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Here in Everlove we have three sims that are connected to the main sim, a shopping mall where new things are constantly being added. Everlove is the perfect place to take a walk with your loved ones o...
Join us for our closing ceremonies at 3pm at Tiki Stage hop:// with DJ Indi~Q on the ones and twos Closing remarks from Lone Wolf, Luna Stormfeather, Xenon Darrow. Open mic. Come give Wolf Fest a big send off till we do it all again next year!! It was an awesome fabulous weekend!! Even though the parties are over you can still visit the exhibits and awesome builds!! Thank you everyone for making our first Wolf Fest awesome.

Xenon Darrow: Best festival ever! 2 hours ago
The Metaverses most advanced radar. This radar tells you if it is an NPC or a real person. It also shows their IP ADDRESS and their name & distance away from you. It's click on & off and only the owner can see that. :) It's at

Xenon Darrow: Cyber, I always know when you have made something stellar because someone starts crying about it. ;) 5 hours ago

So many places to photograph I could not post anymore photos! ;) Na Sioga is connected to a huge RP land, The Fey Wilds, come play with us!

"Keep Your Dragon Flapping" script has been updated by me. I created this script because I would go to tour a sim and see a dragon flying in the skies and it's wings would have quit flapping, so it's just sliding across the sky. Putting this script in with your script that animates the dragon will keep it flapping forever and you never have to reset it. This also works for flying cars, flying spaceships, birds, etc.

A wee village

The Tree

Dave King Live now @ Barefoot-Dreamers Entertainment Entertainment



Club house, horses, surf, and music, what more can you ask for?

Govega: Gantl is our horse ranch. Up the gravel road a bit you will come onto Cloudburst Roads, our Never Riders clubhouse and 3x3 riding sim with twisty turning FUN roads. Slide over to Shadowlands for more... 12 hours ago
Funsize Dinkies World.
A place where dreams come alive and imaginations run wild.
Join the Funsize Dinkies community as you begin a journey filled with endless adventures, laughter, and new friendships.
It's a place where neighbours become lifelong friends, sharing unforgettable moments and creating memories that will last a lifetime.
This is a place where every day is a new chapter in your Dinkie Story.

Funsize Dinkies World Resort Dinkies
Hello Everyone! We are having our Weekly Event today!
Come join us for some great DJ's Half the DAY!

Radio DJ Club
6/17 12/1pm DJ Eagle
6/17 1/2 pm DJ Acen8
6/17 2/3 pm DJ Lucas
6/17 3/4 pm DJ Eagle


jeder Freund ist willkommen, ein ruhiges Zuhause ist möglich, ohne Intrigen und Lügen.

Singer Songwriter Samuel James delivers a great acoustic show! Samuel is a must listen to Autistic artist from Australia. With his mesmerizing voice and captivating lyrics, he delivers a one of a kind musical experience that will leave you absolutely breathless.
WHEN: 11:00am
MAP: hop://
Come have a listen to the talened guitar stylings of Washedup Sideways!
WHEN: 10:00am
MAP: hop://

Thank you so much for everyone who helped to make Wolf Fest incredible!

Hey Everyone :)
I'm Performing at Wolf Fest at 12:00pm
Come join in the celebrations, request a song or two, and have some fun with us!
Ride: hop://

IndigoQueen King: My first time hearing you sing Rogue!! I loved it!!! Thank you so very much for helping make our Wolf Fest amazing! Appreciate you. What an awesome performance. Huggies 16 hours ago

I wish everyone a good start to the week. :-)
Ich wünsche allen einen guten Start in die Woche. :-)

All Decor has been permanently reduced half price. These are not my main business - venues and architecture are, but I create pieces to go with each of the structures as I work on them. Thought it would be nice to pull all these together in one place.
Lynnestra Parker & On The Rocks dedicate Sensational Sunday to Fathers

Sunday June 16th 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Pacific

DJ Maldrul will be playing classic and contemporary Rock along with rock and pop songs about and for fathers as wellas his signature selection of SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Come check out Rocky Shores where you can dance, surf, play Greedy, hang out and explore!


