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Mature, RL married. University studies. Ex Teacher, ex nurse. Early retired. In the country-side.

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About Myself

Into sciences (bio), crafts, arts and farming. Like sciences, hates "pseudo-sciences", healers and other members of the "hocus pocus" club. AGNOSTIC

My Interests

In virtual worlds interested in water, building, farms, gardens and all sort of landscapes.

I'm Looking For

my glasses

Favorite Quote

Try to be the best of yourself and don't stop learning. (Me, myself, I)
It doesn't matter how smart you are or how much you have studied if you are an egotistical bastard who looks down on others, don't share your knowledge, and use other people for profit. (Me, myself, I)

Music I Like

Rock, ska, folk... more or less all except reggaeton and rap.

Films I Like

Thrillers, crime, horror, historic.

Books I Like

Thrillers, crime, horror, history and books related to my other interests.

My Heroes

Common people

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OS - Zirconia

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This is a great place where to set your home and also to visit. The landscaping is fantastic, the different choices of housing very nice that would suit most people's preferences. The staff is very welcoming and friendly, always ready to help. Tropicana has a lively community where people can enjoy regular events and has different areas to socialise and have a good time alone or with friends. The...

C&C Worldwide Mall

Enormous and excellent work of this mall. The decoration is superb, the items are very unique. Big thanks for the patience and friendly ways of CrazyPoseidon to help me arrive to the welcome area, and guide me in the city. Great place to visit and shop.

Free Life Freebie Factory

Dangerous place... You can spend hours here time flies LOL. Amazing work!!

Fae Farms

It is a lovely sim! Fantastic work. It is a place made with love and a pleasure to visit.


The place is absolutely lovely, a great pleasure to explore. About the clothes I would say the underwear is great for BOM avatars, the costumes are sometimes a little old style or vintage but not the repeated items you see everywhere. Worth to spend time here. Only brutes cannot appreciate this place.

Free Life Freebie Freeway

Enjoyed the visit. Full of nice details. Very nice place to spend some time.

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