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Covert Gadgets (OsGrid)
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OsGrid located gadgets. Greeters, group invites, security orb, profile picture display, land teleport routing etc.
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Covert Gadgets
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Security Orb, teleport routing, gadgets. Greeters, profile texture display, Castles, Houses, homes, Visitor logger, spy gadgets, teleporters, automated group invites. Aperture doors. AniMesh avatars, good male AO animation override female AO collections of various useful land items.
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Hey all. I've recently had quite major invasive surgery and as unable to do any physical exertion for 6 weeks thought what the F can I do to kill bordom and make a positive contribution. So, thought I'll write new scripts and post in the tutorial section. It's positive, keeps mind active, it's free.
This is the first script for anyone interested. It contains a lot of // notes and may help you to understand some of the many ways to be creative combing old and many of the new efficient ways of coding.
This is the link for my current project. NOTE, all of my codes are tested and fully functional without errors.
I think that link will work :P

CyberGlo CyberStar: Ouch! I hope you get well soon. Best wishes to you, I know about pain, being diagnosted with psoriatic arthritis (which can be as bad as cancer if untreated). It's no fun. Couple that with my schi... 5 months ago
** Urgent Gadget Recall **
Gadget: Covert Security System v 1.06.311
Issue: Can cause teleports to fail to region(s) you defined with incorrect uri
Example: If you want security to teleport intruders to region: and in err enter missing grid. in this example, ANYONE trying to teleport to region will fail due to the robust server reproting the following.
Verifying grid against
Unable to verify identity of agent Irish Whiskey. Refusing service
This is due to an error you/admin give to teh security system.

FIX: Delete security and restart region or reenter uri into security. restart region. If that fails, restart region and robust.
I prefer you destroy all copies of the security system and wait for me to create a fixed version. I'll report this to opensim dev team as this is a great way for a griefer to hijack a region.

Why is this happening? When you enter a URI the security system requests SIMULATOR DATA with a DATA_SIM_STATUS. No matter what uri you provide, as long as the uri reaches a grid the robust response will be given if region matches. This causes robust to LINK to the region even though the uri is incorrect BUT this will leed to Unable to verify identity of agent USER NAME. Refusing service resulting in no-one able to teleport to region from the region the security is located. Hence, I would say this is a opensim BUg issue. The robust should check uri matches grid uri and reject the request if not a match when a script performs DATA_SIM_STATUS or better still NOT perform an automated Hyperlink to a region when a DATA_SIM_STATUS request is made.

Copper: if this toy has so many issues..why do you give it..Should be tested before you spread it out? 6 months ago

Region is Offline until 4am 26th July UTC/GMT time zone or longer. Mariadb SISFE error (Sh$% itself error)

New gadget coming soon. Spotlights, strobes and disco lights. A following spotlight on display now. Wonder round and the beam of light will shine down on you as done with stars on a stage. See now at Covert Gadgets. Facelifts will spoil the effects and are disabled during your visit have viewer set to night mode.
** Back Online ** Experiencing issues with server past 48hrs. Currently transferring clone of said server to another server. Will setup clone during the weekend and keep on standby. Robust database takes several hours to clones. During that time, any new objects etc. created whill not pass through to the clone server.

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Palast der Winde

Without a doubt, a beautiful and very well laid out region. Palast, your talent surpasses all. Your design, creations are visually stunning. Great job! Great imagination!

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Not a winge. Anyone else experiencing problems with teleporting to Kitely regions and not other grids? Error I get is Kitely has changed their URI!
If not, cool, I'll have to check my configs.