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I love to create things and decorate.

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About Myself

I live with my husband in a small house in the middle of fields. we have 3 cats and 1 dog. as im sick with polyneuropathy and some other things i have a lot of time to work at my pc and create things.

My Interests

I love to do diamond painting, stitching and create at my pc

Favorite Quote

Dont dream your life, live your dreams

Music I Like

Gothic, EBM, Industrial, Rock, Metal and more

Films I Like

The Crow with Brandon Lee

Books I Like

Däniken and all kind of mystery

My Heroes

My husband

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dont know it just is working :)

My Regions

Carpe Noctem 2
5 2 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Carpe Noctem 2 0 Users
A Zoo with lot of Animals (Info signs + Sound), to walk through and enjoy. 2 Cafes and some food and drinkstands. Benches to sit and watch the animals. Also some special animal enclosures you can walk over or in.
more info
64 3 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:CarpeNoctem 1 Users
A sim wide mall with all kind of things. seasons (valentiensday, halloween, xmas and more, furniture, clothing, houses and other things. Im still working on it so please be patient and have a look from time to time if you find new things.
more info
Carpe Noctem
19 0 alternatemetaverse.com:8002:Carpe Noctem 0 Users
Gothic club at cemetry , medieval village with market and church, fantasy park, beaches and winterland with xmas market
more info


Eastermarket is open!

I have done some things for easter, come over and have a look.
Walk around the Mall maybe you find some other things you can
need too.

Visit the garden or watch the horses. take a seat, relax, chat, have a coffee.
See you there :)

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/256/320/3000


You will find the new products at the black dome at mall 2.

there also is a shop with Valentinesday Gift, Deco and other things you might like.

Feel free to look around anywhere.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/253/269/3000
Check out my place with new valentinesday products.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/259/317/3000

or look out at Alternate Metaverse for Carpe Noctem 2 you will find a teleporter where you land
select Mall 2. Find the black dome and enter.
Now each monday from 9 to 11 am grid time (18-20 uhr MEZ) there will be a live dj set at Dragon´s Biker Heaven.
take your friends and come over to party all together and have some fun.
stay for a while after the set explore and relax, get you some drinks or a snack.
Hope to see you soon. Dragon

Dragon´s Biker Heaven is open now.

Look around seddle down and relax, chat with your friends and listen music.


Dragon´s Biker Heaven

Is a Bar with possibility of Bands playing, DJ pult, Dance Floor, Billard and more games.


Dragon´s Biker Heaven opened the doors.

Come over and explore the place and please vote for the logo.

Get you a drink and enjoy the BBQ

Dragon´s Biker Heaven just opened.

Come over and help me out with selecting the LOGO.

There is a voting sign just click it and mark your favorite LOGO at the page.


Dragon´s Biker Heaven has opened.

The opening Party will come soon.


take some time and have a look at the valentines clearing with starysky and full moon

also find some new textures and clothes

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/259/317/3000

Valentinesday is coming soon.
I have done some new products for you.
Find them here

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/259/317/3000

enjoy the christmas market ambiente with some roasted chestnuts or take a hot drink at the "Glühweinstand" or "Hot Cacao Stand". Have pop corn or candy cotton and let your kids ride the automatic mounts. take a seat near the camp fire and roast some marshmellows.

if you still have some spare time walk through the mall outside of the christmas market and check out the products in the shops there. Also check back often as im adding new things almost daily.

I hope you like what i did and have a wonderfull time at the christmas market.

At the market you will find a lot of nice decoration, textures, some clothing and more.

Enjoy your time till christmas and have a wonderfull advent sunday today.

Just few days left till christmas. check out the advent calendar in front of the christmas market at my second mall.
i wish you a wonderfull 2nd advent sunday enjoy the time till christmas.
See you at my place. hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe%20Noctem%202/259/3...
hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/245/333/3000

please copy the whole link and paste it into your viewer to get there.

Just few days left for the halloween market come check it out before all is gone again.
lot new meshes, new textured products come over and have a look

NineZero: Link takes you to a zoo. Cannot find anything 'Halloween' here. 8 months ago
hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/245/332/3000
NEW Halloween Market, decorations, textures, clothes,(still working on more),
Come over and have a look also check back as im still adding things for you.

SheaButter: this landmark doesn't work. 9 months ago
I added some new textured shirts and long mediaval gowns,
also a lot of AI Creations i made.
Come by and have a look.
Take some time and visit my other places too.
Like the ZOO, Mall 1, Mediaval Village, Winter Village with X-mas market,
Fairy woods and much more.
See you there :)

You find all kind of things i found all over opensim or got gifted over the years.
Male, female, furniture, decoration, houses, medieval and much more.

Also added some new textured shirts for male at the Mall II, some new meshes, textures, female shoes.
Have a look around im adding new things often.

