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Welcome to Captiva and it's clubs. Feel free to visit the entire region and enjoy what we have here! Lower cost land for rent than other grids. Shops are free for creators and vendors.
NEW at The Pink Cherry - Sinaka Outfit for Juicy/Reborn which consist of Top/Skirt/Panties and Gloves, Pink or Black Cloth or Latex versions all included, and are Copy/Mod!

Some new hairstyles at the Hair salon 2nd. Floor.

Over the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday, March 22 & 23, our server host will be doing some work on our server.

This will result in some down time for our grid.

Barefoot Dreamers Grid will definitely be offline for at least a couple of hours on Thursday, and we are not sure if it will be affected on Wednesday.

Please do not do any major work on your regions, as we have no way to do backups of regions or load OARs from these days.

We appreciate your patience during the next couple of days and hope for minimal impact.

Gabe, Huga & Rayne


Ellen: These are beautiful! Thank you for making them for us! 4 hours ago
Hallo Zusammen,

am 24.03. 23 um 20:00 Uhr findet ein Terraforming Kurs statt

- Wie ist ein Grid aufgebaut

- Vorgehensweise Planung

- Werzeugbearbeitung fürs Terraforming

- Tips und Tricks

- Praxis Jeder darf ran

Anzahl der Teilnehmer max. 6-8

Bitte kurze Info an mich, über PN wenn Interesse besteht.
oder Kommentar mit " Bin dabei / Bitte auf die Liste setzen

Gruss Steffen

Achtung ! Aktuell ist die Sim gesperrt, ist aber zu dieser Zeit offen !!!

Kylie Brimmer: Sorry i get that too with message that said "Teleport failed: You don't have access to the region parcels" Why publish here if it closed grid?? 7 hours ago

Kylie Brimmer: Sorry i get that too with message that said "Teleport failed: You don't have access to the region parcels" Why publish here if it closed grid?? 7 hours ago

and if you get tired have a seat at the greedy table or just enjoy one of the many games around.

Looking for something different to do with your date tonight, or tomorrow, Come down to the Trianon-World Welcome and have some fun roller skating. Many skates to choose from, Ribbon Particles and AOs,

Ganesh Shrine.


DJ Rosie spins "Sweet Emotions: Tunes with Feeling" Tonight at Hot Daddy's!! 6:00PM Grid Time!
Region: Hot Daddys On Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
This week at Hot Daddy's DJ Rosie's theme is "Sweet Emotions: Tunes with Feeling"! Human emotions are very often the inspiration for great music, from happiness, joy and love to sadness, loneliness and pain. Good times, bad times and everything in between. Rosie has a line up of fantastic rock songs that will pull you up, down, and all around! So prepare for some goosebumps along with all the fun and dancing you can stand!! Daddys
Acidicloop is a live looping artist blending Trip Hop, Funk, Jazz and Rock into a live, all improvisational set. He builds songs live, using a loop pedal to create layers of sound, and doing creative takes on classic songs.


When: 6:00p
WashedUp performs live guitar and vocals to backing tracks which he makes himself, with a large emphasis on the lead guitar!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴Bi-Weekly MONDAYS - 5:PM∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

Just an FYI - the Anniversary region will not be active until April 1st 2023 6am PST while we set up all the displays. Thank you for your understanding.

Littlefield Grid is looking for 2 additional performers for our 10th Anniversary Celebration! Date is Saturday April 1st 2023. Please drop us a message if interested! Thanks!!

LIVE Musician/Singer - Guitar
Terry Crombie.. formerly known as "Terry The WildMan"
is back and performing LIVE at Rebels Lounge! Bring your friends,
grab a dance pad, Terry will be taking your Requests and playing his guitar LIVE!
WHEN: 3:00pm
The latest addition to Star Jinn Palisade Mall's "Urban" builds. Gram Z's "Amish-Country Barn". It includes sliding barn doors, dual silos, ladder climbers, and lots of room for imagination in your farm build. Come explore all of the builds and products in our mall for original content. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

come dancing - and a questing mouse clue!

Skyrealm Observatory is a work in progress. @FerdFrederix is giving me a hand with building this project. I showed him my Observatory Model and he explained it could be greatly improved with Blender modifiers like the edge modifier. It will take some time to complete it is a huge build. Thank you, Ferd for teaching me about the blender modifiers and what can be achieved, just wow!

Noch viel wichtigere Info: Heute Abend ab 20 Uhr foxen wir wieder rum im Discofux!

I just added dozens of new AI Art images to the Titan Gallery (teleport pad is on the top floor of the main AI gallery)

Über die welcome könnt ihr dann weiter teleportieren

Meine kleine Mall ist wieder geöffnet

CopyKat Grid Back On-Line
We had a problem with the server restarting as it should. That's been taken care of. Adachi is now back. The other regions are getting back on-line one by one.

