Role playing

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As the gods are being restored in Asgard, they restored Midgard for the people of that world to start over, these people are called "Earthlings" by some, but th...
Candoranien I
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Candoranien (ehemals Hohenburg) eine deutsche Mittelalter - Welt im Soul-Grid Weit zurück in die Vergangenheit Anno I 500, sind wir angesiedelt. Unser Land u...

Tengoku Era
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A place landscaped in old Japan Theme. I hope you will like this place as much as I had pleasure to create it. Always a bit of work here or there, but, you already can chill and wander around to enjoy a jouney in Japan theme. Stream is 100% Japanese, but if you turn it off you'll hear the soun...

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Darkport is a gorean steampunk pirate world of 64 sims to trade, to be with friends, to drink, talk and laugh. Darkport is one of the many islands pirates can g...
Rence Marshes of Gor 2
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Gather at the Gor Grid Rence Marshes ... Hidden in the Vosk Delka of the land of Gor. Tal! Come, enjoy the rough life of the Rencers... Work hard all: free...
Isle of Nara
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Welcome Center For Pani, By The Book, Gorean roleplay, Authentic Gorean Pani, Gor, Role Play, , Torvi, Larl, Roleplay, Slave, collared Girls, Kajira, EDO, Asia,...
Sang Gretuk Panthers
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Gor Grid Gather at the Gor Grid Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers.
Asgard Folkene
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WANTED: ROLE PLAYERS who love Norse Mythology education and role play. Here you can become one of the Norse Gods, A Light Elf, a Dark Elf, a Dwarf, a Giant or...
Paha Sapa
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Paha Sapa (Black Hills, in the Lakota language) is a role play community located in the virtual world Kitely, which is a part of the OpenSimulator hypergrid met...
City of Tor
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At the northwest corner of the Tahari region is the opulent city of Tor.
Jade Bay
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A Swamp Region with Zombies - Live with some danger. Parcels are limited, but are FREE. Please build to a swamp theme, and be mindful of the zombies - they do...
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