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The Lotus Land in Sakura is a beautifully themed take on a city in the Orient, there are Japanese as well as Chinese and Tibetan themes present, spectacular views and lush palaces and Temples .. ...
Badass Club
♬ WHEN: now
♬ WHERE: Badass Club
DJ Kith Rocks the Dock with tunes from the 60s and 70s tonight at Hot Daddy’s
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
Event begins: 2024-05-27 18:00 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Such an outstanding musical era and DJ Kith has curated a special selection of the best from the greatest decades in music! Join the Tribe and dance to your favorite tunes, what better way to end the holiday weekend!

Dj Aden is spinning tunes for happy hr
At 6pm till 8pm we have Dj Cartoni

This 1 is for you and me, living out our dreams!
And We are All right where we should be!
With our arms out wide, I Open my Eyes...
and now all I want to see...
Is a sky full of Lighters!

By the time you hear this I will have already spiraled up
I would never do nothing to let you cowards fuck my world up
If I was you I would duck, or get struck, like lightning,
Fighters keep fighting, put your lighters up, point 'em skyward uh
Had a dream, I was king, I woke up, still king.

'Til nobody else even fucking feels me, 'til it kills me

Feel free, but from now on I'm refusing to ever give up
Only thing I ever gave up's using no more excuses
Excuse me if my head is too big for this building

I love it when I tell 'em shove it
'Cause it wasn't that, long ago when Leo sat, flustered lacked luster
'Cause he couldn't cut mustard, muster up, nothing
Brain fuzzy, 'cause he's buzzin', woke up from that buzzin'
Now you wonder why he does it, how he does it
Wasn't 'cause he had buzzards circlin' around his head
Waiting for him to drop dead, was it?
Or was it 'cause them bitches wrote him off
Little hussy ass, scuzzes, fuck it, guess it doesn't matter now, does it
What difference it make?
What it take to get it through your thick skulls
That this ain't some bullshit
People don't usually come back this way
From a place that was dark as I was in
Just to get to this place
Now let these words be like a switch blade to a hater's ribcage
And let it be known that from this day forward
I wanna just say thanks 'cause your hate is what gave me the strength
So let 'em Bics raise 'cause I came with 5'9" but I feel like I'm 6'8″!

I cried plenty tears, my daddy got a bad back
So it's only right that I write 'til he can march right into that post office and tell 'em to hang it up

I'll stop when I'm at the very top
You shitted on me on your way up
It's 'bout to be a scary drop

Every hour, happy hour now
Life is wacky now

Now I'm just the cat's meow, ow
Classic cow, always down for the catchweight like Pacquiao
Ya'll are doomed
I remember when T-Pain ain't wanna work with me
My car starts itself, parks itself and autotunes
'Cause now I'm in the Aston
I went from having my city locked up
To getting treated like Kwame Kilpatrick
And now I'm fantastic
Compared to a weed high

Y'all bugging out like Wendy Williams staring at a beehive
And how real is that
I remember signing my first deal and now I'm the second best, I can deal with that
Now Bruno can show his ass, without the MTV awards gag...

You and I know what it's like to be kicked down
Forced to fight
But tonight, we're alright
So hold up your lights
Let it shine
'Cause, this one's for you and me, living out our dreams
We're all right where we should be
With my arms out wide, I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters

This post is dedicated to those who refuse to stand idle and take everyone's shit. Those who fight for what is right and what they believe in. Those who do their best to enact positive change and enlightenment in the face of adversity. Yes i posted lyrics from a song...a very inspirational song with a positive message. Now all i want to a sky full of Lighters!

RemmyRavenhurst: You are a fighter indeed! :) 5 hours ago

Forgiveness is for YOU, not for THEM. Not forgiving someone is like you drinking a poison and expecting someone else to die.

To anyone out there feeling alienated by recent events. OpenSim is full of wonderful, talented people who want a peaceful world, to build, dance, create, make music, love their friends. Who has time for hate? You are not alone. You are welcome, you are valued, you are loved.

