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Gentle Fire Grid
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welcome to Gentle Fire Grid , a Place to call Home, Buy land and build your dream world Or your Dream club its up to you Make your special at Gentle fire Grid and your welcome here. Holidays spec...

GarryBeaumont: You can still get my in worls Radio Garden player at Wright Plaza on OSGrid. 6 minutes ago
Last time we checked Trey Magnifique had just found Madame B! Well sorta I think it was the Capn, but he found her. Let's see what they are up to now #TreyMagnifique #VHG #virtual-hg #viewfromundertherock

Another fine moment with the perfect tune.

Tiggy has got somewhere to dance now at Sicario's welcome.

Brandnew high quality Halloween Stuff at the Mainstore .. remember only Group !!

SheaButter: Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Love this place, and with added halloween bonuses. hugs Bella! 1 hour ago

New Jumpsuit Angela - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

oficina para adquisicion de sims

Today on the Africa stream : African blues by Boubacar Traore and Vieux Farka Toure. Visit the Blues hut, turn on stream and enjoy the African atmosphere and the sounds of the blues from Mali.

Kashi Takeshi: Awesome place ! nice work Asha xox 5 hours ago

Heute ab 20 Uhr! Dj Mick am Dj Pult! Im Tanzstadl auf der Germanworldgrid!

Halloween Bom Face-Tattoo...
Come in and find out

Suzan Von Otter: use the teleporter and teleport to Tattos section, there woman finds everything !!! 6 hours ago

New Swimsuit Nico - NO Resale-
Comes with Color Hud

New Elegant Dress for a very Good Night.....:-)

Unsere Topmodels Bad und Siwas präsentieren den neuen Dale Partner Herbstlook! lol - Our top models Bad and Siwas present the new Dale Partner autumn look! lol (erhältlich ab Morgen - available from tomorrow)

Thirza Ember: I feel warmer already 10 hours ago
Interested in Roleplay? Already have a group, or looking for a new RP family? Learn about the Wyldwood RP , their regular meet-ups with other RP afficionados, and of course, the roundup of news in Opensim
InWorld Review: Sundays at 12 noon SLT
Like - Subscribe - Comment - be a guest on the show!

Hocus Pocus...THE SANDERSON SISTERS arrived at Autumnville and will put a spell on you!!!
Come and listen to their smash hit but take care not to get bewitched. (made by Kimm Starr)

LeonSullivan: stunning, I felt very well entertained. 12 hours ago
Littlefield Grid's monthly State of the Grid meeting.
Friday 10/07/2022 1:30PM Pacific

9.2.1 Upgrade GO LIVE date this month and upgrade info, New Viewer updates, New Hardware Updates, Halloween Region and Party.

I want to thank every one who came out to the fetish factor tonight.. thank you

DJ Kith 's "Your Set Sunday" Blues Request Night tonite at 6:00!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins at 6:00PM Tonight! 2022-10-02 18:00 SLT
One of our most popular sets is when YOU get to be the DJ! You already bring the you get to bring the music!! Bring your blues requests and dedications and DJ Kith will play them for you! Have an old favorite? A fresh new blues tune you heard somewhere? See if you can challenge this awesome DJ tonite! We will have the fun..the friendships that we are famous for, and you bring the music! Come on down to the Bayou and let's party! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

The ORIGINAL Latex Lounge Fetish Dance with live DJ Molly Sheryffe - Tonight at 5pm Pacific! Come join in for some great music and a great group of people who've been in the BDSM and Fetish business for over 9 years in Opensim! Free LATEX gift every week!!

Starts at 5pm PST!!


Mr. Butters performing at Rebels Lounge.

Party at the Marina!


put on your kini or take it off

Go to Hidden Dreams and take the black tp board to Powerboat Marina

When Art Inspires Art!! Kimm Starr, amazing Animesh creator was inspired by our world, AI Dreams in Art, especially our Gothic gallery, and gifted us, 2 amazing Goth Animesh, male and female...We are offering them too, as gifts on our world. She says," This Animesh was inspired by the AI art created by Dale Innis & the world in which it is shown built by Karima Hoisan. I was incredibly inspired after visiting their Art Installation and hope you were too!" Kimm Star is creator of Virtual Vignette Animesh, available on the Kitely Market. Take a peek here and come see the whole gallery for yourselves! Thank you Kimm! You are just amazing!
PS For any who had a problem taking the Goth Girl home ...she has been fixed and is now fully Export!! Thanks to HG Georgina Mills for pointing out the problem to me!