Ellen: What happened? yesterday

We also Have new content in the Music Shop!

Carmen Jewel: Please Remember You do need to join the group to gain access to the shopping mall. The group is offered at the Landing point at Welcome. Wear your tag and use the TP from Welcome, simple as that :) yesterday

A new boss in town

Star Ravenhurst and I were honored to be on the Inworld Review program today, March 19th to be interviewed about Masala Al Kohav, Star Jinn Palisade Mall. It was an awesome time and it really let us talk about why we do what we do and what we have to offer. I'm including a link so you can watch it if you like. Blessings and much love, Lavia.

Lavia and I had our interview on Inworld Review.

DJ Kith's Sunday Night Blues Bash at Rockin' The Blues!! 6:00PM (SLT)!!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 6:00PM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
DJ Kith is well known for his upbeat, modern, high energy blues! He spins tunes you instantly fall in love with and that reach into your heart and soul and bring out the best in everyone!! When Kith spins...the house rocks and shakes...the excitement is crazy and the Tribe is full of laughter and happiness! Come join us and get your happy on with friends old and new, fabulously cool blues and the most fun you'll have all week!! See you there!!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

Howdy folks.. I had several requests to open the sim for public your wish is my command.. Have fun-it is open again!


The Grid will be down for a short time for restarts and maintenance, we will be online soon, thank you.

Sure Is Nice Seeing More And More Hyper Grid Friends , It's Lovely To Meet you And Thank You For Visiting And Becoming Our New Friends :)

Sunday Blues Brunch with DJ Kith on the Bayou Belle!! Sunday Mornings at 9:00AM (SLT)!!
Region: Rockin' The Blues on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
Event begins: 9:00AM Grid Time
Added by: Kith Whitehawk
Get up, grab your breakfast and come on down to The Bayou Belle to chill with DJ Kith & The Tribe for coffee and relaxing blues!! DJ Kith may be a lousy cook but he's a fabulous blues DJ! He's got the blues that will both ease your troubles from the previous week, put a smile on your face and give you the motivation to head into the next! No better way to start your day than with a heaping helping of DJ Kith and some chill blues! See you there!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

Bakes On Mesh - Arkham City
Full Avatar Evo Cyber

DjChanel's birthday, March 18 Saturday
Join, you are welcome.
Don't miss it, there will be a gift Animesh for you

DjChanel Hurricane: Thank you! Hugz 2 days ago
Oh dear the new Pizza & Pasta Cafe opened for business yesterday. Mayhem erupted when the 'boss lady' arrived early to find the new young staff member Maria Likestochata arrived wearing hideous cap on her head chatting up the sign man who promised to have the sign finished days ago! Meanwhile customers started walking through the doors. The "bosslady" well what can I say? she is passionate, she is hot headed and she totally loses it. Customers watch on in shock, and the young Maria Likestochata is in a world of her own. Meanwhile the sign man is flabbergasted at the "bosslady" losing the plot.
Customers look on in amusement while others pretend it is not happening.
Make sure to visit this vibrant cafe and meet "the boss lady", "Maria Likestochata" and the "Sign man" before she kicks them out forever!

Lyrics Railway Station. Take a step back in time and visit nostalgia. I love railway stations and trains, especially the quaint or even the grand architecture of days past.

As many of you wonderful peeps out there know Diva, who created this region, sadly passed away in December 2020. We have kept the region live by request from her family and from the many users who frequently visit this region. We continue to update the region and have done a little cleanup as our wonderful Diva passed in the middle of part of the build. Dynamic Worldz will continue to sponsor this region as so many of you find it so valuable.

Star Ravenhurst: Thank you for keeping her region open. She was a dear, close friend of mine and I still miss her. I joined the Dynamic grid because of her and still have an Avatar there. She did a lot for the Open Si... 2 days ago

The Gnome Quest starts Tuesday, March 21, 2023 and goes through mid-June, have fun!!! Stop by early and meet the staff.

