Giant Shopping
2 Users 12 0 5th
Avatars, BoM, skins, shapes, shoes, wears, gowns, wedding, bars, BBQ, bathrooms, showers, living rooms, kitchen, scripted furniture, Clutterfly, decorations, fo...
Wright Plaza
1 Users 61 4 46th
Tons of Awesome Freebies! shopping clothing houses and more located on OSgrid, Attend the Weekly OpenSimulator Developers Office Hours Meeting at 2pm EST every ...

Nude Beach
0 Users 4 likes 5 comments A

Nudity set in a tranquil, elegant, inclusive sim with more than a touch of eroticism. Clothing & rudeness are not allowed, but friendliness is enthusiastically encouraged. Nude beach, sailing, and relaxation. nudist naturist naked bdsmrlv rlv ADULT

Old World Mall
1 Users 28 4 195th
Old World Flavors, Fantasy & Roleplay clothing, Food, furnishings, and buildings, Medieval & Fantasy, Elven, Fae, Human treasures! Alternate Metaverse Grid al...
1 Users 3 3 79th
Freebie Malls, Forest Park, Fun Park, Bento items. Same Grid owner as ausgrid with same mall style. Ausgrid is still not quite fixed yet cause no one can lo...
0 Users 124 36 100th
Lani Mall. Sci Fi - Fantasy - Steampunk - Avatars - Vehicles. Thousands of products. Over 50 shops. Freebies. Sci Fi community hub. Freebie clothing shop store ...
0 Users 79 21 391st
Welcome to Nymphgrid, a world made of fantasy and dream. "IF YOU WISH TO GO SHOPPING", come visit the huge Oceanid regions, Zoe's Mall, or Oceanid II. Let yo...
0 Users 57 30 615th
Mini Grid of Ausgrid and also Freebies to grab nice things. Avatars Mesh male and female, Male and female mesh clothing. And more other items. All free! LOVE...
0 Users 27 3 772nd
Many Textures Mall
0 Users 21 1 506th
Shopping Center, Freebies, free shops for Creaters
SC-OAR Rezz Region
0 Users 15 1 294th
Verschiedene OAR-Regionen k├Ânnen heruntergeladen und betrachtet werden. Sowie eine PayPal und Gloebit Mall !
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