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It's not how much you make, It's how much you keep - W.C. Fields

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Ursula K. Leguinn

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The Greatest American Hero

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CyberFrost 0 Users
My Home region to load easily and retreat to... If you have on shared environment, then the region appears very frosty...
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Free Magic Magic 0 Users
A place to pick up free magical items to use in your worlds. Have fun!
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Lothlorien 0 Users
Elven realm where magic happens, peaceful and quiet with only the sounds of the natural woodlands.
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Home 0 Users
Low Lag Welcome Center for the Grid.
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CyberCity 1 Users
Gaming & Dance Club for Grid.
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Uno On The Moon
Where: CyberCity
When: 2 months ago [27 Jul 2021 20:24 SLT]

Uno-On-The-Moon! Every Tuesday Night at 9pm EST. Do something fun, and different! Play UNO!

Uno On The Moon
Where: CyberCity
When: 2 months ago [20 Jul 2021 01:00 SLT]

Uno-On-The-Moon! Every Tuesday Night at 9pm EST. Do something fun, and different! Play UNO!

The Mega Tour @ WhiteWood
Where: Home
When: 7 months ago [12 Feb 2021 17:00 SLT]

Huge Castle, Secret Passages, Artificial Intelligence placed the tree layout!

DreamGrid downloader
DreamGrid installer isn't installing a new setup at the moment, not sure what's up, but If someone can let Fred know. It won't install a new dreamgrid in a blank folder, it just only updates an existing one.
Strange problems teleporting to other regions?
Sometimes the solution for this is really simple. Here are two things we never think about.
1) If you are using one viewer, try a different one such as singularity, alchemy, firestorm, or coolvlviewer.
2) Sometimes problems can be noticed when going between one os grid version and another grid version, if running firestorm, this problem is exacerbated if your router has DOS protection in the firewall settings. Denial of service protection stops large streams of data coming into your home network, but of course the viewers transmit large amounts during teleports and if your router sees this as a dos attack it will rate limit it or block it altogether, causing slow tp's and intermittent tp problems.
OpenSim Tips
If you find you cannot teleport to a region and you know it was previously working, which means you got the port forwarding set up correctly, and the ip addresses are all correct, then go to that console for that region, and type: fcache clear.
If you run opensim on windows, you can use a program suchas "restart on crash" to monitor and restart the Robust.exe should it either crash, or start not responding. Restart on Crash is a free windows application.
If you are unable to stop a region from restarting, observe the logs. I went to visit a grid and got items, unfortunately while I was there the region crashed. I logged back in to my grid and rezzed the items I got previously from the sim that crashed while I was there. The next time I restarted my grid, that region restarted over and over. I found that the items had not finished downloading, and were trying to contact the grid that crashed. After I deleted the objects from the console using: delete object id "whatever uuid number" everything returned to normal and ran smoothly.
How to tell if your sim got hacked.
Well usually the signs are obvious. Missing items, White items, even possibly 100's of scripts missing. How do they do it? Simple. Viewers like hydrastorm and darkstorm have options such as God mode override hack, which let's the user become a god on your land. The viewers also can let someone delete items from your sim, clone items, and even take the scripts. Well that's fine, you say, my opensim blocks hydrastorm and darkstorm. Except these viewers have a feature that lets them masquerade as regular firestorm, singularity, hippo, and others... It tricks your simulator into thinking the person is not using hydrastorm, but is instead using firestorm. But there are other hacks as well, the reverse friend permissions hack, sim crashers, and more. So what's a good defense? Some packages like dreamgrid, include an option to autobackup when you like. And keep N number of backups before recycling them. Dreamgrid also makes it easy to back up your inventory to an IAR. I suggest you use features such as these, or if you're on linux, learn to save your oars from the command line, as well as your iar's. While hackers can and often do use a vpn to gain access to a sim they plan to attack so their ip cannot be traced. For example PIA (private internet access) gives their users thousands of servers to choose from, with many different IP addresses. So blocking by ip address is nothing more than a temporary snafoo for hackers. If you block by name, they come back with an alt. Also there's a setting in opensim that allows a grid owner to edit the attachments of people that come to their grid, and it's trivial to turn this feature on. To sum it up, some people are just jerks, and all you can do is backup, backup, backuppppp.
Sim Stats Monitor, Scripts Monitor, Sim Version ALL redone in osdrawtext as green on black displays.

perfect for your personal in world computer needs. :) heheheh

New Shootable Target!

Just point your wand at the target, in mouselook, and when you hit the target a hole appears where you hit it! Get it now on the 2nd floor of WhiteLand Wizard Store!

New Teleport of Nargus Asturias - Modified & Awesome
Now has a rotating magic platform, and blue beams of light. Just put them anywhere you want to teleport in your region, and change the description field of the object to that name, then reset the script. Example: Office, mountain, dungeon, lake, etc. Incredibile Special effects!!! added by me! CyberGlo CyberStar
Shopping at Wright Plaza
I was shopping at wright plaza, and a lady came up to me rudely accusing me of stealing things from osgrid. All I said to her was I think it is time to block you. So I blocked her, and immediately her alt pops up and begins to cuss me out. I mean. Excuse me, but People use my scripts in osgrid that got them from 2nd or 3rd parties, and I never say a word, so I don't see a big deal with getting free stuff from any grid. But if you go to wright plaza and get attacked by this woman, just ignore her, it seemed to me that she is just trying to drive people away. I changed my nick, and had my account deleted b/c of a nasty group constantly persecuting me until I boiled over in a meltdown. Don't make the mistake I did by interacting with them, just block them and go on with your fun.

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I went here. It was mostly flat land with some roman places. I saw a bunch of npc's all in the same spot.


I went there. There was some space stuff. Some npc's wandering around. I was devastated.

Arkham City

You must go to Arkham Grid and see Kingman Furniture. A wonderful store filled with very high quality goodies! Tons of items not found anywhere else in the grids! Beautiful objects that are rare in world are there! Incredible welcome center design for this grid, all digital and very professionally created. I give it 5 stars for excellence. The region apparently crashed while I was there, and...


Not slow at all, the region loaded instantly for me, the beautiful small nordic town spread with christmas lights really lightened my mood walking through it. I was reminded of the small town I grew up in, and the attention to detail was astounding. A must see for any virtual explorer in cyberspace!

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