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Yosemite Village
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Information and Teleports. 16 sims in 4 regions, this is an ongoing build of Yosemite Valley and it's surrounding mountains with its Water Falls, Domes & Peaks, Rivers & Trails to hike along with some...
Bondage Ranch's weekly BDSM and Fetish meetup is back!
Every Wednesday at 7am Pacific Time!!
Come by and meet up with other BDSM and Fetish people from all over the Hypergrid! Ranch
Faith, Hope, No Charity.
The hair is named Faith. The skirt is named Hope. And Charity? There is no item named Charity in this outfit. I couldn't find anything with that name in my inventory or in the shops I visited. I even asked a few friends. No luck. I was tempted to change the name of the boots to Charity. But look at them. I'd never get away with the ruse. Faith. Hope. No Charity. Sorry. It's the best I can do. However, the outfit has a gothic studded bra and an off-shoulder fur coat! Yippee, I guess. This trashy classy outfit is found at oh HELLO.

Symphony: cute. great hair too. 3 days ago


DJ Ray at Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddy's tonight at 6:00!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
When: Tonight at 6:00! [23 May 2022 18:00 SLT]
DJ Ray is spinning "Rock Tunes 90s to Present" Tonight at Hot Daddy's from 6 to 8 pm, and he says we are gonna R O C K!!! That means Rock-fueled Guitar Riffs and Vocals by the likes of Dirty Honey, Hailstorm, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman...Oh yeah! We'll be stompin' our feet and jumpin' up and down to the Epic Hits on Ray's playlist!!! Gather your gang and come to Hot Daddy's on Wyldwood Bayou Grid 'cause it's time to P A R T Y!!! Bayou Hot Daddys


OUTDOOR CENTER with Lounges and much more

Sylvia-Koeln: Der Rudi mal wieder......tztz 4 days ago
João Frazão Live Show and dance with DJ Arianna Nighfire on Craft-World
When: 23 May 2022 13:00 SLT
GavezDois: Live Show and Dance


At 1:00 PM PST: Live Show with Joao Frazao
At 2:00 PM PST: Dance with DJ Arianna Night-fire
The plot thickens!
Over the next few days it will be possible to choose your parcel on the opensimfest Grid using a new webpage on

We are working as fast as we can to get your access to the grid and open registration for those who opt to use local avatars (HG avatars can be added/invited to your parcel groups).
For those planning to use HG avs only, contact Shelenn.Ayres (note we cannot invite HG avs to the parcel groups until you visit the OSFest 2022 grid so we need to coordinate times)

Spax Orion: KUDOS to all who make Opensim GREAT! I wish you the BEST for this festival. I will only do licking if you serve HEAVENLY HASH iced cream on a sugar cone! 4 days ago

wieder was neues auf Chubbys Fairy Dreamland

The last on my list of venues (but definitely not the least) is the Roman Forum, pictured in the lower left shot. Like many of the venues I sell, this one began life as a community build to benefit the grid I was on. The Forum was in a now closed grid as a meeting area for resident meetings on their welcome center region. I always try to give something back to whatever grid I'm on, with the understanding that I will not place the build for sale unless the grid closes or becomes closed to the hypergrid.

I love the Classical Greek and Roman period so I have several items that will fit it.

You can walk through the Classical builds at these store locations:
Mobius Store:
Kitely Store: Emporium

You can find these on the Kitely Market here:

Chérir Wedding Set, a beautiful three stone engagement ring with a rippled wedding band. Free/Full Perms, in the wedding section of Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Giving the Mall a bit of a make over

Thirza Ember: looks like summer! 4 days ago

party time with dj Jon and his Hostess Topsy

The company buying Trump's social network Truth Social warned investors about Trump's history of bankruptcy and failed business ventures. [1] If anyone plans to solve world poverty by selling regions for AviTron, you should do the same and warn potential buyers.

1. See comment for more info.

Spax Orion: in case that coward deletes the Virtualville listing here is a WBM snapshot: 4 days ago

lang + oar

It's coming.......

