Farm Basics

  • You must have activated the same group as the farm objects to use them. Everyone in the same group can use your farm
  • Do not take things in inventory, they become unusable (except animals). Use the various storage facilities instead.
  • Rezzing the farm platforms gives you a functioning initial setup. There are additional items in the package, including the rezzer for animals

Required permissions

Before using the farm in your region, you need to ensure you have permissions for OSSL functions, which normally should be allowed to region owners by default. If you are getting permission errors make sure the following permissions are enabled:
Allow_osGetNotecard =  true
Allow_osMessageObject  = true
These settings are in the file config-include/osslEnable.ini or in the Opensim.ini of your opensim server. You can ask your host to change these for you. Please note that these settings have moved from the [XEngine] section to the [OSSL] section in opensim > 0.9.


Plants grow food and produce Product buckets (fruit, vegetable, wood etc). Here is how to get started with Plants:
  • Click the Well. A water bucket will be rezzed in front of the well. Touch the bucket and it will follow you. Touch it again to put it down.
  • Bring a bucket near a plant, then touch the plant to water it.
  • Instead of manual watering, you can turn on the AutoWatering feature of the plants, which will automatically take water from the nearest SF Water Tower when needed.
  • Autowatering requires the presence of a SF Water Tower in a distance less than 96m. Similarly, AutoFood requires an SF Storage rack or SF Fridge with enough food within 96m radius.
  • The SF Windpump automatically fills up the nearest water tower. the Water Tower can automatically water everything if you have autoWater enabled
  • The SF Rack and Fridge are for storing harvested items for longer term. Animal feeders can automatically take items from them if you turn on the AutoFood option.
  • The names of the objects starting with “SF “ must not be changed. The names are important for the functioning of the farm.
  • DO NOT TAKE BUCKETS IN INVENTORY, THEY WILL BECOME UNUSABLE. Put them in the storage barrels instead.


Animals grow, produce Products such as Milk, eggs etc, they can mate , and they also die . Animals need to feed from a Feeder. Click on any animal -> Options -> Help to find out more.
  • Use the SF Animal Rezzer to rez new animals. They will be randomly female or male on rez.
  • Animals feed from the various Feeder objects. Click Options->Help to find out what feeder each animal uses
  • When you select “Stop” from the menu, the animal will wander randomly up to 5 meters away from the stopping point. You can set this distance with the "Range" menu option. If you don't want your animal to not move at all, select "Walking off".
  • After female animals become adult, they can mate. You have to bring them near a Male and select “Mate” - they won’t mate on their own. Milk-producing animals will give milk after their first birth


The Kitchen is a food processor. It takes in buckets of Products and produces food. You can add recipes to the SF Kitchen. There is a RECIPES notecard inside the Kitchen which contains one recipe in each line. E.g.
Cake=Water,25% Flour,Apples or Tomatoes or 25% Orange Juice ,Eggs=300=SF YummyCake
Each recipe is described in a single line with the following fields separated by ‘=’:
  1. Name of Recipe in the menu
  2. Ingredients separated by commas (without the “SF” prefix), each incredient can contain “or” and percentages
  3. Time to cook (in seconds)
  4. The object to rez from the kitchen’s inventory after cooking (with the “SF” prefix)
  5. Extra parameter (optional)
The kitchen is just one example of a food processor. The Distillery, Juicer, Wine maker, Olive oil maker work in the same way as the kitchen.

Storage barrels

Storage boxes can store any of the SF* products. Just click the storage barrels to add the product. To create your own storage barrels, copy an existing storage , and add a copy of the SF Product you want to store inside the contents of it. It will then appear in the menus.

Selling products

  • You can sell your excess harvested items to the OSW Farm Seller truck to win game points if you connect it to your account. Your current score (points) will be shown in your opensimworld profile.
  • For sims with real or fake money systems, you can use the “SF Market OSMoney”. There is a notecard inside where you set the price of each item. The first number between the ‘=’ is the price at which the SF Market sells the items, and the second number is the price at which the Market buys them.
  • For sims without money system, you can use the “SF Market NoMoney”, which works exactly same way, but instead of simulator money, it stores the money balances in the script’s memory.

Making custom products

Please make use of the latest scripts from the SatyrFarm repository for your custom products. If you plant to distribute them , you must ensure that every item and all the items that it contains in its inventory recursively must be full perm, otherwise your product will not work for other users. See the Developer Guide for more info.


The farm scripts are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC-BY-NC) 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA. You are free to modify / create your own items for non-commercial reasons. To our knowledge all the farm objects and meshes are Freebies and we thank the makers for their work. If you have better open source meshes to contribute, please contact us