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Happy, Go lucky, frienly, loves to roleplay, come to three rivers in OS awesome place.

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Well lets seem i had hoped around from grid to grid to find a place to call home and finally I have one with my best friend and sister Wanheda on three Rivers OSGrid. For me I am a friendly person unless you hurt someone I care about. For me OS gird is free and thats how it should be. Sharing is caring, never buy in OS.

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Role-play, Friendship

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Do or do not there is not try.

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Shameless, Supernatural

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Walking across egypt, The love slave

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Another beautiful evening at Three Rivers a wonderful place to make lasting friendships. hg.osgrid.org:80:Three Rivers

A beautiful Sunset a beautiful end to a beautiful day on a wonderful region that i call home. hop://login.osgrid.org/Three%20Rivers/137/120/24

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Mexico Lindo

I love it, very well set up, their creativity with their Avi's is untouched. They don't just copy paste thank you so much for a very awesome and unique experience!


Awesome place has a good selection and a lot of stuff i have not seen everywhere else.

AMB Mall

Went there and all the stuff is from SL years ago most system clothes and old hair and charging for what you can find free everywhere mostly. Like they say never buy in open sim. now maybe have a donation button have people donate. But I agree if I am going to pay i would go back to Sl I hate to sound mean or anything. I would say also you looking for true dinkies this is not the place to go.. You...

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love you sis, your an amasing person, and im so happy your part of three rivers. hop://login.osgrid.org/Three%20Rivers/62/18/22