Jupiter Rowland: This is not just referring to a dance club on a sky platform at 1629 metres, is it? 4 days ago


** Krista Lingerie Set **

Includes: Robe, 2 Bras, and 2 Panties
Bras & Panties have a solid color version and a lace overlay version

DJ Rosa spins at Rockin' the Blues tonite at 6:00!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
When: Tonight at 6:00!
DJ Rosa is here tonight to take the stage and spin the blues to ease you out of the last week and into another one! Rosa likes it HOT, HOT, HOT so be prepared for a rockin' evening down in the swamp! You love her Disco, Reggae and Latin sets, wait till you hear her Blues!! Come on down to Rockin' the Blues and hang with friends old and new! It's going to be a great night! Bayou Rockin' The Blues

Kith Whitehawk: Halftime at Rockin' the blues with DJ Rosa! Come join us for some fun and the best blues on the planet! 5 days ago
Dallas is coming back with many new items. I hope you are in the group. New arrivals will go out first to our group members. We're back in AVIWORLDS.

Watch for the grand-opening Coming soon. We also have cottages available on a first-come, first-served basis. Make your home here with us in Aviworlds. If all the cottages are taken, there are also free parcels here in Aviworlds with prims different on each land. We also have a It's a comfortable park to sit in and listen to the birds and the water, or you can sit at the dock in the mornings watching the sunset. Come up Have a chat and some fresh brewed coffee. In the evenings, you can share some music. I'm not sure what kind, but notices will always come out in group and on open-sim. 

lots of time and space.. come on down and enjoy a nice rock set

The ORIGINAL Latex Lounge Fetish Dance with live DJ Molly Sheryffe - Tonight at 5pm Pacific! Come join in for some great music and a great group of people who've been in the BDSM and Fetish business for years! Free LATEX gift every week!!

Starts at 5pm PST!!

We are here to stay and I say this to the HATERS and HYPOCRITES also. AviTron has done nothing but being successful and being the MOST FREQUENTED GRID in the entire OPENSIM COMMUNITY. Instead of hate and destruction perhaps being UNITED as ONE would be so much more constructive!
AVITRON METAVERSE is getting HUGE and more and more people are online each day that passes!
We are helping people who never could have a DECENT place in the metaverse by giving them 1/4 sim with 5000 prims each. Right now we have given over 1100 parcels and we will continue to do so helping the community!
We have also created a SALES AGENT program where EVERYONE can sell for us and get 25% commission plus 5% commission perpetually until the region or ad space is cancelled.
I think that UNTIL any HATER has spent over 2000$ dollars per month giving QUALITY and HIGH PERFORMANCE FREE LAND to over 1100 people they should SHUT UP and be ashamed of trying to stop something thousands of people are enjoying and even being FINANCIALLY HELPED all over the world!
Want to join ?
╠▶ Region Peace Islands / Adults Only ! Clothing Optional !
128 sims Island Paradise wich is full sailable, we want to grow
a harmonious community under the motto peace and love.
We rent also islands in our paradise ready built with luxury real estate, the rent is free. The island sizes vary up to 25000 sqm.
Group invite direct from Region Owner on request
you must renew your lease once a month, your lease and things will be returned.
AVIS must be at least 30 days old !
and only a member from OS-GRID !

✾ 乂❤‿❤乂 нυggιєѕ to all from C&C - Crazy and Carmen -

╠▶ Region Friedensinseln / Nur für Erwachsene! FKK erlaubt !
128 Sims Island Paradise, das voll segelbar ist, wollen wir eine harmonische Gemeinschaft ausbauen unter dem Motto Frieden und Liebe.
Wir vermieten auch Inseln in unserem Paradies fertig gebaut mit Luxusimmobilien, die Miete ist kostenlos. Die Inselgrößen variieren bis zu 25000 qm.

Gruppeneinladung direkt vom Region Owner auf Anfrage
Sie müssen Ihren Mietvertrag einmal im Monat erneuern, Ihr Mietvertrag und Ihre Sachen werden zurückgegeben.
AVIS muss mindestens 30 Tage alt sein!
und nur ein Mitglied von OS-GRID !