Collectibles III was born today, still a work in progress but am happy to share it at this stage, as always you will find cute gifts, so come take a look
Hugs Bebe

Bebe: In this small place you will find my collection of clothing for eBody Reborn only :) yesterday
Ever dreamt of seeing the world from a bug's perspective? Now you can! Step into the enchanting world of Goliath Gardens, an extraordinary OpenSim region where you can transform into a bug and explore a breathtaking garden designed just for you.

What Awaits You in Goliath Gardens?
🌼 Bug Avatars: Choose from a variety of adorable and quirky bug avatars. Be a praying mantis, bee, ladybug, or a beetle!!

🌷 Giant Garden: Our stunning garden is meticulously crafted to be the perfect playground for bugs. Navigate through towering flowers, lush grass, and intricate plant life that are all scaled to make you feel like a true tiny adventurer.

Thank you @FerdFrederix my mentor and dearest bugfriend, I hope wherever you are you are chilling with your feelers calm and your wings relaxed 🐜🪲🐞🐝 Gardens
Miss Munk will be spinning her wheels of steel at 1 pm grid time, at The Piazza!
Bring your headphones and get on down here and listen to nonstop beat matching and full spectrum sound!
Plug the link into your map and we'll see you there. Lagoon
We started off very strong this morning with the posters sessions! We have two amazing educational events in the morning @Wolf Fest! Fest Campus

Xenon Darrow: i want to thank everyone who came today! You ROCK! 2 days ago

'Nough said.

SheaButter: Some are just shit disturbers anyways. lol 2 days ago

Happy Wolf Fest day check our website for events. FREE festival, education, tech talks and much more.

Xenon Darrow: So we are doing this quarterly now, RIGHT? RIGHT? ;p 2 days ago


Xenon Darrow: I personally delete comments from people like Deadpool and Punked. We know they are alts for other people. And your posts don't have to be a safe space for their alleged "freedom of speech." #HATESPEE... 2 days ago

Have a wonderful Father's day all you amazing Dads! May you receive today all the love you've given throughout the year!

Sunday Brunch Blues with DJ Kith on the Bayou Belle every Sunday Morn at 9:00AM (SLT)!!
Region: Bayou Belle at Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-06-16 09:00 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Get up, grab your breakfast and come on down to The Bayou Belle to chill with DJ Kith & The Tribe for coffee and relaxing blues!! DJ Kith may be a lousy cook but he's a fabulous blues DJ! He's got the blues that will both ease your troubles from the previous week, put a smile on your face and give you the motivation to head into the next! No better way to start your day than with a heaping helping of DJ Kith and some chill blues! See you there!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

We have opened a store for you with various tattoo equipment and furniture as well as decorative elements. All furniture does not have menus. You can equip it yourself. The small tattoo store can be found above the Welcome Tower in the old town of Yin Yang Town.
Eventankündigung: Blue Monday – Aus dem Sendestudio von Radio Xenolandia

Wann: 17. Juni 2024, ab 20:00 Uhr

Wo: Aus dem Sendestudio von Radio Xenolandia – Taxi:

Seid dabei, wenn Radio Xenolandia zum legendären Blue Monday einlädt!


20:00 Uhr: Vorprogramm mit dem Album „YELLO – Pocket Universe“

Taucht ein in die Klänge des neunten Studioalbums der Schweizer Band Yello.
Erlebt die Produktion von Yello und Carl Cox, mit Gesangskoproduzenten Ian Tregoning und Leos Gerteis und einem Gastauftritt von Stina Nordenstam.
Das Album wurde am 24. Februar 1997 über Mercury Records veröffentlicht und wird euch in die Weiten des musikalischen Universums entführen.

Ab 21:00 Uhr: Xenos übernimmt die Regler!

Euer staatlich geprüfter Schallplattenunterhalter Xenos begleitet euch von 21:00 Uhr bis ca. 23:00 Uhr durch den Abend.
Freut euch auf das spannende Thema „Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll & Beer und alle Mögliche“ und lasst euch von seiner Musikauswahl und seinen Geschichten begeistern.

