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Impero Island
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We have resurrected Impero Island, it is one of the old sims we had on Clone Life (closed in 2019 and a week later Zone Nations is born) and it was very busy and appreciated by OpenSim users. The sim...

here is a lil warm up with Meshups of populare 80s Song before DJane MIa play grear Deep House tunes at Dream Beach -----> hop://

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ ★
★ ════ ☆ Coffee Social & Greedy
★ ════ ☆ 6:30am grid time
★ ════ ☆ Map:

Come by and join BDSM Lifestyler's and Fetisher's from around the HG at Bondage Ranch for a hang out and meet and greet!
Today 7:00am PST!! ranch

Very nearly everything in this region is marked no copy because it is a role play / social region - it is a place for people to set up their home if they like and then build at the sand box and IF they want to make their stuff available it will be found at our Welcome Region or our Dageraad Region.. If you're coming to New Hope or New Hope East regions on Grid Our Dawn looking for freebies you're wasting your time - we have shopping regions, please use them - thank you. Blessings, Thor.

The Etheria Grid: When I visited Thor's region a few weeks ago he was nothing but kind, helpful, very giving. I got several wonderful builds from the region where they are allowed and welcomed to be taken. Thor's a gre... 3 days ago

Holiday home in Lofoten
more info: call BAD Lofoten

SoA .BAD: The House is rented, other Houses on request. Das Haus ist vermietet, andere Häuser auf Anfrage. 3 days ago

Join us as the Art Factory goes on HG Safari !

When: 28th of September 2022
Time: 12:00 PST▪19:00 GMT▪04:00 Japan
Where: Art Factory

The terrible twins Resolute and Defiant @ Sicario's Nightclub- Unity

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴12:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫ REBELS LOUNGE ✫
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

Sicario's rebirth as a place free from dominance.

- Biker Dresses and Bikes to take away
- Bikerdress und Bikes zum mitnehmen Bikerworld

» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴1:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫ REBELS LOUNGE ✫
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Chic/Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

Since I am creating moons this morning, how about Man in the Moon earrings-Free/Full perms-In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Many of you have asked for my Victorian Club since I first unveiled it at Opensim Fest last summer. It is now available for purchase exclusively at my main store on Wolf Territories Grid at a reduced price. Paste this HG address in your world map, then click the Entertainment Venues sign in the lobby: Emporium - Main Store

This venue began life a year ago as the the Fetish Fire Club on Utopia Skye Grid, which is closed to the hypergrid. It is my most detailed build offering so far, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with materials especially.

The Club covers a 52 x 80 square meter plot, and is a mix of mesh and prims with a 1924 land impact. The build can be copied as much as you like, and everything is modifiable with the exception of the lighting control scripts in the switches, as per my agreement with Mike Chase of Utopia Skye who wrote those.

This build is not yet available at my other store locations on Mobius Grid or on Kitely Grid. I am currently working on a version for the Kitely Market, but that is taking time, since that market forces me to retexture everything before I can list it there.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR FIRST TIME VISITORS TO WOLF TERRITORIES GRID COMING FROM SMALLER GRIDS OR DREAMGRIDS: Set your graphics low before you arrive, since it takes time not only for your viewer to cache the region, but also for Wolf Territories to establish new communication links with your originating grid. You may need to relog and return. For this same reason, purchases using Gloebits may not show in your inventory until you return home and relog. You can always contact me here if you have any questions or issues.

Faith Fromund: Super excited about this build and will be picking it up inworld soon! Thank you so much!!! 4 days ago

The first Norwegian knitwear store opens its doors - Welcome to Dale!

CCI Grid: Ladies, this sim will never be accessible 24/7. But of course we are happy about every visit. 4 days ago
Made from the same stuff as the Autumn table, this is a complete Christmas table with sits included. Tablecloth, place settings for 8 all you need to do is add the meal and the people and have a wonderful celebration with your friends and OS family. You will find this at "" in the furniture section on the second floor along with the wall decor and the autumn table. And may you have a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season.
Just in time for your Autum/Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving festivities, here is a wonderful complete table with sits just for you. It includes the table, chairs with sits, table cloth and place settings for 8 all totally full perm and yours for the very low price of $0. Have fun with it. You will find it at "" in the furniture section second floor.

These were fun to create - Cat Moon earrings-Free/Full Perms-In the foyer at Monentes Jewelry Jewelry

Tarot Reading Room Now Open at Selkie's Landing... Self-Guided, just click on the table and follow the directions.

Hello everyone..excited we received 8 visitors today and got some great feedback. I am posting a few more pictures to tempt you to come and explore this unique experience in AI Art.

Kashi Takeshi: Great place with a lot of different art displayed. Worth visiting ! 4 days ago

No Events this week from oaks, see you on the 4th.
OsGrid Fundraiser Week!

"ROCK me Daddy" Rock and Pop music event at Hot Daddy's with DJ Kith tonite at 6:00!
Region: Wyldwood Bayou Hot Daddys
Event begins Tonight at 6:00PM! 2022-09-26 18:00 SLT Monday
Hot Daddy himself, DJ Kith spins contemporary rock and pop hits tonite at 6:00! You know DJ Kith, you LOVE DJ Kith, and tonite, he has a set of rock music from the past few years and today! Your fave rock tunes...your fave rock and pop artists all on your fave Hot Daddy's stage! Throw on your old blue jeans and come chill on the Dock with DJ Kith and the blues Tribe for fun, friendships and ROCKIN' Music! See you there!! Bayou Hot Daddys

📝 Mount Grace: A place that deserves to be much better known.

