The Lost Gardens of Apollo
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some may remember: "The Lost Gardens of Apollo" once have been an well known place at SL, build there by Dane Zander. Online 2005 till 2011. Now almost perfect ...
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New Egyptian themed 4x4 varregion on Wolf Territories Grid. Currently under construction.

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Captiva region at Aiworlds. Visit our different beaches, shops and venues. Shops available for vendors. Information just im jonn luik. Plenty to do for fun on Captiva, Latin Quarter, Dry Gulch western ghost town, beaches, and more! Free shops for creators and vendors as long as you promote them. ...

Belze & Chubby Land
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Dream Maker
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Come stroll through a land of fantasy, fairies and unicorns now ready to copy full perm and use for your own sims. Please allow items to rezz. Find the Lady Sun...
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Welcome to Misty Isle, home of Fantasy on the sim and Sci Fi in the sky. Find a kiosk and take the teleports around to explore. Stay as long as you want. Com...
Shirelands Hub
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Shirelands Hub and gateway to Darkport Gort Pirates, Lupe's Magic Forest, Shirelands Middle Earth Quest and Rarna Hax Mall
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Meow-home of The Cats Meow has been updated with tons of new content & A NEW 2 Story store- FREE Fashions, Accessories, & Unique Fantasy gifts by Cataplexia- Or...
Avalon Reborn
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Avalon Reborn is a massive 4x4 region on the Destiny-Grid. It is the creation of Virtual builder and landscaper, Shimada Yoshikawa. Places to visit in the regi...
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Varmints is a fun 4x4 region (16 regions, no sim-crossing lines) for Weefolk, Gypsies and Travelers, Pirates and Steampunk. The highlight is the multi-region Ra...
Cloudshead Worldheart
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The fairyland Cloudshead Worldheart invites you to dream, dance, relax, photograph, discover and read, because Cloudshead Worldheart is based on the fairy tale ...
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