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Mountains, lakes, forests and coast. Scripts are few and far between, so maximum draw distance recommended.
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Moonrose Shopping
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A Small Shopping Mall with selected items,and more to come

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(c)YaKa-Club International(R)
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- Real Association Create in Secondlife.Since2007 with Real Duplex Real Dj since2008. - Association loi 1901. N: W423006144(R) Struggles for: Sidaction. Cyst...
*VB* Insel
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*VB* Insel
2Lei in Virtual Worlds
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The region destined for the 2lei project in Virtual Worlds
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Research and design for digital art spaces. Run by Digital kittens AB. Welcome
3D Games
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Lots of 3d Games to play Like Chess, Checkers,Candy Land,Greedy,connect 4, 33 Games in all. This sim is located next to our 2 Region Amusement Park & Safari p...
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The Ultimate SIM for 3D icons, signs & neon signs and related. Here comes the SIM I could rez all my stuffs I`ve collected through the grids and built myself o...
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3DLES Education in Virtual Worlds. This is the demo region on OSgrid, from here you can visit several other educational regions on grids around the world. More ...
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