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Dreaming my way around. I believe in Love and Magic and Fairies. Yep and probably you think am too old for that or whatever, but still I do. That is why am here in Opensim, to continue believing.
I strongly believe that "Live and Let Live " is the best philosophy of life

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Halloween-Wicca Market Let's call it "A pop-up Market" A very small Village with a huge Market for Halloween :) Enjoy
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"The Fall" Another small space created, this time dedicated to the most beautiful season of the year.
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"Collectibles @ Wonder: I have been around for quite some time so I have collected amazing cute things, and here I am sharing them with you A tiny region made with love and lots of fun. Every weekend a new collection will come. The two kids fighting for icecream were made for a dear friend long...
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One little tip about My Wicca Market:
1-If you see something you like to copy and it is not copy please send me a message or a note and I will check the item ASP
2- If the item is not copy at all it is because it belongs to my collections and you will find it in its vendor. Just check around and have fun
Thank you so much for visiting Wonder.

Bebe: My Wicca Market @ Wonder Hurry up and grab everything you can because it is a pop-up Market :)) hop:// 12 days ago

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Wow amazing creativity. Now am ready for next year ty so much


Nice job Thank you for sharinf

Home and Gardens

Very nice place to visit Thank you so much for sharing


Love this place is all about Good Magic Ty so much

Shaggy Hollow

This is a place where you can be surprised with your findings :) thank you

HQ Herederos

Adorable place built with love, super organize and all items new, at least for me :) ty so very much

Dyvalls Shopping Fun

Super organized making the shopping experience a one to enjoy :) Thank you so much for sharing


oh Jimmy you really are thinking of everything all these symbols are so handy Thank you so very much

The Furniture River

Very nice environment they created a place not only to get good qualities items but also to enjoy thanks so much guys :)


awesome work ty so much

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