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What is wood Alcohol used for ?

Buzzy Cnayl: You can make perfume using the SF Vat 1 years ago

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"I see trees of green Red roses too I see them bloom For me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful world" I am blessed to be given the opportunity to live, work and play at Friends Grid. Thank you Safine. Thank you also to the rich and diverse community amazing people that I am lucky to call FRIENDS!

Moonrose Shopping

I Just Love Moonrose. I am always excited to see what you make and never leave empty handed. I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in giving us an opportunity to buy (at no cost) with no hassle to sign up to to something etc. Thank you, Thank You, Thank You xxx

The Garth

I Just love this place - it is always my go to when i am looking for things. Really great selection of the best that our open sim worlds have to offer. Big thank you to squirrel

Golden Skye

I am sure its lovely. But when I went, i had no clue where to go. Clicked the Landmark to Emergence but did not lead anywhere. very confusing. Does not appear to be anyone on the sim at the time of the event, to give guidance. What a shame.


This has got to be one of the best builds I have seen in a long time ! Beautiful Experience. Thank you Roland XXXX

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