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Koryphon is a 5x5 VAR filled with Clubs:- Club Synergy, SK8 Rollerclub, The Hollow, Tiki Cove, The Coffee House Also: The Visual Poetry Art Gallery & Chakras ...
Maze of the Mind Grand Canyon
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16 region nature meshes stacked up as high as 10000 meters. It can be a slow load, patience and good company a necessity but worth the wait if one likes beauty...

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Captiva region at Aiworlds. Visit our different beaches, shops and venues. Shops available for vendors. Information just im jonn luik. Plenty to do for fun on Captiva, Latin Quarter, Dry Gulch western ghost town, beaches, and more! Free shops for creators and vendors as long as you promote them. ...

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Metaverse University of DigiWorldz provides virtual world education to users around the globe. Learn building, texturing, scripting, region management, real-lif...
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an agglomerate of 9 sims ; capital city, farm, village,vinery and castle, surrounded by 4 sims with seas and waters. Lots of nature and agricultural activities...
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3DLES created this English language village for students to have English conversations in a real English village.
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Welcome to the Science Circle grid. For more information about this grid and the Science Circle Foundation visit
Virtual Laboratory Training and
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The Virtual Laboratory Training and Career Center (VLTCC) is also known as the “Virtual Laboratory Training, Career Recruitment and Retention (VLTC) Project”. I...
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Open Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue) welcome region on Openvue Grid.
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Nova Archaeology Island's regions consist of information about archaeology for a broader, general audience. The regions are a form of an interactive museum exh...
Abyss Observatory
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Museum of Earth and Marine science and technology. There are the ultra science drill ship "Chikyu", Earth Simulator, the middle-upper atmosphere radar, the Eart...
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