✾ 乂❤‿❤乂 нυggιєѕ an alle von C&C - Crazy and Carmen -

Live music now at our Mountain top venue.

Oyé oyé à la population, préparez-vous à redécouvrir la célèbre région Éros, l'inauguration approche, surveillé l'actualité

DJ Purrfectt Cat Rocks The Ruins Monday Night 5-7Pm May 25th
If you love ROCK MUSIC, then THE RUINS is The Place To Be.
DJ PURRRFECTT CATT will be rocking the joint with her amazing mix of CLASSIC ROCK MUSIC from 5pm till 7pm. Purrrfectt DJ and perfect outdoor venue, so come on over and party with some like minded friendly folk who REALLY know how to have fun!
Remy Farman Live today,
12:00pm at Wolf Mountain in Wolf Territories, Open Sim
He has an amazing voice and sings a variety of music that you will enjoy beyond a doubt. Hope to see you there!

I'm thinking I need a bigger storage yard this One is 16 region Var and has 300 sci-fi ships.
Stacking them is no option. My map pic, since this pic was taken added 6 more ships.

StevieZee: How about putting them on plinths so they look like they flying 5 days ago
Wir bieten alles mit Liebe an. Alles was in Opensim geteilt wird und von uns gesehen wird kommt in unsere Shops. Kein Gruppenzwang. Kein Kontrollzwang. Alles aus einer Hand. Komm auch du und Shoppe bei uns.
There are so many ways to represent yourself and your grid at OpensimFest. Get a free parcel and exhibit. Sign up to be a 'music maker - your own singing, or as a DJ. Or simply be a Greeter.
For one hour, you're the first person that people meet on the festival grid, so it's a chance to make new friends, and to support our diverse community, Will you be a part of something positive?

Thirza Ember: As someone who has always longed to tell people where they can go, this looks like my dream opportunity. 5 days ago
There are so many ways to represent yourself and your grid at OpensimFest. Get a free parcel and exhibit. Sign up to be a 'music maker - your own singing, or as a DJ. Or simply be a Greeter. For one hour, you're the fist person people meet on the festival grid, it's a chance to make new friends, and to support our diverse community, Will you be a part of something positive?


One of Opensimulator's Longest continually running Dance Parties! 10 years and counting!! LIVE DJ and Dancing!! Music from the 60's to current day!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific!

DJ Rachel's dayum sexy Saturday night Blues Delight!! Tonite at 7:30!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
When: Tonite at 7:30!
Every Saturday night, DJ Rachel's tunes get hotter and sexier! Tunes that start out sweet and slow, warm and exciting ...getting deeper and hotter causing tingling in your dancing feet and then..Rachel erupts into fast and delightful...ohhhh sooo happy blues that will set your evening on fire! Oh yes! Oh yes! Rachel will bring out the biggest YAY from anyone! Come on down to the Swamp and hear..and feel..what Blues can do for you! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
DJ Riker's Saturday Blues Showcase at Rockin' the Blues tonight at 6:00PM!
Where: Wyldwood Bayou Rockin' The Blues
When: Tonight at
DJ Riker spins the blues...all the blues, all the time! Original blues artists....blues covers...."Out of the box" blues! Old blues, new blues and blues you didn't even know were blues!! Riker loves to pull tunes out of his magic box of blues and does he ever have a big box of them! Totally awesome, totally unexpected..totally Blues!!! Join us tonite as Riker Starts your Saturday night with a BANG!! Bayou Rockin' The Blues
◀::♥::▶ Map: Hope Entertainment
◀::♥::▶ Come Join us for some great fun!

