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Weltraumbahnhof 2.0 is here. A Hypergrid gate from hypergriders for the hypergrid. Let it live, be a part of it ! Der Weltraumbahnhof ist ein Projekt vom Hypergrid für das Hypergrid. Lass ihn ...

The Body of Light Experience @ the Eros Yoga Center
Set the world to sunrise. Enable the music stream. Be prepared to be transported. Yoga Center/119/154/67

Nico Kailani: I suppose I should have said to sit on the Body of Light disks. So ya, sit on the disks. 1 hour ago
If you are a new resident and want to learn how to do things in the metaverse or for the metaverse; join the first college in AviTron. VOGUE COLLEGE. If you have a friend who wants to learn English and all the other great courses offered in this magnificent place; let them know!
The cliff jungle sweeps down to a quiet beach, under the moonlight .... all that can be heard is the gentle sound of the waves.... BECAUSE I AINT GOT ANY TROPICAL SOUNDS! Booooooooooo! someone send me some.

AlexFerraris: If you go to Sandbox Main region in AviTron you will find all tropical sounds, birds, waterfalls, animals and all. 2 hours ago

Peace at last under the Tombooga night sky ... shared environment set to 24-hour cycle ... guarantees a night that feels like a night...

Another post for our Sister combined sim All Free Shopping Spree Free Shopping Spree
New Teleports are now in At Advantis and All Free to each of the sims and also to other great free regions . At All Free Shopping Spree The Little G Biker Bar is now located near the entrance , if any Djs would like to play this bar or any of our other great clubs contact me in World (Nexus Storm) about the great perks that come with playing our clubs. More New shops coming soon !!!
» LIVE at 1:00PM grid time!
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴1:00p ∵∴ ❈ DJEMBE DRAGONFIRE
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Chic/Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸
» LIVE NOW! :)
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:00p ∵∴ ❈ MARQS DESADE
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Chic/Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸


📝 This needs to be said: YES, people DO actually fucking create things in opensim!

@CherylFurse said: >No one is creating all by himself Plenty of folks create things from scratch. They're just drowned out by a flood of stolen content.

Night time shot of the Lighthouse of New Hope doing it's job protecting sailors from the rocky shores. :D

Another new addition to New Hope, the Lighthouse of New Hope features a live in cottage, working light with touch on and off. Reminds me of that old song about the that song. This build along with the mansion will be coming soon to our Dageraad region where we have our builds available for everyone. Blessings!
Well, it's been a long time since I had a new release, I've been super busy RL so it's been slowing me down.
I actually started this little shack last year for sim decor in a winter area I have. I've made it more multi purpose with 4 versions and one of the summer ones has scripted patio lanterns.
It's large enough to have a seat or 2 inside and you can of course fix it up however you like. The textures are inside the patio lantern version.
The espresso machine and kerosene lantern shown in the winter version are available at Arcadia Shop :)))).
All versions are available in either the beach or winter sections of Encantada.

Der Mittwoch rückt näher. Dark Music ist diesmal unser Thema

📝 Flight over Paradwys

Short flight over Ynys Paradwys. I'll have to remake this once the server is running properly and my video editing skills have improved hugely.

Visited @FerdFrederix @FredBeckhusen's Silent Refueling tonight-took a 360 -Excellent build Fred! Refueling

