to blend in at the shopping mall, mistake mannequins for undercover agents and engage in intense conversations with them about the secrets of human fashion.
NEW SCI FI MAGABAGA MALL AVAILABLE! TONS OF SCI FI RELATED STUFFS! ALL FOR FREE AND FULL PERM. Go to any interphasic taxi bubble totem and pick up as destination MALL (its in a space station, 1,500 meters up in the sky). Have fun!

Joe Builder: Hey Jimmy Nice region you have there :) Looks like Isil Designs from SL? Is it the same.. 5 months ago

KEEP CALM AND... The force, trust, you must at EUROPA SIM, Moon of Jupiter!

LET`S FINISH THE JOB! COME TO VISIT US at EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter.. Make sure your environmental settings is activated for better experience.

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter // The only SIM where Lizard people DO EXIST!! O.o

KrisTina: So no wearing the MIB outfit, gotcha. 5 months ago
LIGHTNING ADDON PACK added to the boxed version of the SCANDINAVIAN RAIN/SNOW SYSTEM V6 HUD . Better effect to your SIM when playing thunderstorms! Lightnings with nice effects (light, glow and bright) and thunder sound!! // 05 different models! //Available for FREE and FULLPERM at WEATHER AREA. Enjoy :)

Luna Lunaria: Thanks Jimmy, will definitely check this out. I've used a great weather engine in SL for years but could never find a good, legal one in Opensim. 5 months ago

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter // The only SIM where chihuahuas have the latest barkware update – now equipped with a firewall against mail carriers and a tail-wagging encryption algorithm!

MAKE EUROPA great AGAIN! VISIT US... and mind the magabagas spiders...

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter // The only SIM where alien beauty treatments include anti-gravity facials and cosmic hairdos that outshine shooting stars!

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter // The only SIM ALIENS can't resist for intergalactic vacation selfies!

EUROPA, MOON of Jupiter // The only SIM where DROIDS lives MATTER :)

Sodasullivan: LOVE THIS 5 months ago

New destination added at EUROPA: At any interphasic bubble teleporter totens, choose as destination ARBORIUM.. Its a nice place to escape from the alien reality and chil :)

Sodasullivan: sometimes it is important just to escape the alien reality and chill. =) 5 months ago

New alien flora rezzed at EUROPA, generated by AI (Meshy.ai)

*NEW RELEASE* FONY BAOBAB MESH TREE (Adansonia Rubrostripa),coming straight from Madagascar to your SIM, FULL PERM and FREE! Seasonal textures included // leaves with smooth animation - 01 prim only. // Available at DESERT AREA, BOX 02. Enjoy :)

Darci Viper: Thank You Jimmy :) 6 months ago
ABBA-SLIMERS NPCs (*) singing a funny HAPPY NEW YEAR song for ur SIM. Available for FREE and FULL PERM at XMAS AREA.
(*) It`s not a new release but removed the old year it had before so it says only "Happy New Year" thus can be used for other forthcoming years as well.

CyberGlo CyberStar: It was even funnier, when I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the slimers, as i kept deleting and re-rezzing it, producing more and more slimers running around. LOL LOL LOL. 6 months ago
That what happens when you do stuffs late in the evening and tired. Forgive me, dear FLORA customers. I had recently announced the ORANGE TREE on mesh but vendor had instead watermelons lol ). No.. its not genetic manipulation or any conspiracy.. was just.. tired lolol.. (thx
Fearghus McMahon @Fearghus for the feedback).. Vendor now is correctly set at FARM AREA.. Enjoy :)

*ORANGE TREE NEW RELEASE* MEsh tree, up to 2 trees into a single prim! Leaves with smooth animations and textures included! Available at FARM AREA!Enjoy :)

LeonitasLionheart: Orange you betting people will go bananas over this? 7 months ago
New teleport system on EUROPA. instead of the traditional (and dull one) now public can tap into many places in SIM by using this Interphasic Taxi Buble. Totem available at many spots spread allover the SIM. It can carry up to 03 passengers. Enjoy :)

Marga: Absolutely a grat work Jimmy. Chapeau !!! 7 months ago

Great Alien-Droid-Bolshoi Ballet at Welcome Area. Available for public until the lithium-interphasic magabaga batteries linger. Enjoy :)

EUROPA now is a set of 9 4x4s VAR regions. If you want to come around sims, go to any teleporter and choose as destination "INTERSIM"..And enjoy the MAGABAGA Maglev tour.

Lone Wolf: Incredible mate. 7 months ago
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. // On this pic, close view from the lounge club, THE TERRACE where you can relax and play Greedy Table. Enjoy :)

Slowhand: Phantastic work Jimmy, thank you! 8 months ago

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings.

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. // On this pic, the TERRACE, the highest part/building of the entire sim). At TP area,go to any teleporter and choose TERRACE as destination.Enjoy :)

EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings.

Jupiter Rowland: I have a moon? 8 months ago
EUROPA, Moon of Jupiter now opened for public. Enable EEP sky for better experience. Space base with some dwellings. Day cycle here is 84 hours like on RL moon. Beware the magabaga spiders on ground.. they don`t like people...

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Well built region and lot of goodies to grab. Sim owner is friendly and a nice builder. Gracias por todo, chiquita :)


Better than some dull flat SIMs that still use the default "green-demon-vomit" ground texture as grass lolol


Funny place to visit. and I got completely lost in the maze lolol

Adventure Isles

I`ve few times to others amusement parks SIM at SL or at Opensim.. All of them boring, it takes only 5 minutes and U have seen it all but this sim is awesome. I had the privilege to see my friend mc cracken building it and we stood hours playing there :)

Zombie Jungle

The best zombie system seen so far. I`m not much a fan of zombies game myself but I found it actually funny lol

The Colony

Landscape and scenery is so real that sometimes I forget I`m at a virtual world. Impressive :)

MG men

Well built and decorated SIM, and a lot of varieties for men clothing.. Impressive :)

Azeroth Community

Well built/terraformed sim.. quite realistic indeed :)


Never ever been at that sim but giving 0 stars due how they treated my great and very clever friend OttovonOtter.


Aussi, aussi, aussi... Oi oi oi.. mate :)

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