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A 2x2 Region for my shop where you will find one-of-a-kind, original content, mainly in prims and sculpts. Commercial and Residential Architecture, Fountains, Bridges, Landscaping items, home decor, bookcases, china cabinets, buffets, Side tables, Armoires, lamps, Bars, and more. If you are looking for things that are not copy-botted and originally crafted in Open Sim, have a look. Maybe you will find something you like.
All are welcome and it is all for free. Please pardon the dust; it is still under construction, so come back often. Most merchandise is rezzed in staging areas so if it isn't for sale yet, please ask and I will get it to you.

I am pleased to announce the opening of the Selea Core Store, located in the southeast corner of the Star Ravenhurst Designs region. This project, which I dedicated over two weeks to last November, aims to preserve the body of work created by Selea Core, who left Open Sim unexpectedly around 2016-17.

At that time, Victor DeAngelo, Ms. Kal, and I gathered all the available Selea Core products. Victor also sourced additional items, re-boxing and labeling them since many were originally stored in folders rather than their original packaging. These items were subsequently offered at his shop.

Years later, I observed that many of these boxes had migrated to different locations, and several had become corrupted, containing duplicates or broken items. Consequently, I undertook the task of meticulously cleaning, repairing, and reboxing them with new labels to distinguish my collection from others. Additionally, I included rare Elven items from my collection that are not widely distributed elsewhere.

While I strive for perfection, I acknowledge that some boxes may not be flawless. However, I assure you that the Selea Core boxes available at this shop are clean, up-to-date, and ready for you to take home.

Please note that Selea Core often used Rezzers for her houses and many of her scenes, typically designed for a single 1x1 SIM. You will need to adjust the script to match the size of your region for the rez box to function correctly. If you require assistance, please feel free to reach out.
Special thanks to Victor DeAngelo for helping to preserve the work, Jupiter Rowland for sharing his SC collection with me, and Ms. Kal for leaving my boxes in her sandbox all this time so I didn't lose the collection.

CyberGlo CyberStar: Does anyone know what happened to Selea? Was she eaten by the nothing? She was/is definitely a great creator. Imagine what she could have done with the textures available today... 2 hours ago
It's my Birthday!! Time for gifts and I have one for all of you!
My shop is looking pretty well stocked (YAY!! What a load of work!! But there is MORE coming!! And I am still working on things, but do say hi!).
I promised monthly group gifts for the pleasure of having you join my group and become one of my many favorite friends! Yeah, I pretty much love everyone! I know..sappy...but it is my birthday, and I love our beautiful community!! Flaws and all, as I am most certainly flawed myself! :/ :)
So come by, join the Family if you haven't already, and grab this sweet little bar. While you are there, have a look and see all the goodies I have for you.
Beautiful, Interesting, Strange, and Useful, perhaps you will find the elusive thing you didn't know you were looking for! Most stuff is Full Perm so pick up a gift for that special someone or that thoughtful friend to show your appreciation for them. Or grab it for yourself as we all deserve to treat ourselves too!
Bonus: It's FREE!! $0
Original content created for Open Sim in Open Sim.

Xenon Darrow: Ty Star!!! 4 days ago
The shopping region is still a work in progress and every day, more is set for $0 so pardon the mess as you come to shop as new things are made available daily. Even though I already have tons of stuff for you, I couldn't help but make some new things, Yes I am insane! More stuff you say?
Check it out. I have made 5 sets of small tables at 3 different heights and sizes. These look beautiful in any home and can be used in many ways. I know you decorators will find the perfect spot for one of these.
I also made some Cut Crystalware. Bring a touch of elegance to your decor with one of these beauties. We like shiny things, right?
My items are Full perm and always free. Thanks for looking! Have a fabulous Friday!! Or Sat for those already in the future). ::)

John Sheppard: I'm interested in the standing stones with mystical gems... some awesome stuff! You've inspired me to keep going on the Blender classes... because I LOVE shiny things and I have plans to put stuff out... 12 days ago
I have a few buildings available that are perfect for your Industrial part of town. They are Full Perm, so if you want to change the signs to your own, just edit and change the texture. If you need help, I will happily do so. I hope your day is awesome and filled with joy!
The shop is coming along with many of the items set up for sale for $0 and I am steadily working to get it all set up for you. If you see something you want but it isn't set up for sale yet, let me know and I will get it to you.
This beautiful bar is now available for your pleasure and you can get it for next to nothing! You have to admit, $0 is a pretty good deal!
All of my content is created by me, so if you are looking for original creations, none of the items in my shop are copybotted. Maybe you will find something you like or something you didn't know you needed. Welcome friends!
This was one of my first builds when I came to Open Sim. I had to make all of the textures, and it wasn't very good as I was still green at building. Yesterday I remodeled and straightened walls and linked it all together except the garage door and the toilets with animations and I think the garbage can in the bathrooms. A couple of other things, so use your build window to rez and place. It is now in a box and for the first time, I am offering it for free for anyone that wants it. I am getting everything set up for sale as quickly as I can. If you can't get something, please reach out and I will be sure to get it to you. Thanks for stopping by, friends are always welcome!

Sodasullivan: ha, love the gas sign Star! 21 days ago

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loving the items there, can't wait until your store is done!
Thank you! You are welcome to come by any time. (((HUGS)))