3DLES Education
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3DLES Education in Virtual worlds. This is a DEMONSTRATION grid for promoting education in virtual worlds. This region is the place where all visitors first arr...
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Home of New Life Christian Center

The Promise Land
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Jerusalem has been known as the City of David for more than 3,000 years as God has continued to keep the memory of His servant David alive for many generations. There is also a close association between King David and Jesus Christ, the Son of David. Both were born in Bethlehem and died in Jerusalem....

Cookie II
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Cookie II is the hypergrid home of New Media Arts, a nonprofit corporation. Our mission is to preserve our cultural heritages in new media platforms, and suppor...
Koryphon Academy
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Koryphon Academy is a Free & Open Education Center offering educational and instructional courses for students from All Grids in OpenSim. Located on Alternate M...
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A place to lear many things you need on the metavers and Real Life such as Photoshop, Construction, Modeling, Configuratio of your Land, Role Playing, How to be...
Celestial Japan
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An Edo Period village dating from 1600's to 1856 A.D. Self-guided walking tours with map and notecards. Or take a tour from the village square on a small paddle...
Abyss Observatory
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Museum of Earth and Marine science and technology. There are the ultra science drill ship "Chikyu", Earth Simulator, the middle-upper atmosphere radar, the Eart...
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Open Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) welcome region on Openvue Grid.
Maze of the Mind Grand Canyon
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16 region nature meshes stacked up as high as 10000 meters. It can be a slow load, patience and good company a necessity but worth the wait if one likes beauty...
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Koryphon is a 5x5 VAR filled with Clubs:- Club Synergy, SK8 Rollerclub, The Hollow, Tiki Cove, The Coffee House Also: The Visual Poetry Art Gallery & Chakras ...
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