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Beach Island
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Everything you need for beach areas, trees, rocks, waves, surfing waves -pack inside the cabin, plants, cabins and more.

New in the Store, Join :)

New in the Store, Join :)

Also in birch.

Newly added. Take the teleporter to furniture.

Gemenon – PRIVATE Homes for Caprica Hypergrid Residents.

"Blues, Bikers and BBQ" with YJ the DJ! Tonight at 7PM

Get your motor running! Head out on the highway! Lookin' for adventure - It's YJ the DJ tonight at GasWorks "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" event! Yj the DJ will be on hand to play those Biker Blues and keep the party rolling tonight. Expect nothing but the best and the best includes dancing and a real good time! Grab some friends and join us tonight out in the park across from GasWorks for YJ the DJ! Smell that BBQ!
October 2021 inworld magazine will be published Oct. 1st, it will be the last inworld magazine. Our online magazine Virtual-HG will be where we publish our future articles. It will all be online. Thank you for supporting us inworld we loved featuring you. ❤❤
DJ Lady B tonight! at GasWorks "Bikers, Blues and BBQ" event 5PM

MMM! Smell that BBQ on the open pit at GasWorks! It's "Bikers, Blues and BBQ" event tonight at GasWorks and the fun is just waiting to be had! DJ Lady B will be spinning her special brand of Blues, Blues Rock and specials just to put you in the mood to dance and enjoy the night! Rev up those bikes and come on down! Free Prizes tonight for all who attend, at GasWorks! Enjoy DJ LadyB tonight!
Skull Earring posts, for fun!! These are not joined so you can remove the skull and use in other decorations, the post too can be used for other earrings you might want to make. To my critics these have been decimated and reduced. Free and full perms, in the Monentes Jewelry foyer. Jewelry

Friday October 1
10:00 PDT
With Marlon
At the Black Swan Folk Club

Heute ist wieder Richi-Time mit DJ Richi und seinem Music-Call. Ab 20:00 Uhr gehts los.

The site may look gray like moon dust… but don’t let the bland appearance fool you. This is a very cool repository of free 3D models for 3D printing created by none other than NASA.
7-9 am DJ Slyder at GasWorks! Morning jump Start!

Fire up the coffee! Grab a dance pad! Settle in for a big helping of Roadhouse style Blues with DJ Slyder! He is going to lay down the Blues like the House is on Fire! Bring your Blues requests as well, if he doesn't already have it he'll do his best to get it for you. With Slyder it's all about YOU having a good time, so join us! DJ Slyder Morning at GasWorks!

oops I found a lot more items that are related to Halloween inside my inventory. I places them all inside the magick should do a second look inside

virtualife, one of the leading OpenSim commercial networks, is giving away one year of free rent for 25 regions, each a region with 15,000 prims.

Now with the ability to select the servers location: US or EU!

“Elastic Grid” is a full-fledged, multifunctional network of connected regions based on the Robust server with the “Hypergrid” option, its own web interface and expandable with a large number of regions of various configurations.
The network owner has access to all Hypergrid functions, including a full-fledged “God mode”, land resale and currency.

Product page:
"Blues, Bikers and BBQ" with DJ BlueLou! 7PM

Oh yes! It's DJ BlueLou tonight at GasWorks "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" event! Tonight will be outside GasWorks in the park, where you can grab a beer and some BBQ, dance and gather up some free prizes while listening to the kind of Blues and Blues rock perfect for dancing and having a great time! It's easy! Just grab your best friends and meet us tonight. Enjoy some Blues, Bikers and BBQ - At GasWorks!
DJ ELE at GasWorks "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" Event 5PM

Join us tonight at GasWorks for DJ ELE during the "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" event in the park across from GasWorks!.. Grab a Beer, and a plate of BBQ while you listen to tunes perfect for dancing and a good time! ELE will bring the Blues and Blues rock perfect for the occasion! Prizes for everyone who attends! Grab your best friends and ride on down to GasWorks! We'll be waiting for you :)
Just a quick reminder the current known region for Rayvn's Roost will be closing in 7 Days time so a new version can be made available for the community. The new version will also have 3 additional regions that can be accessed from the main var region these 3 additional regions are Dagger's Edge, A Pirate themed club venue in need of a DJ. Winter Wonderland will be built to accomodate all your Christmas decorating needs. And the Spooktacular Wood. a scarey place to collect content for your Halloween celebrations. These additional 3 regions will be available all year round.

As you all are now aware the current Rayvn's Roost will close in 7 days. Here is a sneak preview of the new region opening at the same time.

Awesome Live singer , Great Voice thank you ! Great people it was fun we really enjoy .

now on the boat....

new to the sim.. "Aspxyxia"..grab it, before it grabs you!!!

I have been super busy RL creating for the fall season I have missed you guys and have had several messages asking me to hurry back to create more jewelry!! I will be doing that this week but in the meantime I wanted to share with you a link to free resource sites where you can find great mesh items even jewelry! There is lots of Halloween stuff out right now too so take a look!!

Halloween -

OpenSimulator software for operating your own locally hosted simulator. The zip file contains all the necessary binaries and sources.
At Lunaria Gloebit Emporium on Mobius grid can be found a great selection of unique cemetery items that cannot be found anywhere else. These realistic items are for anyone who would like to create a truly eerie feel for your region, including all you grid owners and event planners with Halloween events on your calendars. These are also perfect for those who have a vampire, post-apocalyptic, or gothic region for general or roleplay use. A full cemetery is on display at the Lunaria Gloebit Emporium region on Mobius grid.

