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AMV Events- Our main Grid Events Region for Alternate Metaverse Grid which includes our Town Hall, AMV Art Gallery, Organica Living Stage, ArtSpeak Cafe', The Tower Of Sound & Speakeasy Swinghard- Blues, Jazz & Electroswing

Joao Frazao plays beautiful, sensual Ukulele music live at ArtSpeak Cafe', Thursday, April 22nd @ 11 am, AMV Events, Alternate Metaverse Grid. In Jaoas Words: I have spent the last 25 years playing, recording and promoting Portuguese folk music all over the world, performing my own shows as well as a session musician for several main stream Portuguese artists.
In 2015 released my first solo CD " Ukulele Orgânico" followed by "Portal" in 2017. Original music played with Ukuleles ( 5 strings custom ukulele, Ukulele and cavaquinho ), also played all other instruments ( piano, drums, bass, percussion and guitars)."

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Zoree Jupiter Live- April 15th @ 11am- AMV Grid
Where: AMV Events
When: in 4 days [15 Apr 2021 11:00 SLT]

Zoree Jupiter returns to Speakeasy Swinghard! Zoree is a truly incredible live singer with a wide variety of music and a voice that ranges from soft, sultry & sexy to ready to rock your socks! Don't miss this event- Thursday April 15th @ 11am Grid time! Dress is casual to semi formal. Map us at: events

2/14 Merrick Robonaut Live @ ArtSpeak Cafe' 4-5 PM
Where: AMV Events
When: 2 months ago [14 Feb 2021 16:00 SLT]

Valentines Weekend Club Crawl- Sunday, Feb 14th, Merrick Robonaut performs Live @ ArtSpeak Cafe', AMV Events from 4-5 PM ! Not only does he sing, he also packs one VERY Rockin guitar!

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