Misty_Falls: WOW!!! 15 hours ago

Arty .... god I'm bored

Here begins Cap'n Kelso Underwater Tour
Be ready for a very IMMERSIVE experience

Cherry Manga: Excellent! ♥ 19 hours ago
New Hope Pennsylvania was among the first towns to help with the "Underground Railroad" giving passage to escaped slaves before and during the American Civil War. Some places had secret tunnels that lead from homes and other buildings and they would help the escapees get to a boat that would take them north into Canada. See if you can find Freedom Tunnel and gain new hope. :D
My newest work in New Hope region of Grid Our Dawn! This beautiful "southern style" Mansion holds some secrets and you may find them. The mansion is built entirely by yours truly, right down to the window decorations and door knobs. I build in prim then throw it all in the blender. It's a little primmy but if it weren't partial mesh it'd be much worse. The train tunnel is not entirely my build, but I did put it all together so I'm taking credit where it's due. If things work out we plan to have a tour train that folks can ride around the entire region of New Hope and it holds the promise of more to come.
Hot Daddy's Presents "Rock on America!" 4th of July (4th of July EVERYWHERE!!) Extravaganza with DJ Riker tonight at 6:00!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
When: Tonight at 6:00!! [4 Jul 2022 18:00 SLT]
Happy Birthday America!!! Tonight, Hot Daddy's celebrates the 4th of July with an all out Classic Rock Celebration complete with food, fun, friends and, of course, Fireworks!! No 4th of July party would be complete without fabulous music and, as always, Hot Daddy's brings it to you in the biggest and best way! Tonight DJ Riker takes the Hot Daddy's stage for the very first time! This DJ, as you know, spins a mean set of blues but just wait till you hear him pull the HOTTEST Classic Rock tracks from his extensive collection!! Riker wows us every Saturday with the hottest, freshest blues by every artist imaginable and he never fails to surprise us so hold on to your hats because we have a feeling Riker is gonna blow Hot Daddy's up with the best 70's classic rock there ever was and always will be! Come join the biggest 4th of July party in open sim tonight at Hot Daddy's!! It's not just for Americans! It's for everyone who loves Friends, Fun and Fabulous music! Bayou Hot Daddys

ContessaLacombe: DJ Riker is HOT TONIGHT with Classic 70's tunes! This is one ROCKIN' JULY 4TH CELEBRATION here at Hot Daddy's!!! yesterday
Just for a short Time!!!
The BDSM Angel Wings!
With all shown features.
Texture changer for Blanket,
Texture changer for Wings
and for the metals.
Grab your copy while it´s hot!!!!

CherylFurse: Tried out today with cuffs and even my pony girl AO on was not disturbing it. It works fantastic ! :-) yesterday

Learning windsurf is all about trying and practicing
Four Windsurf boards from Ocean Engeneering are set for visitors at Novale
Come and try; the more you practice, the better you will get

Get yer Red White and/or Blue on and get ready to party! Deets:

stolen from the abyss sim -500m deep bigger than a 256 x 256 sim

Tsuski Mura village is always open for visitors! Come see our shops and tea houses.

Neue Filiale im OS Grid. :)

Monday-Wednesdays & Saturdays Blues Times will be posted the days. Only here at SMOKEHOUSE! I bring smokehouse to open Sim after 5 years in SL. My goats are still on roof from SL lol no one can get them down.
DALLAS OPENS its doors come in check my small animal house, and ect
I want to share the goodies to all our opensim grid owners who would like to participate in our new program AviTron Friends.
This will be a huge area in our welcome region where grids logos will be placed along with teleports to their worlds. This will show everyone who is willing to be our friends and in return theses grids will receive massive influx of traffic.
I want to share what I have achieved and what my community has achieved with hard work and perseverance!
Let us know and send me your logo and HG address.
1 year and 2 months old; AviTron is growing stronger each day that passes. Our community is proud and humble.
We are all AviTronians!
Ask your grid owner if he is allowing you to come visit. If he or she is not just join us and come visit anyway.
We are here to serve you!

Attention grid owners: OSGRID has unbanned AviTron. If you wish to have your logo and teleport placed at AviTron’s welcome area; contact me.
Traffic for your grids guaranteed!
According to our Observatory experts, many visitors crash when trying to teleport to Novale. This would seem to be related to a known bug, a conflict between Firestorm viewer and Vivox.
Good news, there is a way to go around it : prior to teleport to Novale, go to your preferences/Sound&Media/Voice and diseable Voice.
Try it and let us know if it works for you !

