Isole Angeliche
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Elin Design
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A lovely area with a true shopping experience. You will find here all you have searched for! Houses, shops, decoration indoor as well as outdoor. In the largest...

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Miami in the Bountiful Continent in Neverworld. Tropical Art Deco themed shopping area chocked full of all sorts of freebies, many made by our own residents. The formal ballroom is a wonderful place to get your fancy going.The region was designed and created by Nexus Storm and Pasha Theas. ...

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Gloebit shopping region with: Home decor and accessories from Hellion Home and Garden Full Perm Textures from Anthony's Full perm textures! Breedables on di...
Creators Guild
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The Creators Guild is a Hypergrid accessible region to promote creative efforts across the hypergrid. This region is focused on stores and shopping but include...
AMB Mall
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Tamara Redenblack and Sheku Thor welcome you to Absolute Mad Bratz (AMB) Mall! We have been delivering excellent customer service in SL and Inworldz since 2010....
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ALL NEW!!! Art Gallery Zoo, Shopping Village/Mall, Isle of Dinkies Shopping Village/Mall (on top of the mountain), Underwater Mermaid Art Gallery (look for the ...
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The Meaningful Coincidence Of Our Gathering as one world. This Installation Art is about space, time, emotions, mind, heart etc. It will always be changing. W...
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A region inspired by the the Village of Halfhill in Pandaria from the game World of Warcraft. Follow the adventures of Toshmifune, Professor Taleip and the who...
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120 Cell based life forms
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AMB Mall Christmas. Looking for winter and Christmas items, outfits and avatars? AMB Mall Christmas on the region Venus is the place to be! This mall is for hum...