Jamie Wright: *snatches the end of the blunt before reading the comments since I went to work and smokes it all* 6 hours ago

For anyone interested in maintaining their sanity, I discovered a simple "click-to-remove-element" plugin for chrome.
It does wonders for The Box. :)

Jewelry is a reflection of your personality, and many of the designs have been inspired by your suggestions. I've received touching requests for Journal Lockets, Grandmother's rings, and rings that evoke memories of "Mom." Thank you for these heartfelt ideas. When time allows, I love the challenge of creating something new. Thank you for the inspiration and continued support. 💕

Arielle: Wouldn't a mood ring that reflects the RL mood be great? :) 7 hours ago
EC Clubs presents Zoree Jupiter from 2:00pm to 4:00pm
EC Clubs presents Zoree Jupiter from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at the East 80s Venue. The event will feature a "Best in Red" contest with a prize of 500D$! Join Host/Owner Sonny Darkrose for an exciting, fun-filled event, and don't miss out on the contest! Bring your friends along—it's sure to be a PARTY!!
Ride: hop://

come visit my new medieval sim and club

come visit my new medieval sim and club

Get Help Finding Stuff
Polar bears are good at helping you find stuff, if you can find one. So, people are using the box more and more to request help. As you know, comments in the box get drowned out by not nice comments. Even the nice comments push the requests down until they disappear. But there is help with that. Just join the What Are You Looking For group.

• Why: As I mentioned, there is a short time before requests in the box go to oblivion The posts in the group stick around, increasing the chances that you will find help from our over 100 members.
• How to use the group: Post about items you are, well, looking for...outfits, builds, shops, services, skills, and so on. At times, a group member will actually make what you are looking for. How cool is that? (Hint: very cool!)

What happens if you help? First, you become one of the forces for good in the galaxy. OK, in OS and OSW. We need more goodness here, right? And, about every two weeks, I post a list of our recent helpers, a bit of their profile info, and the address of their region(s).

The What Are You Looking For group. It’s what you’ve been looking for!

Harleyjannys: I joined! Thank you. 8 hours ago
I found this cool looking funky retro couch but alas it had no animation in it. I found the perfect fix with the "Pineapple Engine" from @AuroraAsteria located at her Starchild Shoppe at Darkharts. With barely two clicks I now have a couch with dozens of great animations in it. It is easy to use, even an idiot like me can do it!
Highly recommend!

hop:// Boutiques/398/395/23

Harleyjannys: Alternatively, you can use your favorite or any sofa's animations by using the prim with the animations as engine on the new sofa. You can do the same thing with any furniture, bed, kitchen, chair, e... 9 hours ago

Kind regards from faraway Germany.^^

Join us in Wizardry at The School of Magic. Learn to fight evil hackers, evil scripters, greifers, and maligned individuals.

*OPENSIM FIREWORKS V7 (VERSION 7) UPDATED RELEASE (less complexity than the previous version and effects now look more real - All you see on that picture is mesh! With sounds and animation! Available for FULLPERM and FREE at PARTY SECTOR inside a box for fireworks. Enjoy :)

P.s Version with particles available as well, if needed.

Xenon Darrow: Another sterling work, Jimmy! I cannot WAIT to use it for my music festival venue! 12 hours ago
I've been working on Iron Horse, one of my favorite projects. However, I've decided to go back as far as possible and gather all the animals I've collected over the years, as well as new ones, and use Iron Horse just for them. I'm still working on it, adding more as I go along. If you're looking for a specific animal to add to your zoo or jungle, check out Iron Horse on your journeys.

Jared Seda: Such a cool sim! 15 hours ago
hey everyone club ryanna is back once a month with amazing djs and singers kicking off is dj illusions then dj rich,dj ladyjo live singers nanda,evan and aint come on over for amazing music and dance with the fishes hehe
Wanted to make an alt girl.

So, you have a messy shorter rigged hair style with the usual hud (thanks, Suzi Von Otto!). I have a bento mesh head I made with it. I put a halloween skin I did with it, halloween lips I made with it. Eyeliner is probably dodgy, everything else is legal with the ruth2 body that works best with "athena" /legal maitreya outfits included in package. Have fun, don't put on SL/sell the hairs and head for money/ tell people you made the hairs and mesh head.