Some will see this build and react "Ugh, ugly prim build!" But that would be to miss the point...

◂◄◀ TONIGHT at 4:00PM ▶►▸
» Шhen: ❈ ∵∴4:00p ∵∴ ❈
» Шhere: ✫ JAXX'S NIGHT CLUB ✫
» Шhat: • LIVE MUSIC •
» Dress: ❈ ∵∴ Casual ∵∴ ❈
◂◄◀ MAP ▶►▸

Halloween has arrived at Dinkietown! Get your cute Dinkie Halloween costume here or at the Lovecats region. Don't forget to join the Dinkietowngroup to get special membergifts only.

Halloween 2

American Graffiti world
I could not buy Old Harper because I don't have an ID card.

DISCO-FOX 80er,90er,00er
OpenAir Dance Floor
am Donnerstag 29.09.2022 ab 20:00Uhr {MEZ}
Disco-Fox der Tanz der Millionen begeistert ------ Disco-Fox the dance that inspires millions

Freedom to express is worth any cost.

Nach einen Verkehrsunfall (Datenverkehr) sind wir wieder zurück! 20 Uhr Schlagermixes mit DJ Mick! (Achtung alte LMs ungültig)

Avatar the movie is back in theaters with a new release expected out in December At Iknimaya you feel the spirit of the Na'vi. Please feel free to visit any time, we see you.

Skully ready to party!

Rogue Galaxy: I can't wait!!! :) 5 days ago

OlgaViborilla1963: That cat..... 5 days ago
This week's InWorld Review featured a great build over on the Science Circle, with AbaBrukh Aabye, plus a 30 minute roundup of some opensim news. You can watch it here.

2022 september 26th : I'm very proud because Pand'Asia is 10 th in Opensimworld ranking

900 visitors ! bravo Falene Hawks and thank you very much !

Blue Lagoon
I put Gifts from the Tribe at the landing point!!
Clothes and accessories for Blue lagoon.
Polynesian Voyaging Canoe miniature and real size
NPC Cards of The Blue Lagoon
some stuff are Group gifts. Please Join our Group.
The hot mess of Odds N Ends. Built on a base of old school Clutterfly but with so much more. Always being added to, always free, oddities, wedding stuff, sci fi and fun things from across the grids.

Yes, it IS a mess .. but a nice one :)

RemmyRavenhurst: I love a good mess makes me feel at home! :) 5 days ago

The Box
Joe Builder 8 hours ago
No Candy for you.
Thirza Ember 12 hours ago
I know the star by my name means I don't see any ads on osw... now there is also a check. I am hoping that means I get free candy.
Thirza Ember 12 hours ago
what is the correct candy for Memorial Day?
Nico Kaliani 14 hours ago
Good guesses -- especially for holy days that involve fasting. But the Ramadan fast is only during daylight hours. And there is the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast. Candy is not the best way to do that, but there is candy marketed for the holiday.
Nico Kaliani 14 hours ago
Nico Kaliani 14 hours ago
Nico Kaliani 14 hours ago
ThundergodThor 15 hours ago
Labor Day
DavidBarjesse 15 hours ago
Yom Kippur
Ellen 18 hours ago
Nico Kaliani 20 hours ago
Name one holiday that doesn't have candy associated with it
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Having your event during OSgrid Fundraiser week speaks volumes about the person you are, in my humble opinion you should be ashamed. I don't feel this way about HG locations, Yet again in my humble op...
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i beleive el ron hubbard had a castle in yorkshire, a prolific writer, and the father of dianetics, his great intellect is still remembered as the founder of the church of scientology.
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These are beautiful!!
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Wow these are amazing Kimm!!
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this is so cool and amazing l laughed a lot. Thx for bringin it to public
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Funny Sign Big Jim :)
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Danke, danke liebe Freunde für die vielen Glückwünsche.
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Avatars Warehouse 2022
I, Clarice Alelaria spent several years of my life collecting fixing as well as creating my own avatars to share checking licensing and contacting the creators to ensure I could share so I would appre...
Clarice Alelaria 18 hours ago
Not worth the click then, moving on down the line.
SheaButter 20 hours ago
Hidden Dreams
A great place with lovely people and lots to discover :) I'm happy to have my home there !
Courreges Malatesta 2 days ago
The Garth
I Just love this place - it is always my go to when i am looking for things. Really great selection of the best that our open sim worlds have to offer. Big thank you to squirrel
PinDeluca 2 days ago
So very, very pretty and well done. I just love some of the buildings they used and wish I could find such ones. Nice place to visit and relax
MisBehave 3 days ago
VICE City Airport Shop
Followiing on from the boat shop, so many freebie aircraft to choose from, we can be forgiven for feeling spoilt.
Blue Smith 3 days ago
My viewer is banned eh? Why do you waste the time and space advertising your region if you're going to ban all the viewers. Maybe you think it's funny to let people try to come there only to be notif...
GramzyNang 3 days ago
Bonjour, merci pour votre commentaire... Je vous informe que nous avons un magasin dans la sim, nous n'avons que des vêtements pour le moment, nous mettrons également d'autres types d'objets prochaine...
Alex Mercury 4 days ago
I do not have access because my viewer, the latest in Firestorm, is banned. Okay well thanks, I guess I really don't want to come there anyway.
ThundergodThor 5 days ago

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