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As the gods are being restored in Asgard, they restored Midgard for the people of that world to start over, these people are called "Earthlings" by some, but th...
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Carima, an Medival Fantasy Roleplay once foundet at SL by Linde Kronfeld. Rised there from an half-sim up to 9 Islands and was well known there. Due to the rai...

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Azeroth Community
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Villa, Gor, Torvaldsland, Northern, RP, Role play
Gateway to the Stars
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We create a peaceful area in the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, founder of Star Trek (tm). We write the year anno domini 2360... A while ago the Supply Station ...
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16 Sim Var region + 1 private region for Gorean development We have been working hard to develope useable bows for combat and will soon have our own combat met...
Asgard Folkene
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WANTED: ROLE PLAYERS who love Norse Mythology education and role play. Here you can become one of the Norse Gods, A Light Elf, a Dark Elf, a Dwarf, a Giant or...
Rence Marshes of Gor
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The Rence Marshes of Gor... Nestled in the delta of the Vosk river as it enters the Gleaming Thassa Sea in the land of Gor. We're on the Counter Earth grid
Bell City
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Design by Verna Avril Open Jan 1 2020 Residential Parcels for those active in my region in role play, sailing, flying, Cars,Boats, Planes, club, lounge. BE...
South Devon Farm
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A Small Farming Region
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Pandemia Zombie
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