I just wanted to say that I love opensim! I love that we are so free. Have put together this beautiful sim with everyone's awesome creations that they share. Thank you everyone!

How to get text messages, emails, pushover, telegram, and jabber alerts if a region goes down on your grid. Well it's easy. Download servermonitor from Next unzip it and upload it to your linux box. I put the files in /var/www/html/servermonitor.
Next get on your web browser and go to Fill in the questions. Set up a web database of your choosing. Create a user and a password. I did this: create database servers; create user 'someone'@'localhost' identified by 'password'; grant all on servers.* to 'someone'@'localhost'; flush priveleges;
Once that is set up, it's a breeze. Use the web interface to add servers to your list. For regions just enter a service and the port number the region is on. example service, custom port, 8007 Then select how you want to be notified if the region goes down. e.g. email or sms text message, etc. Finally using crontab -e enter * * * * * /usr/bin/php /var/www/html/servermonitor/cron/status.cron.php You are done. Now if one of your regions goes offline you will know about it in 60 seconds. Also you can add websites to the list to be monitored, mail servers, any kind of server really. It has a looooong list of server types that can be added. (very handy). Additionally you can click on a region and see it's uptime plotted hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as well as LATENCY. We all know how important latency is for showing lag. :) Enjoy!
Note: When they go offline the console shows them as red. Also you get a text message, email, etc.

Jared Seda: This is so freaking awesome thank you for sharing this!!! yesterday
Lynnestra Parker and On The Rocks present Story Time
May 26th 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM Pacific
DJ Maldrul will be playing a curated collection of Rock songs that tell a story along with his signature selection of SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFEREENT!
With seasonal textures included and smooth animation on leaves! All available for FREE and FULLPERM at FOREST AREA (ground area), BOX 02. Enjoy :)

(*) Old versions still inside the box.

Xenon Darrow: There he goes...making more beauty for OpenSim. yesterday
Whales for Sale!!!!

That's right, I am selling whales!

Why am I selling whales? Because I want to help you make an amazing Underwater area. You see, we have whales, many species of stingrays, sharks, jelly fish, hundreds of fish, hermit crabs, dolphins, mermaids, corals, ruins shipwrecks and more!

I spent 6 months finding things in opensim to build my underwater worlds...and now I want to help you build your underwater area.

Textures Trees & Scripts (and Whales)

the little store that is loved by builders and landscapers!

Ankhsenaton: So much things to get :) Thank you Safinemahoe2 ! yesterday
We are at 14 and growing for the "Friends of The Genesis Roleplay Grid" wall. If you are not aware of it, to be on the Friends of the GRPG wall, all you have to do, is contact me, Lavia Lavine, either here in message or in world and let me know you want to have your region or grid represented in the wall. This will get you a walk through portal from our grid to yours and it will bear your logo and landmark, and that's really all there is to it. Some have asked me why I do this, well it's because with all the hatred, negativity and ridiculous competition in open sim, I felt it would be good to do something positive, just as I've seen other's do from time to time. It's not a "new" idea but it is sure a good one to get regions and grids networking with each other and growing a larger community. It's truly amazing to see the wonderful, beautiful creations that people have come up with for their grids and it's great fun to share it by networking. So if you'd like to be a Friend of the Genesis Roleplay Grid, just let me know!! Blessings and much love, Lavia

GlennXpletive: That is a positive thing to do Lavia. yesterday

Cynamun Adored: Yesssss, you know this has always been my favorite.. zen! Hugs Marianna! yesterday
ATTENTION! If you rent/lease your grid or region through Masala Estates, I have a special offer for you! We have created a spot at the mall for the Masala Estate Partner Grids for you to advertise your grid by getting your own beautiful walk through portal like the one's in this picture. Unadecal is awesome and our goal is to help Masala Estates with unity among the grids and regions who deal with Masala Estates. If you would like to advertise your region or grid as a Masala Estates Partner Grid/Region contact me here in instant message or in world. These portals are beautiful and easy to use, just walk through. You determine where you want new visitors to land and we set you up with your very own portal. There is absolutely no charge or rental for this service, we just want folks to know how awesome it is to work with Unadecal and Masala Estates!!

