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I had the vision in my head for years, and my Husband Alex gave me that chance to create my vision and I hope to share this with you all! Farm, animals, crops,...
Secret Fantasy World Portal
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Info hub and portal to the grid.

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not just a shopping mall, take your free shop for your new stuff. Dive into the exotic world of the Caribbean! Here you can rent your own small shop for free (938 to 1875 prims) to offer your goods. Or you can visit the shops around the marketplace and shop to your heart's content. Or are you lookin...

Hermit Reality Portal
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Welcome to Hermit Reality Land Info hub and portal to the grid. We are nice to those who deserve it. False moralists and other DMCA drama quins, kings wi...
Fantasiaworld Portal
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Info hub and portal to the grid.
Freya's Shadow World Portal
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Info hub and portal to the grid.
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Calm, Mermaids, Buddha, Greedy, Chess, Beach life, Fairies,... n more
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Wander the elven lands, find a home and stay for free. Roll play is welcome here. Then find the kiosk and teleport up to Stormy's Galaxy where you can visit o...
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Pirate Kat and family and friends
Land of Melody
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Land of Melody is a land where the gypsies feel at home and have events with live singers
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If you like Scifi then this is the region for you. Plenty of freebies and fun environment. Drop in and enjoy. This is a G rated region.
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