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A lush and beautiful tropical island with some housing and stunning beaches. Feel free to hang out here and use the facilities. No Rules. No Drama. [ Adult Rated ] You can rezz here.

Disfruta de un pequeño paraíso hecho con amor!

Vamos a comprar en Habibi store!


DJ Diamond! Rockin' Blues TONIGHT at GasWorks 7PM

Come check out our newest DJ at GasWorks! DJ Diamond comes to us after years of DJ'ing for Toby's in SL and other notables! Terrific library of fantastic Blues comes with her, and a voice that will melt any frozen heart out there! Expect a night of Hot Workin' Blues and Fun! Grab a friend or two and come on down and check out DJ Diamond! Tonight! At GasWorks

Free apartments for Caprica HyperGrid residents.

COME JOIN US AT gasworks in aviworlds AT 7PM

It's ROCK NIGHT! DJ Purrr at GasWorks 5PM

No one does a Rock show like the fantastic DJ Purrrfectt Catt! You can find everything that made rock great all in one set when Purrr is on stage. She always includes great rock you will remember - But haven't heard in forever! A show of true classics and guaranteed to get your feet moving. Straight up party! Grab a friend or two and come on down! DJ Purrr will never ever let you down! Rock Night - Tonight at GasWorks!
They are coming!!! Saturday night to the streets outside of GasWorks! Save the date and feel free to come as yourself, or ----- come as an Alien! Expect prizes and fun! Saturday night at GasWorks - Get ready!
A new release today. A very tiny's a little goldfinch. I never made a bird before but I thought the bird bath perhaps needs one and maybe I'll be doing some other bird related things. This guy is in 2 versions, flat feet for the ground and feet to perch on branches and things. He also comes with and without random finch sounds. He's at the main shop by the bird bath of course :)

Wow - and we have only just started!! Tuesday Night at the Beach Club with Henk!!

Martedi 27 luglio la sim non stava in linea, era scollegata anche se figurava online, mi scuso per il disagio.

Am Donnerstag ist wieder Richi´s Music-Call angesagt. Dieses Mal auf dem Stream DJane Loru und die hat Chillout-Musik dabei, um uns einen entspannten Abend bei guter Musik zu bereiten.

Hanging out in the upper ballroom section of the Star Maiden Steampunk Airship looking out over the main region. The airship has other rooms below and a great bridge area. You can walk through it by clicking the Airship sign in the lobby. And yes, those propellers are spinning.

Come join us tonight for some good home blues! Nothing like some GENUINE HOUSEROCKIN BLUES TONIGHT! DJ Diamond here at Gasworks at 7:pm Hope to see you all there ")

Today, 7pm ( French time )
New Kick'N Drum MILITIA radio show
is on ⤵️
direct stream:

so much fun in the sun

GM/HOST/DJ Jade Soraya


They are coming!!! Saturday night to the streets outside of GasWorks! Save the date and feel free to come as yourself, or ----- come as an Alien! Expect prizes and fun! Saturday night at GasWorks - Get ready!
7-9 AM - Dj Morti @GasWorks! - Tuesday Morning Tease

7 am - 9 am PST - DJ Morti at the GasWorks! Its Tuesday Morning Tease with this wonderful DJ. She loves the Blues so be prepared as she lays out her own special brand, from Harmonica themes to the best Ladies of the Blues. Morti keeps things fresh and alive so don't worry we serve Coffee too - along with a side of sass! Yep its all happening at The GasWorks where the Blues Live!
Did you know?

There's something fascinating and romantic about old horror movies. The acting is so histrionic and exaggerated, the emotions are raw and hyper expressive, the sets are mysterious and based in sketchy science and the monsters are normally hilarious by today standards, what's not to love?

Inspired in those old movies I made a mad scientist lab coat. It comes in two versions, clean and bloody and it includes a bunch of accessories, including a crazy hair (the only hair I've ever done). It's not meant to be taken seriously, it's a fun costume for halloween parties or pictures that will remain as a fond memory. =)

Happy Tuesday!

Bienvenidos a Habibi Paradise!