All items on this region are sold using Gloebits.

You can see all my cemetery items on the Kitely Market. All Market items are exportable and can be purchased using Paypal or Kitely Credits:
At the Lunaria Emporium on Kitely grid there's a great selection of unique cemetery items that cannot be found anywhere else. These realistic items are for anyone who would like to create a truly eerie feel for your region, including grid owners and event planners with Halloween events on your calendars. These are also perfect for those who have a vampire, post-apocalyptic, or gothic region for general or roleplay use. A full cemetery is on display on the region.

All items on this region are sold using Kitely Credits.

You can see all my cemetery items on the Kitely Market. All Market items are exportable and can be purchased using Paypal or Kitely Credits:
WEDNESDAY! YAY! That means - It's a Hump Day Affair!
Grab you friends and come join us! - Info below
════════━┈ FIRE and Ice Grid ..━════════
★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ proudly presents ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ Hump Day Affair
★ ════ ☆ 9:am - Zoree Jupiter
★ ════ ☆ Map: - Fire And Ice Grid

Photo Center moved to new sim. Welcome to visit. Alot photos from Rl nature, northerlights , birds, bugs, and Art photos in many building in this sim.

DJ Diamond! "Blues, Bikers, and BBQ" event! 7PM

Tonight! GasWorks brings you "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" event featuring DJ Diamond with her cutting edge Blues and Blues Rock. Come in your best Biker Gear, grab a beer and some BBQ and settle in for a rowdy night of Dancing and Fun! Prizes for all! Grab your friends and travel on over to GasWorks for what will surely be a good time! Join DJ Diamond for "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" See you there!
It is that time again TUESDAY NIGHT AT GASWORKS! And DJ DIAMOND will be doing what she does best, Playing them like the blues well come in hear what i have in store for you, it it BBQ BIKER BLUES WEEK :) 3 THINGS I love dearly Blues-bikes-BBQ.......they always go best together, see ya here tonight 7:pm blues baby blues
DJ Purrr Rocks GasWorks "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" Fest! 5PM

It's GasWorks "Blues, Bikers and BBQ" Fest all week at GasWorks! Join DJ Purrr tonight at she Rocks GasWorks with Blues, Blues Rock and Rock! Dress in your best Biker gear and meet us out in the park across from GasWorks! Grab a Beer, some fresh BBQ and get ready to dance! Expect a rowdy time! Grab some friends and make the trip tonight! For DJ Purrr and "Blues, Bikers and BBQ"

Wolf Territories Horses

New!!! Sweater Dress Fatpack

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Come and see the amazing work of Amber set to canvas for the first time ever.
Amber Wild I love you to the moon and back my sweetest friend.Hugs from Eva.
Patrick Ireland says:
Every once in awhile, and often only once within one's life - do we find a story, a song, a dream, and prayer that speaks to our soul. Ambz - you have continued to give so many here in SL and in our real lives the joy and hope we so desire and need! You're stunning colors, deepest black & whites, and heartwarming compositions give praise to life and harmony to what is so often unrest in our world. I'm very serious, when I say, your work should be included in many of our big cities museums! Thank you for always making me smile.
Shards of soul in every portrait. Endless talent shining out.
Spookyboo Puddleglum says:
Amber uses her avatar to express her soul. Her feelings pressed up against the lens, like an intimate invitation for you to know her, and what she's feeling and thinking...and what she might be struggling with or on the contrary...what she sees beauty in. Talented in expressing emotion, even what seems to be the confines of a portrait...but just a close up view to what's simmering beneath the surface. You can tell she thinks a lot, dreams a lot...and has deeper thoughts than most. Always Artistic and Ethereal.

The zombies are waiting for you......

Hidden Dreams Zombie Hunt and Haunted Castles

This region will be under construction for quite some time, but there are
already hundreds of pieces of Amber's art that you can take home to admire.

I dont know what it is, but they are hanging around here , called Loot spirit, spirit and speaker spirit.

One of the awesome home parcel at the River of soul ….


The Brando Video and Website are completed - I thank you all for having supported this project ; it will be presented this week to The Brando resort marketing team...

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I'm always on the look-out for high-quality BOM skins. I'm going to guess that these aren't them. But I imagine these will be useful for some folks not yet using BOM, so thanks for helping them out wi...
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I tried to get pics of the fireworks. Can't find them. :|
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What a great place for finding tons of free halloween scenes!! Beautifully decorated in my favourite colours orange & black. This region is truly a gorgeous halloween experience that I recommend to ...
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So, I tried a couple of models. They're not exactly awesome for in-world application as any concave surface is super heavy (mileage may vary depending on the model), but they're simple enough to have...
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You can even download moon rocks!
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It's a very cool video!
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SLCacheViewer, texture.cache. The copyright claims are mostly 99% unprovable and illegally appropriated copyright. This is not new in either OS or SL. Known since 2003. The DMCA moralists are usually ...
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that looks very nice
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Was a great time at the Boat as ever cool vibes , cool mood , cool community
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I realize and accept that most of the OpenSim is stolen content and you are not the person who stole these. When you open the box and half the textures have watermarks and copyrights and the other hav...
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Looks great :-)