Exposure to all kinds of music, from gospel to bluegrass, rock and pop as a child has made Dan the diverse singer that he is today..
He rocks with the best, shares his soul with country and has been known to have a sexy raspy song here and there. Come hear him for yourself!
Hello Everyone :) I'm performing at OSGRID EVENT PLAZA! I hope you will join me!
Info below! :)
★ ════ ☆2:pm
★ ════ ☆MAP: Plaza
★ ════ ☆Come join us for some fun! :) See you there!
we now have 3 mazes in the welcome region, each with prizes to find and enjoy and most of it is animesh, so come and enjoy the fun of the mazes and a prize at the end and while you're here visit our other regions that are open.
Lovely profile of Luna Lunaria in the opensimfest blog this week.
She is a busy lady!
Great article by Doc Nolan
Have you signed up for OpensimFest yet?


Am Samstag den 21. Mai brummen auf dem Track keine Motorräder sondern im Westernteil des Tracks gibt es Countrysound vom Feinsten.
Alle sind willkommen und herzlich eingeladen. Bikerworld



There are actually 30 worlds totalling 486 1x1regions on my dying workstation (most for old friends) Not a traffic zone, or popular, but there if they need them. 100% free. lol I hope everyone is well. Have an awesome weekend! Prayers n love. Hugs n high 5's :)

(ADDED IN... lol) If it takes me a few days, or I miss a comment. PLEASE do not be offended. I live with severe chronic pain, and at times I miss things for a few... days? My everything body, and belongings seems to be falling apart at present. :o No worries though. Imma stubborn ole goat! haha! :D But there is 1 constant in this mess. I DO CARE. About everyone. Prayers n love, ALWAYS
Enjoy your weekend. hugs n high 5's :)

BTW? that isn't me. Not quite that old... yet. haha! :D

(added at noon today)meds were stolen. ripped from my hands, and dragged me through my yard on the edge of the road til I fell injured after I had just gotten them out of the mail? Was my pain meds, 4 more weeks of blinding pain... Cops refused to do a report, e ven though the car injured me... I can only say... hugs n high 5's :\

Spax Orion: We wish you well... take care of yourself then you can take care of others =D 6 days ago
Join AviTron and you can make passive income! That’s right !
Become a product seller ( private regions, Ad Spaces) and you will get a 25% commission for each same you make plus 5% each month thereafter as long as the customer is paying.
You can also become a creator and sell your content!
Don’t waste your time on grids that will not offer you opportunities!
Don’t want to be a seller or a creator? That’s okay too!
You get a 1/4 sim with 5000 prims each Free!
Over 1080 parcels have been given out!
After 1 year on your parcel it’s yours! You can rent it out to someone or even sell it!
Affordable super regions are available! And if you buy a region you can still keep your free parcel! WOW!
AviTron is currently the most frequented grid in opensim. Come be part of this new giant!

testing the dance floor

Sorry folks. Region is back online. We were re activating HYPERGRID on it. Everyone is now welcome! We are not banning anyone and if a grid is banning us well it is them not us. Take care!
If you go to our website under the page HOW TO PLAY, you will be able to click on the link there that says configure the viewer automaticaly.
or you can do it yourself.

Hey everyone, we are at last on the final details of the sims, but on Saturday 21st May 2022 Stark is back, we back!!!!!

There is a Grand Opening Party starting at 11am SLT through to whenever, and sometime prior to 11am Stark will be opened to the masses!!! ;-) There will be another announcement on Saturday when the veils are finally lifted.

As always Stark will roll out the rainbow, Love, Pride and Respect to all and Mattie will be playing the tunes, a great mix of favourites to get Stark back up and grooving!!!

Join us if you can and let's have a great time!