Hallo ihr Lieben,
heute ganz SPONTAN Querbeet-Party im Tosca !!!!!!!!!!!!
: WER : Nasti
: WAS : Querbeet
: WANN :JETZT !!!!!

Sunday Brunch Blues with DJ Kith on the Bayou Belle every Sunday Morn at 9:00AM (SLT)!!
Region: Bayou Belle at Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-05-26 09:00 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Get up, grab your breakfast and come on down to The Bayou Belle to chill with DJ Kith & The Tribe for coffee and relaxing blues!! DJ Kith may be a lousy cook but he's a fabulous blues DJ! He's got the blues that will both ease your troubles from the previous week, put a smile on your face and give you the motivation to head into the next! No better way to start your day than with a heaping helping of DJ Kith and some chill blues! See you there!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
26 Maggio ore 22:00 (1:00 pm slt) Serata con la grandissima Lucrezia Angel Live in concerto al Red Carpet. Vi aspettiamo tutti nella grid Jungle Friends

May 26th at 10.00pm (1.00pm slt) Evening with the great Lucrezia Angel Live in concert at the Red Carpet. We are waiting for you all in the Jungle Friends grid

Can also be Used For Shows, and Presentations with 120 Seats

Jamie Wright: Sweet build:) 2 days ago

These tears are delicious....

Nico Kalani: Glen's actions are simply not how emotionally sound adults behave. I don't imagine it will change. 2 days ago

Cabaret/Singers Set-up

DJ Pool Party Set-Up

Come Chill and Listen to Some Awesome Tunes Club Paradise
♬ WHO: DJ Dwayne Cloudpunk
♬ WHEN: 7-10 pm AMV
♬ WHO: DJ Dwayne Cloudpunk
♬ WHEN: 7-10 pm AMV
We are at Club Paradise tonight Come Chill and Listen to Some Awesome Tunes with us. Voice's off!
♬ WHO: DJ Dwayne Cloudpunk
♬ WHEN: 7-10 pm AMV
Live from Rockin' The Blues! It's Saturday Night with DJ Kith! 7:30PM-9PM!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-05-25 19:30 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Blues man DJ Kith continues our Saturday Night Blues Party!! DJ Kith is gonna ROCK OUR HOUSE with the most exciting blues anywhere!! Kith's sets are guaranteed to be fresh and full of surprises, so if you like your blues with an edge... Grab a friend and hop the first gator down to Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid! This party will be full of fun, friendship and awesome blues tunes! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
DJ Riker's Saturday Blues Showcase at Rockin' the Blues tonight at 6:00PM!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Event begins: 2024-05-25 18:00 SLT
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Calling all blues lovers! Get ready for a night of smokin' hot blues with DJ Riker at Rockin' the Blues! Riker is a master of the blues, with a deep knowledge of the genre and a knack for keeping the dance floor packed! He'll be spinning your favorite blues from classics to contemporary! Rockin' the Blues is the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere of the blues! Come on down! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
Something sweet to share from the Rainbow Bakery and Pride Shop on Birch Grove. Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares. Some folks call them Confetti Squares. They're on the table behind the display counter because I have not yet made a tray of them. But you can have the first batch! The Rainbow Bakery and Pride Shop is beside the train station and across from Norma's Diner. Enjoy!