Verpasst nicht diesen besonderen Abend voller Musik, Geschichten und guter Laune!

Hypergrid :
Web: oder

Come and get a copy of the Tattoo and Poster (to be stored in your SIM) "NO!! TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN"

You can find Complete clubs here all kind of clubs, take a look and buy them :)

SN Yinni Bikini V1
Alltime Moneygiver and Luckyshower at Beach

Peace, no hate..

Dorena Verne: I think I'll close this post so Deadpool can't continue trolling. 2 days ago

User Deadpool said I was the devil, I was deceitful and cheated everyone... shit, recognized...

Dorena Verne: I think I'll close this post so Deadpool can't continue trolling. 2 days ago

Join us Monday!!

In her first performance and debut @ Wolf Territories grid, DJ Xenon Darrow presents Sexy Saturday - an eclectic mix that is playful, precious, & always appropriate We'll see you at Wolf Fest! Saturday, June 15, 7:30 pm grid time


Live from Rockin' The Blues! It's Saturday Night with DJ Kith! 7:30PM-9PM!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-06-15 19:30 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Blues man DJ Kith continues our Saturday Night Blues Party!! DJ Kith is gonna ROCK OUR HOUSE with the most exciting blues anywhere!! Kith's sets are guaranteed to be fresh and full of surprises, so if you like your blues with an edge... Grab a friend and hop the first gator down to Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid! This party will be full of fun, friendship and awesome blues tunes! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
It's time to have a little fun!!!

today, Saturday, June 15 1pm

come join DJ Lion King for some amazing Rock, Latin and Disco.


In addition to the dance....we want to see some hot bikinis! is time to find your Bikinis.....Cause we are giving away Casino money!

Tiniest Bikini - $100,000

Most Stylish one piece - $50,000

Best itty bitty polka dot bikini - $50,000

Guys, maybe we will find a special prize for the dude who Rocks board shorts the best!

Zuzu Bahro: We will be here until 3 - come join us! 2 days ago

-Zoree Jupiter Live
-3:00-4:00pm a
-Osgrid Events Plaza
-Casual Fun! Friendly atmosphere! Come Join us!
-Music Variety
♥𝕋𝕒𝕩𝕚↘ Plaza

Happy Wolf Fest everyone

A few reasons to stop using AI generated images of yourself:

These images spread misinformation, create deceptive personas, and manipulate our perceptions.

We become uncomfortable when our Brains pick up on mismatched features, such as realistic eyes and unrealistic skin.

Narcissists, keep on making these images of yourself. Post these images of yourself everywhere. You are helping to create a new kind of mental illness. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and mental health workers worldwide are excited, waiting, and willing to earn some more money studying your newly defined mental illness. Not to mention your already existing narcissism.

Thanks for helping to create a more dysfunctional society.

ミ☆☆ sweet dreams ☆☆ 彡
( ◉◞౪◟◉) creepy dumby face

RIDE: Plaza

Join us at 5 pm grid time for an hour of great fun with a live performance from Steven Strikker.
The Piazza, where great fun and good friends come together.
Drop this link into your map; Lagoon

