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Tamara Redenblack and Sheku Thor welcome you to Absolute Mad Bratz (AMB) Mall! We have been delivering excellent customer service in SL and Inworldz since 2010. AMB Mall is now on opensim on Utopia Skye grid.

AMB Couture for mesh clothing.
AMB Classics for system clothing, including gowns, cocktail dresses and lingerie.
AMB Dinkies for dinkies clothing, rideables, driveables and more fun.
Divine Desires for all your naughty needs including: D/s, BDSM, spanking, adult items, silks and camisks.
AMB Body Beautiful with skins and accessories coming soon.
AMB Homes coming soon.

Check back often for updates.

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AnaKathy if I want to buy something, I go to SL. There I can get high-quality and new things for the money. There are nicer shops where I can get high-quality goods free of charge. The operators of OSW should throw this advertising operator out! OSW is not the place to promote this. I hope nobody falls f...
JoseMiguel besura, cosas antoguas de muy mala calidad y lo mas gracioso, es de pago jajajaja en todos los metaversos de opensim es todo gratuito, aqui quieren que pages hahahaha

Region Comments

Jerralyn Franzic 2 months ago
I don't mind paying... but at least lower the prices to something reasonable (like it is in Kitely for things the MP sells). Otherwise I can hang out in SL or go elsewhere in the HG to grab what I want.
Nico Kailani 11 months ago
If you want to pay for everything, this is the place for you!
RuneTaylor 1 years ago
no stars because they take Gloebits for everything there!
Susanna Valeska 2 years ago
Nothing has been added to this region in months. Sad because AMD makes such good things.
Calliope Andel 3 years ago
this is awesome! I loved your stuff on other grids, I can't wait to see your new stuff on Utopia Skye Grid!