Dont miss out the zoo its worth to take time to walk through it and spend some time there.

VinSkaa: I loved the visit to the zoo, very well organized according to the different habitats. Congratulations for the work done, I will visit again. 11 months ago
I just added some new meshes. There also are some new (textured) Dinkie Clothes,
Male and Female Shirts, also other clothing. Valentinesday and easter decorations,
Wall hangings, "Old Maps" for RP and some NEW Textures.
The easter egg hunt is still running at my places so hurry and look if you can find all
hidden eggs filled with new things all free.
If you want something or have ideas just IM me or send a notecard.
I wish you fun with shopping. Hopeing you will enjoy this new place and
check back often for new products.
Carpe Noctem Mall II is open but it will be under construction as i will be working on new things continuously.
The things at this mall are new textured or new uploaded. You will find things for holidays (Valentine, St. Patrick, Easter,
x-mas, halloween...) fashion for female and male. Decoration products, furniture, Wall hangings and more.
You also find an Artgallery at this place. If you need a break you can use the cafe or seddle down at the farm beside the

Please be patient as im still working on this place to offer you new things in future. I will add them as soon as i have
products ready so check back often.

If you are a creator without own place contact me and you may have a shop for your things at my mall for free.

I wish you a nice day with shopping and walking around. Enjoy your stay if you need something just write i will answer as soon as possible.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/285/336/3000

Mall II is open to visit but still under construction.
Some shops have already things to offer.

There also are some shops for people that create things and dont have own land and
for people that create have a shop but want to show their creations on other places too.
The shops are free. Contact me ingame per IM or NC.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem 2/280/350/3000
Carpe-Noctem Zoo has opened the doors.
please take some time at the landing to read the notecard and let all load.
Take your family, loved ones and friends and come over.
Get you a ticket at the ticket booths counter and check you a
zoo map from the sign. you can wear it like a hud.
Walk through the zoo, watch the animals, get you a drink or
something to eat, seddle down on one of the benches and
enjoy the view.
take the special ways over or through the animal enclosure
and watch the animals from there. take some pictures as a
i hope you like the zoo and enjoy your stay. :)

Carpe-Noctem-Zoo will soon open up its doors.

Jerralyn Franzic: Can't wait! 1 years ago
Visit the mall you find a lot of usefull things like
seasonal things (xmas, halloween, valentine ...) clothing, furniture, textures, bodies, hair, houses, and much more.


Susannah: Interesting to see one of my yellow trucks there! 2 years ago

Fairy fantasy land with waterfall, cave, treehouses, pond, hobbit home and much more.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/65/318/36

GarryBeaumont: Nice bit of sky jiggery pokery. 2 years ago

The Coffin Club for your parties in the middle of a
cemetry near the medieval village.

best viewed at midnight settings

V^CarpeNoctem^V, Carpe Noctem (92, 164, 22) - Adult

Luna Lunaria: I love what you did with everything 2 years ago

Medieval village with market, farm, church, town houses, tavern, watermill and more.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/363/173/31

Visit the medieval Castle, have a seat at the throne, visit the kitchen and the magician, weapon chamber, bibliothek, dungeon jail and more.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/453/82/52

Peacefull fantasy fairy woods with romantic spots.

best view at midnight settings

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/311/348/2751

Romantic wintervillage with christmas market
Best viewed at midnight settings.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/310/383/2001

Just added one new style with a lot different textures.
come by and have a look.
Enjoy your shopping :)


NEW OUTFITS crop top and skirt added today

Added about 70 more designes of the dress

Hello i just added a dress in 50 designs and will add 50 more in the next time. there are also some new jackets, pants and dresses.

NOW NEW!!! Fairy woods. have a look when you find some spare time
hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/288/321/2751

Like sun and beach than visit the beach islands with nice places to sit. enjoy a drink at the bar. find hidden places

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/247/251/29

Prefer some more fantasy and fairytale than you might like the fantasygarden. walk through woods and over flowerfield, watch unicorns and fairies. enjoy waterfalls and have a look at the treehouses.
(im still working there not all is finished)

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/28/259/22
Switch to midnight and walk over the bridge from the medieval village to the cemetry with the coffin club. go inside and party, chat, dance and have fun with friends. there is gothic music 24/7 over the landradio. walk around the cemetry for a creepy feeling ;)

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/163/100/22
visit the furnished castle, have a look at the kitchen, the alchemist labor or the bibliothek, the weapon chamber and a sleeping room or walk down to the cellar and look out for the imprisoneds. walk down the hill to the medieval village take a rest at the tavern with a cold ale or walk on to the medieval market. visit the church or go help the farmers at the field.

hop://alternatemetaverse.com:8002/Carpe Noctem/455/83/52

landscape, ruins, nature and more also clothing and furniture houses and so on

give it time to load please its worth the waiting

Air view of the mall

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