1 Users 16 0 19th
Just a simple, 8 hrs auto return, voice enabled, multi floor, sand box area running 24x7 unless maintained.
Sandbox Plaza III
1 Users 26 0 33rd
24 hour sandbox

Gentle Fire Grid
1 Users | 55 likes 6 comments

Exploration: Wander through beautifully crafted virtual regions. Discover hidden gems, scenic landscapes, and interactive spaces. Whether you’re into serene forests, bustling cities, or futuristic realms, there’s something for everyone. Socializing: Connect with other avatars! Attend events, parti...

Adult Sandbox
1 Users 4 0 45th
Sandbox Neovo
0 Users 3 0 184th
Multifunctional Sandbox region with test options and multiple building Decks. Manual enforced Return. (No Auto-Return) IF you want a build to stay so you can ...
We Don't Throw Sand
0 Users 3 0 201st
1x1 Public Sandbox - 36 hour Auto Object Return - If you need more time please request via Support Ticket at
◉ Offline 6 3 341st
Space Force Sandbox. For teaching building/scripting classes and for migrants to use freely.
0 Users 3 0 356th
simple place for those that want to unpack. Please clean up after yourself. Just join the group. Teleport sign available to rest of my offerings Web page is ht...
Sandbox OuterSpace
0 Users 1 0 420th
3X3 VAR Sandbox with true Outerspace lighting model. This is exactly what you will see when you are out of the eath's Atmosphere. If Interested, you can a...
0 Users 2 1 467th
sandbox ouverte à tous avec quelques freebies
Nautilus Sandbox
0 Users 7 0 575th
Nautilus Sandbox is for all to enjoy. This 3x3 region has a 4 hour return. Has some tools and textures and some free starter avatars and freebies. Teleport boar...
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