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Technology , Virtual Worlds, Horror and Thriller Movies

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Dance , Techno , DJ Remix , Soft Pop , 80s, 90s

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Stephen King "The Stand" , "IT"

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The Roald Dahl Diary

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Mother Teresa

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I'm so thankful for my Serenity - thank you to the awesome people in Opensim for making it all possible.

CyberGlo CyberStar: I'm glad I could help. I take great joy in knowing that I helped another person realize their dream, and am responsible for something wonderful in the metaverse. 10 days ago

I just wanted to say that I love opensim! I love that we are so free. Have put together this beautiful sim with everyone's awesome creations that they share. Thank you everyone!

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Grid Tumbler

Simply amazing!!!! SO much fun!!! You won't be disappointed check out this sim today.

Kaydi Rose Designs

Wow is all I gotta say! This is an awesome place. Really was happy to find the Fantasy Decorations and also the cool textures. This is a must visit! Thank you for sharing your awesome creations.

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