Magical Isle
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One of the newest Destinations Merfolk, Elves, Fairies, pixies, and tiny avatars, and for anyone who enjoys Fantasy-themed regions. Everyone is welcome to ex...
Sorcerers Isle
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Solitary practioners of the White Arts Live here.....home to powerful magic....

Alife Virtual Welcome
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Alife Virtual means dj, music, dance, shopping, roleplay and much more! Create your free account now:

The Isles
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Enter the Sands of Time...Alexandria, Egypt. The Great Lighthouse stands as it once did, the pride of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the world. A great...
Turia 2
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The great AR of the South of Gor from the books of John Norman located in the All Gorean Grid Counter Earth. Must be 21 and we do not allow child avatars
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Dance, détente, meditation et labyrinthe
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Camelot Castle is a beautiful atmosphere to role play for a short period. Camelot Castle is on Aruba in Digi. Aruba offers free housing or parcels 1000 prims on...
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Pirate Kat and family and friends
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Région d'accueil d'Ignis Fatuus sur le thème medieval et elfique. Grid privée ouverte au public 24/7.
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Meow-home of The Cats Meow has been updated with tons of new content & A NEW 2 Story store- FREE Fashions, Accessories, & Unique Fantasy gifts by Cataplexia- Or...
The Lost Gardens of Apollo
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some may remember: "The Lost Gardens of Apollo" once have been an well known place at SL, build there by Dane Zander. Online 2005 till 2011. Now almost perfect ...
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