StevieZee: welcome back 6 days ago


** Ladies Tied Crop Top & Suspender Pants **

Pants in 15 colors ..... Top in a combination of 20 + Colors and patterns

The Box
Spax Orion 2 hours ago
Meet and beat in the same sentence? One Wonders!
KrisTina 4 hours ago
The meet and beat?
CherylFurse 4 hours ago
BDSM meet&greet is canceled on copycat. We get own grid for the torture ship and promenade. Stay tuned.
Lynne Lundquist 14 hours ago
Beccca Baxton is singing live now at
Misty_Falls 17 hours ago
rofl.... bubble wrap and body condom, i say
KrisTina 18 hours ago
@Thirza and hip-waders it's getting deep in here.
KrisTina 18 hours ago
@Thirza, Indeed.
Thirza Ember yesterday
I hope those are heavy duty rubber gloves
KrisTina yesterday
Grabs scrub brush, shares with misty.
ThundergodThor 2 days ago
@Misty_Falls are you getting into trouble?
OpenSimUser 2 days ago
Misty be sure to wear your helmet
Misty_Falls 3 days ago
@Thirza *Misty starts wiping the edges*
Nico "CoolKat" Kailani 3 days ago
In 1925, the mystic Meher Baba began a 44-year period of observed silence. Finally, he broke his silence to impart the great wisdom he had gained in those 44 years. "Don't worry. Be happy." If he had been able to sing, he could have had a #1 hit.
Spax Orion 3 days ago
Needs more methane scent! Try eating a handful of tepin peppers and try again. =D
GlennXpletive 3 days ago
Farts out twinkle twinkle little star for Spax. lol
Spax Orion 3 days ago
I love good music!
Kashi Takeshi 3 days ago
Great songs ! :o)
KrisTina 3 days ago
Some of us care about our fellow humans and Os
KrisTina 3 days ago
Most will only care if it happens to them personally, most don't see far beyond their own nose.
LaviaLavine 3 days ago
Froot Loops 3 days ago
Kashi Takeshi 3 days ago

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Roland Francis 2 hours ago
May 24th, 2022: I have a new version of the horse rezzer available (version 1.925), with rider animations at a higher priority. This should in some degree minimize the "sinking into the horse" issue. ...
rayne 2 hours ago
Gorgeous !!!! Great animations !! i am soooo happy !!! i missed horseback riding !! thank you so much for sharing your hard work and talents !
Jupiter Rowland 3 hours ago
*sees Roland lift a horse* Pippi Longstocking cosplay, anyone?
OpenSimWorld 4 hours ago
The image says but it should be
Marga 5 hours ago
Metropolis ist schon lange tot.
Thirza Ember 6 hours ago
Goodbye to a lovely Grid with so much history. Looking forward to seeing the last few residents pop up in new places! And thank you to everyone in this comment chain who chose not to make this sad new...
Jupiter Rowland 6 hours ago
"Copper 9 hours ago Copper hat Posts etwas editiert nachdem "unser Kommentier mich tot Jupiter" wieder mal Subsumtionen schreibt ohne Plan und nicht mal metro account hatte *seufz* Also einer..wie in ...
Panthera Mayor 7 hours ago
i saw at but why it called Starfleet??
Kylie Brimmer 9 hours ago
I like it and i got it but with add on horse then horse head not move or legs move :( and also i have rezzer so i tried click rezzer and click to sit to ride but why avatar sinking inside horse?? I lo...


RRD Fashion Exclusives
Excellent. Thank you for offering ladies some truly beautiful outfits!!
Milly Money 21 hours ago
Absolutely awesome place! Love the terrain textures, they remind me of my IRL home county, rugged, but beautiful. Well done! Well done indeed! A must see if you love the perfect combination of nat...
ThundergodThor 24 hours ago
Very beautiful land, congratulations Francis !
iekocatnap 24 hours ago
A really beautiful sim with a lot of beautiful outdoor collections in every season. Now I can enrich my Sims with even more beautiful things. Thanks a lot for this. I would love to come back ❣️
AnaKathy yesterday
Falene Pirate
Great build out thank for sharing your awesome region
Adore yesterday
Rock City
we have so much fun whenever we visit... Tryn and the rest are all great people... its always a blast !!
rayne 2 days ago
The Art Factory
The Art FActory is one of the best regions ever created, wonderful owners and full of creative ideas and displays... I love this project since the first time I saw it. Ernest and Ellen (among other...
Symphony 2 days ago
Barefoot Dreamers Welcome
Really lovely people great grid.
Lone Wolf 2 days ago
I loved the RUINS Very nice, jd, and DJ Purrr is my favorite DJ . She plays a great variety of rock, old , new, bluesy, etc. Check her out next time she is here, you will love her.
autumnlady919 2 days ago