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Dreaming my way around. I believe in Love and Magic and Fairies. Yep and probably you think am too old for that or whatever, but still I do. That is why am here in Opensim, to continue believing. I strongly believe that "Live and Let Live " is the best philosophy of life

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Why I build virtual spaces?. Very simple. Mainly for my own enjoyment and because building is the most rewarding thing you can do. I am not competitive but I love reviews of any kind because reviews improve my creativity. And that is why I post my spaces in OSW, so anyone can come for a visit and enjoy what I do with all my passion and love

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Romance, fantasy, dreams, unicorns, butterflies, gnomes, fairies and hummingbirds above all...LOL
I am an authentic dreamer eh

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I have almost everything that a person can wish for, health, love and family. But fantasy is very sneaky so I come here to hold to it very tight. I refuse to grow older

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We don't create a fantasy world to escape reality. We create it to be able to stay.
"Sometimes the thoughts in my head get so bored they go out for a stroll through my mouth. This is rarely a good thing."

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My mother

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It is that time again, winter. Time for reflection and intimacy, but also time to share and celebrate together. Here you have another of my spaces, created thinking of all of you and what we all need. LOVE! it is all we need.
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Halloween-Wicca Market Let's call it "A pop-up Market" A very small Village with a huge Market for Halloween :) Enjoy
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"The Fall" Another small space created, this time dedicated to the most beautiful season of the year.
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"Collectibles @ Wonder: I have been around for quite some time so I have collected amazing cute things, and here I am sharing them with you A tiny region made with love and lots of fun. Every weekend a new collection will come. The two kids fighting for icecr...
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Collectibles III was born today, still a work in progress but am happy to share it at this stage, as always you will find cute gifts, so come take a look
Hugs Bebe

A brand new island has been formed and it is full of surprises... just beside the first Collectables island in the Wonder Region. Do not miss it, come for a visit. Hugs Bebe

Hello dear visitors and reviewers.
Christmas time is coming to and end, so my Xmas @ Wonder is going to be off next Sunday January 7th. I thank you all for your beautiful words and support.
My Collectibles store will be updated soon with new collections for you to enjoy.
Wish you all the best New Year. Hugs Bebe

thedeeferry: Best-est fun shopping for holiday goodies. Thank you so much. See ya next year Xmas@Wonder and Friends! Clearly, you and yours have Clarity Unity and Pleasure. 5 months ago

Hi :)
My Advent Calendar is @ Wonder waiting for you to collect your surprises, I hope you like them, Enjoy.
Hugs Bebe

First of all I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I was away for a bit and my regions went down unexpectedly, and I just realized of that. So all is ok again and you can come to visit, like and review if you feel so inclined :)) Thank you so much for your patience ... hugs Bebe

Xmas @ Wonder: Another of my spaces, created thinking of all of you and what we all need. LOVE! It is all we need. Come and take a look!

Like a good a pop-up Market my Wicca Market says until next year dear visitors and thank you so much for likings and reviews. Hugs Bebe

ToyBoy: Great place and kind creator! Worth a visit :) 8 months ago
Just a reminder dear friends: My regions "The Fall" & "Halloween" will be down from November 1st on, I am sorry but I need the resources of my server for the Winter region. Sooooo!!! run and grab all your goodies.
Thank you so much for all the rewarding likes and reviews
Hugs Bebe
One little tip about My Wicca Market:
1-If you see something you like to copy and it is not copy please send me a message or a note and I will check the item ASP
2- If the item is not copy at all it is because it belongs to my collections and you will find it in its vendor. Just check around and have fun
Thank you so much for visiting Wonder.

Bebe: My Wicca Market @ Wonder Hurry up and grab everything you can because it is a pop-up Market :)) hop:// 9 months ago

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Yin Yang Town

Lovely place Thank you so much for sharing your creativity :)

HG Comercial

Now we all can visit this lovely place with unique outfits thank you

Mexico Lindo

Lovely avatars with adorable faces and even with a NPC Thank you so very much for sharing

Kaydi Rose Designs

surprising findings :) Thank you

Fae Farms

Love this place, amazing landscaping :)) well done


Todo es bello y especial en este lugar. Ademas el entorno es super alegre y colorido. Marpil es muy comunicativa y dulce Muchas gracias :))


Definitely a fun place to visit, great creativity Nasti Thank you so much

HG Events

Muy muy bonito Muchas gracias


What a beautiful thing to do to honor your mom I believe you deserve more than 5 stars only for your sweet gesture Thank you in the name of many moms Bebe


Super interesting place Totally different to what I have seen around, amazing creativity Thank you

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I love you items and your sim. Can't wait to see the new one.
You have amazing regions set up and Love them all so far :) If anyone was in need of a good look around or in need of things to collect please visit here as it has been such a great experience and so much fun to explore ;)!
Thank so very mush Gala