The Box
Buzzy Cnayl 5 hours ago
For weather systems, Arcadia has one at
Lexxy Luxx 7 hours ago
people are certainly strange... I had a very public dispute with an admin from another Grid, what did I get in my DM's? seriously...
Fearghus McMahon 7 hours ago
If I remember correct on the Flora region there is a weather system.
Aloria 9 hours ago
Thank you Lexxy and Mistressdalgato
Mistressdalgato 9 hours ago
aloria this may help
Mistressdalgato 9 hours ago
so the only weather syatem i have seen is the one made by cuteulala artis . now i used to have a rocky chair that worked, not sure if i still have one. do soem google searching there is a script out there.
Lexxy Luxx 9 hours ago
Adachi usually have some great stuff, Aloria, you cou;ld try there
Aloria 10 hours ago
Addition to my previous post does anyone know any stores that has Curtains, Table Cloths, A weather system, a quilt/blanket and an animated Standing fan.
Aloria 10 hours ago
Hello, Does anyone know where to get a holding reading-book prop that you wear/add on your avi when standing and walking (it doesn't break the pose). Secondly, is there any animated rocking chairs out there?
Lexxy Luxx 12 hours ago
I dealt with an issue like that recently, so, I blocked/muted the person, and all their alts, and globally banned their Grid from visiting mine, easily fixed, job done :P
Spax Orion 13 hours ago
@cyberglo I could put up a tutorial on HOW I deal with those issues and I will have half of the OSW membership throwing bricks at me for doing it.
Lexxy Luxx 13 hours ago
Not sure about classes in that, I'm hoping to be busy sharing classes of my private livestreaming setup, not sure if anybody will be interested in it though
CyberGlo CyberStar 13 hours ago
i think we need some classes in drama de-escalation more than anything else. how to handle a siuation involving rude or mean people. how to deal with greifers, hackers, and jerks without losing your cool. Someone teach this please, i really need it as help for me!
SheaButter 15 hours ago
A monthly meeting? Can see the drama day, in my head now. Might work if people would listen, instead of telling them what to do.
Lexxy Luxx 15 hours ago
I fully agree, because, think of it this way, would you invite one of your enemie sto come along to your birthday party... erm.. no, obviously not lol
Pagane 15 hours ago
GREAT!!!!!! You understand my comment about @wicked invitation!!! One people who use brain! Thank you!
Lexxy Luxx 15 hours ago
If I ban somebody, I'm hardly going to invite them anyywhere, that is the whole point of banning them :P
Pagane 15 hours ago
Because is stupid to ban half peoples here and next to invite them trough chat wher you ban them.... Use head please!
Lexxy Luxx 16 hours ago
About banning individuals or Grids, surely if a Grid admin is nasty to another grid owner, why wouldn't that grid owner take action? or must they ust sit back and accept the constant threats and abuse ?
Pagane 17 hours ago
yes Spax, i say - he cannot invite peoples who is in her bann list. Easy to think!
Spax Orion 17 hours ago
INCORRECT: If it is wrong to ban individuals OR grids @Pagane then why did the Opensim developers give us the the OSSL code which makes it possible to do this? If they did not want us to have these FEATURES it would not be included in the software.
KrisTina 17 hours ago
Well said @wicked.

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New Comments

Diabolik_Petrovic 3 hours ago
Complimenti per la Sim...
Ellen 4 hours ago
These are beautiful! Thank you for making them for us!
Kylie Brimmer 7 hours ago
Sorry i get that too with message that said "Teleport failed: You don't have access to the region parcels" Why publish here if it closed grid??
Mistressdalgato 8 hours ago
i get an error saying teleport failed denied access to the region parcel
Ciara Orssinni 17 hours ago
Como siempre, que gran gusto. Enhorabuena.
Ellen yesterday
What happened?
Carmen Jewel yesterday
Please Remember You do need to join the group to gain access to the shopping mall. The group is offered at the Landing point at Welcome. Wear your tag and use the TP from Welcome, simple as that :)
Nico Kaliani 2 days ago
Xinashi is now back and I assume other regions are now, or soon will be.
QueenTitanium 2 days ago


The Ruins
Visited for the first time today. Tped in and cammed around. Was there may be only 30 seconds and then bang "You have been logged out by an administrator". Message pops up on my screen and viewer lo...
Brenden Joseph 32 minutes ago
Zero stars. The owner is rude. Nice copybotted items from SL but not worth the effort.
Ellen 1 hour ago
Tried to visit for the very first time and was greeted with this message - "Login failed: client Firestorm-Releasex64-6.6.33.XXXXX is denied" I honestly don't know what the hell has happened to Opens...
Brenden Joseph 1 hour ago
Nat Darth 3 hours ago
if your avatar is the average height of a women in the USA IRL you're immediately kicked. 5 foot 4 is not the height of a child I don't know when people on SL and opensim will figure that out but toda...
MaddyB 10 hours ago
Kat's Korner Shop
Love this place. Great variety of Freebies. Had a blast!! Thank you!!!!
Debra Ann Congi 11 hours ago
Arkham City
One of the best grids ever! Trying to figure out how to join VIP group. Help Felix ;-)
Vrhealingworlds yesterday
Lugar en construccion par pasar un buen rato entre amigos que quieren simlemente hacer buenas risas y disfrutar de su emisora, Konecta Radio
Ciara Orssinni 3 days ago
Cherry Freebies
I would give this 10 stars!!!!! It is an amazing build!!! Just go see it to believe it! Cherry is a beyond amazing builder!
AlbaW 3 days ago

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