Grid: Alternate Metaverse

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AMV Welcome
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Welcome Area, Lounge & Starting Point for Alternate Metaverse Grid. A warm friendly Adult grid with open waters and Air, Copy your own OAR from website, low cos...

Eros Classic Beach
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Virtual Beach Formally known as Eros resort

Club Escotia
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An entertainment venue fit for The King! Created for and featuring the singing talents of Clan Escotia, the sensational Scotsman who will amaze you with his ran...
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Houses & Other Dwellings For Everyone Alternate Metaverse Grid
Old World Mall
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Old World Flavors, Fantasy & Roleplay clothing, Food, furnishings, and buildings, Medieval & Fantasy, Elven, Fae, Human treasures! Alternate Metaverse Grid al...
Almost Heaven
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Non-Discriminatory Homesteader Region. Whether a temporary landing until you've established your own region - or a permanent location on Alternate Metaverse Gri...
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Koryphon is a 5x5 VAR filled with Clubs:- Club Synergy, SK8 Rollerclub, The Hollow, Tiki Cove, The Coffee House Also: The Visual Poetry Art Gallery & Chakras ...
Homesteaders Welcome
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Private starter houses for newcomers to Alternate Metaverse Grid who do not own land. Map us alternatemetaverse,com:8002:Homesteaders Welcome
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Fictitious city located somewhere in North Norway. ** 2x2 VAR SIM SEASONAL * WEATHER AS NORTH NORWAY **Enable EEP sky from your viewer for better experience! Ha...
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Meow-home of The Cats Meow has been updated with tons of new content & A NEW 2 Story store- FREE Fashions, Accessories, & Unique Fantasy gifts by Cataplexia- Or...
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