The Box
GlennXpletive 1 hour ago
One thing is for sure, I never forgive and forget, all they do is BULLY everyone, so BLOCK and ignore. They can't handle it. I recommend doing the same. The site has been nice and positively creative now. Just stand against the alphabet mafia bullying and hate, and you will enjoy this site.
GlennXpletive 1 hour ago
@Arielle because the alphabet mafia only knows to attack everything they are against. They are twisted and insanely sick. Mentally unhinged. Just the facts.
GlennXpletive 1 hour ago
@Luminalore only the obvious and consistent proven facts speak for that. So it's not narrow minded, just the facts Jack.
Luminalore 7 hours ago
Personally, I think that said person isn't doing themselves favours by summing up an entire ideaological school of thought as being woefully beneath them. I think that's rather narrow-minded.
Arielle 9 hours ago
Thinks it's cute how some who judge those who carried water for Glenn, also had water carried for them over the years but that's conveniently forgotten for the sake of having more people to hate.
Mistressdalgato 10 hours ago
feel like i missed something lol
Lillysparks 10 hours ago
Xenon those were really nice words. Just wanted to say that I noticed.
Lillysparks 10 hours ago
I don't think anything of it at all. When people don't like me, thats too bad for them . I do not dwell. I daydream and build and usually ignore everyone accidentally. I invite you to come hang out any time . No matter what you felt in the past. Each day can be totally new start. hugs .
Fudpucker McDuck 10 hours ago
Im sure people will continue to accuse me of many things, even if I give them proof, Lilly
Lillysparks 10 hours ago
Thank you for letting me know. Hi Mistress Delgato. I am here,good to see you.
Lillysparks 10 hours ago
Fudpucker McDuck 10 hours ago
I contacted Lilly to tell her what is being said
Fudpucker McDuck 10 hours ago
Here we go again, getting accused of being 1001 other people :/
Ankhsenaton 11 hours ago
she left a comment 16 min ago
Mistressdalgato 11 hours ago
anyone seen lilly sparks latley?
Fudpucker McDuck 11 hours ago
But, after saying that, you are welcome to view my Build, when it's finished
Fudpucker McDuck 12 hours ago
Last time I used a "Classic" Build I got a torrent of abuse about being a copybotter and a fake, by various people, including you :/
Jamie Wright 12 hours ago
I think there's a beauty to taking some of the classic builds and making them your own. And you don't see the classics around as much anymore. Everyone wants mesh. Prim builds are beautifully vintage. But the reality is you will never get exactly what you want unless you build it.
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New Comments

RemmyRavenhurst 5 hours ago
You are a fighter indeed! :)
Jamie Wright 6 hours ago
*snatches the end of the blunt before reading the comments since I went to work and smokes it all*
Arcfury 6 hours ago
This situation reminds of an accidental social experiment: "The Possum Experiment". audio version:
Arielle 7 hours ago
Wouldn't a mood ring that reflects the RL mood be great? :)
LeonitasLionheart 7 hours ago
Thank you for your beautiful jewelry and everything you create and share with opensim. You are Fred are among the beacons and bright lights leading the opensim community through the darkness.
SheaButter 7 hours ago
Every last one of you that have hurt feelings from this Glen guy. You could of saved yourselves a lot of grief, had you just stopped putting fuel on the fire. The more people pushed him, the ruder he...
Dorena Verne 8 hours ago
Since it seems that I am now the troublemaker of the day, a few last words from me on the subject. It really hurt me how Glenn attacked me, PUBLICLY!! And now I'm expected not to publicly express my f...
Joe Builder 8 hours ago
Why in the world do you people continue? This is a Virtual World Chat Forum of sorts why encourage this RL crap. Keep that crap for the RL Grid not here, Shame on you no one cares if your straight, ga...
Harleyjannys 8 hours ago
I joined! Thank you.


les piedes de sables
I love this little village, so beautifully made, a gorgeous place to relax and take pictures or simply hangout with a friend. And many copy items too.
Gwaloth1 4 hours ago
What a wonderful place! For some weird reason I never had been there before. I loved everything you have there, Jimmy! THANKYOU for the beauty.
Lilly Pond 5 hours ago
Awesome build! Tons to explore. Thanks for sharing!
SheaButter 8 hours ago
This is actually an awesome place. Can't wait to see how it blossoms. ♥
Lillysparks 9 hours ago
Grid Tumbler
Surfs up. You can ride the waves here, or swim below a beautify night sky full of stars. Or cruise around in a paddleboat. Or take a huge zipline across the sea. Beautiful sim, with loads to do and s...
Foxx Bode 11 hours ago
Valeria's Avatars 2
Hi Valeria. I visited your store and saw many cool avatars. It's very difficult to choose because they are all so nice. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and for your kindness in offerin...
ValeriaRossi 12 hours ago
JaM's Sex Hideaway
Beautiful place, especially with Jamie's work. I'd love to see what her supermarket she's working on will be like :-) (But beware of the vindictive side of a certain Mattt if you don't speak English ...
Ankhsenaton 12 hours ago

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