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Dreaming my way around. I believe in Love and Magic and Fairies. Yep and probably you think am too old for that or whatever, but still I do. That is why am here in Opensim, to continue believing.
I strongly believe that "Live and Let Live " is the best philosophy of life

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Halloween 0 Users
As spooky as it can get, come and check it out
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Skating Rink Rink 0 Users
From "Hush" for you "The skating Park" Another fun region, this one for the enjoyment of your inner kid who never stops jumping around :) come over to have fun skating. Many freebies too.... but of course :))
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The Fall Fall 0 Users
Witches reunion @ The Fall!!!!!! Showing my love for the most romantic season of the year "The Fall" I am still working on it but is opened for visitors Hope you all like it
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Winter 0 Users
Christmas @ Hush Created with all my love for you. Enjoy these lovely Holidays Hugs
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Dance your Life Away Landing Point your Life Away Landing Point 0 Users
Welcome to "Dance your life away" A Tribute to dance & love or to dance lovers :)) 6 dance regions with different music style and different environment settings for you to choose the one that pleases your dance and romantic desires. Freebies to copy as well all around There a Boutique to get gif...
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