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♥ I myself am strange and unusual ♥ ~ Ask Lydia!! (Beetlejuice :p) Note: I am not here for Drama! I don't care about grid-wars! I absolutely don't care! I like people who I like, no matter the grid! All I see is OS! No, sub-divisions (every grid is amazing in their own special ways)

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I can Jump Rope (Skip)!

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🩷💙🩵 Absolutely Nothing 💙🩷🩵

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🍮 The Last Vanilla Pudding 🍮

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''If you notice, this notice, then you notice, that this notice, wasn't really worth noticing''

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🎵🎵 Alternative Rock, R&B and Pop 🎵🎵

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💀 Anything that is a Horror/Thriller 💀:: Bloody & Gore ::

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♥ The Scarlet Witch ♥ ☺☻ ♥ Me, Myself and I ♥

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I LOVED The Autopsy of Jane Doe, and of course, the Scarlet Witch is one of my favorite MCU characters
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Awesome ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Great minds think alike :D Glad to meet someone who has the same taste in things like me. Woo~hoo!~