Kimm Starr: This was so much fun. I really enjoyed the installations and was unable to stop myself from making these 2 complimentary animesh inspired by the art. yesterday
Party at the Powerboat Marina

Sunday Oct 2 2-4pm grid time
Come listen to the music from DJ Madrul Smith at the Powerboat Marina at Hidden Dreams.

Put on your bikini or trunks and come join us for the most fun pool party ever!

*drinks*poles* cages*diving boards* super soakers and much more

Come out and have fun this afternoon!

Go to Hidden Dreams and take the black tp board to Powerboat Marina
Different versions of your fave's songs, mixed together beat-to-beat and back-to-back.

Come, visit and catch a good time with us!


Chad & Jacek C&J

New scripted Profile Board.
This one shows the profile picture and text of your last two visitors.

We Kick The Weekend Club

News at Camalla-Male Sultanoutfits in any Colors Harem-Pants and Djiellaba look around and have fun

The Box
Jupiter Rowland 24 hours ago
For our national holiday which is less then half an hour away. Fortunately fake.
Nico Kaliani yesterday
ADORATION OF THE MAGI CANDY JAR. Gold, frankincense and a Mar's bar.
Nico Kaliani yesterday
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
Memorial Day Candy:
Thirza Ember 2 days ago
@Joe - strict, but fair.
Jupiter Rowland 3 days ago
All the Catholic holidays in Germany.
Joe Builder 3 days ago
No Candy for you.
Thirza Ember 3 days ago
I know the star by my name means I don't see any ads on osw... now there is also a check. I am hoping that means I get free candy.
Thirza Ember 3 days ago
what is the correct candy for Memorial Day?
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
Good guesses -- especially for holy days that involve fasting. But the Ramadan fast is only during daylight hours. And there is the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast. Candy is not the best way to do that, but there is candy marketed for the holiday.
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
Nico Kaliani 3 days ago
ThundergodThor 3 days ago
Labor Day
DavidBarjesse 3 days ago
Yom Kippur
Ellen 3 days ago
Nico Kaliani 4 days ago
Name one holiday that doesn't have candy associated with it
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GarryBeaumont 6 minutes ago
You can still get my in worls Radio Garden player at Wright Plaza on OSGrid.
SheaButter 1 hour ago
Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Love this place, and with added halloween bonuses. hugs Bella!
alexa maurer osw 2 hours ago
ZetaWorlds can also overdo it with the rules. The reason why my grid got banned from ZetaWorlds is just ridiculous. Well, I'll just ban ZetaWorlds from my grid as well. So easy. It's a shame but what ...
Kashi Takeshi 5 hours ago
Awesome place ! nice work Asha xox
Suzan Von Otter 6 hours ago
use the teleporter and teleport to Tattos section, there woman finds everything !!!
monika 6 hours ago
grille non accessible merci
Thirza Ember 10 hours ago
I feel warmer already
LeonSullivan 12 hours ago
stunning, I felt very well entertained.
The Etheria Grid 20 hours ago
Got mine and love them all!! Thank you!!


Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
So I will make a true confession….I don’t know much about blues music; but on the rare occasion I visit a club, this is where I go. Sounds crazy ……..but there is a simple reason. The people at Wy...
Safinemahoe2 7 hours ago
Super gemacht !! das ist gleich ein paar besuche Wert!!!!
Suzan Von Otter 11 hours ago
The Wizard
This is the third region that I have been able to admire from you. Every single region is an experience. The Wizard now is an example of how to arrange art as an experience for the viewer. Here,...
Rudi Bakerly 11 hours ago
CCI Norge
Absolutely beautiful land. Cannot believe no one has reviewed yet, but yes, spent some time there and basked in the magic of the Lights and the gorgeously laid out town and areas. Incredible, a MUST s...
The Etheria Grid 20 hours ago
Churchtown River
bravo very good work I like the so much the ride with horses !!!!!!
Nickos 22 hours ago
I dont know how to say it. This part with the Christmas market and the Ice skating area made me feel like I was coming home. very romantic, nostalgic, cozy. Reminds me of my childhood. Well done Etzel...
JillMunroe yesterday
Amazing collection of freebies and so well organized. Thank you for your generosity and creativity.
RobinRidley yesterday
The old charm of the SL packaged in the present time, already something to look at as antique but it has what. there was really good time spent until that was finished, thanks for the import to opensi...
Suzan Von Otter yesterday

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