Jamie Wright: I'm a die hard for Singularity and I don't think I've ever crashed on Novale. Love all that you offer in all seasons! 2 days ago


La Nube
#newregion #arkhamgrid #2022

Der Mittwoch rückt näher. Dark Music ist diesmal unser Thema

Welcome La Nube
#newregion #arkhamgrid #2022

Elven Castle Royal Dining

Elven Castle Great Hall

Taxi !!! ... I don't think anybody is going to get here if the taxi drivers drive like that ..

Jerralyn Franzic: LOL X^D 2 days ago
My name is Alex Ferraris. I am the founder & creator of AviTron Metaverse. I am inviting all of you in grids that banned AviTron Metaverse to come make an account with us. AVITRON has been online 1 year and 2 months now!
Come be part of a virtual world filled with people who are waiting to be your friend.
AviTron is the most frequented opensim grid after Second Life! Come get your free 1/4 sim with 5000 prims each and after 1 year make that a full region!
Join now and really start enjoying a REAL SL ALTERNATIVE GRID.
See You In-World!
OSGRID has unbanned AVITRON. We will soon have an EMBASSY there! Actually a continent! AVITRON-OSGRID soon!
This is an invitation to all who want to be in a stable, well structured virtual reality world with along with thousands of others who are really enjoying being AVITRONIANS!
New AviTronians you are welcome! Welcome to the most frequented virtual reality world after Second Life.
Free land are being placed online as I write this post. Come get yours now before they're gone!
If you are currently a resident in one of the grids who are closing their hypergrid doors to AviTron; You let us know the grid name and we will be placing it on the shame list. You are welcome to come and be an AVITRONIAN and enjoy all that AviTron has to offer you!
Alex Ferraris
DJ Kith 's "Your Set Sunday" Blues Request Night tonight at 6:00 at Rockin' the Blues!!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
When: Tonight at 6:00!!
[3 Jul 2022 18:00 SLT]
One of our most popular sets is when YOU get to be the DJ! Tonite's the night! You already bring the you get to bring the music!! Bring your blues requests and dedications and DJ Kith will play them for you! Have an old favorite? A fresh new blues tune you heard somewhere? YES!! BRING IT! See if you can challenge this awesome DJ tonite! Let's see what ya got! We will have the fun..the friendships that we are famous for and you bring the music tonite! Cat got your tongue? No worries! Kith has plenty of his own tunes ready to go! Come on down to the Bayou and let's party!

Come Join The Party, no dress code

Sundays @ Whispering Palms Events!
Dj KrisTina - Starting Now, Country music night!
Come Join us at the beautiful Whispering Palms Events.

Please Join Us at OS GRID Nautilus Select Club for our Select Club Party Show

Time: Today Sunday July 3rd at 1:00 PM Grid Time
Location: Nautilus Select Club

Select Club Party Show is a combination of today's hottest dance music and older hits based on the chart listings. Feel free to join us this week to feel the beat to beat and back to back live mixing!

Hope to See you then !

Chad and Jacek

Chad Deischer: Thank you all for Joining was great fun! Happy 4th !!!!!! 2 days ago

Our new chalet ''Au fil du temps'' (601, 659,22)
Where you get the feel of Novale through the Seasons

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:00p - 2:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Chic/Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

