Sandbox Plaza III
1 Users 26 0 18th
24 hour sandbox
0 Users 16 0 28th
Just a simple, 8 hrs auto return, voice enabled, multi floor, sand box area running 24x7 unless maintained.

Endless Welcome
0 Users | 16 likes 2 comments A

Welcome to Endless grid.... Feel free to use the teleporters to visit.... freebies everyhere... animesh, animals, jewels, mesh, scripts, Huds, complete avatars, mesh avatars, hair, Adult Shop, adult scripted furniture, body parts, textures, environments, sculpts, furniture, music instruments,...

Adult Sandbox
0 Users 6 0 47th
Adult Sandbox offers you an adult area with 5 region-sized floors of space. Enjoy, 7 days return!
OSCC Sandbox
0 Users 3 0 161st
Sandbox region for the OpenSimulator Community Conference The OpenSimulator Community Conference is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and us...
◉ Offline 6 3 198th
Space Force Sandbox. For teaching building/scripting classes and for migrants to use freely.
Sandbox Neovo
0 Users 3 0 209th
Multifunctional Sandbox region with test options and multiple building Decks. Manual enforced Return. (No Auto-Return) IF you want a build to stay so you can ...
Nautilus Sandbox
0 Users 7 0 219th
Nautilus Sandbox is for all to enjoy. This 3x3 region has a 4 hour return. Has some tools and textures and some free starter avatars and freebies. Teleport boar...
0 Users 3 0 449th
SNB Sandbox
0 Users 0 0 463rd
The Sexy Nude Beach Public Sandbox: This sandbox is free to use by anyone; objects you put out will be auto-returned in 15 minutes.
Kokomoworld Treffpunkt
0 Users 3 0 488th
Dies ist der Treffpunkt vom Kokomoworld Grid. Wir sind eine kleine, freundliche und familiƤre Gemeinschaft, haben Spass am der Technik, Bauen und Gestalten g...
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