DJ Kith "Tribal Soul" Event at Hot Daddy's Monday at 6:00!
Where: Hot Daddy's Dance Dock on Wyldwood Bayou Grid
When: 6:00 Monday tonite! [26 Jul 2021 18:00 SLT]
Our DJ's Choice DJ of the week is DJ Kith with an evening of International Indigenous Tribal tunes, or "Tribal Soul"! The Blues Tribe is not the only tribe on this planet! Every culture in the world uses magical sounds and voices from their instruments and people to create music that not only entertains but sparks the imagination and touches the soul! Come embark on this wonderful journey with DJ Kith tonite and see what we mean!! Daddys
FREE coins to play ! I'm in a good mood, so come over now and I will just give you 200N$ to play the games for free.
You can try out any game, take what you win back to your home grid, come with your current account, from any grid; you don't need a new account! I'm sitting at the bar, come say hi and start playing for free :)
Hello Everyone, if you're looking for freebies then Aurlandsfjord is for you, if you're looking for beautifully furnished houses and beach huts, Aurlandsfjord is for you, if you're looking for a beautiful sim to call home or to stop by for a vacation, Aurlandsfjord is for you. Aurlandsfjord is for HG visitors as well as local residents.......ALL ARE WELCOMED, so stop on by and see what I speak about, thank you!



Enjoy and share!
Arkham City Store Body / Bento / Bakes On Mesh

Questa è la nuova pagina per iscriversi

Did you know?

One of the toys I've saw in SL years and years ago was a tiny cat with a particle head, because it's a particle it's normal is perpendicular to your camera, regardless it's position or in other word: it looks at you always.

I loved that little thing and it was something I needed to recreate for us in open grid.

Here's my black cat, he looks at you intently.... always =D

But also he meows when you click on it!

Happy Monday!
Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, you just want the lemons. They are incredibly useful in the kitchen, they work for cleaning, cooking and drink making. Yes, they taste sour that's what makes them so fabulous! Have them on hand all the time...virtually.

My home all welcome to visit come have coffee i promise my alligators wont hurt you

hello bonjour gutten tag ciap
mon nouveau projet , my last project

Love Palace. Red Light District, Caprica City

Swingers, Lesbians, Cuckold, Couples, Groups, free sex, etc..

DJ Rachel presents "The Blues Brothers" tonite at 6:00!
Where: Rockin' the Blues on Wyldwood Bayou
When: Tonite at 6:00!
[25 Jul 2021 18:00 SLT]
Hold on! She's comin'!! DJ Rachel that is and she has a whole evening of Blues Brothers' tunes and fun for you! You remember them, Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as 'Joliet' Jake Blues and Elwood Blues, the Blues Brothers who first appeared on Saturday Night Live! Tonite DJ Rachel takes us back in time to 1978 when these two funny men created these characters, and when we SNL fans were reintroduced to Blues Music! The music of the Blues Brothers is based on R&B, blues, and soul, and also draws heavily on rock and jazz elements! Search those closets for your black suits and white shirts, we'll supply the Fedoras and Raybans, or come as you are to party to Blues Brothers music style of Soulful Rythmn and Blues! Bayou

The Dance is about to begin! Stop by and hear some great DJ'ing by DJ Essensual!

Relax undersea


United Federation Starfleet presents one of it's premier annual events, the great Summer Beach Party. Take a load off and join Starfleet's finest as we party the night away to great tunes and wonderful people. This event is open to everyone across the HG, so pack up that cooler, break out your favorite beach outfit, and don't forget to bring a towel.

Partying Now!
Astraios Colony | 3rd Rock Grid
Boogie in a Bikini | Tango in Trunks
See You There | It's gonna be epic.

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KrisTina 4 hours ago
hmm another Agora building. where did you get this building ?
SamAdama 6 hours ago
Another one great job, Cap!
Nico Kailani 8 hours ago
No comments? This picture has left everyone speechless! :)
Mistressdalgato 9 hours ago
Aaack 9 hours ago
yay birbs! Perfect for decoration, nature lovers and nuggies lovers =D
Bibiana 11 hours ago
So mad and so scientific at the same time...I love the lightening.
Nubia Kemet 13 hours ago
Thank you!
Zoe 13 hours ago
Looks great this one, winks
Nad Ege 14 hours ago
ooh! I couldn't have imagined that DJ HENK would look like... this :) I love his/her sets anyway !
Michelle Hartley 22 hours ago
It's not "Cocould" it's Cuckold
Bobbi Coulter Fox yesterday
Henk is the boss. Be there for a great night