NEW!!! Outfit

The Box
Nico Kailani 8 hours ago
A link for all ardvark lovers.
Nico Kailani 8 hours ago
As part of a study, a social psychologist prof had her students ask strangers to write the word “pickle” in a library book. Many were reluctant and uncomfortable, but ultimately some 65 percent of them vandalized the book anyway. That's crazy, right? I'd never do that. Instead, I'd ask them to write in the word "ardvark". Because, ardvarks!
CherylFurse 20 hours ago
Grimm is open on origin Decadence grid. Seems on Copycat it was crashed but should be open again.
Kashi Takeshi 22 hours ago
@EllenTiratzo Beacon is offline. Region is open.
Ellen 23 hours ago
Thank you KrisT!
KrisTina yesterday
offline atm but -
KrisTina yesterday
Ellen! It's now in the wonderful Copykat grid
KrisTina yesterday
lites whole roll of m80's off on spax's front porch..
Ellen yesterday
Where is Grimm these days?
Spax Orion yesterday
Happy 4th indeed, now I wish the neighbors would stop with the fireworks so I can get some rest for work tomorrow!
AshaShanti yesterday
Happy 4th :)
KrisTina yesterday
Ban his grids ip in and out, what most of us are doing. '
SheaButter yesterday
Love how Alex thinks he has invented the friendships of OS. An influx of numbers on our grid, are many Avitrons. So we have been sharing and caring for many years now.
Misty_Falls yesterday
happy U.S. (center of the universe), queue drama roll
Nico Kailani yesterday
Who knew that LBSa71 was a lesbian!
KrisTina yesterday
LBSa was named after LBSa71, the web integration programmer.
alexa maurer osw yesterday
and whats up with the missing GTQI ?
Nico Kailani yesterday
OSGrid Trivia: For Pride Month, LBSA plaza was renamed the Lesbian, Bisexual, Sexual and Asexual Plaza. But, oh my god, their flag was a mess!
Nico Kailani yesterday
All 'mericans, Happy Stupid People Shoot Off Fireworks And Scare Your Cats and Dogs Day.
CherylFurse 2 days ago
We will see. Ohio restricts abortions, 10-year-old girl travels to Indiana for procedure.
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Nico Kailani 1 hour ago
I suppose I should have said to sit on the Body of Light disks. So ya, sit on the disks.
AlexFerraris 2 hours ago
If you go to Sandbox Main region in AviTron you will find all tropical sounds, birds, waterfalls, animals and all.
Hyacinth 3 hours ago
This has to be the most depressing thing I have read on here in a long time. :(
Jupiter Rowland 7 hours ago
Cheryl, I know you're fairly knew to OpenSim. I guess you haven't seen that many places yet, especially not more obscure, not so well-known places. I guess you've gotten all your freebies from a few r...
Han_Held 10 hours ago
@CherylFurse said: >No one is creating all by himself Plenty of folks create things from scratch. They're just drowned out by a flood of stolen content. But there are plenty of folks building out ...
CherylFurse 13 hours ago
In OS we all get stolen things from SL and Zetaworld just exists, because of all the stolen items. No one is creating all by himself and then there are now companies as Grid owner who want to make pro...
RobinSisson123 14 hours ago
That was beautiful! Thank you for showing us this incredible flight!
Misty_Falls 15 hours ago
Cherry Manga 19 hours ago
Excellent! ♥


The City Welcome
perhapes it will be sort you just can get in at the moment
Cuddlysexyandy 2 hours ago
I've shopped from time to time at Advantis, and it's hard for me to not find what I want there! Also fun to explore the other sims in the grid, I love it! (Very nice for my alts too... :) ) I'll ch...
Jerralyn Franzic 3 hours ago
muy buen lugar donde consigues todo lo que quieres actualizado
Akasha_Lilith 8 hours ago
The City Welcome
Really sorry but... just like the previous iteration of this.... "Cannot verify identity". I've tried from my own grid - and from my osgrid avatar.... just can't get there which is a shame. Update: ...
Glenys Bieler 12 hours ago
I had a lovely time gather new clothes and lots of items. The only thing I did find was lag. But I managed and enjoyed my time there.
SueOz 18 hours ago
Carpe Diem
I am not sure why people are allowed to advertise free items if they are indeed not free.
Ellen 23 hours ago
The City Welcome
Why dont you answer? People cant enter and they keep trying to tell you that, but you dont seem to bother??? Why do u even add the regions here if you dont make sure people can land on them?
Izak Krimmer yesterday
The City Welcome
I tried to go there with 4 different grid accounts. With every account it says: "cannot verify identity". Seems there is a big bug.
CherylFurse 2 days ago
Our World 2022
Incredibly thought provoking, and superbly executed! Well worth the visit if you're willing to tackle the weighty subject matter.
Jerralyn Franzic 2 days ago