The Box
GlennXpletive 3 hours ago
@Arielle✦ you got that right!
CyberGlo CyberStar 8 hours ago
Drama is like wings... It takes 2 to fly.
Arielle 8 hours ago
A tiny subset have propogated the drama, through multiple alts. That can happen on any site.
OpenSimUser 8 hours ago
Competely agree with you Rhowin Blackwell
KrisTina 11 hours ago
@CamdenJaxx Thank You!
Rhowin Blackwell 12 hours ago
I love OSW, but it's becoming difficult to log in here and not be immediately exhausted. It's sad that people having nothing better to do than to perpetuate drama on here. You'd think with a hypergrid full of things to do and see, people would spend time exploring.
Ankhsenaton 12 hours ago
Nothing more today @GlennXpletive! We weeded the flowers with Junior, and cut the vine branches that were too long! :-)
GlennXpletive 13 hours ago
@Ankhsenaton Now the big question is...what did you plant in that garden? lol
Ankhsenaton 13 hours ago
yess thank you, have a nice week too! ( I even did gardening :)
Dorena Verne 14 hours ago
Yes, here too, great weather, good atmosphere, that's how it should be. :-)
Star Ravenhurst 14 hours ago
What a beautiful day it is in my part of the world! Clear skies and no rain in sight! Have an amazing week everyone! (((HUGS)))
Cogita Doe 15 hours ago
I think that if you say to him "it is a nice day" he will begin WW3...
JamieWright 16 hours ago
No accusations. Just a resource. Take it or leave it.
JamieWright 16 hours ago
And after reading some of your moments when you had you account named as the Colonel, I think reaching out to a help line might be a better choice than arguing with strangers on here.
JamieWright 16 hours ago
Needing someone to talk to about stuff is not abnormal in any way at all.
JamieWright 16 hours ago
Ankhsenaton 16 hours ago
The end for me!
Ankhsenaton 16 hours ago
here is the horrible DM I dare to send: Ankhsenaton 1 hour ago Don't worry about the memories, after all, people are not that bad and... it's only virtual (but I know it can hurt...) try to take things positively even if they don't seem to be, if they were, the hater will be disappointed ;-)
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New Comments

Julez 2 hours ago
Me either.. says denied access.
Xenon Darrow 2 hours ago
Best festival ever!
CyberGlo CyberStar 7 hours ago
Note: Do keep in mind that while I could easily make one that get's anybody's IP anywhere, and that works in no script zones, I choose NOT to do that, as I consider it an invasion of privacy. Howev...
LeelandvanVeen 11 hours ago
aber wie komme ich zu euch, ich habe keinen Avatar ... wo registriert man sich denn und vor allem wie ?
Govega 12 hours ago
Gantl is our horse ranch. Up the gravel road a bit you will come onto Cloudburst Roads, our Never Riders clubhouse and 3x3 riding sim with twisty turning FUN roads. Slide over to Shadowlands for more...
Sodasullivan 13 hours ago
Hey! How did the Black Cat Radio cat end up in there? He is not a giveaway!
Dallas Dastardly 15 hours ago
ouch =[ get well soon.
LeelandvanVeen 16 hours ago
hi Sir, I would like to explore ... how can I get there?
IndigoQueen King 16 hours ago
Thank you Cyber, I love mine!


Covert Gadgets
Absolutely a very cool place to find quality traffic products. The region is unique and cool and fun to explore! So I highly recommend the visit and dig around, you can find some things that you might...
GlennXpletive 53 minutes ago
I do not have words to describe just how amazing the Owners here are. I had some issues receiving items and immediately she came down and was patient and helped me. Some of the most beautiful items, n...
LunastarPhoenix 6 hours ago
i just love the styles here. they are as unique as the build! I truly believe that there is something here for everyone! Thank you o much for the clothing, avatars and accessories! Truly worth the...
Annah Gestaga 23 hours ago
Yin Yang Town
This has become one of my favourite shopping places, not just because of the amount of work that ChiChi has put into it. But the fact it's beautifully decorated! ChiChi is such a helpful person and a ...
Khaos Reign 2 days ago
Well built region and lot of goodies to grab. Sim owner is friendly and a nice builder. Gracias por todo, chiquita :)
Jimmy Olsen 2 days ago
The Furniture Vault
We are in the process of fixing the permission issues.. Please bare with us.. Its a large project.
JoshBoam 3 days ago
Free houses!!! It is what it says it is. Someone worked very hard to do this for everyone. Very kind. Well done. ; D
JFlame 3 days ago
I love coming to your place. It sets a whole different standard. Beautiful work Marpil Your new Neo Japan installation is stunning!
Chelsea Louloudi 4 days ago
Brown Beach Surf
I was lucky enough to see this beautiful place while it was under construction. This is a truly stunning seascape and go prepared to stare out into the blue sea. It is mesmerizing. Great work.
Lillysparks 4 days ago

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